Pennsylvania’s Tribune-Democrat: “ROMNEY Can Right Listing Ship”

A look at the massive crowd awaiting Republican presidential candidate, former MA Governor Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. Nov 4, 2012 (Photo – Dave Hendricks)


The state has suddenly emerged as up-for-grabs and Governor Mitt Romney was there.

Tonight, in the cold and growing darkness, a behemoth crowd in Morrisville, PA, estimated between 20,000 – 30,000 waited for the chance to see Romney. In spite of the chilly air, the Governor and his wife, Ann, were greeted with lots of flag-waving, roaring enthusiasm, and fired-up energy. It was amazing!

UPDATE – This is what I’m talking about… Watch this entrance! (Hat/tip Hot Air):


Garrett Haake, NBC News campaign embed reporter

DT Cahill, marketing communications and new media consultant

Robert Costa, National Review political reporter and CNBC contributor

Watch video of the event here.

A view of some of the monster crowd gathered for a Mitt Romney campaign rally at Shady brook Farm in Morrisville, Pennsylvania on Sunday, November 4, 2012. Click on image to enlarge.
(photographer unknown)

Pennsylvania stalwarts for Mitt!

More great news from The Keystone State…

The editorial board at The Tribune Democrat are urging their readers to vote for Romney!

The Tribune-Democrat
November 4, 2012

Romney Can Right Listing Ship

We urge our readers to cast their vote for Mitt Romney to be the next president of the United States.

We did not endorse then-junior Sen. Barack Obama four years ago as we felt he was unprepared and lacked the leadership and real-world skill sets vital for holding the most important office in the world.

Our fears were correct.

Obama fell way short on his promise of hope and change. He learned the hard way, at America’s expense, that clever slogans and catchy phrases are no substitute for strategic plans that include party(s) buy-in, well-thought-out details, structure and accountability.

Indeed, America stands at critical crossroads for her future on Tuesday.

Mitt Romney is a former governor, a proven leader, with a successful record both in governing and in business. He understands the importance of free enterprise. He comprehends with perfect clarity that small businesses and entrepreneurs – not the government – are the drivers of a strong economy.

Romney believes a robust economy is the key to alleviating poverty and helping people become more self-reliant.

During this campaign, Romney laid out detailed plans for economic recovery, job growth and reducing the public debt, concepts painfully absent from Obama’s campaign.

Romney promises to unleash America’s energy resources like never before, ushering in a new era of energy independence. And our region will benefit greatly from that goal. Romney will halt Obama’s premeditated efforts to crush one of our area’s most precious job creators – the coal industry.

America yearns for a president who will unite us – not divide us.

One with vision, who will inspire, uplift and motivate.

America wants a president who will promote our national values abroad and not apologize for them – a leader who will hold up this great nation as the beacon of freedom that she remains.

Gov. Romney is that leader, and we urge our readers to cast their vote for a stronger America, by electing Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States.

Talk about exciting! If you live in Pennsylvania, click here to help. Anyone can help by making calls from home, too.

Is anyone getting any sleep?!

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Which Convention was “strange, full of insults”? Romney Weighs In (Baier Interview – VIDEO)

Well, they’re over.

In an attempt to woo voters, Republicans and Democrats have put their best convention feet forward.

After just the first day of the Republican National Convention (a full day of activity was cancelled due to developing storm Isaac), Obama’s top adviser Robert Gibbs characterized the GOP gathering as “angry” and “strange” and “full of insults. His remarks must have been festering in a folded paper in his hip pocket for weeks; he was pretty pleased to grab a few headlines. What Gibbs wrote turned out to be a prognostication of his own party’s convention goings-on a few days later in Charlotte, NC…

In spite of the sensitive and well-handled Republican convention storm adaptations, some rabble-rousing Democrats called for a cancellation of the entire convention. But, once the Democratic National Convention got underway a few days later, there was no reference from speakers of Hurricane Isaac or helping the victims.

Our President’s re-election insecurity prompted a ‘save-me’ call to former president Bill Clinton. Team O thought he was needed to take center-stage to plaster some pizazz over Obama’s putrid economy. Yes, that Bill Clinton who once called Obama “the chief executor of good intentions” and formerly said of Obama “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” Yikes. Clinton jumped at the chance to appear be a team player while visions of Hillary in the White House (and himself) danced in his head.

Obama, in spite of doing his best to rattle the rafters, delivered a flat, warmed-over class-warfare speech we’ve numbingly heard before. Maybe knowing the jobs report numbers that were to be released today messed with his head.

ADDENDUM – A comment on Michelle Obama’s speech: One got the feeling Mrs. O spent a month of Sundays at studied speech practice in front of her ‘make-up’ mirror getting those inserted smiles and practiced pauses just right. The drama… Her “Obama hunched over his desk” (hunched – mind you!) poring over letters from people having a hard go in this hardship economy (no mention of Obama’s part in it) was that which made listening to her barely tolerable. But, the cake-taker for me was her affected stammers – meant to pepper following prose with dramatic sincerity but only highlighting insincerity – that relegated her to the category of ‘First Lady Duping-The-Folks Academy Award’. She laid it on too, too thick. Charles Krauthammer thought so, too:

Most brilliantly manipulative:

Michelle Obama, by three touchdowns. Beautifully structured, delivered with studied emotion — the feigned stammer to render natural a finely written telepromptered text was a touch of genius — she made the case for why her husband governed as he has.

Because he cares. He loves his wife, loves his children, loves his family — therefore he loves you. The syllogism, a total non sequitur, was laid on with panache.

It worked. She managed to drain her husband’s entire first term of any hint of ideological or personal motivation. He is driven by his caring, giving soul — not by a deeply felt ideology developed in youth: redistributionist, government-centered, disdainful of success, committed to his social-democratic view of social justice.

Only a wife can turn a ruthlessly ambitious pol, who undid the Clintons four years ago and today relentlessly demonizes Romney, into a care bear. She pulled it off.

Read more here and here.

How about that floor flight spectacle over including “Jerusalem” and “God” in their platform?! They actually BOOED God. Plus, those numerous, hissing references to Republicans as Nazis were a turn-off and deeply insulting to those who have actually endured Nazism.

Don’t forget the featured steel worker who claimed he worked for Bain Capitol. He embellished his story against Bain by stating he lost his job when the Bain-controlled company GST steel filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990s. A big LIE.

In the end, Democrats tried to razzle-dazzle with actresses and musicians James Taylor, Mary J. Blige, and the Foo Fighters. An array of liberal speakers brought forth a parade of theatrical over-the-top rhetoric, misrepresentations, and outright lies about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. (Did you know Republicans are plotting to take the vote away from women? And, will do all within their power to stop women from using contraceptives? NOT.) Did you happen to catch former MI Governor Jennifer Granholm’s meltdown?

It was a circus of slander.

Mr. Gibbs, YOUR convention was angry, full of insults, and very strange.

FOX New’s Bret Baier caught up with Mitt Romney today in Sioux City, Iowa to ask him about Obama’s acceptance speech last night, today’s jobs report, repeated false claims he didn’t care about the American auto industry, doesn’t care about the U.S. military, and more:

UPDATE – Another Romney interview with FOX News’ Carl Cameron:

► With only 96,000 jobs created in August (down from 141,000 jobs in July), Obama’s hoped-for convention re-gilding isn’t going to happen:

The economy created only 96,000 jobs in August, the unemployment rate remains above 8 percent, and more than 350,000 Americans have dropped out of the work force. While some may focus on the jobs that were created last month, this jobs report is nothing but horrendous. I welcome any jobs, but American workers giving up on employment in the weakest recovery since the Great Depression is cause for alarm, not celebration.

The unemployment rate has not fallen below 8 percent for the past 43 months. The labor force participation rate is at the lowest level in 31 years. If the labor force participation rate were at the same level it was before the recession started, the unemployment rate would be 11.6 percent today. And the rate of “underemployment” or “real unemployment,” including the unemployed, those who want work but have stopped searching in this economy, and those who are forced to work part-time because they cannot find full-time employment is actually at 14.7 percent. We’re still experiencing a significant jobs crisis, whether President Obama recognizes it or not.

President Obama’s policies of more spending, more debt and more taxes haven’t worked. It’s way past time for a course correction. The country needs responsible leadership, not the President’s boasts over anemic growth and unending pleas for patience. Americans are looking for a sustained and real recovery. This weak report is nowhere near enough, and this has gone on long enough. Any real jobs plan must stop the regulatory madness and avert the fiscal cliff of tax increases on January 1. The health care law is yet another drag on the economy. Small businesses need tax relief and regulatory certainty to grow and hire.

What about the numbers of those Obama has been systematically slipping onto disability rolls after their unemployment benefits run out? Once on disability? Most always ON disability for life. Also, the Dept. of Labor today did what they usually do; they revised down the job numbers for the two previous months, resulting in 41,000 fewer jobs created than originally reported.

The way Obama opted to defend his record of failure today demeaned himself. Speaking at a rally, this is what he said on Romney, Ryan, and Republicans: “Tax cuts, tax cuts, gut some regulations, oh, and more tax cuts. Tax cuts when times are good, tax cuts when times are bad. Tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds. Tax cuts to improve your love life. It’ll cure anything, according to them.”

A few cheap laughs for a failed president.

Let’s turn that around, Obama: “Tax increases, tax increases, inflict more regulations, oh, and more spending increases. Tax increases when times are good, tax increases when times are bad. Spending increases to help you lose a few extra pounds. Tax increases to improve your love life. It’ll cure anything.”

Obama’s got nothin’. The middle class, small businesses, and the one in six Americans who have slipped into poverty are especially fed up. That’s why his manipulative oratory in Charlotte did not include a word about the USA’s staggering, almost incomprehensible debt of over $16 TRILLION and the 47 million Americans who, under his watch, now put groceries on the table with food stamps.

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Obama’s Economic Reality, “The Presidential Corollary” (Part I)

Given the current economic realities, with real unemployment at 14.9% and reported unemployment at 8.2% (the 41st consecutive month over 8%); a $5,000,000,000,000 increase in US debt in 3 years (more than all US Presidents in history combined, nearly $20,000 for every man, woman and child in the US); approximately $16,000,000,000,000 in stated US debt (100+% of our economy or Gross Domestic Product, and over $51,000 for every man, woman and child in the US), nearly $60,000,000,000,000 in total US debt (including entitlement liabilities, or nearly $200,000 for every man, woman and child in the US); gas prices having doubled since 2008 to $3.80 per gallon, home foreclosures having risen to historical heights, the US is in a world of hurt, and in spite of Obama’s continued proffering, the trends are not favorable!.

That said, Mr. Obama has done a tremendous job blaming George W. Bush, and everyone and everything else, for all things economic since his ascendency to the Presidency of the United States. If you say something long enough or if your public relations machine is sufficiently myopic in their message before long the distortions become reality in the minds of the electorate – as evidenced in recent polling. Apparently, the Obama message of blame and distortion seems to have taken hold in America where a majority still blame Bush or believe the President cannot really affect jobs and the economy. Even so, it is time for a reality check that needs to be shouted from every rooftop! Mr. Obama owns this economy as it should have turned long ago, and he cannot expect to turn this economy with his latest ObamaCare Tax.

The economic realities can be viewed through an historical lens. During the Carter Era the US suffered its greatest economic stress since the Great Depression. All economic metrics were at historical highs. Ronald Reagan was elected President amid great economic and global tumult, and within his first term had turned the tide. Below is a brief of why with respect to the economy. As to global tumult, Reagan turned the tide with strength and decisiveness – restoring America to its divine exceptional role of advocating for freedom and liberty!

Stephen Moore of the Cato Institute stated that “no act in the last quarter century had a more profound impact on the US economy of the eighties and nineties than the Reagan tax cut of 1981.” He claims that Reagan’s tax cuts, combined with an emphasis on federal monetary policy, deregulation, and expansion of free trade created a sustained economic expansion creating America’s greatest sustained wave of prosperity ever. He also claims that the American economy grew by more than a third in size, producing a $15 trillion increase in American wealth. Consumer and investor confidence soared. Cutting federal income taxes, cutting the US government spending budget, cutting useless programs, scaling down the government work force, maintaining low interest rates, and keeping a watchful inflation hedge on the monetary supply was Ronald Reagan’s formula for a successful economic turnaround.

In a speech by Milton Friedman to the Cato Institute:[52], Friedman states that “Reaganomics had four simple principles: lower marginal tax rates, less regulation, restrained government spending, noninflationary monetary policy. Though Reagan did not achieve all of his goals, he made good progress.” This is why entrepreneurs flourished under Reaganomics: lower tax rates and inflation coupled with less regulation favored improved environments for market-based funding, risk-taking, access to labor (leading to greater employment), and a more level playing field between these entrepreneurs and large corporations. Illustrating this, the Heritage Foundation:[53] states that this is why “the U.S. government must allow the entrepreneur to enjoy the rewards of success. If taxes take away most profit, then the entrepreneur will have less incentive to take a risk. If there are great restrictions on how the entrepreneur can use his profit, then there is little reason for the entrepreneur to take a risk. The entrepreneur’s courage to take a risk is what leads to new American discoveries and what drives the U.S. economy forward. Reaganomics knows this. It is one of the reasons why Ronald Reagan has reduced American taxes dramatically”*

*quotes gathered from Wikipedia.

Since taking office Barack Obama has done the exact opposite of Ronald Reagan and we are experiencing the results of his failed economic policies. Barack Obama has no one to blame but himself. Barack Obama owns this economy!

Proven in the policies of Ronald Reagan, the POTUS can positively or negatively have a profound affect on the US economy. Leadership matters; policies matter, and President Obama has through his failed policies severely and negatively affected the US economy. Obama’s spending, borrowing, tax and regulatory policies, energy policy, government overreach, and Obamacare have had their intended effect – to create a more dependent American society; we are becoming a ‘purchased society,’ and as such, we are losing our freedoms and liberties with each passing day. November counts and so does change!

What is Romney’s Plan? See Part II.

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Knock Out Punch – Conservative’s Plea

Leadership and Perspective

Recently a few of those in conservative circles have been calling upon Mitt Romney to lay a knock-out punch on Obama, believing that the timing is right with the Supreme Court ruling and Obamacare. They further perceive weakness in the Romney team, which has not been as assertive as they might want in this regard, and consequentially the team needs an overhaul or shake-up. There is no question that a certain weakness exists in Obama because of Obamacare. To some degree, within the recent Supreme Court ruling and public animus toward Obamacare there is a window to capitalize upon. Even so, as to weakness in Obama, take your pick! Fortunately or unfortunately for us, there are many points of weakness in Obama: detachment; failed leadership; foreign policy (or lack thereof); security leaks; unbridled spending; obviation of Constitutional checks and balances through imperious edict and czars; Fast and Furious; immigration; burdensome debt and consequential intergenerational theft; lack, or undermining of trade policy; undermining of religious freedoms; abandonment of fundamental American values wherein he has undermined our social fabric by not defending marriage, family and life; failed economic and job policies; attempted purchasing of society; overburdensome and oppressive regulation, just to list a few. Appreciating the many conservative voices in the mix and the want to take out Obama now, we must recognize in our want for instant gratification that it is a process – a week is a lifetime in politics. If we can glean anything from history, within the political process, campaigns will experience innumerable ups and downs – and a week does not necessarily make or define a campaign – perspective.

Notwithstanding the dynamics of the process, the key constant and stratagem of a successful campaign must remain in a critically focused message, appreciating the want for static knock-out punches along the way. If there is any measure attributable to Mitt Romney and his team, it is focus, focus and focus! This does not presuppose the campaign should not and will not be agile and responsive to attacks or opportunities as they arise. However, amid the commotion and voices from the right or left the message is and remains, the economy! With the recent employment statistics and those that are sure to follow in the ensuing months, the economy will continue to be the key catalyst for change on November 6th.

Parenthetically, an interesting metaphor that harkens my thoughts and further applies to the commotive voices – when Israel was victorious over Egypt in the 6-day war. Notwithstanding the breadth of its border with Egypt, Israel’s strategy was to identify Egypt’s weakest point, line up its tanks and penetrate the border and then disperse. It was an elegant strategy for victory. The Romney team has similarly identified Obama’s weakest point (much to the suffering of America), the economy, and is laser focused on its message.

Surely, there will be many voices – Obama, his campaign and PR machine chief among them, that will seek to distract the message away from the economy and Obama’s record. Whether it is immigration, Mitt Romney’s character and personal wealth, 99:1 and class warfare, Obamacare or whatever, Romney’s campaign needs to keep its primary focus on the catalyst for change, the economy and jobs. People in America are ‘tired’ and ‘suffering’ and unlike Obama, Mitt gets it.

Mitt Romney has assembled a great team whose depth and resources are second to none. As the general election cycle continues, the team will continue to expand as was recently announced with Kevin Madden being elevated in his role, or as resources are culled and called upon for the evolving campaign dynamics and/or the Vice Presidential candidate. Gratefully, we have a candidate and support team that understands the process and is earnestly steadfast in what matters. They listen, gather data, adapt, and press forward with purpose in the message. What is the phrase – too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the broth? I am just saying… With so many passionate, interested and influential voices speaking simultaneously, and further compounded with the Obama campaign and public relations machine, the Romney campaign must remain adherent to a clarion voice of purpose, message and focus. Can they do better in communicating the message with clarity and passion? Yes. Does it require a shake-up and overhaul? No. Will the campaign be sufficiently agile in drawing upon needed, adaptive and experienced resources? Yes.

Our anxieties and wants to get Obama out now can encumber and cloud our perspective, especially if we allow it to seep into the cracks of our faith, or our understanding of ‘enduring’ campaigns. Gratefully and confidently, Romney has been sufficiently steeled in his experience to have the wisdom necessary to filter the voices of commotion; and is further endowed with the key leadership capacities to listen and guide his campaign and our country to victory in November. To paraphrase Ann Romney, with Mitt Romney the country wins, with Barack Obama, we lose!

Appreciating the quarterbacking from so many and the need to express critically constructive opinion, now is the time to stand as one, unified and aligned with Mitt Romney, that we might take back America and restore our economy and freedoms; he remains our hope for America’s future. Even so, as we are wont to offer constructive thoughts, we must do so with consideration for Obama’s PR machine and how they might seek to use our commentary as a further divide to fracture our party and nation. Without any doubt, now is the time to raise our voices with purpose and measure! Now is the time to draw upon the strength of America and Americans, coalescing all interests behind Mitt Romney to take back what we have lost in the Obama Era – restoring freedom, liberty, our economy and America’s exceptionalism.

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#UnravelTheSweater: Fleshing Out the Truth About Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum - Unravel the Sweater

This following guest post was submitted by Colleen Loughmiller. An MRC regular.


The Vest

Sweats and sweater vest or designer slacks and Polo’s? Who is the real Rick?

Watching and listening to Rick can be uncomfortable. At times he tilts his head, squints his eyes, and raises his voice a full octave. Next thing I know he’s bobbing his head left and right, making me dizzy watching him in a debate or interview. His clean cut boyish face is pleasant to look at, his loyal wife and children by his side — all looking freshly scrubbed and the all-American Family. Yet, something’s bothering me.

His strongly accented words ring with all the right syllables, “I am a consistent conservative and I have always been….,” words I want to hear. He goes on to say that he is pro-life and for a balanced budget.

But I get a nagging feeling in my head that something isn’t quite right. Lately, since his popularity has soared, all kinds of information is available about Rick as he goes through the normal vetting process, information not available to the average voter before.
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Michigan Leaders Lining Up for Romney

MI Atty Gen Mike Cox has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Along with receiving the hearty endorsement of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder yesterday, Governor Mitt Romney has also been given the stamp of approval from MI Attorney General Mike Cox, former MI Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop, and 15 additional members of the MI Legislature and MI Republican State Committee:

I am honored to have such overwhelming support from leaders across Michigan,” said Mitt Romney. “Michigan has been home to me. I remember when Michigan was the envy of the nation – I look forward to working with these leaders to bring jobs back and restore Michigan’s economy.”

“Michigan and the rest of the country can’t afford four more years of failed policies from President Obama,” said former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. “Mitt Romney is the Republican Party’s best chance

Michael Bishop, former MI Senate Majority Leader, is also backing Romney.

to defeat President Obama, repeal Obamacare, cut spending, and appoint Supreme Court Justices who respect the Constitution. Conservatives who are concerned about the direction of our country should join our growing Michigan team in supporting Mitt Romney – four more years of President Obama could be devastating for the country.”

Announcing his support, former Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop said, “Mitt Romney is a conservative businessman – he knows that Washington can’t keep spending more than it takes in and mortgaging our children and grandchildren’s future. As governor, he balanced his state’s budget every year and turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy day fund. That is the exact leadership we need in the White House. It will take someone with Mitt Romney’s lifetime of leadership to bring fiscal sanity back to the federal government.”

(emphasis added)

Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

State Representative Jeff Farrington
State Representative Deb Shaughnessy
Former State Representative Brian Palmer
Joshua Leatherman, Allegan County Chair
Phillip Goodrich, Ionia County Republican Chair
Juanita Pierman, Oceana County Republican Chair & 2nd District State Committee Member
Rick Shaffer, St. Joseph County Republican Chair
Sandra Hanson, Van Buren County Republican Chair
Allan Filip, 8th District Chairman
John Haggard, 1st District State Committee Member
Paul DeYoung, 6th District State Committee Member
Theresa Stayer, 9th District State Committee Member
Gary Howell, 10th District State Committee Member
Susan Licata Haroutunian, 14th District State Committee Member
Ed Haroutunian

The following individuals join the already released Romney Leadership Team in Michigan (check out this list!):

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Live Stream: Romney Set to Give Major Speech on Fiscal Policy at 1pm ET


Romney to give speech on spending and fiscal policy at the Defending the American Dream Summit shortly after 1pm Eastern. A preview of the policies to be laid out in his speech can be found in an op-ed Governor Romney penned on Wednesday which was published by USAToday.

The Defending the American Dream Summit, put on by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, is taking place today and tomorrow at the DC convention center. Speakers include Romney, Cain, Giuliani, Mark Levin, Judge Napolitano, Andew Breitbart, James O’Keefe, Grover Norquist and many more. You can see the full agenda here.

The Year of Our Obama

In the beginning, Obama created massive deficits and new entitlements.

And the earth was without respect for the west, and darkness was upon the face of America.

And Obama said, let there be Change. And there was Change.

In Massachusetts.

Year One of The One is history. And so it is with some sense of vindication that I, and many conservatives, look back at that year and realize that those hesitations, objections, and concerns that we voiced about what an Obama presidency would mean for the United States of America were all completely justified, utterly valid, and in their own (probably racist and heretical) way prophetic.

Has it only been one year? It seems so long ago that the newly inaugurated president ignored common sense, logistical reality, and the underlying difficulty of the task, and promised with doe-eyed optimism, shored up with that now trademark and pseudo-stern manner of his, that he’d be shutting down the American Gulag in Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay. Of course, today that insidious prison still has its doors open, and its halls crowded with misunderstood parishioners of the Religion of Peace. And never mind that those who once knelt in prayer within those dastardly cinder blocks, but were set free to be “reeducated” are busily plotting and carrying out yet more “man caused disasters” as retribution for… the failed policies of the last eight years.

And now instead of the triumphant and promised closing down of the Great American Blot, Barack Obama celebrates his first anniversary as our Regulator in Chief with a stiff and bitter piece of humble pie. Boston Cream Pie, to be exact, evenly Browned over the flames of righteous indignation and the cold, fierce reality that Americans tend to be a rather pushy lot, quick to recognize and reject any obvious and overbearing attempt to drive us down that road to serfdom. Even in a state that repeatedly elected Ted Kennedy and J.F.K(erry).

But Obama has responded to the political equivalent of Sparta’s 300 with the same tired, arrogant, and narcissistic rhetorical nonsense that is coming to define this man: He blamed Bush. “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office, people are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years but what’s happened over the last eight years.” It would appear that voters in Massachusetts were listening when Mr. Obama had admonished us all to “grab a mop…help clean up“.

But the President was right about our anger. We are angry. At him.

If we are to believe the leg-tingled, sycophantic backscratchers and bootlickers known as “the media,” then this unprecedented president has had an unprecedented year, achieving the unprecedented and long clamored for change, that is, “the fundamental transformation of America” that has forever been the utopian vision of the American people. Or something. After 223 years of inequality and that hampering inconvenience known as the Constitution, true social justice had come to Washington, in the form of a “light-skinned African American, with no negro dialect.” Truly, Progressivism has come out of the fringe and wilderness of political exorcism and into the red, white, and blue of the American mainstream. We are all Socialists now!

Apparently, however, fundamental transformation means a 30% rise in what was already an absurdly, and statistically abnormally high rate of unemployment. The United States now enjoys the double digits heretofore only common in Europe and elsewhere. Burgeoning models of enterprise and freedom, like, say… Cuba. And despite claiming to have “saved or created” a million (or was it a billion?) jobs, more Americans today find themselves without one since the days of Jimmy Carter. Could it be that Statism leads, inevitably to job loss? How many jobs were lost in 2009? Nearly 3 million. Personally (granted, I’m a right-wing nut job) I think I liked the “status-quo” wherein people had jobs, and were even paid for doing them!

The unprecedented unemployment rate was supposed to be staved off by the wonderfully Randian named “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.” This so-called stimulus was Keynesian binge drinking – but we taxpayers are the ones left with the hangover. To Obama, and other redistributionists, it certainly sounded like a much better idea than it turned out to be. Costing nearly 800 billion dollars (which I think is the new revised number of jobs that were “saved or created”) and promising to “put Americans back to work” (and capping unemployment at 8%) the bill hampered economic recovery by redistributing wealth to important and shovel ready projects like creating robotic bees ($9.3 million), and the relocation of an unimportant bridge ($54 million). Indeed, it can be argued (if you are Paul Krugman) that this monstrosity did keep its promise of putting Americans back to work. That is, back to work hunting for… work.

Riding the success of economic futility, Mr. Obama pressed forward, determined to not only run the United States into the ground, but also the iconoclastic, union-laden symbol of can-do-it Americanism: General Motors. After dispatching of GM’s hapless CEO, Obama placed his hand-picked successor into the driver’s seat of a company crippled by unionism and government mandated lunacy. In the process, Uncle Sam became an owner of the company, ensuring that it will never more turn a profit. General Motors, meet Amtrack; and welcome to a life of subsidization. Sensing that inevitability, The President of the United States offered to help everyone in America buy a new car, pending government approval of course. And so Cash for Clunkers took the market by storm, creating false demand and compressing years of sales into a very short, very haphazard several weeks. Since the boondoggled program ended, auto sales have slumped, and dealers from coast to coast have been left asking, “Dude, where’s the government money for my car?”

Emboldened at the remarkable success he was having in the 57 states, Obama set out on several foreign tours that presented him ample opportunity to bow to the pressures and special interests of countries considered both friends and enemies (all of whom the Lightworker has managed to anger). He shook hands (bro’ style) with Hugo Chavez, and nearly kissed the feet of the Saudi King. All the while never missing an opportunity to dismiss American exceptionalism, its military power and of course, cultural influence. After all, we obtained such status through exploitation, profiteering, slavery, and uninhibited greed. At long last the chickens of American Imperialism were coming home to roost. It was time for our global comeuppance, humble pie on a national scale, baked with love by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Only, I suppose in that case, he is busy not baking pies, but yellow cake.

Except the American people weren’t having it. In fact, they were not having much of anything. Retail sales slumped, jobless claims rose, and Obama reached never before seen approval ratings. The bad kind. Unprecedented lows. Not even the detestable George W. Bush attained such cellar-dwelling numbers in his first year as were reached by Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

He implemented a surge in Afghanistan after surging to victory in the Democratic primaries by disparaging the surge in Iraq. Which by the way, is still an American theater of war, even though his promised withdrawal date of March 2009 has long come and gone. Coming to his Afghan decision was difficult. He pondered the foggy bottom of options for days. And weeks. And months. In the meantime, while he dithered, he managed to wage war on Fox News, which, if you had not heard, is not a “legitimate news organization,” on Rush Limbaugh, who had the audacity of hoping Obama would fail, and on the American taxpayer. Keeping his pledge to “not raise taxes by one singe dime” he managed to, in fact, raise taxes by several dimes. An underachiever, this man is not.

Using such monumental success, and wielding the magical mantle of Best. President. Ever. Mr. Obama traveled to Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts to cast his spell on would-be voters and plebeians who were engaging in off-year special elections. In every case, and rather soundly, that candidate he championed fell to Republican challengers. The only possible explanation for such defeats: racism and bigotry and subterfuge Tea Party maniacs. A referendum on Him these elections were not. Obama was, and will ever be guiltless. Instead these elections are merely the manifestations of those bitter, God-loving, gun clinging neophytes who are so easily confused, and so quickly whipped into irrational frenzies orchestrated by the GOP Machine, nefariously led by Dick Cheney and his Evil Designs.

One can only hope that the president will continue to campaign for Democrats in this upcoming election year.

After 411 official speeches, comments and remarks, 178 TelePrompTer appearances, 42 news conferences (none since July), 158 interviews (a staggering number) 23 Townhall meetings (with SEIU?) 46 trips to 58 cities and 30 states (only 27 more to go!), 10 overseas expeditions to 21 nations, 160 Air Force One Flights, 28 fundraisers (Bush did six and raised more money), a 1.6 trillion dollar increase in debt and 26 vacation days, the Year of The One has come to a close.

And what of us who no longer believe (or never did) in the Gospel of Barack? We hope for change. And then, we vote for it.

Even in Massachusetts.


John Thune endorses McCain; Pork goes flying

john thune, john mccain, mitt romney for presidentAnd we’re not talking about flying pigs, rather flying earmarks. John Thune’s is a decent guy and a good Senator but is already neck deep in pork spending. See this entry from the CAGW:

The Dakota, Minnesota, and Eastern Railroad (DM&E) is trying to secure a record $2.3 billion loan through the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The loan would allow DM&E to expand and improve a rail line that is used primarily to transport coal from Wyoming to Minnesota, a route already served by two other railroads.

Sounds like a decent project — although, that is a LOT of money and apparently a record loan. Say, who should we get to advocate this?

The loan application was made possible largely through the efforts of Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), a former lobbyist for DM&E who earned $220,000 from the railroad in 2003 and 2004. After his election to the Senate in 2005, Sen. Thune played a key role in setting new criteria for the FRA’s loan financing program and increasing its budget a whopping tenfold — from $3.5 billion to $35 billion — in the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act.

Yikes! That sounds like a conflict of interests – if only a perceived one. Of course, now that Thune has endorsed John “Government-changed-us” McCain, perhaps it all makes sense?

Two peas in a pod, or better yet, porks in a barrel.