LOST FOCUS: Obama, For the Bajillionth Time, Will "Pivot" Message Back to the Economy

Mitt Romney has said many times that the first three rules to a successful turnaround are “focus, focus, focus.” And he should know a thing or two about successful turnarounds.

That’s not what the Obama administration has done, though. They’ve focused their large legislative efforts on anything BUT the economy, energy development, spending cuts, cracking down on China!

The RNC released this video this morning that sums up Obama’s economic Attention Deficit Disorder nicely:

Yet again, the Obama campaign has announced a ‘major’ economic speech (set for tomorrow) — with the intention of (after many distractions) pivoting their focus back to the economy.

But Romney — always one step ahead — offered a scathing prebuttal to Obama’s speech and potential pivot today while speaking to 100 of the nation’s top CEOs at the Newseum in Washington, warning that while Obama may “speak eloquently,” his “words are cheap.” Watch part of Mitt’s remarks in the video below:

With just a few month before the election, isn’t it too late to pretend you’re focusing on the economy?

UPDATE – Here’s the latest from artist/political cartoonist – our friend – Sal Velluto:

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