Romney Op-ed: “Here Is How I Will Control Federal Spending”

Since President Obama took office, the percentage of GDP federal spending has soared to a level not seen since World War II - 25%.

In an op-ed published a couple of days ago (Thursday, 9/29/11) in the Union Leader, a New Hampshire newspaper, Mitt Romney reiterated his passion to “cut, cap and balance”:

Since President Obama assumed office two and a half years ago, federal spending has accelerated at a pace without precedent in recent history, taking us from an already staggering $3.5 trillion in federal spending in 2010 to a projected $5.6 trillion within the next decade.

This is the financial equivalent of speeding against traffic on a superhighway. It’s dangerous. It has to stop.

A household cannot become prosperous by spending all its money and running up a credit card bill.

Neither can a government or a country. Instead of putting the United States on a path toward economic recovery, the Obama administration’s spending binge threatens to turn us into another Greece, a chronic debtor state teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

The indicators are all equally alarming. Since the 1950s, federal spending as a percentage of GDP has hovered around 20 percent.

When President Obama took office, it shot up to 25 percent, a level not seen since World War II. Before the recession, the federal government spent $25,000 per household. That number has now soared past $30,000 and is on track to hit $35,000 within the next decade.

All this money has to come from somewhere. If President Obama stays in the White House for another four years, some of it will come from the higher taxes the administration is seeking to impose. The rest of it will have to be borrowed. Before Obama assumed office, our country’s indebtedness was 40.3 percent of GDP. Current projections have it hitting 69 percent this year.

If anyone wonders why unemployment is stuck above 9 percent, and why some 25 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or are no longer looking for work, we should pause on that 69 percent figure. Every dollar that the government borrows for its operations is a dollar that cannot be invested in productive private sector activity. Runaway federal spending crowds out private investment. At a moment when the public sector is flourishing as never before, it is unsurprising that the private sector has withered.

I have spent most of my life in the private sector, starting companies and turning around failing ones. What the federal government is doing today is a classic formula for ruin. I know how to set priorities and rein in costs.

In 2003, I became governor of a state hobbled by a deficit and shedding jobs as it came out of a recession. Working with a legislature under solid (85 percent!) Democratic control, I cut taxes 19 times, reformed and reorganized state government, and balanced the budget four years in a row. By the time I left office, Massachusetts employers were once again hiring, and the state had a rainy-day surplus of $2 billion.

The steps we must take to undo the damage inflicted by Barack Obama are as obvious as they are politically difficult. We must cut government spending, cap that spending at a sustainable level — 20 percent of GDP is the target I would shoot for — and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Cut, cap and balance are three words that are spoken far too rarely in Washington. But they embody my approach.

I will press for full repeal of Obamacare, which will save hundreds of billions of dollars. I will reduce the size of the federal workforce and align the wages and benefits of federal workers with the private sector. And I will set about the hard work of fundamentally restructuring the federal government.

(emphasis, italics added ) Read the entire op-ed here.

Mitt Romney was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts on Jan 2, 2003. He faced overwhelming Democratic majorities in both houses of the MA legislature. Pictured above: On his first day as Gov, Romney and wife, Ann, proceed to the MA House Chamber where, in a televised address, Romney declared, “We are facing a financial emergency… There is no easy way out of this mess.” (Photo Globe Staff/Suzanne Kreiter)

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Romney Announces Support of Vermont Elected Officials & Leaders, Submits Primary Pres. Papers


Autumn arrives at Sleepy Hollow Farm in Woodstock, Vermont... A long list of endorsements for Mitt Romney from the Green Mountain State have been released. September 29, 2011

A whole laundry list of endorsements for Governor Romney from Vermont have been announced. Romney has also submitted required NH primary paperwork:

Boston, MA – Sept 28, 2011 – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of Vermont elected officials and leaders. Romney for President also submitted the required presidential primary petition in order to appear on the state’s Republican primary ballot.

“I am proud to have the support of so many respected elected officials and leaders in Vermont,” said Mitt Romney. “I look forward to working with them to spread my pro-growth message and get America working again.”

Announcing his support, State Auditor Tom Salmon said, “Mitt Romney has a record of creating jobs as governor and has unparalleled knowledge of how the economy works from 25 years in the private sector. He is the best candidate to lead our country toward an economic recovery and that is why Vermont voters will support him.”

Vermont Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney

• State Auditor Tom Salmon
• Senate Minority Leader William Doyle
• State Senator Randy Brock
• State Senator Peg Flory
• State Senator Vince Illuzzi
• State Senator Kevin Mullin
• State Representative and Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman Joe Acinapura
• State Representative Gregory Clark
• State Representative Howard Crawford
• State Representative Dustin Degree
• State Representative Eileen Dickinson
• State Representative Peter Fagan
• State Representative Mike Hebert
• State Representative Robert Helm
• State Representative Robert Lewis
• State Representative Linda Myers
• State Representative Gerald Reis
• State Representative Vicki Strong
• Wendy Wilton; Former State Senator and Rutland City Treasurer
• Steve Larabee; Former State Representative and former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Thomas Lauzon; Barre Mayor
• Chris Roy; Former Republican Candidate for Secretary of State
• Tim Haywood; Chief of Staff to former Governor Jim Douglas
• Jim Barnett; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Jack Lindley; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Allen Martin; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
• Bradford Broyles; Rutland County Republican Chair
• Ken Copp; Essex County Republican Chair
• Dr. Bill Minsinger; Orange County Republican Chair
• Dan Riley; Bennington County Republican Chair
• Hugh Tallman; Lamoille County Republican Chair
• Leo Valliere; Washington County Republican Chair and former State Representative
• Chuck Wilton; Rutland County Republican Finance Chair
• Lenny Barclay; Londonderry Town Republican Chair
• Don Bostic; Saint Johnsbury Town GOP Chair and former State Representative
• Del Cook; Brandon Town Republican Chair
• Lawrence Daley; Peru Town Republican Chair
• Joe DeFreitas; Bethel Town Republican Chair
• Dawn Hill-Fleury; Essex Town Republican Chair
• Cliff King; East Montpelier Town Republican Chair
• Bruce Lonergan; Bennington Town Republican Chair
• Eric Osgood; Johnson Town Republican Chair
• Mike Lannon; Rutland City Republican Chair
• Don Trachte; Sandgate Town GOP Chair
• Harry Jay; Williamstown Town GOP Chair
• Patricia Morale; Secretary of the Pittsford Town Republican Party
• John Kleinhans; Former Vermont College Republican President
• Buddy and Jackie Barnett; State Central Committee
• Marilyn Childs; State Central Committee
• Ron Meroli; State Central Committee
• Bob and Pat Nowak; State Central Committee
• Ann Valliere; State Central Committee
• John and Carol Wu; State Central Committee
• Lynn Lindley; Montpelier City Committee
• J. Paul Giuliani; Montpelier City Committee
• Michael Bertrand; Volunteer Vermont Counsel, Romney for President, Inc.
• Darcie Johnston; Johnston Consulting, Inc.
• Mark Snelling; President of Snelling Center for Government
• Rick Cochran
• Jack and Kim Kane


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Happy Rosh Hashanah! From Mitt Romney Central

From Mitt Romney Central

To our Jewish friends

Wishes for health and happiness for the New Year…

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish New Year, and Jews worldwide are celebrating.

While Rosh Hashanah is widely known and celebrated as the New Years Day of the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah actually has a fourfold meaning – It is the Jewish New Year, the Day of Judgement, the Day of Remembrance, and the Day of Shofar Blowing.

It is the Day of Judgement
As Jews worldwide examine their past deeds and asks for forgiveness for their sins

It is the Day of Shofar Blowing
As the Shofar (the rams horn) is blown in temple to herald the beginning of the 10 day period known as the High Holy Days

It is the Day of Remembrance
As Jews review the history of their people and pray for Israel

And of course it is New Year’s Day
Celebrated with it’s holiday greeting cards, special prayers, and festive and sweet foods (to ensure sweetness in the New Year)

Wishes from Mitt and Ann Romney:

On this Rosh Hashanah, Ann and I extend our wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year
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Romney Endorsed by Fmr NH State Sen, Taxpayer & Tea Party Advocate George Lovejoy

September 16, 2011 - Mitt Romney speaks with diner owners before holding a Round Table discussion in Littleton, New Hampshire. Today, Romney has received the endorsement of former NH State Senator and taxpayer advocate George Lovejoy. 9/29/11

Esteemed former New Hampshire State Senator George Lovejoy has endorsed Mitt Romney. Lovejoy, a taxpayer advocate and Tea Party supporter, has issued a ringing endorsement of Gov Romney:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced that longtime New Hampshire taxpayer advocate George Lovejoy has joined his campaign.

“For decades, George has been on the front lines of the fight to cut spending, reduce government and to preserve the New Hampshire Advantage,” said Mitt Romney. “I am proud to have earned his support and pleased that he has decided to join my campaign to create jobs and reverse President Obama’s reckless fiscal policies.”

This election is without a doubt the most important in my lifetime and in the history of our country. Winning this election must be the foremost goal of every Republican, and I determined that I would support the most conservative candidate who could defeat Barack Obama in 2012. That candidate is Mitt Romney,” said George Lovejoy. “Mitt has the successful business experience needed to lower spending and stop the taxing and borrowing of the Obama Presidency. He is on the right side of saving Social Security by fixing it instead of tearing it down. He will use this country’s resources to stop illegal immigration and not offer illegal immigrants incentives to come here at the expense of our taxpayers. He has the stature, the respect and the knowledge to lead this country back to job and business growth and to turn around our struggling economy.”

(emphasis added )

Background On George Lovejoy:

George Lovejoy Served In The Administration Of New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson As The Director Of The Office Of Comprehensive Planning. After Thomson left office, Lovejoy joined the former governor in co-founding Tax Relief Incorporated and the Granite State Taxpayers Association to help protect New Hampshire’s low tax environment. From 1992 to 1996 Lovejoy served in the New Hampshire State Senate, holding the positions of Vice President of Policy and Chairman of the Education Committee. He most recently served as Chairman of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition. Lovejoy owns and operates a small real estate company in his hometown of Barrington.

Former NH State Senator Lovejoy spoke at a Tea Party tax day rally on April 15, 2010 at Manchester, NH:

This is a great endorsement for Mitt; thank you State Sen Lovejoy!

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Romney Names 37 Members To His Wisconsin Finance Committee

An aerial view of downtown Madison, Wisconsin... Mitt Romney has named 37 members to head up his Finance Committee in the Badger State. 9/28/11

Ever mindful of the big political picture, Governor Romney has chosen 37 individuals to help raise funds in the grand state of Wisconsin. He announced his WI finance committee yesterday:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced his Wisconsin Finance Committee.

To beat President Obama, we will need the resources to go up against his $1 billion machine,” said Mitt Romney. “My Wisconsin Finance Committee will help raise the resources so that I can reach out to voters. I am proud to announce my team today.”

“To help get Governor Romney elected we must raise the necessary funds – this is the team that will do that in Wisconsin,” said Terry Dittrich. “As Mitt Romney reaches out to voters in Wisconsin and across the country, we will help him spread his pro-growth message.”

“After three years of failed policies, it is clear we need a change in the White House,” said Scott Beightol. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the necessary experience to get Wisconsin and the country on the right track again. Our team in Wisconsin is honored to help him in his efforts.”

Wisconsin voters have seen the record of this White House and it is not a good one,” said Mike Jones. “It is clear that we need someone in the White House with experience working in the real economy, not another career politician. Mitt Romney’s record of results as a conservative businessman and successful governor is what Wisconsin needs to grow our economy and for businesses to start hiring again.”

(emphasis added )

Mitt Romney’s Wisconsin Finance Committee:

Helen and Ned Bechthold
David Beightol
Scott Beightol
Betsie and Bill Berrien
Bonnie Blair
Kelly Brown
Lori and Joseph Chrnelich
Michael Cudahy
Willie Davis
PJ DiStefano
Terry Dittrich
Jim Fitzgerald
Casey Fitz Randolph
John Hiller
Jay Hintze
Dan Jansen
Mike Jones
Jim Klauser
Tracey and Rick Klein
Elaine and Stephen Kraut
Helen Johnson Leipold
Craig Leipold
Scott Rackham
Richard Resch
Frank Romano
Brian Schroeder
Tracy Stefaniak Borgardt
Joe Sweeney
Ray Taffora
Jason Thompson
Jack Voight
Yash Wadhwa

An impressive list; we appreciate their help in the Badger State!

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