America’s Trickster-in-Chief? The Obama You DON’T KNOW

Barack Obama

A relevant, but perhaps overlooked, aspect of President Obama’s character was briefly mentioned in the thought-provoking documentary film 2016: Obama’s America. While a young teenager, Obama made an enlightening discovery. He figured out a trick – that he had a “knack”. The trick was, if he smiled, was polite, and “didn’t make any sudden moves”, he could manipulate people. Not only that, he could get people to want to help him. It was a “knack” he carefully perfected through the years. It became a trick that would help put him in the White House…

Does America have a Trickster-in-Chief? Who is the real Barack Obama?

Today, The Washington Examiner published an in-depth article peeling back the layers of the Obama you don’t know. In a four-month research effort, many interviews were conducted with Obama supporters and non-supporters in Chicago and elsewhere. In an effort to separate myth from reality, court transcripts, government reports and other official documents were also referenced. I’ve only highlighted some of what was written and urge you to read the entire article.

Over the years and in two autobiographies, Obama has presented himself to the world as many things, including radical community organizer, idealistic civil rights lawyer, dynamic reformer in the Illinois and U.S. senates, and, finally, the cool presidential voice of postpartisan hope and change.

With his air of reasonableness and moderation, he has projected a remarkably likable persona. Even in the midst of a historically dirty campaign for re-election, his likability numbers remain impressive, as seen in a recent AP-GFK Poll that found 53 percent of adults have a favorable view of him.

But beyond the spin and the polls, a starkly different picture emerges. It is a portrait of a man quite unlike his image, not a visionary reformer but rather a classic Chicago machine pol who thrives on rewarding himself and his friends with the spoils of public office, and who uses his position to punish his enemies.

  • Chapter 1 – A childhood of privilege, not hardship:
  • First lady Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention that “Barack and I were both raised by families who didn’t have much in the way of money or material possessions.”

    It is a claim the president has repeated in his books, on the speech-making circuit and in countless media interviews. By his account, he grew up in a broken home with a single mom, struggled for years as a child in an impoverished Third World country and then was raised by his grandparents in difficult circumstances.

    Uh, not so fast…

    Obama’s step-father, Lolo Soetoro, had a coveted job in Indonesia as a government relations officer with Union Oil Co. They lived in Menteng, the most exclusive neighborhood of Jakarta, where economic elites resided. Obama would later live with his grandparents in Hawaii where his grandfather was in sales and his grandmother would become one of the first female vice presidents of a Honolulu bank.

    The year Barack joined them, his grandparents moved to a “sleek new 10-story apartment building” close to the prestigious prep school Obama would attend for eight years. The school was one of the most expensive on the island and was a “lush hillside campus overlooking the Waikiki skyline and the Pacific Ocean.”

    All the touting he’s done about his community organizing? Obama has never lived in a black neighborhood. He chose to commute 90 miles each way daily to the housing project where he worked.

  • Chapter 2 – The myth of the ‘rock-star professor’:
  • Time magazine gushed in 2008 about Barack Obama’s 12-year tenure as a law lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, saying, “Within a few years, he had become a rock-star professor with hordes of devoted students.”

    Time magazine put lipstick on a pig. Described by some faculty members as “disengaged” and “doing only what was minimally required”, Obama was the third-lowest ranked lecturer at the law school in 1999. Only 23 percent of his students recommended his classes.

    The pattern of minimal performance at the Chicago campus was not an exception to the rule for Obama. In the state Senate during the same years he was lecturing, Obama voted “present” nearly 130 times, the most of any legislator in the chamber.

    And during his lone term as a U.S. senator, according to Gov “From Jan 2005 to Oct 2008, Obama missed 314 of 1300 recorded or roll call votes, which is 24.0%. This is worse than the median of 2.4%.”

  • Chapter 3 – The 1997 speech that launched Obama
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    Reputations of Obama and Romney — Wherein Lies the Integrity? In Whom to Trust the Economy?

    Reminder: MittRomneyCentral has no affiliation whatsoever with Mitt Romney or his presidential campaign. We are a grassroots organization. Comments below are strictly the opinion of the author.

    Mr. Obama’s desperation and panic have compelled him and his campaign subordinates to stoop to full immersion in pools of scum in their failing attempts to drag Governor Romney into their familiar territory of mud wrestling. As the Obama campaign chooses to wallow in the waste of deception, they ironically reveal their true characters. As President of the United States, Barack Obama has debased the office of the presidency to a level he will never be able to repair — the reputation of the presidency will now need to be restored by his successor.

    By contrast, Mitt Romney’s responses have been those of a gentleman: Firm, resolute, tough, and presidential.

    My anger over what I have witnessed emerging from The White House this week caused me to postpone this opinion 24 hours. Mr. Obama’s decision to not apologize to Governor Romney for blatantly false accusations, as well as his failure to disavow the slander of subordinates, is further indictment of Obama’s character and has only brought on greater indignation. By allowing his campaign staff to spew false accusations at will, he now effectively owns their statements — Obama’s future attempts to distance himself from them will ring hollow.

    Those of us that contribute to this site are political junkies of sorts; in a way, we become such through constant research of facts. I admit I am one. That said, I must assume readers of this piece are not political junkies and rather click through to MRC a few minutes each day to learn truth behind each presidential candidate’s positions and policies. Fair enough.

    If one does not know much about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama and their policies, one can easily discern which is the more credible principal of their respective campaigns based solely on their reputations built over a lifetime. Ignoring altogether either candidate’s ideologies or political affiliation, which person’s reputation would lead you to trust one over the other? After all, very few of us will ever have the opportunity to really know the person of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, correct? If true, what do we have by which to judge each man’s character, integrity, and trustworthiness? Whose rhetoric can we really believe?

    To discern truth, we have each person’s reputation. With whom has each person chosen to associate in service? In business? What is each person’s reputation? Consider the source.

    The Reputation of Barack Obama

    This week, Governor Sununu on the Sean Hannity referred to Barack Obama’s “cheek to jowl” relationship with Rod Blagojevich, convicted felon and former Illinois governor to describe Obama’s reputation of and familiarity with “Chicago style politics.” Following are but a few facts that make up Mr. Obama’s reputation:

    • Obama has stated numerous times recently that “is wrong” when their research is cited in reference to his false statements of Romney. Obama clearly thinks the value add of constantly repeating the lie is worth the risk that a few people will call him on it.
    • Obama has arrogantly stated the historically liberal Washington Post’s Pinocchio fact checkers are wrong when they correct his blatantly false statements like this one.
    • Obama “cheek to jowl” with Blagojevich

    • Obama’s first significant business transactions involved convicted felon and neighbor Tony Rezko known for numerous shady dealings at all levels of Chicago politics.
    • In Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, he admits to “composite” descriptions of those in his life for “compression” purposes, allowing the narrative he wishes to project without any risk of discovery of false claims or untoward reputation.
    • The evening of the bin Laden raid, Obama, along with the tiny group present in the Ops room committed to keep details of the operation completely secret except to disclose that bin Laden had been killed. Less than 24 hours later, Obama revealed numerous details of the raid including the use of a previously secret elite force (SEAL Team VI), endangering current and future special operations missions.
    • Obama’s hubris extends to taking credit for military operations — angering U.S. active duty military personnel — while projecting to the public that doing so was an enormous risk to himself.
    • Obama’s White House has been the source of numerous documented leaks that have endangered the lives of Americans in the military and intelligence communities and this according to Democrats like Senator Feinstein. These are widely considered to be for the political self-interest of Obama.
    • Obama pushed ObamaCare through by constantly stating it was not a tax, then argued at the Supreme Court that it is a tax, and when declared a tax by the Supreme Court, he and his surrogates vehemently deny it is a series of huge taxes.
    • Space does not allow the listing of all blatant lies. To study only the latest of Obama’s lies, click here. And to review 10 major documented lies Obama has made, click here.

    In Mr. Obama’s words, watch this short video clip of seven promises Obama made to America that he never had any intention of keeping. These are only seven examples of commitments he made knowing he would never follow through:

    The Reputation of Mitt Romney

    Just this week, Governor Sununu and Mayor Rudy Giuliani separately referred to Mitt Romney as having a reputation above reproach when asked about accusations by Cutter and Rhoades that Romney committed a felony. As well, numerous Democrats and those that supported Obama in 2008 came out on the record to defend Mitt Romney’s reputation. That said, consider these few facts related to Mitt Romney’s life and career:

    • Since the 1970s, Mitt Romney has been instrumental in countless successful business endeavors with Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, and Bain Capital. His leadership was crucial in most of these successes.
    • Mitt Romney left Bain & Company to co-found Bain Capital in 1984 which became a successful venture capital firm. By 1990, Bain & Company was nearing financial collapse when Romney was asked to return to the firm to rescue it; which he did from 1991 to 1992 where he worked without pay ($1/year). He returned to lead Bain Capital afterward.
    • Mitt Romney closed the offices of Bain Capital in 1996 for a week to search for the 14-year old daughter of partner Robert Gay who went missing in New York City. He turned the Bain Capital team into a detective/search team in the City and after several days they found Gay’s daughter in New Jersey. The operation is credited with saving her life.
    • Mitt Romney was asked to take a leave of absence from Bain Capital in 1999 to rescue the financially strapped and corruption laden Winter Olympics which was running nearly $400 million short of revenue objectives. In the face of major threats of terrorism post 9/11, Romney led the Olympics to an astounding success, clearing a $100 million profit. He worked those three years without pay ($1/year). After the successful ending of the Olympics, he received a severance which he donated entirely to charity.
    • Mitt Romney served a successful term as governor of Massachusetts accomplishing many key objectives while being opposed by an 80 percent Democrat legislature. His success is attributed to many various methods and leadership techniques, including the effective use of the bully pulpit and 800 vetoes. He worked as governor without pay from 2003 to 2007 ($1/year).
    • For approximately 17 years from 1977, Mitt Romney served as the pastor (bishop) or senior pastor (stake president) of his church in which he met with and personally counseled thousands of individuals and families dealing with spiritual, employment, financial, and marital challenges, among many other leadership requirements. These responsibilities sometimes exceeded 30 hours a week, over and above his professional duties. His 17+ years service as a pastor were all without pay.
    • Mitt Romney lost the 2008 bid as the GOP presidential candidate to Senator McCain. Upon conceding to McCain, Romney immediately set out to raise as much money as he could in support of Senator McCain’s presidential candidacy, raising approximately $20 million in that effort.
    • After McCain’s loss to Barack Obama in the presidential race of 2008, Romney worked tirelessly for Republicans running for the Senate and House in the 2010 elections and was instrumental in raising significant funds in those successful wins. Ronald Reagan did the very same thing leading up to his 1980 run for the presidency.

    Mitt Romney’s personal and professional reputation is above reproach. Indeed, his reputation for the highest levels of integrity is touted by the thousands of friends, colleagues, and associates that have worked with Romney at various times across this nation and over the years. That is not true of Barack Obama. In fact their respective reputations, discerned from rhetoric, decisions, actions, and policies are polar opposites in so many ways.

    In whose care would you trust your business? In whose care would you trust your community or state government? Which person would you guess to tell the truth at every turn and in any situation?

    Consider the source.

    “Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” ~ George Washington

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    A Vote for Gingrich is a Vote for Obama

    The three most arrogant and condescending people that keep coming to my mind in recent days are Rod Blagojevich, Don Trump, and Newt Gingrich. A couple of years ago I remember seeing Blagojevich on TV many times telling the world he was innocent and that he would eventually be completely exonerated in court — totally and confidently arrogant (and now he complains from behind bars that his 14-year sentence was too harsh!). And Mr. Trump? Need I say more? His looming threat that he will run for President as an Independent if the right Republican is not nominated — as if to rise to the occasion as America’s savior! And Gingrich. Don’t forget folks. In the last couple of weeks, Mr. Gingrich told the entire world on national TV that he would be the Republican nominee. And when asked if he “would go negative” in his campaign, he said something to the effect, “No! I don’t need to. Because I will be the nominee! Why would I need to go negative?” Is such hubris matched by any other human alive? And what does NG do? Not only does he go negative on Romney, he does so showing his full colors, as if he were a complete liberal (see great posts below for this information).

    You know what? I love it! There is something about watching arrogant people make the beds they sleep in! When Blagojevich was prancing around Chicago like a peacock, I knew he would meet justice; if not obvious to him, it was obvious to all other observers. NG did something that I think was a HUGE mistake when he told the world he would be the GOP nominee. He set the bar of expectations to the highest level. Who does that? Nobody. Contrast NG’s rhetoric with that of Romney’s. Romney states that the campaign will be long and hard and that he believes Americans will eventually select him as the nominee. Which is more appealing? Condescending hubris or simple, steady modesty? I love watching NG make the bed he will sleep in.

    Character matters. Take a moment and compare what we know of each candidate’s character. Need I say more? If someone were to accuse me of even one “ethics” charge, I would be embarrassed and I would do everything in my power to redeem my reputation. Gingrich has 84 ethics sanctions to his reputation! Will Obama exploit that fact? And what about his affairs and his obvious hypocrisy (ripping Clinton while he was carrying on a six-year secret affair himself)? How will the “family man” Obama exploit this character flaw? Do you think he will care one whit that NG says he is older, wiser, and repentant? Heck no! He will simply pull the character card. Does one’s character change throughout life? Gingrich is so arrogant in dismissing all the stupid things he has done. In doing the commercial with Nancy, he dismisses that major blunder by stating that it was, “the stupidist thing I have done” as he condescendingly thinks we Americans are gullible enough to accept such a brush off as naive. No. It is all about character, Newt.

    There are other great Americans with characters above reproach among the Republican candidates. Top of the “character list” for me is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s character is above reproach in every way. This is only my opinion, but of all the Republican candidates, Newt Gingrich’s character is permanently flawed and he is at the bottom of the “character list” of all the current candidates. Of this, I don’t think there is any question at all.

    Who do we want as President of the United States of America? A person of unquestioned character or some man that is constantly making excuses for his past and who expects us to forget it all because he is now a grandfather? I mean really — is there even a question on this?

    By the way, I think NG peaked today (12/13). I could be wrong, but I think we will look back to this week to see his highest poll numbers. Intrade has already changed quite a bit in Romney’s favor.

    “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity” — Baltasar Gracian