Romney/Ryan: Resounding, Resolute Support at Red Rocks, CO!

Thousands upon thousands came to hear Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan speak last night at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, near Morrison, Colorado. NM Governor Susana Martinez, and entertainers Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins, also shared the stage with Romney and Ryan. Click on image to enlarge.
(Photo – RomneyResponse)

What a night!

In spite of gridlocked traffic hours before the event began, from near and far, they pressed forward. Driving up mountain roads, through the rocks they came…

As far as the eye could see, thousands of Romney/Ryan supporters made their way to magnificent Red Rocks Park, Colorado, for a chance in a life-time to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – together for the first time in the beautiful Centennial State. The venue filled to capacity; many were turned away.

Sarah Hoyt at writes:

Romney Ryan Rally at Red Rocks: [W]e left our home in time to get there just before five under normal conditions. About thirty miles out, the highway became a parking lot, where we got stuck for the next two hours. The freaky thing was the lines extending behind us at least as much. The highway exit was closed, but we’re conservatives/libertarians, we find ways. So we went back roads, parked in way outlaying parking lot (for another facility) and tried to walk. Only the people ahead of us were getting turned back at the door, so we all walked back to our cars shouting stuff like “Romney” and “Soon a real president.” Look at those pictures and let me tell you, at least that many of us were turned away or prevented from approaching.

See 360 photo posted here (scroll in/out, click two circles at top for 360 degree views).

As the enormous crowd waited to hear Congressman Ryan and Governor Romney (who, by the way, was fresh off his third and final well-executed debate with Obama), entertainers Kid Rock and Rodney Atkins wowed them.

Up-and-comer New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez – the first female Hispanic governor in the history of the United States – was also on hand to rev up the massive audience. (Remember her terrific GOP Convention speech?!)


Now, President Obama rattled off a “cute” joke last night about defense planning not being a game of Battleship. Well Mr. President, our BUDGET isn’t a game of Monopoly, either! Attacking Mitt Romney is NOT an agenda. Four more years, like the last four years, is NOT a solution.”

You see, this election, we’re not just picking the next president for four more years. WE are picking the direction and course of our country for a generation. It doesn’t matter which generation you come from – this is the most important election in YOUR generation!

Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton also popped on stage to voice strong support for Romney and Ryan. (*See press release below).

If there would have been a roof to raise, this Romney/Ryan rally would have blown it clear up to the moon shining down on them.

UPDATE – Highlights not included on above video:

Romney supporter: “I have been at Red Rocks because I’ve lived here and I have never seen a crowd like this!

Another supporter: “It’s on fire! Red Rocks is on fire because Mitt Romney is here. And, we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

A view from the top… “More people came than the amphitheater could hold. Momentum grows even more!” (Photo and comments from @dmitchell624)

See MORE photos here.

*Yesterday, October 23, 2012, Mitt Romney announced the support of Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton:

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Portland, Oregon: Romney Raises Thousands, Receives Endorsement from Former U.S. Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR)

Mitt Romney listens to Oregon GOP Chairman Allen Alley at a Romney fundraiser held at the home of John & Kim Bradley (West Hills, OR) on July 11, 2011. Photo by Romney supporter Rep. Shawn Lindsey (Hillsboro)

Mitt Romney was in Portland, Oregon, on July 11th. Given the fact that Obama is raking in the dough, MRC supporters have asked how much money The Gov raised in that heavily Democratic state. While the exact dollar amount hasn’t been released, two fundraisers were held for Romney by staunch supporters; one at mid-day and another in the evening. The following gives one an idea…

Mitt Romney raises thousands in Portland

Romney’s noontime fundraiser appeared to attract about 70 people who paid either $1,000 for the main event or $2,500 to also attend a smaller gathering where they could have their picture taken with him.

[…] Several participants said Romney emphasized his business and political experience, which he has long argued would make him more effective at reviving the economy than President Barack Obama.
House Republican Leader Kevin Cameron, R-Salem, said he was able to talk to Romney about how GOP lawmakers were able to work with Democrats in this last legislative session and that Romney talked up his own experience in Massachusetts working with a Democratic legislative majority.

Mitt’s really good with this size of group. … At the end of the day he’s a very practical fellow,” said Stephen Babson, the managing director of Endeavor Capital.

“The economy is his big issue,” Babson said. “That’s no surprise, right?

Romney’s campaign released good news that day: Former US Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., formally endorsed Romney.

It has been nearly three years since President Obama took office and it is clear that his policies have not worked for Oregon or the country,” Smith said in the announcement.

Romney was scheduled to appear at a Monday evening fundraiser — carrying the same ticket price — at the Seattle-area lakefront home of John Connors, a venture capitalist and former chief financial officer for Microsoft.

(emphasis added)

The midday event was held at the home of construction company owner John Bradley. Along with support from Oregon GOP Chairman Allen Alley and State Rep Shawn Lindsay (guy who took the photo), other notables who attended the private luncheon event were: Rep. Kevin Cameron, former GOP congressional candidates Rob Cornilles, Scott Bruun, and Tim Phillips.

Sounds like Romney raised a respectable chunk of change (sincere thanks to all those who gave). As political scientist/commentator Larry Sabato says, “The name of the game is raising money.”

I would add that it’s not only money, it’s message and moxie.

Isn’t it time to make another donation to Gov Romney?

Do it here.

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