Voters Finally Meet the Real Mitt

UPDATE: More stories about Mitt’s character below the fold!

Lots has been said on our site over the past year or so about Mitt the man. But an article from Deroy Murdock appeared in the National Review today entitled “The Decency of Mitt: The Real Romney is Emerging” that reminds me of one of the reasons I support Mitt: his character.

Mr. Murdock starts by pointing out, as a number of commentators now have, that one of the reasons for Mitt’s rise in the polls was the stark contrast between Team Obama’s version of Mitt and reality. With many not happy with Obama’s job performance, their strategy was to paint Mitt as negatively as possible and make people willing to choose the “devil you know.” That strategy, backed up by ceaseless Democrat pounding during the summer and a hundred million dollars in advertising, seemed to be working well, until, well, voters met the real Mitt in the debates.

Murdock asks:

Why is Mitt Romney rising? Americans who watched the GOP nominee debate President Obama never met the cold, greedy, sexist, racist, carcinogenic tax cheat that Team Obama promised would appear. The calm, steady, and reasonable gentleman who opposed Obama was no Gordon Gekko.

Americans might like Romney even more if they understood his random acts of kindness and significant feats of bravery. As Mara Gay, Dan Hirschhorn, and M. L. Nestel wrote for “A man weighed down by the image of a heartless corporate raider who can’t relate to people actually has a history of doing remarkably kind things for those in need.”

So let me continue to introduce you to the real Mitt. I’ve put out a couple posts on this topic in the past. One was the largely unfiltered account of the person who bought a house from Mitt. By this man’s telling, Mitt stayed behind to personally walk him through the home, which the buyer had purchased lock, stock and barrel. He came away from the experience with such an appreciation for Mitt’s character that he felt compelled to reach out to the media. Here’s a news report of that story:

Another post was my personal account from occasional interactions with the Romney and Davies families. Bottom line: they’re fantastic people. When looking for someone to cut the fat out of Washington DC, I look at Mitt as the ideal candidate. He is more wealthy than I ever imagine I’ll be, just like the Federal government can be by taxing and borrowing, but the frugality and discipline with which he and his children live their lives indicates an appreciation for the resulting responsibility. I want someone in Washington who has a demonstrated ability to rein in his personal finances. And if I may continue, I first got involved with Mitt’s campaign back in 2007, when I told my friend, his son Matt, if his dad decided to run that I wanted to help. What compelled me was what I’d seen his dad accomplish in Massachusetts working with an 85%+ Democrat state legislature. If he could reach across the aisle in Massachusetts, adopt healthcare reform and balance their budget, maybe he could break through the gridlock in Washington? Four years has taught us that President Obama has been unable to do what he promised on this score: work together with Congress. Mitt’s record indicates he can.

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Excellent CBS Videos in Search of “The Real Mitt Romney”

Mitt Romney bad hair and blue jeans

Mitt Romney November 2007 - Click image to view full size

Have you heard the story about when Mitt Romney closed his company for a few days so he along with his fellow co-workers and employees could go search for a co-worker’s missing daughter in New York? What about the one where Romney (while Governor) and his boys saved a family of six and their dog from a sinking boat? Those are a couple of the character defining anecdotes that you don’t hear much of in the media that continually tries to portray him as a plastic automatron devoid of emotion and personality. Those who have studied Romney and his life know that such is not the case.

The CBS videos below touch on what is perhaps my favorite of these “personalizing” anecdotes: Mitt digging up a tree stump at a home after the San Diego fires of October 2007. Why is this one my favorite? Perhaps it’s because Mitt performed this act of service without any heraldry while he was in the midst of a presidential campaign. Or perhaps because it’s the only one we have pictures and video of the events as they unfolded, and we have the homeowner to thanks for that. Wouldn’t you take pictures if a potential future president showed up on your lawn to help out?

The reason for the CBS segment about Romney is due to a new chapter about Mitt Romney being added to a book published in 2007 called The Mormon Way of Doing Business. (The videos below are much more about Romney than Mormons.)

Video highlighting Romney digging up the stump:

Video discussion with book author Jeff Benedict (and others) discussing “stories about Mitt Romney”:

Did you get a good look at Mitt vigorously swinging that axe in the first video? I’ve been to more than a few Scout Camps and have seen both men and boys swinging an axe to chop wood. You can tell instantly if they have experience at it, and to me it’s obvious that Mitt has done this more than a few times.

For more info (and pictures) on the tree stump story check out our older posts where we have highlighted it:
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~Nate Gunderson

Addendum: Another good read–> The Mitt Romney You Don’t Know

Complete Book Review of “The Real Romney”

Today, two writers who work for the Boston Globe released a biography of Gov. Romney titled “The Real Romney”. I’ve known about this book in the work for quite some time, and I’ve worried that it will paint Gov. Romney in an unfair light since the Boston Globe has notoriously treated Gov. Romney quite toughly. However, other than the authors’ tired attempts to portray Gov. Romney as someone who will change/hide his opinions to suit whatever political position he aims to hold, the authors couldn’t seem to find anyone with intimate knowledge of Gov. Romney who had much of anything negative to say about him. At worst, people who know Mitt best have a neutral view of him, while the overwhelming majority of people quoted in this book speak glowingly about the man who may become the next President of the United States.

Here are what I found most memorable in the book “The Real Romney”:

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