What Do Obama, Gingrich & Santorum Have in Common? They Fear Romney and Are Willing to Spread Lies to Defeat Him

Santorum, Gingrich, And Obama Are Launching False Attacks:

The accusers ignore facts

National Review: “The Obama Administration Is Driving Conscience Violations As Mandated Policy Whereas Romney Vetoed A Bill That Would Require Catholic Hospitals To Provide Abortifacient Drugs.” “A Boston Globe sub-headline this morning declares: Mitt Romney’s ‘’05 contraception stance similar to Obama’s now.’ Except that the Obama administration is driving conscience violations as mandated policy whereas Romney vetoed a bill that would require Catholic hospitals to provide abortifacient drugs. Of course, as governor of Massachusetts, he vetoed the bill without a lot of support for his position — and his veto was overturned. That’s quite different than the overreaching attack on religious liberty the Obama administration is driving. It’s also a reminder of how crucial it is to support leaders when they’re trying to do the right thing, as Romney was at the time. (Komen this week comes to mind.)” (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online, 2/3/12)

Gingrich Is “Mischaracterizing Romney’s Record.” “Newt Gingrich had his debate moment or two helping to clarify the danger our religious liberty is in in America today. But he only added to the confusion when he started mischaracterizing Romney’s record here.” (Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review Online, 2/3/12)

The Washington Post Rated Santorum And Gingrich’s Attacks As Having “Significant Omissions And/Or Exaggerations.” “[It] is a stretch for Santorum and Gingrich to claim he demanded this shift or imposed this on hospitals, in what they characterize as an attack on religion.” (Glenn Kessler, “Romney And Plan B: The Santorum And Gingrich Claims,” The Washington Post, 2/8/12)


Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon comes out to bat for Mitt:

The charge that Mitt Romney has not stood tall to defend freedom of religion is preposterous. The truth is that Mitt Romney has been fighting assaults on religious freedom for a long time, and at moments and in places where it was not popular, to say the least.

When Catholic Charities in Massachusetts was being forced out of the adoption business because they were trying to provide adoption services for needy children while staying true to their beliefs, it was Governor Mitt Romney who stood shoulder to shoulder with the Catholic Church and filed a bill to protect religious liberty.

It was precisely for his courageous efforts in defense of religious freedom that the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty awarded him its prestigious Canterbury Medal in 2008.

At this moment when religious liberty is under attack from many quarters, people of all faiths won’t find a more ardent or effective advocate than Mitt Romney. He has shown backbone on every critical issue at every juncture when it counted.

Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon is the Founder of Women Affirming Life and Chair of the Board of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty as well as the Canterbury Medal recipient in 2003.


Romney's Policy Director Says Obama's Regulatory Review Is Insignificant, Romney Would Do Much More

Lanhee Chen, who is Director of Policy at Romney for President, posted a blog this morning criticizing the Obama Administration’s poor attempt at cutting job-killing, regulatory red tape.

Mr. Chen points out the insignificance of regulatory revisions that will save approx. $2 billion per year, when the administration has proposed or implemented more than $9 billion in new regulatory costs in the last month alone.

He also provides insight into what standards would be under a Romney administration:

Mitt Romney would take a radically different approach to federal regulation. The American people can rest assured that every cabinet member will know from day one that they are expected to “minimize regulatory costs” and that “imposing excessive regulatory burdens” is unacceptable. $2 billion of savings in the month after the administration proposed or implemented $9 billion in new costs may be the best that President Obama can offer, but such government expansion would be unacceptable in any month of a Romney administration.

Here’s the full blog post from the Official Mitt Romney blog:


In an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, White House regulatory czar Cass Sunstein proudly announced the conclusion of “an unprecedentedly ambitious government-wide review of existing federal regulations.” The result? A smattering of insignificant regulatory revisions that will save approximately $2 billion per year.

To put in context just how small this savings is, compare it to the more than $9 billion in new regulatory costs proposed or implemented by the Obama administration last month alone. Even worse, compare it to the estimated $1.75 trillion in regulatory costs that the federal government itself estimates are borne by the American economy each year. If an “unprecedentedly ambitious government-wide review” only yields a one-tenth-of-a-percent reduction in regulation, perhaps it is long past time to give up hope that the Obama administration will ever understand the severity of our economic crisis and the need for fundamental reforms.

The worst indictment of President Obama’s leadership was actually buried at the end of the article where Mr. Sunstein – again with apparent pride – informed readers that “we are announcing today that Chief of Staff William Daley has given new instructions to the cabinet. He has asked cabinet members to minimize regulatory costs, avoid imposing excessive regulatory burdens, and prioritize regulatory actions that promote economic growth and job creation.”

One can only read those sentences and conclude that, for the first 950 or so days of the Obama presidency, cabinet members were not expected to “minimize regulatory costs” or “prioritize regulatory actions that promote economic growth and job creation,” and that they were free to “impos[e] excessive regulatory burdens.” Once again, the sad reality emerges: reduction of regulatory burdens and promotion of job creation were not even on President Obama’s radar screen for much of his term.

To quote Chief of Staff Daley’s own words, when confronted earlier this year by angry business owners frustrated by the rate at which President Obama’s regulatory agenda was destroying jobs: “Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible.”

Mitt Romney would take a radically different approach to federal regulation. The American people can rest assured that every cabinet member will know from day one that they are expected to “minimize regulatory costs” and that “imposing excessive regulatory burdens” is unacceptable. $2 billion of savings in the month after the administration proposed or implemented $9 billion in new costs may be the best that President Obama can offer, but such government expansion would be unacceptable in any month of a Romney administration.

Yesterday, Governor Romney announced that on September 6 he will unveil his plan to grow the economy and create jobs. The Governor has worked in the private sector and he understands the ways that regulation can hinder job creation. Thus, one important part of his plan will be regulatory reform that relieves businesses and workers from some of the overwhelming costs and uncertainty currently imposed by Washington.
As President, he will perform the clean-up of federal regulation that our economy needs, but that President Obama has proven himself incapable of—and uninterested in—pursuing.

Lanhee Chen is the Policy Director at Romney for President

Firsthand Account(s) of the 9-12 March on DC

Before I get to the actual point of this post I want to bring something to your attention that makes me irate. Here is a quote from a FOX News article (this was also reported by ABC):

The White House on Friday claimed it was unaware of the planned rally.

“I don’t know who the group is,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters with a shrug.

This response from Mr. Gibbs can only mean one of two things: A) This administration is unfit to lead because they are completely oblivious to what is going on in the country, OR B) This administration is unfit to lead the country because they are lying through their teeth.

Frankly, I am going with C) BOTH. The nerve they have to feign ignorance of the event bothers me to no end, and only ramps up my efforts to see them booted in 2012.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program…

The narrative below is from my mother-in-law, Linda, who lives near DC and was able to attend yesterday’s march. She also sent many interesting pictures to us. I think these two that I’ve included best show the magnitude of this event.

Front view from where they were standing

Front view from where they were standing

Rear view from where they were standing

Rear view from where they were standing

Linda’s description of the event:

Today was the 9-12 March on DC. I have to say that it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! There were reportedly up to 1 million people there and I cannot tell you how exhilarating it was to be surrounded by so many patriotic Americans. There were more than 450 busloads from all over the country. I spoke to people from Hawaii to Alaska, from Texas to Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, California – all of whom had traveled at their own expense and great personal sacrifice to be there today.
I have traveled to DC many times during the peak of rush hour and for special events like the the 4th of July, where millions have gathered, but never have I seen traffic like today. After waiting at the Metro platform while several trains passed that were packed to the brim, we finally had to ride the Metro out from the city to the end of the line, just to get on and travel back in.

Tears came to my eyes as we stepped off the Metro and rounded the corner. We thought we had a 6 block walk to get to the events, but the crowd was so huge that it filled the streets to overflowing all the way back to where we were. And we watched as the crowds kept coming and kept coming. From every direction, by bus, on foot, by 50′s by the 100′s- shoulder to shoulder pressing towards Freedom Plaza.
When we finally got down to Pennsylvania avenue to join the river of people already there, it took my breath away. As far as the eye could see in every direction there were flags, people, signs, moms and dads, old and young, cowboys from Texas, people wearing leis from Hawaii. The feeling was over whelming as we sang God Bless America and shouted FREEDOM! Just like the wave in a football stadium, cries would start at the back of the March and move forward the 6-8 blocks through the crowd, growing in intensity and echoing off of the tall buildings.

When we finally arrived at the Capitol, the view from a flag pole revealed an ocean of humanity, flags, and signs with the majestic white marble buildings all around us. The feeling of patriotism was palpable. We listened to several great speakers, cheering in all the right places. You haven’t heard cheering until you’ve heard a million patriotic Americans pledge their lives and sacred honor to the defense of their constitution.

There were hundreds of different T-shirts – 912 groups, tea party groups, freedom works groups from all over the country. The signs were some of the best I’ve seen. My favorite – Take Pelosis’s plane away – she can use her broom!

Despite the huge crowds, everyone was polite, considerate, and genuinely nice. There was no trash whatsoever (in sharp contrast to the filth and destruction left behind by the crowds on inauguration day)

This day will go down in American history as the day the American people woke up.

If this first account tickled your fancy, you may be interested to read this more detailed one from someone who was also in Linda’s party:
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