MRC’s Year in Review: A Look Back at the Top 10 Mitt Romney Articles of 2010

As Americans pause to review the past year and look ahead to 2011, I’d like to look back on what I feel were the top 10 articles here on MRC for 2010. The following articles demonstrate why this site has become a go-to source for Conservatives, TEA Partiers and Independents:

10. Nate Gunderson wrote a great article reviewing the first year of Mitt Romney Central and how successful our site has become. I think all of the team members here are grateful for the growth of MRC from a small site to becoming the ultimate destination for all Mitt Romney related news and articles.

9. MRC opened our Mitt Romney 2012 store this year which makes us a convenient source to purchase American-made products to proudly show support for Governor Romney!

8. Governor Romney released his highly anticipated new book in the March of this year. Luke Gunderson gave us sneak peak of No Apology: The Case for American Greatness – a tremendous must-have reference for anyone interested in getting America back on track.

7. Lots of work has been done behind the scenes here at MRC — and we have to give credit where credit is due. Our man Dave P. has researched and compiled tons of relevant info on all the major issues of our time. Dave has put in many hours of tedious work to create a library of recourses, where all Mitt Romney fans can go to get actual Mitt Romney quotes, videos, and links regarding his stance on issues such as Abortion, Immigration, and Health Care Reform.

6. A misconception about Mitt Romney s that he is a RINO. Aaron Gunderson wrote an great article addressing that very issue. It deserves to be read by every conservative as they ponder which 2012 candidate to support for the next presidential election. (I also recommend reading his follow up article explaining how a true conservative like Mitt Romney was a Tea Partier long before the Tea Party exploded onto national politics.)

5. We’ve seen many favorable polls here over the past year. Aaron Gundy’s post about the Marist 2012 GOP poll is a good reminder of why Mitt Romney will be a tough challenger for the 2012 as Mitt Romney as he receives support from diverse groups such as the Tea Party, Independents, college graduates, and women.

4. Bosman has written a series of excellent articles on RomneyCare but I like this article the most in which he clearly explains that we already have a health care mandate in the United States. He explains how Romney’s plan is different and emphasizes a crucial question: Should individuals pay for their own health care or pay for other people’s health care?

3. Rebel Ross’ article, So This is How Liberty Dies…With Thunderous Applause, is a powerful post lamenting loss of freedom that came with the passage of ObamaCare and strongly condemns political leaders in Congress who so foolishly patted themselves on the back for passing a law which undermines the freedoms that Americans enjoy. As one of my top three personal favorite posts on MRC, it is worth reading again.

2.  Vox Patriota’s article The Year of Our Obama is one the most compelling and impressive articles I’ve read on any site for why Barack Obama needs to be a one term president. Nate Gunderson listed this article as one of his favorite articles and its certainly another one of my top three favorite articles on MRC. It perfectly captures the collective frustration and anger that many conservatives, Independents, TEA Partiers, libertarians and growing wave of liberals feel towards him. As the 2012 elections comes closer, its worth reading again to remind ourselves why we need a man like Mitt Romney in office.

1. Jayde Wyatt’s post showing Mitt Romney’s Christmas card generated huge buzz on the internet as websites such as POLITICO, National Review, TIME, Hot Air, a prominent Canadian news site, Wonkette and Comedy Central’s Indecision Forever posted links to her article. It generated approximately 15,000 visitors to our site that day. Way to go, Jayde!!

All of us here look forward to 2011 — it will be an exciting year as the 2012 election starts to heat up and we continue to attract more fans of Mitt Romney. Thank you all for a fabulous 2010; here’s to another great year!

As we say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011, we wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s eve and day!

-Jared A.

Rebel Ross Attends 3 Michigan Tea Parties on Tax Day

I attended Three Tea Parties on Tax Day, 2010.  The first picture is from the Northville Tea Party where I estimate 500-600 people showed up along Haggerty rd between 7 and 8 Mile (one of the busiest roads in all of Michigan).  We were one or two people deep on one side for almost the entire mile of road.  Also, the amount of honks and waves we received from cars passing by was much higher than I expected.

The next two pictures are from the Plymouth Tea Party where Thaddeus McCotter spoke and there were even more people than the Northville Tea Party.  The final picture is from the Brighton Tea Party that had a reported 500 people in attendance.  At all three events, I was wearing a Hoekstra for Governor T-Shirt with a Mitt Romney button and my big Mitt Romney sign from the book tour.  The first person I talked to at the Northville rally was disgusted with the fact that I supported Mitt Romney.  I tried to reason with him, but he didn’t respect my views and said something derogatory about Mitt’s religion.  That wasn’t the best way to start off the day, but things quickly got better as approximately 20 people told me how much they liked Mitt during the hour I was in attendance at the Northville Tea Party.

As the day went on, I had one other person say they didn’t like Mitt because of some comment that Mark Levin had completely taken out of context.  Fortunately, the person ended up conceding that it was possible that Mark Levin had taken Mitt out of context and that Mark Levin himself admitted in the same audio clip that he doesn’t actually know Mitt at all.  I was very encouraged to meet far more Mitt supporters than detractors.  Many seemed very excited at the prospect of a Romney-Palin ticket for 2012.  However, I was also very encouraged that most of the people I met were far more interested in the 2010 races than the 2012 race.  2010 and 2012 are the biggest elections of my lifetime and we need to have as many informed voters as possible!

Rebel Ross Michigan Tea Party 1

Rebel Ross Michigan Tea Party 2

Rebel Ross Michigan Tea Party 3

Keep in mind that these were some of the smaller events on tax day in Michigan (they just happened to be the ones closest to my house where the Hoekstra campaign asked me to volunteer).

Rebel Ross Volunteers for Mitt Romney Book Signing Event in Michigan

…and gets an awesome picture with the big man himself. Really, I think the picture is great, so I posted it thinking Ross might not do it himself.

Rebel Ross volunteers for Mitt Romney Book Signing in Michigan

So Ross, when you get a chance edit this post and tell us how the evening went. The floor is yours….


I wish I had more time to give you all a full report, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here are just a few quick tidbits:

-800-900 books were signed Governor Romney in my estimation. Articles like this say 450 people showed up which isn’t accurate because most people left as soon as their book was signed, but people were flowing into the store all night long. That’s why Mitt had to stay a full two hours.

-I was told that this was the first stop that continued to grow in size after it started. (People that were in the area either heard about it after it had started or regular shoppers at this Borders stopped in and decided to buy a book and get it signed since Mitt was there and it was such a great opportunity.)

-There was decent news coverage.

-If anyone didn’t already know this, Birmingham is where Mitt grew up, and some of his family were in attendance – like his sister.

-We had plenty of volunteers and people kept asking us how they could get the volunteer shirt we all we wearing.


Mitt Romney returns to roots in Metro Detroit Click the preceding link for some video.

Romney Rocks Borders

Mitt also stopped in Grand Rapids the day after he was in Birmingham: