Cartoon Grin Gallery: Obama’s Reelection

Over three the years plus of Mitt Romney Central’s existence, political cartoonists have peppered various posts with pointed commentary portrayed in a picture. Entertaining us, informing us, and lifting our spirits, they became friends along the campaign trail. In a ‘hats-off’ tribute to their extraordinary talent, this article showcases their post-election insight…

Grin, giggle, and guffaw gallery:

Jerry Holbert – Nov 7, 2012

Ken Catalino – Nov 7, 2012

By Steve Breen – Nov 8, 2012-

Lisa Benson – Nov 8, 2012

By Glenn McCoy – Nov 7, 2012

By Chuck Asay – Nov 9, 2012

Henry Payne – Nov 8, 2012

By Michael Ramirez – Nov 6, 2012

By Bob Gorrell – Nov 7, 2012

By Robert Ariail – Nov 9, 2012

By Eric Allie – Nov 7, 2012

Glenn Foden – Nov 8, 2012

By Chip Bok – Nov 7, 2012

Another by Jerry Holbert – Nov 8, 2012

Thank you, cartoonists! It was wonderful sharing the campaign trail with you.

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A Few Notes From Nevada


I got the chance to go to the Nevada caucuses over the weekend. It was a fun time again. Here’s a quick travel log to give you a sense of what it was like.


We started after making the trip from San Diego in record time, and went immediately to the headquarters.

Mitt Romney Nevada Headquarters

After foraging for some food, my sons and I hit the phones. Here are my two boys, ready to dig in: Click here to continue reading