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  • Still awaiting TargetPoint press release
  • Everyone is getting antsy (see RedState and Race42008)

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Welcome to the New!

Boy I wish I got paid for this job! But alas… we get paid in other ways, in ways that really count. Like the countless emails, tips, insights and pleadings that we get from you our readers.

Then there are times when you overwhelm and surprise us. Like yesterday… when you helped raise over $4000 for the campaign just through this site. As a reward, we give you the new

Over the weekend we will be rolling out all of the new features of In our opinion, less is more. Blogs can get so busy sometimes with countless links to obscure indexes… we aimed to simplify things in a dramatic way. We have revamped our comments sections and focused our energy on bringing you the best information and interactive tools to help you help Mitt win this election.

Stay tuned! More to come soon.

Oh, and thanks! You’ve made MyManMitt one of the top sites supporting Governor Romney’s march to the nomination.

The MittCast – Edwards Bloggers and True Campaign Influence

John Edward fires his bloggers and then doesn’t? and then does? Preparation mount for Tuesday’s big event and David All says what about MyManMitt and yours truly.

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David All’s All Too-Glowing Review of Justin Hart and

David All, the savvy political-technology-consulting guru, just posted a profile of yours truly and this site. Personally, I think he’s overestimating our influence. We’re just having fun!

One thing I have to say though. He is really detail-oriented and knows how to make a man blush. Thanks David.

Hello Romneyites!

Hello readers!

I just wanted to briefly introduce myself to everyone. My name is Ben Wren. I reside in Erie, PA and am in my final semester of studies at Gannon University in Erie.

Last year I worked for Senator Rick Santorum’s re-election campaign as his Regional Political Director in the Northwest of PA. Prior to that I’ve volunteered for the Pat Toomey for Senate campaign and of course Bush-Cheney 04.

I have blogged on two different sites. Prior to being with the Santorum Campaign I wrote for The Santorum Blog and currently write for PA Water Cooler, a blog on PA Politics.

For the first time in 80 years the nominations for president in both parties will be wide open with no incumbent president or vice-president seeking their party’s nomination. In this environment the numerous candidacies of varying qualities we see today could be expected. Republicans and more specifically Conservatives are facing a crisis of ideas and beliefs and lack a consensus candidate. In my opinion, once they begin to look at their choices many of them, as I did, will see Mitt Romney and be excited

They will see many things

  • They will see a successful businessman
  • They will see a man who has looked corruption in the eye and fought it back in the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City
  • They will see a governor who worked with Democrats to balance Massachusetts budget without raising taxes
  • They will see a man who has not been reflexive in his policy views but has followed his heart and come to his conclusions after study and thought.
  • They will see a man who believes that life begins at conception
  • They will see a man who will confront our enemies with courage and one who will not shirk.

These are the things that I saw.

I am proud to be joining this effort to elect Mitt Romney as our next president. We are a mere 648 days from the general election. There is much to be done. Let’s get to it.

Welcome to My Man Mitt!

What a day to launch a website!

Why you ask? Because today, Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts, has filed paperwork for his exploratory presidential committee.

What does this have to do you with us you ask? Nothing, except for this fact:

We plan to do everything in our power to see that Mitt Romney does indeed become the next President of the United States.

Who are we you ask? (My, you do ask a lot of questions…) We are a group of ragtag bloggers supporting Mitt’s bid for the Republican nomination and for the Presidency itself.

Isn’t the election a ways off you ask? Yes, but you wouldn’t know if by the press accounts on Romney. Take a look at our live news feeds. You would think Romney was the President by the amount of news he prompts. Whether it’s a strange objection with his faith, hisstance against Gay marriage, or his impressive records as governor, Romney seems to invoke a lot of press – and the election is still two years away!

So, in short, we are launching today because of the incredible interest in Mitt Romney’s potential candidacy.

So what can I do here? We’ll be releasing new features as we go but for now you can sign up to receive a daily summary of our alerts, put us on your RSS reader, put our “patch” on your website, visit our sister sites MittSpaces and MittBase where you can see a comprehensive Mitt Wiki and upload photos and videos.

We’ll have many more features that the campaign moves on. For now, we throw our hat in the ring to support Mitt Romney for President!