Barack Obama’s Vortex of Poor Decisions & Actions

Today while eating lunch and reading a book involving a US Navy sailor describing his service on the USS Abraham Lincoln, a Nimitz-class supercarrier, the question entered my mind and has been with me all day: Will Barack Obama ever have an aircraft carrier named after him? Or even a smaller US Navy ship? We have the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS George H.W. Bush, both Nimitz-class supercarriers. Then I snapped back to reality. What was I thinking? Of course not! What has the man led or accomplished in his life aside from winning elections on oratory skill?

Justice Ginsberg, 79 / Photo Credit: Saul Loeb

If the month of May was disastrous for President Obama, June could easily eclipse May and probably will. As I have studied the man Barack Obama as President, I have been surprised how he consistently makes one poor choice after another terrible decision. Honestly, if I did not think he was earnest in his desire to be re-elected, I would think he was trying to lose. I even saw an article earlier today that recommended he resign. If you did not read the June 3rd article by Wayne Allyn Root that was widely published and quoted (“Why Obama Will Lose in a Landslide”), it is a must read if only to read his list of Mr. Obama’s poor leadership choices. And since Root’s piece, Mr. Obama made a decision to ask wedding shoppers to forego those gifts to donate to him, he keeps doing fundraisers while ignoring the disastrous Colorado fires, while begging and whining in speech after speech (check out this short video: “I hope you still believe in me”).

Most recently fellow Democrats have been jumping off Mr. Obama’s tattered coat tails telling him and the campaign “no thanks” to their invitations to attend the Democrat convention with him in North Carolina. Early “voting” consists of fundraising success and failure. Though Mr. Obama is ahead in overall fundraising and cash on hand, his campaign team members are terrible cash managers and their burn rate is through the roof. Their gimmicks are even hitting the small contributors and yesterday poor cash projections caused the campaign to cancel a key opening event at the North Carolina convention. If the enormous taxpayer cost to support Mr. Obama’s fundraising (Air Force One, Secret Service logistics, etc.) is not enough abuse, he is now sticking cities like Boston with the tab for security at is events.

Tomorrow might end up being recorded in American history as one of the most critical tests of the power and strength of the American Constitution. So many of Mr. Obama’s actions have been reversed by the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, while we witness senior administration executives ordering laws to be ignored. Weeks of Holder’s hubris combined with the overall Obama administration arrogance is nothing short of stunning and outrageous. Tomorrow we will witness Democrats and Republicans standing together to vote for contempt of Congress for the first time in modern history against a US attorney general while others decide to make a show of racism.

Are we in a different world or what? Had somebody told me six years ago we would be witnessing these events of May and June 2012, I would have laughed them to scorn. There is no way any sane person could have predicted what we have seen and what we are about to see. Early tomorrow morning, we are likely to receive the judgment of the Supreme Court over Mr. Obama’s single largest action. His silence on ObamaCare this year been deafening. Since the cliche “landmark decision” has been used in dozens of articles as of late, I won’t attempt to speculate when reality will be here soon enough. Of paramount importance to me is what we will learn of the Supreme Court itself tomorrow. Will the justices vote along preconceived and predicted ideological lines or will they stand with the Constitution and the fundamental personal freedoms for which America was founded and for which she has become known?

You may recall an article Paul Johnson wrote for MittRomneyCentral March 30, 2012 in which he discusses the enormous importance of a President’s decision to nominate a justice to the Supreme Court. His article is excellent and most relevant today. Rarely do I quote from the left leaning New York Times, but today they published a decent article titled, “Future of an Aging Court Raises Stakes of Presidential Vote” that is quite good in briefly describing the importance of the role of the next President in shaping the future of our nation; it is worth the read.

If Governor Romney is elected in November and if he were to serve two, four-year terms, he could end up nominating more justices to the Supreme Court than any recent POTUS. It is my expectation that he will have that privilege many times in the next eight years.

Artwork by Michael Ramirez

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Religion & Romney, Passover & Good Friday, Bigot Hall of Shame & O’Donnell, Rev. Mills

Update – Mitt Romney today made the following statement on Passover:

This Friday night, Jews around the world will join with their families and friends to observe the holiday of Passover. This ancient celebration of freedom reminds us that free people everywhere have a stake in ending oppression. Ann joins me in wishing everyone sitting down for a Passover Seder a joyous time with family and friends.”

April 6, 2012…

It’s an important religious day for Jews and Christians.

Christians in America and across the world are reflecting on the atonement and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Those of the Jewish faith in America and across the world are observing the first day of Passover.

Today also serves as a bold reminder of the gift of the United States Constitution – wherein religious issues are addressed.

The First Amendment guarantees Americans the freedom of religion. Article VI prohibits the imposition of religious tests as a condition for holding public office. These are our rights. This is the law. Untold treasure and lives have been sacrificed to make it so. Responsible, decent, patriotic American citizens cherish these laws.

Warty political tentacles – whether from the left or the right – are stretching and flexing to selectively choke and kill these guarantees for those with whom they disagree. Yes, as despicable as it is, fellow Americans are actively working to blunt these rights for other Americans.

It’s Un-American. Anti-constitutional. It’s the equivalent of spitting and trampling on the graves of all who have given their lives in the name of freedom.

America – the great religious melting pot of the earth – enables us to celebrate our own religious beliefs while recognizing others are free to do the same. Those living here, enjoying the benefits of our democracy, who seek to deprive the rights of others based on their religious affiliation – whether overtly or covertly – deserve to be shrouded in shame.

I intend to reflect and rejoice on this religious day and I celebrate the opportunity it provides to speak up. Without going in the weeds, I’ve held my thoughts on religious bigotry thus far in this presidential primary, but feel those days have ended. Speakers of religious hate and particularly bigots against Governor Romney’s faith will be outed in Hall of Shame posts. For today, I refer readers to the latest on Article VI blog. They’ve got it covered – but their topics deserve more coverage. Evangelicals for Mitt is another great source. They both have a friend in me.

A final thought before sharing a remembrance for the the day… Those seeking to become United States citizens are REQUIRED to take an Oath of Allegiance:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic . . . “

Are natural born citizens exempt from the same standard?

Maybe religious bigots don’t consider themselves domestic enemies of the Constitution… but, they are. Yes, in the future, I’ll be naming names. It’s that simple – name names and induct them into the Wyatt Hall of Shame. Here are the first two: Lawrence O’Donnell and Santorum endorser Reverend Huey Mills.

Speaking of good – Governor Romney tweeted this today:

Praying for a quick recovery for Bella. Ann and I are keeping Rick, Karen and the entire Santorum family in our thoughts.

My prayers are for little Bella and the Santorums at this time, as well.

Click below the fold for a remembrance…

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Romney’s Justice Advisory Team: Endorsement From Co-Chairs Bork and Glendon

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney announced the backing of a 63 member team of lawyers whose function will be to advise him on homeland security, law enforcement, regulatory issues, and constitutional and judicial matters. On that same day, the esteemed co-chairs of his new Justice Advisory Team, Judge Robert H. Bork & Professor Mary Ann Glendon, wrote a powerful article of endorsement for Governor Romney:


August 2, 2011

Today, we join over sixty leaders of the legal profession — private practitioners, corporate lawyers, former judges and executive branch employees, academicians — in expressing our fervent support for Mitt Romney in his run for the presidency.

Each of these individuals has his or her own reasons for supporting Mitt Romney. Our reason is this: America was founded on and owes its freedom and prosperity to rigorous devotion to the Constitution and the rule of law. President Obama lacks dedication to these principles. He has repeatedly attacked the rule of law and the institutions and virtues it protects. Mitt Romney, in contrast, is assiduous in his defense of the distinctive legal heritage that is the bedrock of our society.

Barack Obama’s presidency — marked by unprecedented claims of federal power and executive fiat — has accelerated an imprudent and dangerous drift from the rule of law. We see this drift in three main instances.

First, we are alarmed by President Obama’s abdication of his duty to zealously defend and administer the laws of the United States. In an absolutely unprecedented action, President Obama and his attorney general have refused to defend an important federal statute, the Defense of Marriage Act, in court. This lawlessness is particularly striking, given that the DOMA was passed by large majorities in both Houses of Congress before it was signed by President Clinton. What the administration’s decision seems to reflect is not only the President’s disregard for the rule of law, but his disdain for traditional family values and the people who hold them (people who, as he contemptuously put it, “cling to guns or religion”).

The Obama Administration has also refused to fully enforce federal immigration laws, going so far as to sue states that pass laws to perform the enforcement duties the federal government will not. And in Guantanamo detainee litigation, the administration has declined to make the most obvious legal arguments, apparently for political reasons.

Second, we see the drift in numerous examples of President Obama’s expansion of executive discretion and regulatory power. Most glaring is Obamacare, which constitutes an unprecedented federal usurpation of powers reserved to the states and to the people. Further, both Obamacare and the wide-ranging financial regulatory law have created multiple independent boards with broad mandates to act free from both the ballot box and meaningful oversight. Those same laws have given bureaucrats the discretionary power to grant waivers, the criteria for which are largely unknown. The Environmental Protection Agency has claimed vast powers to regulate carbon emissions despite clear congressional intent to the contrary and widespread popular opposition.

Bork and Glendon then write of Obama’s disdain for the rule of law in his standard for choosing judges.

They conclude:

We support Mitt Romney because he is committed to restoring a government of laws, and not of men.

(emphasis added

Do read the entire article here.

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney Announces 63 Member Justice Advisory Team, Robert Bork Co-Chair

Conservative judge, legal scholar Robert Bork will co-chair Romney's 63 member Justice Advisory Committee. August 2, 2011

The news today from hard-working Mitt Romney and his campaign keeps rolling in and it’s…


Governor Romney has assembled a 63 member advisory team, including illustrious co-chair Robert Bork, to counsel him on a variety of issues. The formation of this stellar new team further underscores Romney’s deep commitment to the rule of law and constitutional governance:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday announced a team of 63 lawyers, co-chaired by conservative legal scholar Robert Bork, that will advise his campaign on constitutional and judicial matters, law enforcement and homeland security, and regulatory issues.

In addition to Bork, a conservative icon whose nomination by President Ronald Reagan to the Supreme Court failed in the Senate, Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee will be chaired by Harvard Law School professor Mary Ann Glendon, who served as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican in President George W. Bush’s administration, and Richard Wiley, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, is a graduate of Harvard Law School. The choice of chairs and committee members seems designed to solidify his credentials within the conservative legal establishment.

Mitt Romney deeply understands that the rule of law and the integrity of our courts are essential components of our nation’s strength and must be preserved,” the three chairmen said in a joint statement. “He will nominate judges who faithfully adhere to the Constitution’s text, structure, and history and he will carry out the duties of President as a zealous defender of the Constitution. We fully support Mitt Romney’s campaign and look forward to working with other members of the committee as we advise him on today’s pressing legal issues.”

The committee, which will also provide legal counsel to Romney’s campaign, also includes other prominent figures, including former Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff, former chancellor to the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware William Allen and former Texas Supreme Court chief justice Thomas Phillips.

Romney’s statement:

Our democracy depends on a government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law,” Romney said in a statement. “Our nation needs a Congress and an Executive branch that are cognizant of the bounds of their powers and a judiciary that will strictly construe the Constitution and refuse to legislate from the bench. I am proud and honored to have the support of an extraordinary group of attorneys and legal scholars.”

(emphasis added)

For the names of those on Romney’s new Justice Advisory Committee, continue reading here.

Wow. This announcement, along with the announcement today that Romney’s campaign is shifting into higher gear, further demonstrates the planning, organization, and wisdom Team Romney is known for.

► Jayde Wyatt

~UPDATE from RightSpeak

This news even has a bit of an Iowa spin to it, according to the Iowa Independent:

“The formation of the committee could play well among some voters in Iowa, specifically from social and religious Conservatives who feel the Iowa Supreme Court has overstepped its Constitutional boundaries in the last few years, particularly in the 2009 ruling of Varnum v. Brien, which legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa.”

Mitt Romney, in announcing this committee, with members such as these, should go along way to assuage the fears of his critics, who think he’ll appoint “activist” judges, who legislate from the bench.

One Nation Under God

3517189322_5b7ab58f4bGiven all that is taking place in America, including yesterday’s approval vote of the Affordable Health Care for America Act H.R. 3962 (words that smear lipstick on a pig!) in the House of Representatives, it’s good to step back and reflect on the BIG picture. With that in mind, I want to share an interactive link to a magnificent piece of art that captures the tipping point in which we Americans now find ourselves.

Characterized as what may be the most important new painting of the 21st century, Artist Jon McNaughton’s One Nation Under God came as inspiration to him in the middle of the 2008 elections. The research for this amazing new work took McNaughton about six months to complete; the actual painting was a four month effort. According to the artist, he “had one shot at this and he had to get it right.”

Artist McNaughton describes his painting: “Christ is holding up the U.S. Constitution while behind him are the Founding Fathers and other patriotic heroes from the past two centuries speaking to us from the dust. (Note the symbolism of  dust at their feet.) They are asking us to remember the foundation of our country’s greatness and the liberties defined under the Constitution.”

Summarizing One Nation Under God as something “that would make people talk and think,” McNaughton emphasizes that he doesn’t want people to conclude from his painting that everyone in America has to be a Christian.  He wants his painting to express the origin of our nation’s strength.

Feast your eyes upon One Nation Under God here. Rich in symbolism, it includes over 60 images, including 40 patriotic heroes. McNaughton also depicts figures that lean toward socialism – which is contrary to his belief in the U.S. Constitution. As you run your cursor over each image, a description and reason why it was included in the painting is revealed on the right-hand side of your screen. Taking time to ponder this painting – even down to the scattered papers on the steps – will evoke feelings of deep appreciation for our beloved Republic, the United States Constitution, and the blessings of freedom. It also reminds that our independence and freedoms are eroding. It calls us to action.


“…We can be deeply thankful that we live in a land where reason and religion are friends and allies in the cause of liberty, joined against the evils and dangers of the day. And you can be certain of this: Any believer in religious freedom, any person who has knelt in prayer to the Almighty, has a friend and ally in me. And so it is for hundreds of millions of our countrymen: We do not insist on a single strain of religion — rather, we welcome our nation’s symphony of faith.

Recall the early days of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia, during the fall of 1774. With Boston occupied by British troops, there were rumors of imminent hostilities and fears of an impending war. In this time of peril, someone suggested that they pray. But there were objections. They were too divided in religious sentiments, what with Episcopalians and Quakers, Anabaptists and Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Catholics.

Then Sam Adams rose, and said he would hear a prayer from anyone of piety and good character, as long as they were a patriot. And so together they prayed, and together they fought, and together, by the grace of God, they founded this great nation.

In that spirit, let us give thanks to the divine author of liberty. And together, let us pray that this land may always be blessed with freedom’s holy light.

God bless this great land, the United States of America.

May we never tire in upholding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness while defending our United States Constitution.

What’s Up with Glenn Beck and Katie Couric?

Glenn Beck and Katie Couric. It just sounds odd putting those two names together. An interesting duo, they came together on Tuesday (9-22-09) so Glenn could respond (for the most part) to the Couric inquisition.

As you watch the interview, you may agree with all, some, or none of Glenn’s statements and ideas. Are you asking the tough questions of politicians and political pundits? Are you making your own decisions? How often do you completely agree with any political opinionist?

Without a doubt, Beck’s 9-12 Project, based on nine principles and twelve values, is a growing movement. Proof of the numbers manifested itself on September 12, 2009 when millions across the country marched to protest the failure of government to address America’s pressing needs and big government’s propensity to create even bigger problems.

Whether one agrees with Glenn Beck or not – and time will reveal more clearly the direction he will take – it’s important to remember that values and principles enabled our Founding Fathers to muster the courage to create a new nation. Values and principles fostered the wisdom necessary to author our Constitution. Disillusioned, frustrated Americans are searching for the principled leader that will preserve our Constitution and restore our Republic in 2012. That principled leader is Mitt Romney.

*The full interview can be found here:
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