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As the presidential election is now within sight, I chose some of my favorite photographs of Mitt and Ann Romney to share below. I hope you enjoy them as well. In about eight days, “President-elect Romney” will retire “Governor Romney” as the formal title until the third week of January 2013. Lest you think I am too presumptuous, I wish to assure you that none of us will be letting up in our grassroots work until we have surety. All of us will be working harder in the next eight days than we have ever worked in this important endeavor. Nothing is guaranteed. If you have not yet read Ryan Hawkins’ excellent post from yesterday, please take a moment to answer the call to close strong: CALLING ON ALL ROMNEY SUPPORTERS. We will never take anything for granted!

Photo courtesy of Matt Romney Family

That speech President-elect Obama made following his 2008 election victory was most inspiring to me. It really was. I have to tell you that I was as proud that night as an American as I had ever been in my life to witness our nation coming together to freely elect an African American to our nation’s highest office. I am still proud of the fact we did that! In so many ways, peoples of others nations were truly stunned – I remember reading the interviews of many. The people of the United States of America are great!

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Romney Family

I did not vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 election. Race had nothing to do with my decision. To be completely candid, I probably take a rather simplistic approach to my choice for president each election. When weighting various attributes and skill-sets, I place extraordinary emphasis on successful leadership experience. After assessing Barack Obama’s career, I saw very shallow leadership experience, and when combining that fact with his many “present” votes of indecision as a U.S. senator, the decision to vote for McCain was a clear and easy one indeed. There is no question in my mind a large percentage of the American electorate voted for Mr. Obama based solely on the fact he was African American. I have met these voters and read about many others. In fact, I believe Colin Powell is one of these.

Nate (super hero) Romney with Grandpa (Photo: Courtesy of Matt Romney Family)

History I believe will judge President Obama to be one of the worst presidents in all of American history; certainly the worst in the modern era. Of this I have no doubt. 20, 30, 50 years out, he will be judged on the larger issues of his inability and unwillingness to work in a bi-partisan manner. He will be judged for receiving zero votes from both houses of congress for his budget proposal and for running up obscene, trillion dollar deficits each year with no restraint whatsoever. He will be judged incompetent for raising the expectations of all Americans with lofty promise after lofty promise while blaming others for failure at every turn. I think he will be judged by historians as lazy by in large and as a man with no real passion for the job. Finally, he will be judged much harsher than Mssrs. Johnson and Nixon for his obvious dishonesty with the American public for his intentional evasion of scrutiny of the Benghazi assassinations and subsequent cover-up that continues to this day.

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Romney Family

Much has been said of the contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. From my perspective, these two men are polar opposites in just about every aspect of their careers, character, policies, lives, and work ethic. While Barack Obama entered the presidency as one of the most unprepared men to ever take the office, Mitt Romney will be one of the most prepared leaders in the history of the republic to receive the mantle of president.

Though I do not know Mitt Romney personally, I know many who know him well. In the last seven years, I have read just about everything ever written by the man or about him. His leadership talent and reputation for inspiring others to greatness is legendary. His style of leadership is that of the servant leader. It is born of humility and an intense gratitude that emanates from an enduring knowledge that the privilege of receiving authority over others is a blessing from God that is to be exercised with care and wisdom.

Photo Credit Unknown

The challenges facing the United States of America today are greater than any I can remember in my lifetime. No other person is more prepared and more qualified to face those challenges head on that Mitt Romney. Of this, I have no doubt.

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Ann Romney Writes Blog for Mitt: "Happy Father's Day"

Adding to what Jayde posted earlier — Happy Father’s day from MRC!

Looks like Ann wrote-up a short ode to her husband this Father’s Day. Here’s an excerpt:

Like many families, we have had a lot of joy together. And like every family, we have had our share of hardship. I appreciate Mitt’s part in creating all the joy. He worked immensely hard to accomplish all that he’s accomplished in business and government. But it has been in the hardship and the testing that I’ve come to see who my husband really is and what he’s worth.

Continue reading at the official Mitt Romney blog.

Mitt Romney celebrates Father's Day with grandkids

Mitt Romney celebrates Father's Day with grandkids

Mitt also sent out a tweet today:

Thinking of my Dad today and wishing all the Dads out there a happy Father’s Day than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

This photo was attached to the tweet:
Mitt Romney with his dad, George

Mitt Romney with his dad, George

Exclusive Photo: Future FLOTUS, Ann Romney, Hints at Husband’s Presidential Run

Looks like Ann Romney is sending an early subliminal message to her hubby, Mitt:

Ann and Mitt Romney after a rigorous Hawaiian jog.

You might have already heard that the entire Romney family (all 5 sons, 5 daughters-in-law, and 15 grandkids) are vacationing in Hawaii over Christmas break. Coincidently enough, the Obama family will also be spending a few days in America’s 58th state. Those of you hoping for a pre-2012 Romney-Obama, presidential throwdown ought not be getting too pumped up; the Obama family is staying on a completely different island. Unless, of course, they happen to be on the same return flight and Obama leans his seat back too far into Ann’s space — then, there is sure to be a scuffle. And you can bet the scuffle will be followed up with ‘no apology‘.

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By the way, the above photo has been doctored up by our resident photoshopper, as you might have guessed. We thought it would be good for a laugh… :)

We hope the Romney family has a wonderful Christmas, as well as all our friends here at MRC!

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