Pennsylvania: Governor Ed Rendell (D): “We’re Nervous”

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PENNSYLVANIA. George H.W. Bush is the last Republican to win it; that was 1988. Senator McCain lost it to Senator Obama in 2008 by 10%. You may recall that Governor Romney called it September 28th telling a crowd he would win the state. About two weeks ago, a reputable in-state poll was showing Romney leading Obama in Pennsylvania 49% to 45%.

Governor Romney greeting cadets at the Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, PA in September (Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters / File)

Governor Romney has directed significant resources this past week into Pennsylvania and the Obama camp is saying he is desperate. It never occurs to the Obaminions there might be a strategy involved (“strategy” is Romney’s second middle name). Romney obviously has known for months that 96% of the Pennsylvania electorate vote in person on election day making the state a perfect blitz state for the last week. What is it called when desperate people call others desperate? What was it? “Panic?”

Writing for the WSJ yesterday, Matthew Kaminski provides outstanding insight in support of what appears to be a brilliant strategy by the Romney team.

Pennsylvanians have no problem voting Republican. Out of 67 counties, 52 are in GOP hands. So are 12 of 19 congressional districts, both houses of the state legislature and the governor’s mansion. Republican Pat Toomey won a Senate seat in 2010.

As party hacks know, the trouble for the GOP here is at the top of the ticket. The state last turned red in a presidential race 24 years ago for George H.W. Bush. His son made it a priority in 2004 and lost by 2.5%. Barack Obama’s 10-point win in 2008 was supposed to take it out of the swing column this year.

Yet one of the surprises of the past month is a quietly competitive race for Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Since the Denver debate on Oct. 3, Mr. Obama’s lead has narrowed to 4.7%, according to the RealClearPolitics average of state polls.
If Pennsylvania stages a surprise next week, it’ll come out of suburban Philadelphia. The four so-called collar counties (Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery) were once moderate Republican bastions. In the past two decades, the suburbs have gone for Democratic presidential candidates. You can’t win without them. Bucks (pop. 626,854) is the bellwether: A mix of educated middle-class, rural and blue-collar communities, it votes both ways in local elections—and always for the presidential winner.
Republicans in the collar counties had little reason for enthusiasm before the first debate. The morning after Denver, the party office in Bucks was overrun with people looking for Romney-Ryan lawn signs. The Romney message strategy echoes that of Sen. Toomey and other successful GOP candidates here two years ago: Talk about jobs and debt, appeal to bipartisanship, and avoid the subjects of abortion and religion as much as possible.

As it happens, Mr. Romney is the first Northeasterner to get the Republican nod since the Connecticut native Bush 41 in 1988. He looks and sounds like Republicans whom Pennsylvanians have voted for in the past. Texas swagger and Sarah Palin didn’t play well in Bucks.
Then comes a series of queries about high gas prices, a tough job market and how to balance budgets. A local software provider and Fitzpatrick supporter standing next to me in the audience says: “There’s only one businessman I know of who is doing better” than four years ago “and he’s a bankruptcy lawyer.”
A visible difference from 2008 is the improvement in the Republican ground game. As in Ohio, the Romney campaign has been able to tap local evangelicals and tea-party activists and has built up a decent infrastructure with 24 offices and 60 staffers in the state.
Ed Rendell, the former Democratic governor, says in a telephone interview before the Romney TV buys were announced that any late ad push may backfire for Republicans. “It would remind people that there’s an election going on,” he says. Republicans “clearly hope Democratic turnout collapses.” The Obama campaign, calling the Romney buys “a desperate play,” is going on air in response.

I love it. The Obaminions calling Romney’s move into Pennsylvania “desperate” is classic for, “Wow, we didn’t see this one coming and we better get our act together now and fast!” And you know how we know the Obaminions are wrong? Check Governor Rendell’s two word quote at the end of the next paragraph.

The Democratic game is about turnout. The president’s re-election campaign is a formidable operation. In a signal that Pennsylvania is not a closed deal, Mr. Obama last week gave an Oval Office interview to Michael Smerconish, a Philadelphia radio talk-show host who was born in Bucks County and has a following in the collar counties. Gov. Rendell sums up the mood among Democrats: “We’re nervous.”

[emphasis added]

And this from CNN:

On Monday’s Obama call, campaign manager Jim Messina said of Pennsylvania, “We’re not going to take anything for granted.”

The reason I am watching Pennsylvania so closely is because I think it is signaling something much larger. Somewhat akin to tremors in my state of California before a large earthquake. If Pennsylvania can fall from the Dems, what other states could we see hitting for Governor Romney? The Obaminions never thought their blue state would ever be up for grabs. They never saw this one coming. They are scrambling in full panic mode.

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Des Moines Register’s Dramatic Front Page: Obama Denigrates, Romney Rises

Yesterday’s headline on the front page of The Des Moines Register from important swing-state Iowa says it all.

I see the stink-eye is still stuck on Obama…

By Glenn McCoy – Oct 24, 2012

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#comMITTed: Colorado Newspaper Pueblo Chieftain: “It’s ROMNEY”

The editorial board at Pueblo Chieftain, a print and online news source for the southern portion of swing-state Colorado, today endorsed Mitt Romney.


It’s Romney

We didn’t endorse Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy four years ago, but after he was elected we congratulated him on his victory and expressed our desire that his presidency would be successful.

But soon after his inauguration, it became clear that his talk of “post-partisanship” and governmental transparency was just that: talk.

There has to be a better way, and Mitt Romney is pointing to that way. He has outlined a pro-growth package of initiatives that can get this country humming again.

Here, in a nutshell, are the five basic elements of that package:

Cut the federal deficit by reducing federal spending below 20 percent of GDP. “You’re not going to get entrepreneurs to go out and start an enterprise . . . unless they realize we’re not headed to Greece.”

Champion small business by cutting taxes and regulations, and by overturning ObamaCare. “We need small business to grow. . . . Small businesses have been crushed these past four years.”

Then there are the looming crises of Medicare and Social Security. Even Vice President Biden admitted Thursday night they can be sustainable only into the foreseeable future.

Gov. Romney, along with vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, has charted a course to protect current and soon-to-be retirees with full benefits, while restructuring how those two programs can be financed without breaking the budget.

In short, seniors or soon-to-be seniors can rest assured a President Romney won’t pull the rug out from beneath them.

And that’s why we urge our fellow Americans to elect Mitt Romney the 45th president of the United States of America.

(emphasis/image added)

Read the full endorsement here.

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SWING STATE POLL: Romney Closes Gap in Michigan, Increases Lead Among Independent Voters

Romney edges out Obama in MI

According to The Detroit News, Romney Leads by 1 point in the latest Michigan poll (a statistical tie). The slight lead comes largely from a surge of support among independents, who favor Romney over Obama by a whopping 10 percentage points:

A survey by Mitchell Research & Communications showed the race is a statistical dead heat between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican challenger Mitt Romney, with Romney leading, 45 percent to Obama’s 44 percent.

The Mitchell poll showed a possible cause for concern for Obama. Romney expanded his lead among independent voters, who are considered a key voting bloc.

In the poll, they preferred Romney by a 44 percent to 34 percent margin. Last month, they liked Romney, 43 percent to 38 percent.

Team Obama is counting on Michigan, among other solidly blue states, to give them an electoral advantage come November. But at this rate, it looks like Michigan may be going red for the first time — in a presidential race — since the Reagan years.

Mitt Romney Coming to Colorado/Utah Area Tomorrow — Time for a Road Trip?

Since Utah is hardly in political play, there won’t be too many opportunities for folks to see a Mitt Romney town hall event here. Fortunately, we’re surrounded by key swing states like Nevada and Colorado, so if we really want to attend a Romney rally or town hall event, we just have to make it into a short road trip!

So if its not too late to call your boss and let him know you won’t be in tomorrow, then pack your bags and take the short trip (4 hours from Provo & Denver, 5 hours from SLC & Cedar City) to Grand Junction, Colorado — where Mitt will take questions from attendees in a town hall format. This should be a great event — an historic event, even — for all ages.

*Here is the invitation and details. RSVP here:

Public Policy Polling: Only Mitt Romney Can Put Michigan Into Play Against Obama For 2012

With 17 electoral votes up for grabs, Michigan is an extremely important state in any presidential election.  Public Policy Polling has a conducted a poll specifically in Michigan about Obama’s chances of winning that state in the 2012 election. What they found was unless Mitt Romney secures the Republican nomination in the 2012 primaries, Obama can expect to win that state with very little effort against other potential 2012 contenders such Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee. Romney is the only potential Presidential 2012 candidate that can turn Michigan into a swing state in 2012:

“Compared to the Republican field Obama’s numbers look stratospheric. Only Romney is viewed favorably by a plurality of voters in the state, with 39% holding a favorable opinion to 37% with an unfavorable one. Beyond him the GOP field ranges from slightly unpopular (Mike Huckabee’s 37/40 favorability) to very unpopular (Newt Gingrich’s 28/50), to extremely unpopular (Sarah Palin’s 34/60). What might be most striking for the Republicans beyond Romney is their numbers with independents. Huckabee’s net favorability with them is -14 (29/43), Gingrich’s is -39 (20/59), and Palin’s is -40 (28/68).

At this point it looks like Michigan would be a swing state in 2012 only if Romney secured the nomination. He trails Obama 47-43 in a hypothetical contest. Obama crushes the rest of the Republican field by margins pretty comparable to what he received against John McCain in the state in 2008- it’s 12 points over Huckabee at 51-39, 15 over Gingrich at 52-37, and 21 over Palin at 56-35.

There’s not a lot of variability across the four match ups with Democratic voters- Obama gets 87-91% of his own party’s voter regardless of the Republican. There are major differences with independents though. Obama leads Romney by just a single point with them but that margin expands to 21 points over Huckabee, 27 over Gingrich, and 36 over Palin.”

As candidates ponder running against Obama,  they cannot ignore Michigan nor can they afford to lose the 17 electoral votes. Yet, if the election were held today, Palin, Huckabee and Gingrich would have to concede the state to Obama and hope that they can pick up another state with a large electoral vote in order to win the Presidential election.

Republicans cannot afford to ignore Michigan nor can they afford to allow Obama to be in office for another four years. For conservatives, independents and TEA Party members desiring to make Obama a one term president, the only way to stop him is helping Mitt Romney secure the Republican nomination in 2012. He is the only person who can make Michigan become a competitive state against Obama. And knowing Mitt Romney, he wouldn’t easily concede the state to Obama.

Competing against Obama in Michigan works in Mitt Romney’s favor. He knows that state well; he was born in Detroit. At the age of five, the Romney family moved to Bloomfield Hills and he spent most of his childhood and teenage life there. George W. Romney, Mitt’s father, was also a well known and highly respected citizen of that state who worked as the CEO of  a large car company you may have heard of – American Motors Corporation. Furthermore, when Romney announced his decision to run in the 2008 election, he chose to make his announcement in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Finally, Romney captured the state during the Republican primaries.

Given that Governor Romney can put Michigan into play 2012 while other potential Republican candidates would lose by double digit margins, he becomes an attractive candidate for Americans looking to put Obama in the unemployment line in 2012.

~ Jared A.

Hat tip to Crystal, a MRC fan, for notifying us about this poll.