Ann Romney / Hilary Rosen: Mommy Wars Day 2 (Cavuto VIDEO: Not Easy For Ann)

Day 2…

When I first heard Democrat adviser Hilary’ Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney, I felt the same as FOX News’ Dana Perino when she heard the news: “Holy cow! This is going to explode!”

It was full-time work yesterday posting updates on the “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” tempest (and, what I posted was a fraction of the day’s news). With such a hot potato, I also knew political cartoonists would be sketching into the night.

They didn’t disappoint.

Samples of their creativity are interspersed amongst food for thought…

By Rick McKee - The Augusta Chronicle

TownhallThe Left’s War on Women is Actually a War on Families
By Demetrius Minor
April 13, 2012

Thanks to liberal Democrat Hilary Rosen’s vicious attack on Ann Romney claiming that she has never had a “real job”, the conservative base of the GOP is now united in one front, to call out liberalism. Ann Romney, mother of 5 boys and a survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, is a testament to the many mothers who made the selfless service of putting their families first.

This goes beyond attacking the wife of a presidential candidate. This is a vile attack on conservative women nationwide.
President Obama wants to vocalize his support for women, but the facts say otherwise. Women employees at the White House make 18 percent less of the median salary as do male employees. According to Amy Sullivan of TIME Magazine, the Obama administration is described as a “boy’s club” and suggested that the president has a woman problem. It is reported that senior women staffers are seen and not heard during policy meetings.

It is an outrage that lefties attack women instead of having a constructive dialogue about the core issues affecting Americans today. The REAL war on women is the economic plight that they are experiencing due to big government spending, high unemployment rate, a raking deficit and a President who is opposed to job creation that will benefit many women in the U.S. today.

By Bob Gorrell - April 13, 2012

USA TODAY – Hilary Rosen says Ann Romney never worked ‘day in her life’
By Jackie Kucinich and Martha T. Moore
April 12, 2012

To Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List, which supports candidates who oppose abortion and endorsed Romney on Thursday, Rosen’s comment is one of “a thousand cuts” that will alienate women. “Each cut doesn’t necessarily draw blood, but over a long period of time” it will hurt Democratic candidates with female voters, she said.

By Glenn Foden - April 13, 2012

Would Hilary Rosen Have Criticized Stay-at-Home Dads as Never Having Worked?
By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
April 13, 2012

A 2008 US Census publication puts the number of married fathers who work in the home as their children’s primary caregivers at approximately 140,000. Now, would Rosen have said the same thing about these men, that they never worked a single day in their lives, or would she, as have so many others, praised them for their maternal role in putting their children first? Would she have lauded their ability to get beyond the traditional macho-man role and prioritizing their family even before their careers? So if Rosen is going to rail against a war against women, then let’s agree that a gender bias that praises men who put their kids first but punishes women for the same is an unfair assault in that battle.

By Glenn Foden - April 9, 2012

Christian Science MonitorAnn Romney and Hilary Rosen flap …
By Linda Feldmann
April 13, 2012

According to the latest census data, about 1 in 4 women with children under 15 is not working outside the home. That is a significant voting bloc – and most aren’t wealthy like Ann Romney. Mrs. Romney herself noted on Thursday that she has had struggles of her own, particularly with her health.

In addition, Mrs. Romney has carved out an image as an appealing surrogate for her husband, complete with stories about how exhausting it was to raise five boys. Polls show her favorability rating far exceeds her negatives.

So for Obama, the Rosen comment created a PR emergency on multiple levels: She had disrespected a big voting bloc and had gone after a candidate’s wife. Team Obama pushed the panic button.

“I don’t have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates,” the president said.

[S]he [Rosen] has sparked a “mommy wars” discussion that continued to rage Friday.

By Chuck Asay - April 13, 2012

Another Left-Wing Hilary Mouths Off
By Monica Crowley (FOX News contributor, Washington Times columnist)
April 12, 2012

Ann Romney, by the way, managed to raise 5 well-adjusted sons, none of whom have been in jail or rehab. Now if that’s not a job, I don’t know what is. And she raised these 5 normal, high-achieving sons while battling MS and breast cancer. She is superwoman. But to Rosen and Team Obama, she’s someone to be targeted, polarized, mocked and humiliated. Or so they thought.

This comment and the ensuing backlash may have reversed all of the gains the Dems made with their phony “Republican war on women,” as more and more women realize that it’s the Democrats ACTUALLY waging that war.

This IS the Left. They run on identity politics: class, race, gender. They clump us in groups, because groups are more easily controllable and because individuals are so unwieldy with those silly minds of their own. The Left is also a bunch of elitist, arrogant, dismissive, power-hungry snobs who believe that they need ever-more power and ever-more of your money because you can’t manage either. And oh yeah: they have utter contempt for traditional America and the values we hold dear.

Ladies—and gentlemen—start your engines. As of today: game on.

Before addressing the NRA today, Governor Romney introduced Ann: “I happen to believe that all moms are working moms…”

Check out another good cartoon here.

UPDATE – Wonderful commentary from Neil Cavuto: Ann Romney hasn’t had it easy

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Romney Op-Ed in USA Today Previews Health Care Speech

USA Today has published an op-ed today from Governor Romney previewing the health care speech he will deliver tomorrow:

Romney: As first act, out with ObamaCare

Health care is more than just one-sixth of the American economy. It is a source of well-being for individuals and families. We are blessed with much that is good in American health care. But we have taken a turn for the worse with ObamaCare, with its high taxes and vastly expanded federal control over our lives. I believe the better course is to empower the states to determine their own health care futures.

First, the good news: Health care in the United States has made remarkable advances in our lifetimes. Dramatic improvements in medical technology have expanded both the length and quality of life. And the U.S. health care system continues to provide consumers with many choices.

But our health care system has several well-known problems: high and rising costs, significant numbers of Americans without insurance, and glaring gaps in quality and efficiency.

We can fix these problems. Unfortunately, with the passage of ObamaCare last year, the president and the Congress took a wrong turn. ObamaCare will lead to more spending, greater federal involvement in health care and negative effects on U.S. economic activity. The president definitely forgot the admonition to “do no harm.”

My plan is to harness the power of markets to drive positive change in health insurance and health care. And we can do so with state flexibility (unlike ObamaCare’s top-down federal approach), no new taxes (as opposed to hundreds of billions of dollars of new taxes under ObamaCare), and better consumer choice (as opposed to bureaucratic, government choice under ObamaCare). This change of direction offers our best hope of preserving both innovation and.

Romney also reiterates his pledge that, should he become President of the United States, on his first day in office, he would issue an executive order to offer health care waivers for all states. Then, he would doggedly work to fully repeal Obamacare.

Romney states, again, his long-held belief in returning power to the states.

In this op-ed, five health care reforms are highlighted:

Step 1: Give states the responsibility, flexibility and resources to care for citizens who are poor, uninsured or chronically ill.[…]

Step 2: Reform the tax code to promote the individual ownership of health insurance. […]

Step 3: Focus federal regulation of health care on making markets work. […]

Step 4: Reform medical liability. […]

Step 5: Make health care more like a consumer market and less like a government program. […]

Don’t miss reading the details here.

We’re eagerly awaiting The Gov’s speech! (We’ll update here when broadcast info becomes available.)

UPDATE: May 12, 2011 LIVE on C-Span 3 – Gov Romney’s speech will air @ 2:00-3:00 PM ET. See It is also being reported that his speech will air on Radio – XM Channel 119 at the same time, but I haven’t confirmed that.

UPDATE 2: Here is the C-Span LIVEFEED link to watch Gov Romney’s speech: Unconfirmed: Some are saying FOX News will broadcast Gov Romney’s speech LIVE @2:00 PM ET, as well.

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Mitt Romney Releases New USA Today Op-Ed: "On Jobs, Where is Obama?"

Romney Schools Obama on Jobs

Romney Schools Obama on Jobs

Although Mitt Romney hasn’t officially jumped into the 2012 pool, he certainly seems to be polishing talking points on what is widely perceived as his greatest asset, and coincidentally one of Obama’s many weaknesses: Job Creation.

In a freshly penned op-ed, Romney asks “where is Obama?” when it comes to putting American people back to work. As with anything Romney produces, it’s worth a read:

Sometimes truth arrives from the most unexpected sources. Christina Romer, President Obama’s former chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, said last week that she was dismayed at Washington’s lack of focus on jobs.

“I frankly don’t understand why policymakers aren’t more worried about the suffering of real families,” Romer said. “We need to realize that there is still a lot of devastation out there.” She called the 8.9% unemployment rate “an absolute crisis.”
How bad is it? Last week, in the blue-collar community of Taunton, Mass., the annual jobs fair was canceled because not enough companies came forward to offer jobs.


Even 7.5% unemployment means 11.5 million Americans without jobs. The human cost of that dry statistic can be detailed in a canvas of broken hopes and shattered lives. Workers at job fairs today are confronting an employment market in which there are almost five times as many job seekers as there are openings. Anyone who has visited such a fair or gone to a career center has seen the face of despair up close.
President Obama didn’t cause the recession, but he made it worse and caused it to last longer. From the outset, he inaugurated the most anti-investment, anti-business, anti-jobs policies we have seen since Jimmy Carter. Further, the White House has still not crafted any discernible plan to put Americans back to work.


One of our greatest strengths as a nation is our dynamism. When we mobilize to solve a problem, we solve it. It might be a cliché to say that leadership is required, but it also happens to be true.

We don’t have that leadership now. Instead, we have passive acquiescence. Yet, if there was an ever an issue on which all Americans should agree, it is that when it comes to unemployment, the time to define deviancy upward is overdue.

Romney lays out a plan for job creation:

Creating good, lasting jobs will require the following:

•A tax policy that rewards savings, investment, entrepreneurial risk-taking and exports.
•Free, open and fair access to foreign markets, with a focus on constructive trade reform with China.
•Elimination of the federal bureaucratic and regulatory stranglehold on business.
•A market-driven energy policy that encourages investment in America and reduces our dependence on foreign oil.
•A commitment to fiscal responsibility through budget restraints and entitlement reform.

-Luke Gunderson

Gov Mitt Romney Praises President Reagan: A Legacy of Optimism, Strength (USA Today)

President Ronald Reagan would have been 100 years old on February 6, 2011. With news of a historic, year long, soon-to-begin Centennial Celebration being planned by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, son Ron Reagan’s new book, My Father at 100, revealing his controversial opinion that president Reagan had Alzheimer’s disease while in office, son Michael Reagan’s countering that the issue of his father’s health should not tarnish his legacy, and the announcement of the first GOP presidential debate to be held at the Ronald Reagan Library this spring, President Reagan has certainly been in the national spotlight as of late. Even President Obama, in his not-so-subtle slide to the center, wrote about Reagan’s ‘Morning in America’ attitude and his transformational presidency.

This morning, in USA Today, Governor Mitt Romney writes of President Reagan’s legacy of optimism and strength:

An “amiable dunce” is what Washington super-lawyer Clark Clifford once called President Reagan.

That was the conventional wisdom among liberals back then. But opinions, at least in some important quarters, have shifted. Campaigning for the presidency, Barack Obama paid tribute to our 40th president’s remarkable achievements. Ronald Reagan, he said, “changed the trajectory of America in a way that Richard Nixon did not, that Bill Clinton did not.” He put “us on a fundamentally different path.”

I agree with President Obama. Ronald Reagan was a transformative president.

America entered the Reagan era as one kind of country and exited it another. His mixture of extraordinary personal and political qualities made it possible. One must begin with his sunny disposition: cheerful conservatism in flesh and blood. The Gipper’s irrepressible high spirits tapped into something deeply rooted in the country: optimism, faith in America itself.

Reagan came to occupy the White House in a moment of national crisis, not altogether dissimilar from the one we face today. broad, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan had brought the Cold War to the boiling point. Islamic radicals in Iran humiliated our country in a 444-day hostage drama.
At home, the misery index — the sum total of unemployment and inflation — had reached a post-war high. Jimmy Carter, shivering in the under-heated White House, was complaining about American “malaise.”

Reagan would have none of this. His policies, foreign and domestic, reflected his optimistic spirit. He confronted the Kremlin frontally. He initiated a military buildup that outmatched the USSR, challenged it in Afghanistan, and launched the Strategic Defense Initiative that is now vital to our defense.

Governor Romney then proceeds to underscore President Reagan’s indomitable, positive approach to solving America’s formidable foreign and domestic challenges with strength and forthrightness.

Reagan would have none of this. His policies, foreign and domestic, reflected his optimistic spirit. He confronted the Kremlin frontally. He initiated a military buildup that outmatched the USSR, challenged it in Afghanistan, and launched the Strategic Defense Initiative that is now vital to our defense.

Here at home, Reagan saw a federal government that had become, like a diseased heart, enlarged and sclerotic. Paving a path trod today by the Tea Party, he sharply cut taxes to restore economic growth. He took painful measures to rein in double-digit inflation. He fought to cut federal spending. He sought to restore our Founding Fathers’ vision of American greatness and limited government.

Read entire article here.

Anyone familiar with Governor Romney knows he has frequently spoken and written about our nation’s current woes with similar optimism. In his book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, Romney provides in-depth analysis on economic and security threats from foreign nations, why America’s national advantages have eroded, and outlines how fresh, creative, bold ideas will strengthen America and preserve our global leadership.

As some did with President Reagan, some underestimate Gov Romney. As the Centennial Celebration unfolds this year, along with an almost 99% certainty of a Romney candidacy for president, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to celebrate our 40th President and to promote and enjoy the man who impeccably exemplifies Reagan’s ideals and unwavering optimism, who has the knowledge and strength of experience to assure us that it can be ‘morning in America’ again… Mitt Romney.

1//11/01 - Tournament of Roses Parade (Pasadena, CA) awards 'Best Depiction of Life in U.S. Past, Present, or Future' to float depicting Ronald Reagan's life.

The commemorative Ronald Reagan float was 55 feet long and 26 feet high. It featured 11 larger-than-life photos of ‘iconic’ moments in his life that were made of rice and poppy seeds. Former First Lady Nancy Reagan helped select the photos. NOTE: CLICK ON IMAGE TO MAKE LARGER

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To read other op-eds by Governor Romney, click here.

Romney Weighs-in on the New Tax Cut Deal

In an op-ed published by USA Today, Mitt Romney offers expert analysis on why GOP should reject the so-called compromise from Obama on taxes. Not knowing the details of the plan (except that DeMint would likely filibuster it), I have withheld judgment on the this new tax deal between GOP leaders and the White House – but Romney’s words here have been a real eye-opener. He explains why the plan is short-sighted, why it would not yield any significant job growth, and why the GOP should therefore reject it.

Below is a preview and a link.

Romney: Why tax cut is a bad deal (USA Today)

Death and taxes, it is said, are life’s only two certainties. But in the wake of President Obama’s tax compromise with congressional Republicans, only death retains the status of certainty: The future for taxes has been left up in the air. And uncertainty is not a friend of investment, growth and job creation.

The deal has several key features. It reduces payroll taxes, extends unemployment benefits and keeps current tax rates intact. So far, so good. But intermixed with the benefits are considerable costs of consequence. Given the unambiguous message that the American people sent to Washington in November, it is difficult to understand how our political leaders could have reached such a disappointing agreement. The new, more conservative Congress should reach a better solution.

The deal keeps current tax rates from rising to pre-Bush era levels for two years. But in 2013, unless Congress acts again, rates will increase dramatically.

Extension temporary

Of course, delay now is better than an immediate tax hike. But because the extension is only temporary, a large portion of the investment and job growth that characteristically accompanies low taxes will be lost. When entrepreneurs and employers make decisions to start or expand an enterprise, uncertainty about tax rates translates directly into a reduced propensity to invest and to hire. With only a two-year extension, investors know that before their returns are realized, tax rates may be jacked up to the levels favored by President Obama. So while the tax deal will succeed in temporarily putting more money in the hands of consumers, it will fail to deliver its full potential for creating lasting growth.

It will also add to the deficit. In many cases, lowering taxes can actually increase government revenues. If new businesses, new investments and new hiring are spurred by the prospects of better after-tax returns, the taxes paid by these new or growing businesses and employees can more than make up for the lower rates of taxation. But once again, because the tax deal is temporary, a large portion of this beneficent effect is missing. What some are calling a grand compromise is not grand at all, except in its price tag. The total package will cost nearly $1 trillion, resulting in substantial new borrowing at a time when we are already drowning in red ink.

Read more at USA Today

Of course I have to include the brilliant closing line:

…But the long term health of our great engine of prosperity will remain very much in doubt. To the twin inevitabilities of death and taxes, we may now have to add persistent high unemployment.

~Nate G.

New Op-ed by Mitt Romney: We Need a Leader, Not a Politician

Mitt Romney released an Op-ed in USA Today about Obama’s lack of leadership during the BP oil spill.

Has it come to this again? The president is meeting with his oil spill experts, he crudely tells us, so that he knows “whose ass to kick.” We have become accustomed to his management style — target a scapegoat, assign blame and go on the attack. To win health care legislation, he vilified insurance executives; to escape bankruptcy law for General Motors, he demonized senior lenders; to take the focus from the excesses of government, he castigated business meetings in Las Vegas; and to deflect responsibility for the deepening and lengthening downturn, he blames Wall Street and George W. Bush. But what may make good politics does not make good leadership. And when a crisis is upon us, America wants a leader, not a politician.

Click here to continue reading

UPDATE by Jayde: Governor Romney was on Hannity tonight (6/9/10). Sean Hannity asked Mitt about his USA op-ed piece that published today, and among other things, Obama’s lack of leadership on the oil spill, the effect of the spill on jobs, the national debt, and Obama’s ideology.

Obama, Willing to Work with Anyone on Jobs, Must’ve Missed Last Week’s ‘USA Today’

From GOPToast:

Barack Obama recognized today the lack of support across the aisle for his job recovery ideas but claimed that he was ready to work with anyone who had ideas on the issue.

“It is appropriate that I met with leaders of both parties. Spurring hiring and economic growth are not Democratic or Republican issues. They are American issues,” he says. “I am absolutely committed to working with anybody who is willing to do the job.”

Calling for Washington to tackle the issues with “seriousness of purpose,” Obama wraps up: “I hope that as we enter the holiday season, the leaders I just met with will feel the same way.” And that’s all.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Well, Obama, it seems that you missed a certain edition of USA Today last week. And you missed most of the Internet. And, hey, even Twitter. While you were off having your pretend jobs summit, Mitt Romney was doing exactly what you just asked for. The top-ranked 2012 contender published his 10-point plan to fix the economy and create new jobs. Doesn’t that fall exactly in the “seriousness of purpose” range? Yeah, some people are out there claiming to know how to fix the economy or even offering a suggestion or two. Romney laid out an entire plan. How did Obama miss that one?
From Day One of Obama’s presidency he has sworn that he wanted all voices, all ideas. That’s never been the case though. If it was, people like Romney would’ve been asked to help from the beginning. Obama continues to talk one game while playing a completely different one.