Mitt Romney – Favorably Faces the Nation on Father’s Day while Obama Plays Golf

While many of us have been enjoying a quiet Father’s Day with our families, Mitt Romney remains on the road, sacrificing his all for each of us. He has given up what many of us take for granted, time with family and privacy. In spite of confrontational journalism, Mitt Romney stands resolute in what matters – focused on the needs of the nation. It is after all about the economy! Interestingly enough, Broken Barack, President of the United States, is more focused on the needs of Obama and preserving his position as POTUS. Comparatively, Romney is reassuring in his knowledge, capacity and sense of duty to all American’s. An interview worthy of viewing.


Obama played his 100th round of golf today to celebrate Father’s Day, nearly four months of time spent in 3 1/2 years golfing, really? Mitt Romney is working for our Nation while Obama plays.

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Mitt and Ann Romney: Labor Day Pancakes, Parades, and Politics

Mitt and Ann Romney’s Labor Day happily began with strapping on aprons and serving 1,500 pancakes to about 450 hungry supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Photo above was taken by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.):

Mitt Romney kicked off the primary high season looking well-placed at a GOP breakfast in his must-win state of New Hampshire.

The former Massachusetts governor and his wife served 1,500 pancakes to a large crowd of 450 attendees at the Derryfield Country Club in Manchester, according to campaign estimates.

The line to receive pancakes wrapped in a circle around the room, and the Romneys — wearing campaign aprons — served guests for almost an hour.

“I sure hope they put some big beams underneath this balcony,” Romney joked to guests as he addressed them later as the sun rose on the scenic golf course behind him.

Romney pointed out several state lawmakers in the crowd and singled out Manchester’s mayor Ted Gatsas, who has not yet endorsed a candidate for 2012.

After his speech, Romney was asked about beliefs he shares with the tea party.
“The tea party is a powerful movement saying government’s too big, and I couldn’t agree more,” he said

To see a photo of the balcony Mitt referred to in this article click here.

Romney speaks to large ‘pancake breakfast’ crowd this morning in Manchester, NH:

Ann Romney rides in Labor Day parade in Milford, NH. September 5, 2011

Then, it was on to the Labor Day parade in Milford, NH for Ann Romney. Gov Romney was originally scheduled to be at the parade, but changed his plans to enable him to participate in Sen. Jim DeMint’s Palmetto Freedom forum in South Carolina.

Milford’s 65th Labor Day parade was in full force Monday. It is the largest in the state, beginning at the local high school and snaking through the town. Adults and kids alike waved at the region’s fire trucks, bands, floats and marchers.

“Its kind of a tradition for us, we’ve been here for five years,” said Jacquie Hardwick, a parade spectator.

“They do a great job in Milford organizing this parade,” said New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

As usual, the parade was a place for presidential candidates to meet residents of the Granite State.[…]

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was double booked at two events this Labor Day, so his wife Ann stepped in and marched instead.

“This is so traditional for candidates to be here, and for people to see us and know that we recognize that this state is important,” said Mrs. Romney.

Earlier this year, it seemed as though there would be no parade at all — after organizers worried they wouldn’t have enough money for the show to go on. Parade participants are happy it went off without a hitch.

(emphasis added to articles)

Stay tuned. We’ll report on The Gov’s participation in Jim DeMint’s Palemetto Freedom Forum in another post (he was fantastic!).

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MRC’s Year in Review: A Look Back at the Top 10 Mitt Romney Articles of 2010

As Americans pause to review the past year and look ahead to 2011, I’d like to look back on what I feel were the top 10 articles here on MRC for 2010. The following articles demonstrate why this site has become a go-to source for Conservatives, TEA Partiers and Independents:

10. Nate Gunderson wrote a great article reviewing the first year of Mitt Romney Central and how successful our site has become. I think all of the team members here are grateful for the growth of MRC from a small site to becoming the ultimate destination for all Mitt Romney related news and articles.

9. MRC opened our Mitt Romney 2012 store this year which makes us a convenient source to purchase American-made products to proudly show support for Governor Romney!

8. Governor Romney released his highly anticipated new book in the March of this year. Luke Gunderson gave us sneak peak of No Apology: The Case for American Greatness – a tremendous must-have reference for anyone interested in getting America back on track.

7. Lots of work has been done behind the scenes here at MRC — and we have to give credit where credit is due. Our man Dave P. has researched and compiled tons of relevant info on all the major issues of our time. Dave has put in many hours of tedious work to create a library of recourses, where all Mitt Romney fans can go to get actual Mitt Romney quotes, videos, and links regarding his stance on issues such as Abortion, Immigration, and Health Care Reform.

6. A misconception about Mitt Romney s that he is a RINO. Aaron Gunderson wrote an great article addressing that very issue. It deserves to be read by every conservative as they ponder which 2012 candidate to support for the next presidential election. (I also recommend reading his follow up article explaining how a true conservative like Mitt Romney was a Tea Partier long before the Tea Party exploded onto national politics.)

5. We’ve seen many favorable polls here over the past year. Aaron Gundy’s post about the Marist 2012 GOP poll is a good reminder of why Mitt Romney will be a tough challenger for the 2012 as Mitt Romney as he receives support from diverse groups such as the Tea Party, Independents, college graduates, and women.

4. Bosman has written a series of excellent articles on RomneyCare but I like this article the most in which he clearly explains that we already have a health care mandate in the United States. He explains how Romney’s plan is different and emphasizes a crucial question: Should individuals pay for their own health care or pay for other people’s health care?

3. Rebel Ross’ article, So This is How Liberty Dies…With Thunderous Applause, is a powerful post lamenting loss of freedom that came with the passage of ObamaCare and strongly condemns political leaders in Congress who so foolishly patted themselves on the back for passing a law which undermines the freedoms that Americans enjoy. As one of my top three personal favorite posts on MRC, it is worth reading again.

2.  Vox Patriota’s article The Year of Our Obama is one the most compelling and impressive articles I’ve read on any site for why Barack Obama needs to be a one term president. Nate Gunderson listed this article as one of his favorite articles and its certainly another one of my top three favorite articles on MRC. It perfectly captures the collective frustration and anger that many conservatives, Independents, TEA Partiers, libertarians and growing wave of liberals feel towards him. As the 2012 elections comes closer, its worth reading again to remind ourselves why we need a man like Mitt Romney in office.

1. Jayde Wyatt’s post showing Mitt Romney’s Christmas card generated huge buzz on the internet as websites such as POLITICO, National Review, TIME, Hot Air, a prominent Canadian news site, Wonkette and Comedy Central’s Indecision Forever posted links to her article. It generated approximately 15,000 visitors to our site that day. Way to go, Jayde!!

All of us here look forward to 2011 — it will be an exciting year as the 2012 election starts to heat up and we continue to attract more fans of Mitt Romney. Thank you all for a fabulous 2010; here’s to another great year!

As we say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011, we wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s eve and day!

-Jared A.

MEDIA ALERT: Mitt Romney to Speak on Webcast Today – Listen LIVE!

Stay tuned, folks! I know this is short notice, but Mitt Romney will be speaking via webcast within the hour (3:45 pm ET)! Let’s be sure to gather at and listen to what he has to say:

Click Here to Listen!

From The – Patricia Walston
Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts and now a political commentator, will deliver remarks on the current political climate and conservative prospects this fall during an event hosted by the Southern California Committee for Heritage. Mitt has many followers here in Atlanta and all across the US.

Watch the event live online!

Will Mr. Romney still be a contender in the Presidential race of 2012? Many of his supporters feel he will run and many hope that he will become president next go round.

Right now it is certainly a tossup as to who will actually run; but rest assured most of the US will certainly be looking for an alternative come 2012 for the White House; and the other two Houses as well.

My Heritage is a great web site for keeping informed about the Conservative movement.

Scott Brown Defends His Vote For RomneyCare

This is a pretty good read posted earlier today about Scott Brown’s remarks on Fox News, wherein Brown defends his support for the Health Care Bill that Mitt Romney passed (often referred to as RomneyCare) while serving as Governor in Massachusetts:

By Jon Ward at The Daily Caller

Scott Brown, the Republican whose quest to win Ted Kennedy’s seat has jolted Democrats with the possibility of losing the 60-seat majority needed to pass a health-care bill, defended on Wednesday his own vote as a state senator for mandatory health insurance in 2006.

Brown, defending the plan signed by former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, argued that the Democratic plan being debated in Washington is an entirely different proposal.

“They’re two different programs,” said Brown, during an appearance on Fox News.

“What we have here is a free-market enterprise where we’re providing insurance on various levels to people in Massachusetts,” Brown said. “The plans in Washington are a one-size-fits-all plan that’s going to cost almost $1 trillion-plus and raise taxes at a time when we don’t need it.”

Brown’s response is key for Romney, who ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and is considered a front-runner for the nomination in 2012.

Brown himself is crusading on the fact that if he wins and is seated before congressional Democrats reach a compromise on two health-care bills passed by the House and the Senate, his vote will be able to stop it from passing.

He voted for the Massachusetts health-care plan, and faced questions on Fox from Neil Cavuto about whether he “contributed to something that now you’re against?”

But the line from Romney advisers who talked to The Daily Caller Wednesday, and Brown himself, is that Romney-care has worked in covering the uninsured but that cost containment has not happened because Gov. Deval Patrick eliminated a cost and quality commission that would have brought transparency to what health-care providers were charging and eliminated price gouging.

Romney adviser Ron Kaufman, a Washington lobbyist who has been working with the Brown campaign in an unofficial advisory role, said that the people of Massachusetts are “satisfied with what they got” but that they are angry about the federal bill being debated because it would force the state to pay for something they already have: nearly universal coverage.

“They already paid for it,” Kaufman said. Brown said much the same thing during his interview on Fox. “Why would we subsidize and why would we pay more for something we already have. It makes no sense,” he said.

Ed Haislmaier, a health care policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, backed up the Brown and Romney camps’ analysis. “When you ask the average person in Massachusetts who isn’t getting subsidized coverage, ‘Did health reform do anything to help you?’ they’re going to say no, because the piece that was designed to do that got killed off,” said Haislmaier.

Scott Brown Defends His Vote for Mitt Romney's Health Care Plan In MASS.

A Must Read: proves that RomneyCare is NOT bankrupting Massachusetts.

Do you discuss politics over the holidays?

Rasmussen Reports came out this week with an interesting pre-holiday poll asking the question: “During your Holiday Family Gatherings, will you and your family discuss politics with a passion, avoid political discussins like the plague, or occasionally talk about the political news of the day?”

The results?

“Discuss politics with a passion”: 15%
“Avoid political discussion”: 25%
“Occasionally talk about politics”: 58%
“Not sure”: 2%

Couple of bullet points from the crosstabs:

  • There was no difference in the sexes. Men and women alike lined up with the numbers above.

  • However, women under 40 were almost twice as likely to “discuss politics with a passion” than their counterpart males (20% vs. 11%). In fact, 30% of men under 40 indicated that they tried to “avoid political discussion”
  • Republicans were far more likely than Democrats to discuss politics with a passion (22% vs. 13%)
  • People who are investors were more likely to avoid political discussion but its pretty negligible.
  • Interestingly, while “passionate” discussion was relatively the same among Whites, Blacks and “Others” (16%, 10% and 16%) Blacks were far more likely to discuss politics occasionally (56%, 72%, 54%), and avoidance of political discussion lines up in a like manner (26%, 16%, 27%).
  • Other age breakdowns. It appears that the fluctuation of “passionate” and “avoidance” goes in cycles. 18 to 29 avoid more; 30-39 more passionate; 40-49 less passionate; 50-64 more passionate; 65+ avoid more.
  • How about incomes? Avoidance seems to be the key variable: Under 20K – 42% avoid; 20K-40K 28% avoid; 40K-60K: 17% avoid; 60K-75K: 18% avoid; 75K-100K 22% avoid; 100K+ 15% avoid. Most “passionate” bracket? The last one, 100K+ at 22%