Why Mitt Romney! My Top Ten.

Mitt Romney Central has produced nearly 5,000 posts seeking to educate, enlighten and advocate for principles of freedom and for American values, with a key focus on Mitt Romney, his message, and cause. There is plenty of substance to review for those wishing to troll through the writings that each of us have posted on MRC. That said, each of us have been encouraged to take a moment and highlight what matters most to us in this election, and how Mitt Romney personifies such – which is tough by any measure (and not for any absence of substance). National Review Online recently submitted a poster of 689 reasons to defeat Obama. Contrarily, we are trying to distill our Romney positives down to our top three to ten reasons – why to vote for Mitt! There is so much to choose from, evidenced by our prolific writings of the past.

As a prelude, this is America’s Defining Moment and America demands a leader that defines our times, one who has been prepared for this moment; not in accolades of flattery, but in the substance of wisdom derived from knowledge applied through a lifetime of experience.

Here goes –

1. Character: It matters, and Mitt Romney’s life is simply a reflection of his character, to every whit. You see it in his devotion and love for his wife, Ann, and his family; You see it in his personal associations, associations that have lasted and endured through many years; you see it in those whom he has served throughout his lifetime; you see it in those affected and touched through his many endeavors; and, you see it in his tenderness to those in need or who he has just met. You can know the true mettle or character of a man by his legacy, his family, his friends and associations measured over time. Those who stand with Mitt don’t just know of him, they know him, having seen him in both public and private moments – he is the same. I know Mitt, and I know those who have known him most of their lives – Mitt Romney stands uniquely measured as a man of great character, far surpassing any whom I have known. You can trust him!

2. Competence: Wisdom is gained through experiential knowledge; through failure and success. Mitt Romney’s life experiences in business, philanthropy, service and government are unequaled by any who has served or sought the office of President of the United States in my lifetime. Wisdom gained through experience combined with principles and values aligned with family, faith, God and country are the measure of Mitt Romney. His depth of knowledge, experience and wisdom define his competence, proven through a lifetime of success.

3. Capacity: The capacity for contribution can be measured in many ways. However, I have not known anyone with a greater well of capacity to serve our country as President of the United States. Capacity is enabled by ability and availability, and Mitt Romney has all. A recent article noted the sacrifice Mitt Romney has made to serve our Country, having forgone nearly $2 billion in earnings and wealth creation, that he might make himself available to serve others! Even so, the capacity of the man is measured by the depth of his willing heart to place country and countrymen, and his family and God first.

4. Principled: Principles are like friends wherein we tend to be attracted to those most aligned with our own. Mitt chooses friends of equal character and principles. The point that his family is a reflection to every whit of how he has lived his life is a further illustration of the very principles that guide him. I am aligned with and respect the principles that have shaped the life of Mitt Romney. His devotion to family, faith, God and country are without question. The manner in which his life reflects these devotions and the underlying foundations of honesty, integrity, ethics, trust and character are further evidenced in his legacy and what those who know him say about him.

Mitt and Ann Romney sit in a waiting room with family members before the debate begins at Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. Oct 23, 2012 (Photo – AP)

5. Integrity: Mitt’s business career speaks volumes of his integrity. Without equivocation, a lifetime of business successes, failures and association reflect one’s integrity. Mitt Romney is unchallenged by any who have known or worked with him as a man of stellar integrity. This matters, especially in governing and in Washington DC, or in any Statehouse for that matter. Too many men and women of good integrity have been swayed and influenced by the power in governing offices. I have confidence that Mitt Romney will not be influenced by contrary forces, nor compromised by the flattery of office or the power therein. He is who he is and we can trust him, with assurance that he will stand resolute and duty bound. He takes none of this to himself, recognizing the service in office is just that service – it isn’t about him, nor will it ever be. His service is a testament to my confidence.

6. Experience: There is not much to say here other than no one has been so prepared with a lifetime of experience. Mitt Romney’s life’s preparation in business, philanthropy, and government is unparalleled. Further, his life’s experience has been filled with innumerable opportunities, and at times insurmountable challenges, and in each one he has equaled or surpassed expectations. His successes in life’s experiences, and his failures, have shaped him and guided him to this defining moment for America’s history.

7. Resolve: Mitt Romney, contrary to the main stream media, is a man firm and resolute in standards and principles, and the decisions he undertakes are aligned therewith. He is open-minded, but not open-principled. He listens, measures all points against principles and values that matter, and moves with effectiveness and resolution to what is right. He is not one to capitulate to the situational standards of society.

8. Values: Mitt Romney’s values are traditional American values in every way. America is at a crossroads and needs a leader who reflects the traditional values of family, faith, God and America. We require a leader who will stand resolute against the fiery darts of those who would undermine that which matters. We need someone to lead who will stand for traditional marriage, life, family, freedom and liberty; someone who can and will lead with purpose and perspective; someone who understands the needs of the one, and the needs of the many and serve them accordingly. We need a man who cares – such is Mitt Romney; his life is a reflection of such, as most recently reported in the media.

9. Leadership: Leadership demands certain critical skill sets, including but not limited to, listening, analytics, problem solving, decision making, knowledge and the capacity to assimilate information, communication, empathy, wisdom and experience. Mitt Romney has proven himself in each of these areas. Whether in business, charitable service or government, he has clearly demonstrated leadership. You cannot lead where you have not been, and Mitt Romney leads. Whether with companies he started, or with the Olympics, or in the Statehouse as Governor, he didn’t ask of anyone what he wasn’t willing to do himself. A leader doesn’t mandate or direct, they inspire, motivate and draw people to a common objective. Mitt Romney will never ask of anyone what he doesn’t ask of himself!

10. Intelligence: Having been accused of being “wicked smart”, Mitt Romney is brilliant. His capacity to garner and retain knowledge, assimilate information and simplify complexity is unmeasured. I have seen him in innumerable circumstances where he has illustrated, without arrogance or condescension, his intelligence. His want to understand and his capacity to retain information, facts and data is amazing. He has a proven track record of applying what he knows in the highest and best use and for the purposes intended. In business it served the interests of his investors, business associates and clients; in service, his counsel, advice and leadership touched the lives of those whom he served in a significant manner; as Governor, the people of Massachusetts were greatly rewarded with a fiscally responsible government that served the people well, including better education and lower taxes with quality government service.

Simply summarized, Mitt Romney is everything Barack Obama isn’t!

OPINION: In GOP Nomination Acceptance Speech, Romney Shines as An American

“America got to know more about Mitt Romney’s life tonight, than Barack Obama’s four years in the White House,” was the immediate response from a senior Republican delegate from NM on the bus, as we were leaving the Forum following Romney’s acceptance speech.

The quote above summarizes up the goal Mitt Romney has aimed to reach in his first introduction to the nation, as the Republican nominee for President of the United States. This election is not only a referendum on Barack Obama’s job as president, but also a choice of two different directions for the future of our country, and the distinct character style in making the case to the voters, in order to earn their trust in leading the nation through these troubling times.

Here are my four observations of the Republican convention and of Romney’s introduction to the nation last night:

1) Romney did not elaborate nor disclose specified policies. Nonetheless, the speech was generally policy oriented. While attacking Obama’s record, Romney layed out a new direction, one that makes sense and that has all the leads towards recovering from this staggering economy.

2) Romney told an incredible story about himself, not a tragic one, but of a loving upbringing that allowed him to grow up and become successful by his own terms. America got to see Mitt Romney – the grown up, the loving college kid, the husband, the father and the grandfather.

Romney’s personal story provided us with compelling proof that if you set the right foundation – with the necessary fundamentals – that sets the future of your child, with love, devotion, family values and giving them to understand the exceptionalism of America. It ultimately offers them a chance of growing up, setting the right goals in achieving the American dream and launching a successful career.

3) If you haven’t liked Mitt Romney, at least you have come to admire him on a personal level, even more in trusting him to lead with trust and honesty.

4) The most important aspect in winning an election in order to govern, which is – winning over independents and disappointed voters. That crucial voting bloc contributed to Obama’s victory in 2008 and is vital in winning the election in November. America has become so divided and partisan over the past decade that no matter who wins the election and governs, based on party affiliation, will not succeed in breaking the grid lock in Washington DC, nor get the necessary bipartisan support to pass a budget or tackle the issues that need to be addressed.

Mitt Romney spoke in a room full of supporters and party members, but his speech was directed at those sitting home, those who do not care who flies on Air Force One but what they get on their table to feed their families. And Romney set the right tone in getting the nation together by addressing the issues that unite us, and the issues that matter the most to Americans on a daily basis.

Based on his commitments and sincerity, I am totally convinced that Mitt will indeed dedicate his entire first term, if elected President, to fix the economy, reduce the unemployment rate, create jobs and get America back on track with a balanced budget and becoming once again a business friendly and job creating environment.

The Republicans or leaning Romney voters do not have to be excited or overwhelmed in voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket, but eager to celebrate success and get back to work.

After all, this election is all about us, our children and the America we live in. We believe in America, and we trust Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in leading us towards a brighter future.

#UnravelTheSweater: Santorum’s Courage Betrayed by Willingness to Sacrifice Core Principles

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

The CNN debate last week had a moment that was unbelievable and yet fully revealing!

In Deep Thought, Dressed in his Battle Armor

When Santorum said, “It [my vote] was against the principles I believed in…” — I paused the TV stream and said to Cindy my wife, “I can’t believe he just said that! Unbelievable!” On national TV, Santorum freely admitted that he has no problem whatsoever compromising his principles! The one thing all Americans despise in most politicians is their lack of conviction to principles. That propensity to sacrifice core principles for expediency is precisely why Americans want “to kick the bums out of Washington.”

And when Santorum was asked to give one word to describe himself, he ironically chose “Courage” as that most descriptive word! Could it be that he was using the word to describe his courage to admit to the world that his principles aren’t really foundational? What about his core? It is my opinion that this one debate moment was the most revealing of any debate moment of the 20 we have seen this cycle!

As you watch this short video clip, watch is face. He freely admits his ability to sacrifice his principles:

His admitting the betrayal of core principles only exacerbates the most obvious weakness he has: Zero executive leadership experience. Click here to continue reading

#UnravelTheSweater: Rick Santorum – Lots of Rhetoric… Little Action

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

This following guest post was submitted by David Parker. David and his wife are personal friends of Mitt and Ann Romney.


Is it possible to take an objective view of the Republican Candidates? I mean really? Let’s break it down and unravel some realities:


Social Values: Rick Santorum, who has clearly established his bona fides as a “social conservative,” by self acclamation, has claimed the mantle as the only real, true standard bearer for traditional Christian values — REALLY? In self-righteous judgment, he has sought to question and judge the Christian values of the other candidates, including Obama. Click here to continue reading

#UnravelTheSweater: Fleshing Out the Truth About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

This following guest post was submitted by Colleen Loughmiller. An MRC regular.


The Vest

Sweats and sweater vest or designer slacks and Polo’s? Who is the real Rick?

Watching and listening to Rick can be uncomfortable. At times he tilts his head, squints his eyes, and raises his voice a full octave. Next thing I know he’s bobbing his head left and right, making me dizzy watching him in a debate or interview. His clean cut boyish face is pleasant to look at, his loyal wife and children by his side — all looking freshly scrubbed and the all-American Family. Yet, something’s bothering me.

His strongly accented words ring with all the right syllables, “I am a consistent conservative and I have always been….,” words I want to hear. He goes on to say that he is pro-life and for a balanced budget.

But I get a nagging feeling in my head that something isn’t quite right. Lately, since his popularity has soared, all kinds of information is available about Rick as he goes through the normal vetting process, information not available to the average voter before.
Click here to continue reading

Mitt Romney: “Will Dominate” / The Glitter Gunman / Gingrich Going South / Secret Service / The KARL / faith

Photo: Emmanuel Dunand

Santorum’s wins this week in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado caused some to cry out, “The sky is falling!” Everybody needs to calm down and look to our file leader. None of us should allow the mainstream media (or “new media”) or outside source define how the campaign for Governor Romney is progressing, or not.

From day one, Governor Romney told the world the race to the nomination would be a long, competitive process, probably not decided until April. Yet, we allow the MSM make us feel that Governor Romney has it in the bag early, or not. Governor Romney has told us from day one that the nomination process would be competitive and then when it is, the MSM tells the world that he does not have conservative backing, when in fact he does. Governor Romney has told us from day one that his strategy is based on securing as many delegates along the way as possible — the MSM tries to change the subject at every turn — because it needs a new story every day; and that is what it does.

We all just need to settle down and take our lead from Governor Romney.

Remember this: Every writer, every pundit, every blog, every “news” organization, every knucklehead out there needs to write something new every day. Their desire to be clever causes them to come up with crazy stuff to make us all think that Governor Romney’s strategy is somehow not working. Just keep your eyes on Governor Romney himself. Nobody has more experience in planning a successful strategy and executing to it than Governor Romney. Nobody still left in this hunt.

On the Hannity show yesterday, Governor Romney leads the way — CLICK TO WATCH

Meanwhile, the boogeyman Gingrich would have us all believe that he will be hitting doubles, triples, and home runs (I can’t wait for baseball’s spring training!) on Super Tuesday and in the South. Oooooooh, my knees have been shaking for weeks now as I have imagined him secretly lining up support down there. Well yes, he is going South. BTW, I heard that his wife may speak soon! Can’t wait!

Karl Rove brought some sanity to the race yesterday in the Journal in his Op-Ed column titled, NEWT’S SOUTHERN STRATEGY WON’T WORK. While the many points Rove makes below are all spot-on, I will never count Gingrich out — not ever — with an ego the size of Texas and a determination driven by revenge, he will always be dangerous.

I just love Rove’s pragmatism and dry humor!

By Karl Rove

Newt Gingrich’s remarks Saturday night after the Nevada caucuses and on NBC’s “Meet the Press” the next morning proved that presidential candidates should talk policy, not process.

Proclaiming “We want to get to Georgia, to Alabama, to Tennessee,” Mr. Gingrich said primaries in the South would produce “a series of victories” that by the April 4 Texas primary would make him “very, very competitive in the delegate count.”

Well, the Gingrich Southern strategy faces big obstacles, starting with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Demanding that these two candidates drop out so he becomes the only conservative alternative to Mitt Romney hasn’t worked.

Mr. Paul sees himself as the leader of an insurgency. He’s made it clear he’s in the race to stay. And while Mr. Santorum’s victories on Tuesday in the Minnesota and Colorado caucuses and Missouri’s beauty contest primary didn’t produce any national convention delegates (Missouri’s vote was nonbinding, and the caucuses were for precinct delegates), his wins also spell trouble for the former House speaker’s plans.

Headed South -- Photo: Getty Images

Mr. Santorum’s success came because while Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich battled in Florida and Nevada, he barnstormed Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, making 22 stops in the three states to Mitt’s three and Newt’s two. He demonstrated that showing up matters and gained critical momentum toward becoming the not-Romney alternative.

Newt’s Southern strategy also faces a geographical obstacle. There are 25 contests in February and March, and 18 of them, with 579 delegates, are outside the South.

Click here to continue reading

A Helpful Resource for Mitt Romney Supporters

In these last days before the mid-terms, its seems there is too much good Mitt news to stay on top of. Myself, along with many of our contributors here at MRC are working hard in our respective local races and simply haven’t had time to stay current with the nationwide happenings. I for one, really can’t wait till the day after midterms when I can finally get back to promoting our man, Mitt.

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Although my brothers and I have been MIA in recent days, Jayde has been working hard to keep our front page fresh, and we thank her for that. Also, behind the scenes our contributor Dave P. is working hard to compile useful information for anyone interested in learning about Mitt Romney. Dave’s efforts have been focused specifically on the ‘On The Issues’ section of our website (see the pull down tab on the top bar of this page).

Our goal with the ‘On The Issues’ section is to have readily available information for Romney supporters to refer to when Mitt’s stance is in question. This should prove to be an awesome recourse to battle misconceptions about Romney with facts.

We’ve created each of these short links for various topics as an easy way to remember, without having to navigate to the page and copy and past the link. Hope you find them useful.

Mitt Romney on Abortion: http://bit.ly/RomneyAbortion
Mitt Romney on American Culture and Values: http://bit.ly/RomneyValues
Mitt Romney on the Economy: http://bit.ly/RomneyEconomy
Mitt Romney on Education: http://bit.ly/RomneyEducation
Mitt Romney on Healthcare Reform: http://bit.ly/RomneyHealthcare
Mitt Romney on Immigration: http://bit.ly/RomneyImmigration
Mitt Romney on Same-Sex Marriage: http://bit.ly/RomneyMarriage

Lots more issues pages still in development! …If you’d like to see a certain issue covered, please comment on this post.

~Aaron G.

A Few New Page Updates

Our newest team member Dave P. has been busy helping us fill our static pages with excellent content. These pages are located permanently in the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Here are some of the pages he has completed:

On the Issues >> America’s Culture and Values
On the Issues >> Immigration
Resources >> Books by Mitt Romney >> Turnaround

As we continue to complete these pages we hope you will use them as a reference for friends and family who’d like to learn more about Mitt Romney and why he should be our next President. Thanks Dave – keep it up!

~Nate G.

Reminder: We also have a page with all the info on Romney’s new book – review, introduction, and tour dates. http://bit.ly/RomneyBook

What’s Up with Glenn Beck and Katie Couric?

Glenn Beck and Katie Couric. It just sounds odd putting those two names together. An interesting duo, they came together on Tuesday (9-22-09) so Glenn could respond (for the most part) to the Couric inquisition.

As you watch the interview, you may agree with all, some, or none of Glenn’s statements and ideas. Are you asking the tough questions of politicians and political pundits? Are you making your own decisions? How often do you completely agree with any political opinionist?

Without a doubt, Beck’s 9-12 Project, based on nine principles and twelve values, is a growing movement. Proof of the numbers manifested itself on September 12, 2009 when millions across the country marched to protest the failure of government to address America’s pressing needs and big government’s propensity to create even bigger problems.

Whether one agrees with Glenn Beck or not – and time will reveal more clearly the direction he will take – it’s important to remember that values and principles enabled our Founding Fathers to muster the courage to create a new nation. Values and principles fostered the wisdom necessary to author our Constitution. Disillusioned, frustrated Americans are searching for the principled leader that will preserve our Constitution and restore our Republic in 2012. That principled leader is Mitt Romney.

*The full interview can be found here:
Watch CBS Videos Online