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mitt romney, youtube, abortion, america, taxes, jihad, national reviewWe’ve taken pains to repurpose videos from the NRI Summit and upload them in sections to YouTube. As some reports have noted, there is a battle afoot on various social websites to overwhelm candidates with negative videos.

A good part of our efforts at are geared to win that battle. So, if you would, take a moment and view the videos below, add the channel to your subscriptions, leave comments, and rate them! Thanks.

Mitt Romney on Abortion

Mitt Romney on Teamwork

Mitt Romney on Budgets and Deficits

Mitt Romney on Business and Government

Mitt Romney on how NOT to do Healthcare

Mitt Romney on America’s Strength

Mitt Romney on Taxes

Mitt Romney on Healthcare

Mitt Romney on Islamic Jihad

Mitt Romney on Staying Competitive

More videos will be added all the time!

Romney Forms Arizona Finance Team

mccain, john mccain, election 2008, romney mccain(Drats!! Me pockets are empty! Can ye lone me 6.5 pennies!)

From the Chicago Tribunes Swamp:

Romney raids McCain piggy bank
Posted by Mark Silva at 7:11 am CST

In that money primary, the one where a realistic candidate for president hopes to have $50 million banked by the start of January’s primary elections and caucuses, Republican Mitt Romney is conceding nothing to Arizona Sen. John McCain on the senator’s home turf.

Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, has assembled an Arizona fundraising team.

Romney’s “Finance Steering Committee” in Arizona, which held its first meeting last week, will help him “raise the resources need to campaign in Arizona and across the nation,” his campaign says today.

“The team we have put together in Arizona is a collection of some of the state’s best, most energetic and most committed leaders,” Romney says in a prepared statement. “With their help, I know our vision for the future will be heard loudly in Arizona.”

Next comes a round of endorsements from Arizonans, promises Romney, who probably will face McCain, a heavily organized and popular longtime senator from Arizona who waged a strong campaign for the Republican Party’s nomination for president in 2000, in the ’08 primaries.

For now, this is Team Romney-Arizona:

Co-chairs, Paul And Susan Gilbert:. He is co-founder of the Beus Gilbert Law Firm in Scottsdale.. They recently helped Romney make a $6.5 million fundraising “National Call Day” in Boston.

Co-chair, Lee Hanley, chairman of Vestar, a developer and manager of large scale retail shopping centers. Hanley has served on a wide variety of civic and charitable boards in the Phoenix area.

Co-chair, Kevin DeMenna, who served as finance chairman for Arizona’s 2002 Republican gubernatorial nominee. Last Friday, the Arizona State Republican Party gave him its Harry Rosenzweig Award for being the state’s top Republican fundraiser.

Co-chair, Harry Cavanagh, founder of the O’Connor Cavanagh Law Firm.

Co-chair, Wil Cardon, president & CEO of The Cardon Group, a real estate company.

State Finance Director, Corinne Lovas, a political fundraiser in Arizona and the Southwest who has seved Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and President Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign.

More Anti-Mormon Stuff from McCain Camp [Update]

Romney’s visit in South Carolina had a not so surprising McCain/Anti-Mormon moment.

In the Boston Herald we read:

“I don’t think that I could see someone who is a member of a faith so contrary to my faith having my support,” said state Rep. Gloria Haskins. Haskins is backing Sen. John McCain of Arizona, as are a number of key lawmakers.

McCain has been playing on the Mormon train for quite a while. It was a supporter of his who ambushed Romney with Doctrinal questions not too long ago. This of course seem redundantly hypocritical. On one hand McCain plays the Anti-Mormon card in South Carolina, yet he has taken great pains to run a Mormon coup as seen with Utah Governor Huntsman and Atty. General Shurtleff.

At some point Johnny, you will have to explain to your huge community of home town Mormons your need to use ‘em and loose ‘em. What will come of this? Probably more of things like this.


Thanks to Dave I have this quote to add from Cindy Mostellar, the lady I previously mentioned who attacked Romney’s religion last year.

Yesterday, Charleston County GOP chairwoman Cyndi Mosteller, a Baptist, said, “The question is: Does Governor Romney support Joseph Smith’s doctrines? We as evangelicals don’t believe we can go in and change Paul’s doctrine. I don’t see how you move around this.”

No need to hide your feelings Cindy, just say what you think about Mormons.

Romney Wrap-up 1/31/07

Romney stops by Columbia

Romney says his faith will fade as campaign issue

Romney acknowledges he was ”effectively pro-choice” for years

Romney picks up support from big pro-life lawyer
Hotline on Bopp endorsement

ALSO: McCain on Global Warming

Romney, ABM and McCain

Mitt Romney hopes that the endorsement of the ABM Caucus will propel him to
the White House.
ABM, in this case, does not stand for “Anti-Ballistic Missiles,” but rather
“Anyone But McCain.”….
What these endorsements have in common is that they come from a substantial
group of House Republicans who have long disliked John McCain.

Romney Faces Questions About His Faith

Romney: My faith not an issue

Mormon questions dog Romney in S.C.
Hotline: Romney IA Staff additions
Includes Speaker of the Iowa State House
Romney as a convert to Reaganism.
Interesting quote:
The president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, on the other
hand, is not worried. “A successful conservative movement accepts converts one
direction, one time, cheerfully,” he said, noting that Mr. Romney’s adoption of
the social conservative issue set is an example of one direction, one time

Brody File on the Presidential Race

David Brody over at CBN has been covering the presidential race at his blog The Brody File.

Some interesting posts:

An interview with one of McCains top advisors in Iowa

What McCain operatives are going to do is push his 20 year record where they will show how he’s been solidly pro-life, strong on the war on terror and tough on wasteful spending. As for the marriage issue, this is the thinking within the campaign. They’ll say he’s a federalist at heart, that he believes in states to decide the marriage issue. They will point out how he has been principled on this issue and that the framers would want this to be a states only issue anyhow. But, having said that, his campaign will make the case that McCain would support a constitutional marriage amendment if certain conditions were present. For example, this is what McCain said a little more than a year ago.

Intersting, but that sounds vaguely familiar Mr. McCain.

Huckabee may be a tough sell to Evangelicals:

Still, according to one prominent Evangelical leader (truly a mover and a shaker) that I just heard from, this person tells me:

“Mike is a wonderful guy. I am personally friends with him. Having said that, the nature of the global issues facing the next President are such that a unique skill set is needed. One that includes broad international experience. I am not sure Mike has the experience. I think he is a serios threat to Sam. Much more so than to Mitt.”

And lastly, Brody’s masterpiece

More on Bopp’s Endorsement

Life News interviewed Bopp on his endorsement of Romney today:

Saying that former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush were converts to as well, Bopp told that the pro-life community “needs to be open to those who have a sincere conversion to the pro-life cause.”

“When he was Governor and scientists were attempting to persuade him to support government funding of embryonic stem cell research, they said that there was no moral issue, because they destroy the embryos after 14 days,” Bopp explained. “This hit him hard, how Roe v. Wade had cheapened life, and he publicly announced that he wanted to be considered pro-life.”

He said a specific life-changing experience like Romney’s is “persuasive.”

Bopp also indicated that Romney’s subsequent actions have affirmed his newfound pro-life stance.

“He vetoed the bill on embryonic stem cell research and some other efforts to liberalize the Massachusetts abortion law,” Bopp said.

Ultimately, Bopp told that a frank discussion of pro-life issues persuaded him.

“I have meet with him personally, discussed these issues with him and am satisfied that his pro-life position is sincere,” he concluded.

WSJ Accusation: Romney is a Savvy Fundraiser!

The Wall Street Journal today highlighted the unique and savvy approach that the Romney camp utilized to start early fundraising before Mitt launched his committee. I put this forward unabashedly because I consider political donations to be a form of free speech.

I’m not alone in this belief. Indeed, one of the great sources of angst that I and many other conservatives have with Senator McCain is the McCain-Feingold disaster.

Back to Romney. The article begins:

Federal law limits how much money individuals can give to presidential candidates — $2,300 per election. But what about Compuware Inc. founder Peter Karmanos? Last year, he gave $250,000 to presidential aspirant and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Since 2004, 15 other Romney backers have sunk at least $100,000 each into the Republican’s coffers, sometimes with a series of checks issued on a single day.

Shocker! People donated money legally, efficiently and to the maximum amount allowed. How did they do this?

Because he doesn’t hold federal office, Mr. Romney became subject to the federal rules only after he set up a presidential exploratory committee earlier this month. Until then, his team took advantage of a little-noticed gap between federal and state law. While most states limit political donations, about a dozen don’t. Mr. Romney’s political team set up fund-raising committees in three of those: Michigan, Iowa and Alabama. During that time, his political action committees raised $7 million.

As a result, Mr. Romney was able to hit the ground running, a big advantage in what has already become a feverish race. A week after announcing his possible bid, having already taken care of basic campaign logistics such as hiring and office space, the former governor held a Boston fund-raiser that netted $6.5 million in pledges. Mr. Romney also used the cash to build a broad network of financial backers and grass-roots allies.

Again, put yourself in the shoes of any campaign leader and ask: “what should I do to best the competition?” Oh, I know, raise legal funds among my grassroots state supporters and organizations to ramp up efforts moving into the 2007 political season. Here’s a quick graphic they provided:

But wait, is this illegal. No, and it isn’t even that new:

Like Mr. Romney, former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack has a nonfederal committee, which collected more than $500,000 from labor unions before he became a Democratic presidential candidate. The 2002 campaign-finance law forbids such contributions to federal politicians or anyone who has officially opened a committee exploring a run for federal office. Mr. Vilsack, like Mr. Romney, isn’t a federal office holder.

Ditto former New York Gov. George Pataki, who has a $100,000 backer, Patrick E. Malloy III, a Sag Harbor developer. Mr. Malloy’s September donation to the Iowa arm of Mr. Pataki’s 21st Century Freedom PAC makes up nearly half the contributions to the state account, according to the latest reports filed just before the November elections.

So, let me get this straight, Romney’s experienced team of advisers developed a way to raise funds legally to support potential efforts by raising money at the state level bypassing arcane and incumbent-focused federal laws that were put in place by his competitor, Senator McCain.

This is not only smart campaigning but also a well-deserved shot across McCain’s bow. Once again, to cite Hugh Hewitt, he’s a great American, a lousy Senator and a terrible Republican. Vote Romney IMHO.

As Newt Gingrich pointed out: “The McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law enacted in 2002 is an equally dangerous modern-day assault on the First Amendment. It could more accurately be called the McCain-Feingold censorship law because it stifles political speech, protects incumbent politicians and consolidates power in Washington. This law is of the Congress, by the Congress, and for the Congress, because it protects members of Congress by silencing opposing points of view…. McCain-Feingold explicitly rejects James Madison’s warning in Federalist 10 that the destruction of liberty in pursuit of “curing the mischief of factions” is worse than the disease itself.”

You can access the whole article here

Major Pro-Life Endorsement!!

Today the Romney Campaign announced that James Bopp, Jr. Esq., has endorsed Mitt Romney for President and that he will serve as a special adviser on Life issues.

This is a major pickup for Romney. Let’s take a look at it:

WHO IS JAMES BOPP, JR. ESQ. (View full Bio here)

  • General Counsel to National Right to Life Committee (1978-present)
  • General Counsel to James Madison Center for Free Speech(1994-present
  • Special Counsel to Focus on the Family(2004 - present)
  • President of National Legal Center for the Medically Dependent and Disabled, Inc(1984-present)
  • Practice area: Constitutional Law; Civil Litigation; Non-Profit Corporations Law; Election and Campaign Finance Law; Civil Appeals; Administrative Agency Practice
  • RNC member


This is important on two levels. First, James Bopp is a trusted figure in the Pro-life movement. Hundreds, if not thousands of local pro-life leaders have used James Bopps legal memos in their activism. He has spoken at many pro-life events and conventions, including three that I’ve been at. This will go a long way in gaining the trust of the pro-life movement.

It is also important on another level. James Bopp is one of the leading opponents of Campaign Finance Reform Laws, or put another way: McCain-Feingold.

Consider the following:

Bopp’s actions at the RNC Winter Meeting:

Members of the Republican Nat’l Committee passed on Thursday a
strongly-worded resolution rebuking a signature accomplishment of their party’s
frontrunner, Sen. John McCain — his Bipartisan Campaign Finance Act, known as

The 13-paragraph resolution, sponsored by RNC member and campaign finance
litigator James Bopp Jr, urges Congress to “adopt common sensereforms of BCRA

Bopp’s latest legal actions:

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take another look at the federal ban on
naming specific candidates in “issue ads” immediately before elections.

The ban, which applies 30 days before primaries and 60 days before general
elections, is a key provision in the 2002 McCain-Feingold Act. The court
upheld the act three years ago, when Sandra Day O’Connor was still an
associate justice.

She has since retired and has been replaced by Samuel Alito.


Giuliani is completely unacceptable to Pro-Life issue voters. McCain, though, isn’t as obvious in his threat to the Pro-Life movement. Romney’s latest endorsement gives him a forceful, pro-life voice to remind the movement why McCain has been a threat to the movement.

It’s a two-for-one deal for the Romney Campaign: burnishing Romney’s pro-life credentials and tarnishing McCain’s.

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