Hurricane Sandy: Romney Campaign Continues Focus on Relief Effort

GOP presidential candidate, former MA Governor Mitt Romney takes bags of food as they are donated for victims of Hurricane Sandy at an event held today at James S. Trent Arena in Kettering, OH. Oct 30, 2012
(Photo – Charles Dharapak/ AP)

While weather effects of super storm Hurricane Sandy are not yet over and rescue efforts are underway, the Romney/Ryan storm relief effort continues. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Ann Romney have not stopped! Governor Romney was in Kettering, Ohio this morning and will be in Tampa, Florida this evening. Today, Paul Ryan will speak at a stop at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota. He’ll then journey to his home state, Wisconsin for additional events. Ann Romney is in Wisconsin and will be in Iowa later today. All three will thank diligent volunteers who are collecting/delivering items for storm relief from Romney Victory Centers.

Governor Romney today in Ohio:

We have heavy hearts as you know with all the suffering going on in a major part of our country — a lot of people hurting this morning. We’re looking for all the help we can get for all the families that need.” – Mitt Romney

Congressman Paul Ryan today in Wisconsin will also be joined by former Wi Gov. Tommy Thompson in stops at La Crosse and Hudson. Thompson is in a tight U.S. Senate seat race against U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin. (When additional information about Ryan’s events in Minnesota and Wisconsin are available, it will be updated here.)


Republican VP candidate Congressman Paul Ryan thanks volunteers and supporters at at a campaign office in Hudson, WI, where volunteers were collecting storm relief supplies. Oct 30, 2012 (Photo – Mary Altaffer/AP)

Paul Ryan and Tommy Thompson visit Hudson

Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of men, women, children and students waited for over an hour so see Paul Ryan, vice presidential candidate. Tommy Thompson, the former governor and now Republican candidate for U.S. Senator arrived at the Hudson Victory Center shortly before Ryan.

An effort at Republican Victory Centers throughout Wisconsin to collect food, dog food and other essential supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy took place in Hudson Tuesday.

Hundreds of people arrived bringing their donations and the hope to see vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

The donations will be going to an organization called Nourish America. They will shipped to Pennsylvannia for distribution to areas of the East Coast hardest hit. Ryan also called for donations to be made to the Red Cross. …

Ann Romney today in Wisconsin:

Whenever there’s a crisis in this country, what do we all do? We put aside party, we come together, we put our arms together and we solve the problems.” – Ann Romney


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s wife encouraged people to donate to the Red Cross at a Green Bay area campaign office.

Ann Romney told a packed room of volunteers and other supporters that this is a time for Americans to unite for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

She also urged people to pray for the storm victims.

Wisconsin first lady Tonette Walker introduced her after urging the crowd to give blood.

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Mitt Romney Delivers Prebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Thank you. It’s good to be in the Sunshine State. It breaks my heart to visit plants like this one.

In 2008, this plant closed because of the economic downturn. In a normal recovery under strong leadership, it could now be full of workers.

Here in Florida, people used to wake up and look forward to a hard day’s work and a good, honest wage. The money they earned helped support families and build communities. Today too many factory floors are silent, warehouses are deserted, corporate offices are empty, and real estate endeavors are abandoned. Floridians are struggling to find a job, keep a home, and raise a family.

As I’ve traveled across America, I’ve heard similar stories in virtually every corner of this country. High unemployment and record home foreclosures. Debt that’s too high and opportunities that are too few. This is the real state of our union. But you won’t hear stories like these in President Obama’s address tonight. The unemployed don’t get invitations to sit with the First Lady.

Instead, tonight, the President will do what he does best. He will give a nice speech with a lot of memorable phrases. But he won’t give you the hard numbers.

Like 9.9 – that’s the unemployment rate in this state.

Or 25 percent – that’s the percentage of foreclosed homes in America that are right here in Florida.

Or $15 trillion – that’s the size of our national debt.

Instead, tonight, President Obama will make the opening argument in his campaign against a “Do Nothing Congress.” But, we shouldn’t forget that for two years, this President had a Congress that could do everything he wanted.

With huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, President Obama was free to pursue any policy he pleased.

Did he fix the economy?

Did he tackle the housing crisis?

Did he get Americans back to work?

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Mitt Stumps with Marco in Tampa – Will Crist Run As An Indie?

Mitt Romney joined Marco Rubio on the stump this morning in Tampa Bay. The photo below just appeared on Romney’s Facebook page.

Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney endorsed Marco Rubio for the Florida Senate Seat

An early report of the rally from the Boston Herald quotes Romney as challenging Charlie Crist to stay in the race as a GOP candidate (not run as an independent) or to back out of the race and put his support behind Marco Rubio. Romney expects “Crist to do the right thing.”

What would spur Romney to remark on Crist potentially running as an independent? Perhaps it’s news that Crist has withdrawn TV ads that were scheduled to go through to the 25th of this month. But more significant is the news that Crist has a slight edge in a 3-way race as an independent in the general election in November. The poll conducted by Quinnipiac has Crist (I) at 32%, with Rubio (R) at 30%, and Meek at 24% under the hypothetical circumstances.

April 30 is the deadline for Crist to decide to run as GOP or indie. Here’s hoping Crist will “do the right thing” and throw his support behind Rubio.

UPDATE: Robert Costa of NRO provides a more detailed account of today’s event.

~Nate Gunderson

P.S. Just two points of observation I’d like to make about the photo above:

  1. That has to be the worst tie I’ve ever seen Romney wear.
  2. I would think this picture is from Rubio’s office since Romney is down visiting him today. But upon further inspection I noticed there is a framed picture of Romney on the cover of Time Magazine on the wall. So either this is a previous interview where Rubio was seeking Mitt’s endorsement and came to his office, or Rubio is a big Mitt fan. Pictures from the Tampa event will let us know if the photo was from today. (Look for the bright blue tie.) ;)

UPDATE from Ross:  Listen to the entire speech of Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney here.

UPDATE from Jayde: Here’s video of Romney sitting down with reporter Mike Deeson to discuss the Rubio/Crist senate race, Sarah Palin, and Mitt’s future:

Hat tip to Paulee (MRC patron).

Update: Houston Not a Finalist for GOP 2012 Convention

Houston, TX

Update: Whoops from the Lone Star State have been squelched. Why? Reports published yesterday (2/3/10) that Houston, TX was a finalist for the 2012 Republican Convention are not true. The city of Houston didn’t even apply to host the convention.  

City officials said Houston underwent a change of administration and missed the deadline to apply for the convention, but it isn’t clear if they intended to apply or want to now. Rumors abound. Will Houston officials request an extension from the RNC and submit a bid? Is there a 4th city still to be announced as a finalist for the GOP 2012 convention? Are Salt Lake City, Tampa Bay, and Phoenix the complete shortlist?

Holly Hughes RNC Site Selection Committee Chair

Clarification from Holly Hughes (RNC Convention Site Selection Committee Chair) or RNC chairman Michael Steele would be welcome right now. 

Houston Not a Finalist for GOP 2012 Convention (updated today -video report incl):

HOUSTON — Houston is not a finalist for the 2012 Republican National Convention, at least not yet.

Rumors started flying Wednesday after published reports stated Houston was one of four finalists.

Late in the evening, the head of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau said the rumors aren’t true.

“I really wish all of our convention bids we could get to the finals without ever having submitted a piece of paper,” said Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Greg Ortale.

Ortale confirmed the city of Houston has yet to sign up for a shot. In fact, the city missed the deadline to apply. Ortega says that’s because of the transition into a new administration.

However, if the RNC gives Houston an extension, the city could throw its name into the hat. The city would bid not only for the GOP Convention, but also the Democratic National Convention.

“You have to go for both and the reason for that is it has to take a full commitment of the community, particularly on the fundraising, and you cannot do that without republicans and democrats in the city working together,” said Ortega.

The 2008 GOP convention was held in St. Paul, MN. Ortale says the community had to raise $80 million, and it got about $150 million back. Still, according to Ortale, there could be a significant cost to the city.

“If you’ve got infrastructure issues, like streets, if you have some security costs that are not going to be recoverable, and it is probably millions of dollars, “he said.

Is it a long shot for Houston? Some say it is, but it’s a chance the city could be willing to take.

“It’s a major undertaking and if we do go forward with it, you’ll be chasing down rumors every week,” said Ortale.

UPDATE Houston Chronicle:


Bloggers around the country pounced on the story. Elected officials, Republican and Democrat, got excited; folks from the mayor’s office and old-timers who remember the extensive planning — not to mention the extensive amount of money — that went into the ’92 convention were something less than excited.

They’ll be happy to hear there’s nothing to worry about. A Republican official who didn’t want to be named confirmed a few minutes ago that when the RNC releases its list in a couple of weeks Houston will NOT be on it.

(emphasis mine) Who are these Republican officials reportedly releasing information? The RNC HAS released a list – with three cities listed. It was announced that four city finalists would be named. ???

 National reported this yesterday:

The RNC has narrowed its search for a ’12 convention location to 4 cities, several party sources tell Hotline OnCall.

In a vote at the Winter meetings in Honolulu late last week, the party narrowed its search to Salt Lake City, Tampa, Phoenix and Houston.

The RNC’s site selection committee, headed by MI committeewoman Holly Hughes, will visit each of the 4 cities later this year to go over logistics, examine hotel and conference capacity and the facility for the convention itself. An RNC spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

Dems have begun accepting bids for their own convention, but they have yet to take even preliminary steps in picking through those cities. DNC chair Tim Kaine has not even set up a site selection committee yet.

All 4 cities GOPers will consider bring upsides. Tampa and Phoenix sit in swing states, while TX has an exploding Hispanic population — a demographic GOPers are keen to attract after they appear to be slipping toward Dems.

And Salt Lake City would be the first inner-mountain West city for a GOP convention. Pres. Obama won NV, CO and NM in ’08, 3 states the GOP must win to reclaim the WH.


Michael Steele RNC Chairman

So far it’s Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay. Who knows what’s next?