Welcome to My Man Mitt!

What a day to launch a website!

Why you ask? Because today, Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts, has filed paperwork for his exploratory presidential committee.

What does this have to do you with us you ask? Nothing, except for this fact:

We plan to do everything in our power to see that Mitt Romney does indeed become the next President of the United States.

Who are we you ask? (My, you do ask a lot of questions…) We are a group of ragtag bloggers supporting Mitt’s bid for the Republican nomination and for the Presidency itself.

Isn’t the election a ways off you ask? Yes, but you wouldn’t know if by the press accounts on Romney. Take a look at our live news feeds. You would think Romney was the President by the amount of news he prompts. Whether it’s a strange objection with his faith, hisstance against Gay marriage, or his impressive records as governor, Romney seems to invoke a lot of press - and the election is still two years away!

Take a look at our feeds page for the latest blog and news items on Mitt!

So, in short, we are launching today because of the incredible interest in Mitt Romney’s potential candidacy.

So what can I do here? We’ll be releasing new features as we go but for now you can sign up to receive a daily summary of our alerts, put us on your RSS reader, put our “patch” on your website, visit our sister sites MittSpaces and MittBase where you can see a comprehensive Mitt Wiki and upload photos and videos.

We’ll have many more features that the campaign moves on. For now, we throw our hat in the ring to support Mitt Romney for President!

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