Nevada Lt Gov Brian Krolicki Files Ballot Paperwork for Romney

October 17, 2011 - Standing in the bed of a pickup truck, NV Lt Gov Brian Krolicki, former MN Gov Tim Pawlenty (Natl Co-Chair for Romney), and former MA Gov Mitt Romney shared a light moment when Romney opened his campaign headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday (11/17/11), Krolicki delivered Romney's presidential ballot paperwork to the NV Republican Party.

Mitt is officially good to go in the Silver State…

Boston, MA – Romney for President [has] filed the required paperwork necessary for Mitt Romney to participate in the Nevada Republican Caucus. Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki, Mitt Romney’s Nevada State Co-Chair, delivered the paperwork to the Nevada Republican Party.

Krolicki’s statement:

This next election is one of the most important in generations, and for Nevada the ramifications are profound and clear – our wounded state cannot continue to endure the current administration’s recklessly chosen path that has led to higher unemployment and falling incomes. Today’s filing is one small, but highly important, step as Mitt Romney’s team in Nevada works to help him bring positive change to our state and to the rest of the country. Only someone with Governor Romney’s deep understanding of the economy and job creation can reverse the failed policies of the last three years and begin to rejuvenate our country.”

(emphasis added )

Lt. Gov Krolicki, thanks for doing the honors!

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USA’s Red Number Day: Paul Ryan Effusive re Romney’s Reform Plan

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So much has been verbalized about governmental out-of-control spending and what needs to be done that people’s eyes either glaze over or shoot blood. Nevertheless, the United States of America marked a red letter number day yesterday.

We, the taxpayers, are holding $15 TRILLION worth of debt.

This is a good time to remind readers that earlier this month, Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post) called House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to get his take on Mitt Romney’s spending and entitlement reform PLAN. She reports:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Paul Ryan has nothing but praise for Romney plan
Nov 4, 2011

I spoke with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) by phone a short time ago after the details of Mitt Romney’s spending and entitlement reform plan were released. It is fair to say that the often optimistic and cheery Ryan was downright effusive about the contents of the plan.

Ryan told me, “Look at what he put out! This is a great development. It shows that the elusive adult conversation is taking place, but all on one side.” He ticked off the proposals including block-granting, cutting the federal workforce and entitlement reform. He said, “This tracks perfectly with the House budget.” He was careful not to forget the other GOP candidates, adding that “Romney and others are serious” about real fiscal reform.
He dismissed that notion that conservatives should be “quibbling” over Romney choosing a 20 percent cap rather than 18 or 19 percent of GDP. Ryan told me, “This is getting government back to its historic size” at a time when the retirement population is growing by leaps and bounds. He added, “This is getting us toward a prosperity agenda that will allow the private sector to grow.”

Ryan said he’s been talking to all the candidates and spoke with Romney directly yesterday. Without wanting to go into the details of the conversation, he said, “I was very pleased with these kind of entitlement reforms.”

(emphasis added ) Read entire article here.

Congressman Ryan released the following video yesterday:

Meanwhile, we wait to see what happens with this.

To put our red numbers in perspective, gasp here.

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Romney Guest on Neil Cavuto’s ‘Your World’ – Today: Full Video Added

Neil Cavuto, host of Your World (FOX News), will interview a special guest today…

Governor Mitt Romney.

Tune in or set your TiVo for 4:00 PM ET.

From Cavuto’s website:

Mitt Romney is here! Find out what the GOP Presidential Candidate thought of today’s Solyndra hearing with Sec. Chu on Capitol Hill.

From foxnews

Creating jobs and boosting the economy! How will Mitt Romney’s private sector experience help the public get back to work?

Looking forward to it!

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