Which Convention was “strange, full of insults”? Romney Weighs In (Baier Interview – VIDEO)

Well, they’re over.

In an attempt to woo voters, Republicans and Democrats have put their best convention feet forward.

After just the first day of the Republican National Convention (a full day of activity was cancelled due to developing storm Isaac), Obama’s top adviser Robert Gibbs characterized the GOP gathering as “angry” and “strange” and “full of insults. His remarks must have been festering in a folded paper in his hip pocket for weeks; he was pretty pleased to grab a few headlines. What Gibbs wrote turned out to be a prognostication of his own party’s convention goings-on a few days later in Charlotte, NC…

In spite of the sensitive and well-handled Republican convention storm adaptations, some rabble-rousing Democrats called for a cancellation of the entire convention. But, once the Democratic National Convention got underway a few days later, there was no reference from speakers of Hurricane Isaac or helping the victims.

Our President’s re-election insecurity prompted a ‘save-me’ call to former president Bill Clinton. Team O thought he was needed to take center-stage to plaster some pizazz over Obama’s putrid economy. Yes, that Bill Clinton who once called Obama “the chief executor of good intentions” and formerly said of Obama “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” Yikes. Clinton jumped at the chance to appear be a team player while visions of Hillary in the White House (and himself) danced in his head.

Obama, in spite of doing his best to rattle the rafters, delivered a flat, warmed-over class-warfare speech we’ve numbingly heard before. Maybe knowing the jobs report numbers that were to be released today messed with his head.

ADDENDUM – A comment on Michelle Obama’s speech: One got the feeling Mrs. O spent a month of Sundays at studied speech practice in front of her ‘make-up’ mirror getting those inserted smiles and practiced pauses just right. The drama… Her “Obama hunched over his desk” (hunched – mind you!) poring over letters from people having a hard go in this hardship economy (no mention of Obama’s part in it) was that which made listening to her barely tolerable. But, the cake-taker for me was her affected stammers – meant to pepper following prose with dramatic sincerity but only highlighting insincerity – that relegated her to the category of ‘First Lady Duping-The-Folks Academy Award’. She laid it on too, too thick. Charles Krauthammer thought so, too:

Most brilliantly manipulative:

Michelle Obama, by three touchdowns. Beautifully structured, delivered with studied emotion — the feigned stammer to render natural a finely written telepromptered text was a touch of genius — she made the case for why her husband governed as he has.

Because he cares. He loves his wife, loves his children, loves his family — therefore he loves you. The syllogism, a total non sequitur, was laid on with panache.

It worked. She managed to drain her husband’s entire first term of any hint of ideological or personal motivation. He is driven by his caring, giving soul — not by a deeply felt ideology developed in youth: redistributionist, government-centered, disdainful of success, committed to his social-democratic view of social justice.

Only a wife can turn a ruthlessly ambitious pol, who undid the Clintons four years ago and today relentlessly demonizes Romney, into a care bear. She pulled it off.

Read more here and here.

How about that floor flight spectacle over including “Jerusalem” and “God” in their platform?! They actually BOOED God. Plus, those numerous, hissing references to Republicans as Nazis were a turn-off and deeply insulting to those who have actually endured Nazism.

Don’t forget the featured steel worker who claimed he worked for Bain Capitol. He embellished his story against Bain by stating he lost his job when the Bain-controlled company GST steel filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990s. A big LIE.

In the end, Democrats tried to razzle-dazzle with actresses and musicians James Taylor, Mary J. Blige, and the Foo Fighters. An array of liberal speakers brought forth a parade of theatrical over-the-top rhetoric, misrepresentations, and outright lies about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. (Did you know Republicans are plotting to take the vote away from women? And, will do all within their power to stop women from using contraceptives? NOT.) Did you happen to catch former MI Governor Jennifer Granholm’s meltdown?

It was a circus of slander.

Mr. Gibbs, YOUR convention was angry, full of insults, and very strange.

FOX New’s Bret Baier caught up with Mitt Romney today in Sioux City, Iowa to ask him about Obama’s acceptance speech last night, today’s jobs report, repeated false claims he didn’t care about the American auto industry, doesn’t care about the U.S. military, and more:

UPDATE – Another Romney interview with FOX News’ Carl Cameron:

► With only 96,000 jobs created in August (down from 141,000 jobs in July), Obama’s hoped-for convention re-gilding isn’t going to happen:

The economy created only 96,000 jobs in August, the unemployment rate remains above 8 percent, and more than 350,000 Americans have dropped out of the work force. While some may focus on the jobs that were created last month, this jobs report is nothing but horrendous. I welcome any jobs, but American workers giving up on employment in the weakest recovery since the Great Depression is cause for alarm, not celebration.

The unemployment rate has not fallen below 8 percent for the past 43 months. The labor force participation rate is at the lowest level in 31 years. If the labor force participation rate were at the same level it was before the recession started, the unemployment rate would be 11.6 percent today. And the rate of “underemployment” or “real unemployment,” including the unemployed, those who want work but have stopped searching in this economy, and those who are forced to work part-time because they cannot find full-time employment is actually at 14.7 percent. We’re still experiencing a significant jobs crisis, whether President Obama recognizes it or not.

President Obama’s policies of more spending, more debt and more taxes haven’t worked. It’s way past time for a course correction. The country needs responsible leadership, not the President’s boasts over anemic growth and unending pleas for patience. Americans are looking for a sustained and real recovery. This weak report is nowhere near enough, and this has gone on long enough. Any real jobs plan must stop the regulatory madness and avert the fiscal cliff of tax increases on January 1. The health care law is yet another drag on the economy. Small businesses need tax relief and regulatory certainty to grow and hire.

What about the numbers of those Obama has been systematically slipping onto disability rolls after their unemployment benefits run out? Once on disability? Most always ON disability for life. Also, the Dept. of Labor today did what they usually do; they revised down the job numbers for the two previous months, resulting in 41,000 fewer jobs created than originally reported.

The way Obama opted to defend his record of failure today demeaned himself. Speaking at a rally, this is what he said on Romney, Ryan, and Republicans: “Tax cuts, tax cuts, gut some regulations, oh, and more tax cuts. Tax cuts when times are good, tax cuts when times are bad. Tax cuts to help you lose a few extra pounds. Tax cuts to improve your love life. It’ll cure anything, according to them.”

A few cheap laughs for a failed president.

Let’s turn that around, Obama: “Tax increases, tax increases, inflict more regulations, oh, and more spending increases. Tax increases when times are good, tax increases when times are bad. Spending increases to help you lose a few extra pounds. Tax increases to improve your love life. It’ll cure anything.”

Obama’s got nothin’. The middle class, small businesses, and the one in six Americans who have slipped into poverty are especially fed up. That’s why his manipulative oratory in Charlotte did not include a word about the USA’s staggering, almost incomprehensible debt of over $16 TRILLION and the 47 million Americans who, under his watch, now put groceries on the table with food stamps.

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Obama’s Health Care Pig, Mitt Romney’s Prescription for Repeal

Got Health Care?

Pucker up.


It’s the law. Americans must now kiss the Obamacare pig.

Regardless of how much lipstick the Obama administration smears, the oinking isn’t going away: a sweeping Ponzi scheme of federal graft to pass the bill including San Joaquin Valley water-for-votes, Bart Stupak’s $52 million dollars for airporKs, Chris Dodd’s new $100 million hospital, special deals for union members, Louisiana purchase, Harry Reid conniving behind closed doors to exempt his staff and others from the health care exchange, abortions paid for by tax payers (an executive order won’t stem the stench), prescription-strength sex-enhancement medication for child sex offenders, federal government take-over of student loans resulting in private sector job loss, $500 billion cut to Medicare, raising Medicaid eligibility and forcing states to pay for it, $100 million in Medicaid money for Tennessee, steep hikes in capital gains and federal income taxes, taxes on medical devices such as automated wheelchairs, heating pads, and ace bandages, heightened risk of medical identity theft and abuse, increased cost of health insurance premiums, massive increase in federal government bureaucracies – over 150 new agencies, 17,000 enforcing IRS agents to be hired, and the swirling slop continues to grow.

The CBO reports that Americans bought a pig in a poke; our debt will rise to 90% of our GDP by 2020. In the meantime, we’re supposed to wade through the muck while paying for four years of taxes before the ‘supposed’ benefits become reality (Obama lied about children with pre-existing conditions being covered NOW).

Mitt Romney’s ‘Prescription for Repeal’:


Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC announced a new donation program, dubbed “Prescription for Repeal,” to support conservative candidates who will repeal the worst aspects of Obamacare and restore commonsense principles to healthcare. The first wave of endorsements goes to three conservative leaders in key Ohio Congressional Districts.

The PAC will send each of the endorsed candidates a primary election contribution of $2,500. They are:

Representative Jean Schmidt: Representative Jean Schmidt represents Ohio’s Second Congressional District and is running for reelection to her third full term. She voted against ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Jean Schmidt and her campaign, visit www.jeanschmidt.com

Representative Steve Chabot: Representative Steve Chabot served as Congressman in Ohio’s First Congressional District for fourteen years and is running to reclaim his seat. His opponent, Representative Steve Driehaus (D-OH), voted in favor of ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Steve Chabot and his campaign, visit www.stevechabot.com

Steve Stivers: Steve Stivers is a former State Senator and small businessman who is running for Ohio’s Fifteenth Congressional District. His opponent, Representative Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH), voted in favor of ObamaCare on Sunday. For more information about Steve Stivers and his campaign, visit www.stivers4congress.com

“Health care reform shouldn’t mean higher taxes, cuts to our seniors on Medicare, insurance price controls or greater federal involvement in our lives. America has unfortunately been taken down the wrong path by President Obama, which is why it’s critical we elect fiscally-responsible conservative leaders who will restore commonsense principles to healthcare,” said Romney.

The Ohio donations are the first of a series of “Prescription for Repeal” state rollouts over the coming weeks.

Romney’s Prescription for Repeal’ keeps rolling:


Today, Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC continued the rollout of its new program, dubbed “Prescription for Repeal,” which supports conservative candidates who will work to repeal the worst aspects of Obamacare and restore commonsense principles to healthcare. This second wave of endorsements goes to six conservative leaders in Missouri.

Representative Roy Blunt: First elected by the people of Missouri to represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1996, Representative Roy Blunt is currently running for the U.S. Senate. In his current capacity as a U.S. Representative, he voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Blunt and his campaign for Senate, visit www.royblunt.com.

Representative Jo Ann Emerson: Representative Jo Ann Emerson represents Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District and is running for reelection to her eighth full term. She voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Emerson and her campaign, visit www.joannemerson.com.

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer: Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer represents Missouri’s Ninth Congressional District and is running for reelection to his second term. He voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Luetkemeyer and his campaign, visit www.blaineforcongress.com.

Representative Sam Graves: Representative Sam Graves represents Missouri’s Sixth Congressional District and is running for reelection to his sixth term. He voted against Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Representative Graves and his campaign, visit www.gravesforcongress.com.

Ed Martin: Ed Martin is community leader and public servant who, among other things, served as chief of staff to former Governor Matt Blunt. Ed is running to represent Missouri’s Third Congressional District. His opponent, Russ Carnahan (D-MO), voted in favor of Obamacare on Sunday. For more information on Ed Martin and his campaign, visit www.edmartinforcongress.com.

Tom Schweich: A former U.S. Ambassador, prosecutor, law enforcement official, and author, Tom Schweich is currently running for Missouri State Auditor. For more information on Tom Schweich and his campaign, visit www.tomschweich.com.

The PAC also announced that it is sending Emerson, Luetkemeyer, Graves, and Martin each a primary election contribution of $2,500 and that it has already sent Blunt a maximum $5,000 primary election contribution. Romney is headlining a fundraising event for Schweich on April 27 in St. Louis.

“President Obama’s healthcare bill – with its higher taxes, cuts in Medicare, insurance price controls and greater federal involvement in our lives — is unhealthy for America. It is critical that we elect fiscally-responsible conservative leaders who will work to restore commonsense principles to healthcare,” said Romney.

These Missouri endorsements are the second in a series of “Prescription for Repeal” state rollouts over the coming weeks.

Joe Biden’s attempt to tie a bow on the pig’s tail at the Obamacare signing ceremony failed when he uttered a rancid expletive remark which was later approved through a text message from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Obama glibly expressed a desire for t-shirts emblazoned with the expletive and immediately set off on his Rub-‘Ravishing-Red’-Lip-Gloss-on-Miss-Piggy tour. Mocking Republicans was a priority:

Jason Mattera is the author of Obama Zombies – a book about the behind-the-scenes methods and tactics the Obama campaign exercised on the youth culture to win an election and create long-lasting devastation to our country. Mattera’s message is to jolt the young masses from their slumber and spark a countercultural barnyard battle against the oinking, ignorant left. In the following video, Mattera speaks with Senator Al Franken (D-MN), Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fl), and Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) about the nonsensical gluttony in the porcine Health Care Bill:

We’ve got TWO chances to demolish the pigpen: 2010 and 2012. We’re one step closer to Obama’s stated goal of a single-payer system and must OUT the SNOUTS who voted ‘yes’ for porker this bill. We must donate money to their opponents, work hard in their districts, and vote to replace as many Democrats as possible. While judicial challenges hope to address the fetid odors coming from this bill, we MUST win seats in the House and Senate this fall. We must capture a larger portion of the youth vote. With a majority in both chambers we can defund lipstick appropriations for Obamacare. We must elect a Republican president in 2012. Then, we must empty the slop bucket by replacing Obamacare with an alternative plan based on private-sector free-market principles.

The way to repeal Obamacare is to remove those who swill the trough. Vote Republican. Support Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC:

Mitt Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC […]supports officeholders and candidates who are dedicated to advancing social, fiscal and foreign policies that will strengthen America at this critical time in the nation’s history. The guiding focus is on the core principles that have built and nurtured America since its founding – uncompromised military strength, a belief in the power of free markets and that a competitive America is one where taxes are low and government is small, an emphasis on strong families and a federalist approach to government that leaves decision-making as close to the people as possible.


Mr. President, Let the C-Span Cameras In!

What is it with Obama and campaign promises? Is he senile? Blackberry broken? Or, a Pinocchio-in-Chief?

While seeking votes and charming the masses, Obama declared over and over that should he be elected, his administration would be TRANSPARENT. He also made a specific, pointed pledge to the American people (eight times to be exact) that he would BROADCAST the crafting of health care legislation on C-Span.

On December 30, 2009, C-Span’s CEO Brian Lamb wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid requesting that C-Span be allowed to broadcast health care negotiations. The request has been ignored.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked on Tuesday, Jan 5th about Obama’s standard for transparency and refusal to employ C-Span’s services on health care. Hear Gibbs’ non-answer at 31:12 – 33:00. Gibbs was also asked about the Nebraska Clause in the final H.C. bill at 45:33 – 46:16.

Legislation that will fundamentally change one-fifth of the American economy and the way you and I receive health care is going to be done informally (behind-closed-doors-no-Republicans-allowed). Much has been said the last couple of days on Obama’s tactics, but Obama-cheerleader Jack Cafferty’s denunciation of the President on CNN is of particular note:

From Let The Cameras In:

President Obama promised to make the Health care debate open and transparent. Stop your secret health care shenanigans and let C-SPAN cover the meetings. No more secret sessions. No more sweetheart deals. The American people have a right to know. If you don’t have anything to hide, you would welcome the light. Let the cameras in.

Let the C-Span cameras in! Take action. Sign the petition here.

Jack, come next fall, we will not forget! 

(Hat tip to Crystal – Jack Cafferty video)