China Wants a Date With American Prosperity + New Romney Web Video

MRC welcomes the following guest post from Adam Ebberts of Oklahoma:

Americans and prosperity have a strained relationship. Things have been going good for
years, but now we may be headed towards a break up.

China has offered us a sympathetic shoulder. They understand relationships are hard
and offer support to help us get through this potential break up. Cheap labor, relaxed
manufacturing regulations, they’re such a good friend and really care about getting
prosperity and us back together. Or so we assume….

You see, China has been in love with prosperity for years but has never been confident
enough to ask it out. Now that we’re going through this potential break-up, China sees an

Posing as our B.F.F. China finds out what works for prosperity. What kinds of things
does it like? What are its favorite movies, games, clothes or jewelry? Then, after having
leeched us of everything we know about prosperity and its secrets, China makes its move.

China is in a position to offer our products to us cheaper than we can offer them to
ourselves, but would have no idea what products to offer if they could not steal them first.
Yes, steal. China has no game of its own; it is taking what has been working for us and
using it to claim global superiority. Once China has obtained the object of its desire, do
we really think they’ll need to hold us up any longer?

Mitt Romney said it best in the most recent debate: The Chinese are “playing us like a fiddle, and smiling all the way to the bank.”

Finally getting tough with China is an issue that appeals to the entire electorate — I’m glad to see that this it’s being addressed in Mitt’s new video:

VIDEO: Romney Slams Perry for Same Illegal Immigration Stance as Obama

When it comes to supporting in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, Obama and Perry are one and the same.

Watch the new Mitt Romney web ad:


-Luke G.

Romney Greets Obama in PA with "Devastating" New Video


To watch Governor Romney’s Allentown press conference LIVE today @ 4:10 PM ET, click here.

Face off: As Jayde reported yesterday, Gov. Romney and President Obama will both be campaigning in (important swing state) Pennsylvania today.

Romney’s new web video, released this morning, is a timely blow to Obama. As is typical with Romney videos thus far, this one hits the mark dead on:

Reaction from Fox News’ Stephen Hayes and former Romney spokesman, Kevin Madden:

Devastating RT: @kevinmadden New ad: As Obama visits PA today, Romney ad on effects of Obama’s economy. than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply