Chilling New Romney Web Video Slams "President Obama's Measure of Progress"

Dear critics who’ve been saying the Romney camp will go “too easy” on Obama and not effectively hold him accountable for his poor economic record, please don’t bite your tongue while chewing on this no-holds-barred web video, released this morning by Team Romney.

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Obama Isn't Working

Four years ago at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, then-candidate Barack Obama said that Democrats measure progress by whether people can find a job and provide for themselves and their families. In September, President Obama and the Democrats will meet for the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina, a state that has lost nearly 50,000 jobs since President Obama took office and has an unemployment rate of nearly 10%.

Fan Created Romney Ad: Restore America

I always like to see supporters of Mitt Romney be creative and produce their own art, songs, and videos. The following video is an especially good one created by Darin Southam. It has many good clips that show a clear contrast between Obama and Romney, and it is set well to music. After watching it you’re gonna be pumped to help Mitt in anyway you can, so click here to make those calls to Iowa today.

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Guest Post: Perry Comes Out Swinging, Knocks Himself Out

Many of you may know Mike Sage of America Needs Mitt. With his permission we are cross-posting his very apt view on last night’s GOP debates. Take it away Mike…


Rick Perry
Last night’s Fox News Google Debate started out as something of a snoozer, but it definitely got better as it progressed. It was clear from the beginning that Rick Perry was hoping to land some punches on Romney, but in the end, he only succeeded in hurting himself. Romney, on the other hand, did a masterful job of avoiding any major mistakes, connecting with the audience, staying focused on the issues voters want to hear about, and making Perry seem amateurish and ineffective in his attacks. Just an hour after the debate, Rick Perry’s “stock” at had dropped 12.5%, while Mitt Romney’s had risen by 9%. In the post-debate focus group conducted by Frank Luntz of Fox News, Romney emerged as the undisputed winner of the debate, and a significant number of the audience members stated that they were switching their allegiance from Perry to Romney.

How does a candidate like Rick Perry, who has had a week since last week’s debate to improve his game, manage to deliver a debate performance this time around that was even worse than his underwhelming offering last week? Let me count the ways…

First, he was tentative and uncertain about many of his answers. At times, it seemed he was stumbling around, just hoping to bump into a right answer by pure chance. A prime example was his muddled response to a question about what the U.S. should do in the event that Pakistan loses control over their nuclear weapons. His rambling and incoherent response involved tangents on our relations with India and China, and said nothing at all about nuclear weapons.

He trotted out the same answers that didn’t work last week, and seemed genuinely surprised that they didn’t work this week, either. When asked a question about how his HPV vaccine mandate smacked of corporate cronyism, he once again did his song-and-dance about how much he cares about cancer and how he will always (with much righteous indignation and emphasis on the word “always”) err on the side of life. That’s really great, and all, but the question was about corruption and cronyism, and he never even came close to responding to that.

He attempted to attack Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper on several occasions, but failed miserably each time. When he made a reference to Romney’s book, “No Apologies”, Romney shot back, “I stand by everything I wrote in my book. On the other hand, Governor, you’ve attempted to distance yourself from the things that you’ve written in your book, which was just published 9 months ago!” When Perry continued this particular line of attack, it fizzled badly when it became painfully obvious that it was a canned laundry-list of supposed flip-flops that Perry could barely remember and recite effectively, much less persuasively prosecute.

Transcript of Perry’s response:

I think Americans just don’t know sometimes which Mitt Romney they’re dealing with. Is it the Mitt Romney that was on the side of… against… the Second Amendment before he was for the Second Amendment…was it was..before he was before these social programs, uh, from the standpoint he was standing, uh, for Roe vs. Wade before he was against Roe, uh, Roe vs. Wade… uh… he was… uh for Race To The Top… Uh…[pause]…he’s for Obamacare and now he’s against it…I mean, we’ll wait until tomorrow and, and, and wait to see which Mitt Romney we’re really talking to…

Here’s an idea. Let’s not wait until it’s time to debate President Obama to see if Rick Perry can string some words together into a coherent sentence.

At one point in the debate, Perry made such an inarticulate attack on Romney, that Romney (and much the audience, as well) wasn’t even really sure what the criticism was. At another point, Perry’s attack was swatted away with Romney simply laughing it off and saying, “Nice try, Governor.” The overall effect was devastating to Perry’s credibility, as it became more and more obvious that, as a debater, this candidate was out of his depth. He came across as some one going well out of his way to pick a fight with Mitt Romney, who infuriatingly, wasn’t taking the bait.

Most of the other candidates failed to distinguish themselves much in this debate. Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain did very well, scoring some impressive and persuasive points in some of their responses. Unfortunately, Bachmann, Paul, and Johnson were practically invisible at last night’s debate, and Huntsman, as usual, came across like a snarky used car salesman who’s had one too many margaritas at lunch.

Bottom line, Mitt Romney walked away from this debate the clear and unequivocal winner. Some peoples’ eyes were opened, and a few minds were changed last… and that’s a good thing.

Who Won the Fox News Google Republican Party of Florida Debate? FULL DEBATE VIDEO ADDED

Rick Perry tried to go after Mitt a few times, and I can’t wait to see the fact-checkers tare Gov. Perry’s baseless attacks apart. In fact, the first fact-check is in. As most of us knew, Rick Perry’s accusation that Mitt changed his position between the hardcover and paperback of “No Apology” has also been ruled “Mostly false” by Politifact. For a front-runner, Rick Perry sure does seem to be grasping at straws. If anyone would’ve asked Rick Perry which page he was talking about, he would’ve had nothing to say because he made up the attack he said. I loved it when Mitt said “Nice try” to Gov. Perry after one of this ridiculous attacks. I also have to give Sen. Santorum credit for pointing out how moderate/liberal Gov. Perry is on Immigration. It’s amazing that Gov. Perry is considered so conservative. He’s almost anarchist on some issues and very liberal on others. Our friends over at Evangelicals for Mitt ask “Why do People Think Perry is More Conservative than Mitt?” I’ll take Mitt Romney as the full spectrum conservative any day.

The Fix says “Romney is, without question, the best debater in this GOP field and this may well have been his best showing to date.” Next, Mitt is the only candidate to receive an A grade at The Page. I also like most of the analysis in the article titled “Perry Comes Out Swinging, Knocks Himself Out“. Race42012 has a post titled “Romney’s Very Good Night Or, The Night Rick Perry Lost the Nomination” that is worth a read.

Frank Luntz focus group picks Mitt Romney as the clear winner!

Saturday Night Live makes the obvious even more clear. Mitt Romney is the only choice for our next President. SNL has satirized President Obama now as well because he’s a failed leader. Watch the skit here for a chuckle.

The entire video of the debate: has put some video clips of debate highlights together and we’ve posted them after the fold as well. Click here to continue reading

That Was Fast: New Romney Video Hammers Obama – Using Clip From Tonight's Speech!

Obama called a joint session of congress today to listen to yet another one of his jobs speeches.

Guess how much money he wants now?

$447 Billion…

for another jobs bill:

President Obama called on Congress Thursday night to “stop the political circus and actually do something to help the economy,” urging approval of a $447 billion mix of tax cuts and spending he called vital to put people back to work. The package was larger than expected but the president pledged it would not add to an already historic deficit.

Addressing a Congress partially controlled by Republicans highly skeptical of much of his program and a nation weary of waiting for recovery, the president did not say how many jobs would be created if Congress were to pass all elements of his plan.

Without hesitation, the Romney campaign released a new video:

Under President Obama, America has lost more than two-and-a-half million jobs. Nearly 25 million Americans are out of work, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work. As of September 1, the national debt was an estimated $14.6 trillion. Obama Isn’t Working.

Miss the Iowa GOP Debate? Watch Entire Debate Here

Thanks Ross for finding these. The entire debate is split into 8 parts, all embedded below.

PART 1 of 8

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Romney Welcomes Obama to His Home Turf With New Video – Obama Isn't Working: Chicago

A timely web video from the Romney camp, designed to slam welcome Obama to his home turf for his birthday fundraiser tomorrow. Here’s Romney spokeswoman, Andrea Saul:

Obama Isn’t Working: Chicago

It looks like the campaign has also set up a petition for those who are in agreeance that “Obama Isn’t Working”. If that is you, feel free to sign here.

New Romney Video Hits Obama, Again: 20,000,000 Bumps In The Road

A new video, part II of the ‘Bump in the Road’ series, was released this morning from the Romney camp:

In case you missed it, here’s the original (which now has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube):

Some other conservative groups have joined in exposing the Obama administration. Watch their videos below the fold Click here to continue reading

VIDEO – Romney: "Mr. President, in Order to Create Jobs, it Helps to Have Had a Job."

The latest video from the Romney camp challenges President Obama on the Economy:

Also, Politico has scanned the mailer the campaign is sending to people in New Hampshire.