Ohio’s Morning Journal: Obama Let America Down, Let Him Go!

Sweet, sweet, OHIO!

Another Buck Eye State newspaper editorial board has had it with Obama.

Romney is their guy!

UPDATE: Governor Romney is not resting on election day! Going down to the wire, HE’S CAMPAIGNING TOMORROW in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio. He and Ann will cast their votes tomorrow morning at around 8:30 AM ET in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Tomorrow morning, after Paul and Janna Ryan vote in Janesville, Wisconsin, Ryan will head to Cleveland, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia.

The Morning Journal (OH)
Sunday, November 4, 2012

Barack Obama Let America Down

In 2008, American optimism prevailed and the nation elected Barack Obama its first black president. He was an understandable choice: He was a likeable man with a golden gift for spellbinding speeches that overrode his thin resume. He promised hope and change and created a vision of national unity, an end to venomous partisan politics and a beautiful new post-racial era. He vowed fundamental transformation of America as if that was a good thing. Events of the last four years have burst that pretty bubble.

It turns out, his notion of fundamental transformation was based on a malicious view that America should be cut down to size and put into just another ordinary seat at the table of nations. A view that successful people who worked hard and grew wealthy somehow got it undeservedly at the expense of other people, and so his government should step in and take from the haves and give to those who didn’t work for it. Spread the wealth around, rather than foster the American Dream of a country where anyone is free to use their talents, work hard and make a good living.

In domestic and foreign affairs, over the last four years, Obama has failed as president. He offers only more of the same if given a second term. It is vital to the nation’s well-being that he not be returned to the White House.

Obama’s record as president demonstrates that, despite his charm and glowing words, he can only lead America to mediocrity, a lowered standard of living, and ultimately, the death of the American Dream and the rise of the corrupt welfare state where everyone is equally bad off, except for the political leaders and their pals who live high on the hog.

Today’s $16 trillion national debt is the size of the nation’s total annual economic output. That’s like owing Master Card your whole year’s wages, and still buying more on credit every day. Printing more money out of thin air to keep pace with the spending will eventually make our dollars worth less, if not worthless, and it’s our children and grandchildren who will suffer the consequences with a diminished way of life.

Obamacare has made employers afraid to add workers, and it’s cost estimates keep rising even as it is estimated to fall millions of people short of its goal of health insurance for all. It adds millions of new patients but has many doctors saying they may quit because of the intrusive bureaucracy and payment limits. Having Obamacare is no guarantee you will be seen by your doctor, or any doctor, in a timely manner. Older and sicker Americans will face rationing of care and could be denied treatments now available.

In many ways, Barack Obama has let America down, and it’s time to let him go. On Tuesday, vote for a strong and healthy America. Elect Mitt Romney president.

Come through for us, Ohio. We’re counting on you to give Mitt and Paul a WIN tomorrow!

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‘Running with Romney’ VP Series Part 5: Fmr Secty of State Condoleeza Rice (VIDEO)

FOX News’ Bret Baier sat down with the fifth potential vice presidential candidate in his series titled Running With Romney. Condoleeza Rice, former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to President George W. Bush, was featured today. Her thoughts :

SAN JOSE — Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said again this afternoon that she has no interest in being a candidate for vice president, but she had some advice for Mitt Romney about the kind of person he might choose.

“Somebody who actually wants to run for office would be a good start,” Rice said.

The Republican told a conference of business leaders hosted by the Bay Area Council in San Jose that Romney would make a “fine president.”

“I think he’ll find a fine vice president, too,” she added.

(emphasis added)

Part 5 – Condoleeza Rice, Fmr Natl Security Advisor & Secty of State

Previously aired segments:

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Part 4 – VA Governor Bob McDonnell

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Maine: Twenty More Elected Officials/Leaders Back Mitt Romney

Ahead of the GOP Maine caucuses this Saturday (Feb 11th), Mitt Romney today announced 20 more endorsements from elected officials and leaders in the magnificent Pine Tree State:

“I am proud to have such a strong backing by elected officials and leaders from across the state of Maine,” said Mitt Romney. “Their support proves that my pro-growth message is breaking through and that Maine voters want someone with real world economic experience in the White House.”

Announcing his endorsement of Mitt Romney, Maine Senate President Kevin Raye said, “In order for the economy to rebound, Washington needs to stop erecting roadblocks for job creators. Mitt Romney understands the importance of strengthening small business and American manufacturing. As President, he will lead the way to rein in the federal debt, reverse the explosive growth of government, and reduce the regulatory burden on America’s businesses to foster an environment that is favorable for job creation. That is why I support Mitt Romney, and why so many other Maine leaders are endorsing his campaign.”

Maine Elected Officials and Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney:

· Bruce Poliquin; State Treasurer
· Kevin Raye; Senate President
· Nichi Farnham State Senator
· David Hastings; State Senator
· Roger Katz; State Senator
· Brian Langley; State Senator
· Tom Martin; State Senator
· Garrett Mason; State Senator
· Earle McCormick; State Senator
· Christopher Rector; State Senator
· Tom Saviello; State Senator
· Cary Weston; Mayor of Bangor
· Peter Mills; Former State Senator
· Philip Harriman; Former State Senator
· Mark Gartley; Former Secretary of State
· Kathy Watson; Former Maine Republican Party Chairwoman
· Jim Fossel; Augusta City Republican Chairman
· Angela Courchesney; Jay Town Republican Chairwoman
· Dawn Gilbert; Lincoln Town Republican Chairman
· Dwayne Bickford; Former ED of Maine GOP

Maine elected officials and leaders endorsing Romney:

· William Schneider; Attorney General
· Peter Cianchette; Former U.S. Ambassador
· Dave Emery; Former U.S. Congressman
· Jon Courtney; Senate Majority Leader
· Ron Collins; State Senator
· Richard Rosen; State Senator
· Lois Snowe-Mello; State Senator
· Bruce Bickford; State Representative
· Richard Cebra; State Representative
· Dean Cray; State Representative
· Stacey Fitts; State Representative
· Leslie Fossel; State Representative
· Ken Fredette; State Representative
· Peter Johnson; State Representative
· Jim Donnelly; Former House Republican Leader
· Josh Tardy; Former House Republican Leader
· Rick Bennett; Former Senate President & RNC National Committeeman
· Jan Staples; RNC National Committeewoman
· Charlie Cragin; Former National Committeeman
· Maureen Cragin; Ret.Naval Captain, fmr Assist. Sec of Veterans Affairs for Public & Intergovernmental Affairs
· Doris Russell; Former National Committeewoman
· Hattie Bickmore; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman
· Mark Ellis; Former Maine Republican Party Chairman
· Steve Abbott; 2010 Republican Candidate for Governor
· Jason Levesque; Former 2010 Republican Candidate for Congress
· Tim Woodcock; Attorney and former Republican Candidate for Congress
· Chris Gardiner; Washington County Chair
· Howard Bickford: Wilton Town Republican Chair
· David Coleman; Limerick Town Republican Chair
· Gerald Morrison; Perry Town Republican Chair
· Pat Percy; Phippsburg Town Republican Chair
· Janet Plausse; Lincolnville Town Republican Chair
· Jonathan Reisman; Cooper Town Republican Chair
· George Sanborn; Poland Town Republican Chair
· Glyneta Thomson; Surry Town Republican Chair
· Ben Gilman; 2008 Maine State Victory Director
· Ann Robinson; Co-Chair, Transition Team for Governor-Elect Paul LePage
· Kathy Summers-Grice; General Consultant to the Maine Senate Republican Caucus
· Halsey Frank
· Merton Henry

Regarding Maine’s caucuses, The Portland Press Herald reports (Feb 1, 2012):

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Obama & DNC Obsessed with Romney, Legislators Blast DNC Ad, Defend Romney

Further proof of the obsession Obama and his heart throbs at the Democrat National Committee have for Mitt Romney – they continue to aggressively target him. Viewing him as the likely GOP nominee, they released a piece-of-work ad yesterday, which includes the ‘usual’ – misleading use of Romney’s past words, taking quotes out of context (their usual modus operandi), etc. They also put the stink on the internet in the form of a new anti-Romney website and held misleading press conference calls.

While campaigning in Florida today, Romney was asked about the DNC’s latest actions. He replied that he took it as proof that he’s doing well. Romney also added, “Bring it on!

Romney’s Press office released a long list of legislators who issued statements on the Democratic National Committee’s misleading advertisement and press conference calls:


“President Obama’s policies have been utter failures for the middle class: he has failed to create jobs and has burdened future generations with massive amounts of debt. This Administration does not want to campaign against Mitt Romney and be forced to defend three years of failure. Instead of focusing on the middle class and job creation, President Obama and Democrats are focused on campaigning and trying to tear down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed to bring jobs back to Ohio and have devastated the middle class. The last thing that President Obama and his Democratic allies want to do is campaign against Mitt Romney and be responsible for three years of job losses and rising debt. Instead of focusing on revitalizing our economy, President Obama and Democrats only want to focus on tearing down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed to create jobs in Wisconsin and have devastated the middle class. The last thing that President Obama and his campaign want to do is run against Mitt Romney and be held accountable for the economic failures of the last three years. So, instead of trying to create jobs for the middle class, President Obama and his campaign have focused on tearing down Mitt Romney.”


“President Obama’s policies have been failures that continue to wreak havoc on the middle class. Instead of creating jobs and helping the middle class, President Obama and his campaign continue to focus on tearing down Mitt Romney. After three years of failed policies, it is clear that we need new leadership in the White House.”


“It is unsurprising that President Obama and the Democratic Party machine are relentlessly attacking Mitt Romney. Having failed to turn around the economy, they have no choice but to run a negative campaign against the presidential candidate best equipped to bring them to account for three years of economic mismanagement that has left millions of Americans without work.”


“After three years in office, President Obama has failed to create jobs and turn around the economy. Instead, his policies continue to cripple the middle class and pile on staggering amounts of debt. As millions of Americans look for work, the Obama campaign and Democrats are attempting to distract attention away from this administration’s dismal record. The attack they have launched against Mitt Romney shows just how worried they are about facing him in the general election.”


“President Obama’s policies have failed the middle class. It is clear that this Administration would rather distract from its failed record and not talk about the economy. Instead of creating jobs and getting spending under control, President Obama and his Democratic allies have focused on attacking Mitt Romney.”

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Obama Ghoulishly Grim, Romney Believes in America

Recently, President Obama has been ghoulishly grim regarding the capabilities of Americans while deflecting blame for our current condition from himself. While campaigning in San Francisco last week he declared “We’ve lost our ambition, our imagination…

Yesterday, on NBC’s Meet The Press, David Gregory asked Obama’s top White House adviser David Plouffe this question: “The president on the campaign trail, at a fundraiser out west this week sounded pretty downcast. … Is the president in a funk? Or is this meant to send a message to the base?”

PLOUFFE: “He’s not in a funk at all. I was on that trip with him, David, out west, and he was highly energized.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 10/30/11)

Regardless of his personal mood, President Obama sounds discouraged about America. Here’s his full quote at his Oct 25th fundraiser in San Francisco:

‘We’ve lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam and unleashed all the potential in this country.’” (Kate Andersen Brower, “Obama Says Most Millionaires Willing to Pay Higher Taxes, Urges Jobs Plan, Bloomberg, 10/29/11)

In September Obama said America “had gotten a little soft” and lost its “competitive edge.” Here’s the quote:

“‘There are a lot of things we can do,’ Obama then said. ‘The way I think about it is, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track.’” (David Jackson, “Obama: U.S. ‘Had Gotten A Little Soft’,” USA Today, 9/30/11)


President Obama: Our faith in America has been “shaken … over the last couple of decades.”

OBAMA: “Most of the people in this room, many of our parents, our grandparents — we grew up with a faith in an America where hard work and responsibility paid off … Over the last decade — over the last couple of decades, that faith was shaken. Seemed as if the world’s changed. The deck kept getting stacked against middle-class Americans, and nobody in Washington seemed willing or able to do anything about it.” (President Barack Obama, remarks in New York, NY, 9/21/11)

President Obama’s rhetoric brings to mind the “malaise” of the Carter administration…

President Carter’s infamous “Malaise” speech:

“We are losing our confidence in the future.” “We’ve always had a faith that the days of our children would be better than our own. Our people are losing that faith, not only in government itself but in the ability as citizens to serve as the ultimate rulers and shapers of our democracy. … We always believed that we were part of a great movement of humanity itself called democracy, involved in the search for freedom, and that belief has always strengthened us in our purpose. But just as we are losing our confidence in the future, we are also beginning to close the door on our past.” (President Jimmy Carter, remarks in Washington, DC, 7/15/79)

Gail Gitcho, Romney Communications Director, has issued this statement:

President Obama continues to be down on America, saying we are ‘soft’ and have ‘lost our ambition.’ After three years of failed economic policies from this Administration, it is clear that the problem isn’t the American people – it’s President Obama. Mitt Romney believes in America and the strength of its people. After three years of high unemployment and economic stagnation, it is time to send a conservative businessman to the White House and get our economy moving again.”

(emphasis added)

America can’t take four more years of spookiness (the title of this video refers to Obama’s pals…):

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Know When To Fold ‘Em

UPDATE: Bear has video and still shots from Mitt’s CPAC address.

Kenny Rogers put those famous words to music many years ago. Bob Seger more aptly advised that the trick was “never play the game too long”.

Mitt took to the CPAC stage tonight and put an end to his 2008 run for the Oval. I was sitting in the very back of the room during his speech – surrounded by fellow Mitt-backers. We listened to a few speeches which were more like book reports until about 1:30 when Laura Ingraham introduced Mitt.

If I ever run for elected office, I want Laura Ingraham to be my Press Secretary. But I digress.

With the possible exception of his Religion in American speech, Mitt gave the best speech of the campaign – all other candidates included. He hit all the high conservative notes. He spoke of America being the best ally Peace can or ever will know. He spoke of the importance of the family, and most importantly about the value of fathers in the home.

He warned about the dangers of dependency and how it can kill initiative and destroy the American culture and how it (dependency on government) must be fought like the poison it is.

Now, dear reader, I must admit that I had my suspicions about how this speech would end. Living in Virginia and being exposed to the mass media market the way I am, I did not see a single campaign ad for Mitt last night or the night before. I saw plenty for Obama and McCain – none for Hillary surprisingly. In the back of my mind I had prepared for the fact that this just might be the end.

Mitt spoke about his desire to fight this campaign all the way to the convention much like Reagan did in 1976. I felt he really wanted to do this – to fight to the last day and give it his very best shot. He said that today is different from 1976 in the fact that America today finds herself at war – a war which she cannot afford to lose or show weakness in the face of her enemies.

He said that while he and Senator McCain differ in many areas, there is one subject where there is no daylight between them. Both Mitt Romney and John McCain have the same desire to win the Global War on Terror. About that there is no negotiation.

That same desire is shared by neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama. They want to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, bring the troops home and triumphantly wave the white flag of surrender as the Islamofacists start a slaughter which will make the aftermath of Vietnam and Cambodia look like a walk in the park.

What Mitt Romney did today was in the best interest of the Republican Party and the United States of America. He has run a fine campaign and can be proud of his personal efforts, those of his wife and all the members of his family. His decision to step aside is one born of selflessness and will – in Mitt’s own words – allow a national campaign to begin.

Like Mitt, I hate to lose. Having said that, I hate the thought of waking up on November 5th to the sounds of President-elect Hillary or Obama.

That’s the view from my chair.

But For Religion

As I surveyed the campaign coverage of post-Iowa, mid-Wyoming, and pre-New Hampshire I found pretty much a mixed bag. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen, but everyone’s willing to hazard a guess.

Then I happened upon Michael Medved’s latest Townhall column and I started to get just a little miffed. I don’t really have an opinion on Medved – I’ve never really listened to his show, I don’t read his stuff and my only exposure to him has been via Blogfather Hugh’s radio show. Medved has now come out as a McCain backer, but his latest diatribe will most likely find its way to Team Huck for distribution.

Medved would have you believe there is no anti-Mormon bigotry behind Huck’s success in Iowa and in other evangelical heavy states. I’m not going to take Medved’s data apart here, simply because its not necessary to prove my point. I’d simply like to pose a question which turn’s Medved’s logic on it’s head:

But for religion, where would the race stand today?

But for religion, Mike Huckabee would be lagging back in single digit polling no matter what state he ran in. He’d be rightly labeled as a populist tax and spend governor of a state that – were it not for its alphabetical ranking – most Americans would never have heard about. His attitude toward and record on crime – demonstrated by his seemingly endless string of pardons – would subject him to an endless barrage of questions and commentary which would subsequently consign his campaign to the Dukakis Memorial Dust Bin. His Carter-esque foreign policy ideas would lead most responsible Republicans to run screaming from the room – to say nothing of his economic ideals which appeal to the masses but portend fiscal danger and disaster should they ever actually be implemented.

So what, pray tell, is Huck’s appeal? He plays the religion card and manages to convince some Iowans that he’s one of them. He brands himself as the “Christian Leader” thereby calling into question the religiosity of every other candidate – a not-at-all veiled jab at Mitt Romney. He then takes an even less-veiled broadside at Mitt specifically and Mormonism in general with his throwaway line to the New York Times Magazine specifically designed to put religious and not political differences on the front page – again.

While Huck may have apologized for that insult, and Mitt may have accepted said apology, the intent was clear. No, I don’t buy Huck’s explanation and I don’t accept his apology. After so many years at the pulpit, Huck knew exactly what he was saying and the publicity and religious furor it would generate. Huck’s “apology” is a bout as valid as Typhoid Mary’s would have been weeks after she came to town.

In short, but for religion, Huck would already be an also-ran.

On the other side of the spectrum you find Mitt Romney. Here is an exceptionally accomplished man – by any yardstick you choose to measure him. He has succeeded at nearly everything he’s ever even thought of attempting – be it professional, personal, or political. When the chips were down and conventional wisdom said it couldn’t be done, somebody called Mitt and the impossible got done.

Mitt has made over a quarter-billion dollars for himself, and untold billions for others in the private sector. Unlike any other candidate, he has created and saved untold millions of jobs for Americans. He enjoys new challenges, so he took it upon himself to save the 2002 Olympics and then serve his state. Having given Uncle Ted the race of his life and not being stymied by defeat he took a shot at the Governor’s chair and turned a state around. Most people would think Mitt had done enough and deserved a well earned early retirement.

In any other universe, Mitt would be so far beyond any other candidate – Democrat or Republican – this race would all but be over. He personifies the all American family man – married to the same woman for nearly four decades with five strapping sons all successful on their own merits. Norman Rockwell couldn’t have painted a better picture of a presidential candidate.

And yes, in case you were wondering, my picture does include all Mitt’s rightward shifts on the issues he takes hammers on. It wouldn’t matter – and in reality it doesn’t matter.

But for religion, Mitt would all but be sworn in. Were he Baptist, Presbyterian, Unitarian, Catholic, or Methodist the only questions in this campaign would be aimed at policy. But Mitt is Mormon, and evidently that changes the rules set down by over 200 years of American political tradition.

Were there no Mormon Question, the media might have to focus on issues that really matter rather than the actual location of the Garden of Eden or the actions of Mitt’s long dead relatives. They might actually have to work for a decent newsworthy story.

No matter what Mr. Medved claims, there is an undercurrent of religious bigotry which has and will continue to dog the Romney campaign. Bear in mind with the exception of the occasional reference to “faith”, Mitt has been fairly neutral on the subject of religion. He’s gone to great lengths to avoid bringing religion into a race for a secular office. Never the less, Mitt’s opponents and their surrogates seem to revel in reverting to religion at every opportunity.

What proof do I have of this undercurrent? I won’t bother pointing you to the surrogate blogs filled with a never ending diatribe of combined anti-Mitt and anti-Mormonism. I’ll just point you to Mike Huckabee’s officially sanctioned blog. What you’ll find there is just one example of many I could point you in what is fast becoming little more than a cesspool of anti-Morminism. Spare me the “Huck isn’t responsible for comments” excuse. It’s got his name on it, he’s responsible for it.

I’m not going so far as to blame all the woes of Team Mitt on religious bigotry – I’m not quite that naïve. What I am saying is that Mitt has one hurdle the other candidates are free to bypass – and it makes this campaign race much like Mitt having to run100 yard dash in knee-deep water while his opponents sprint down the track.

Even with that obstacle, Mitt is still running neck and neck with them.

That says more about Mitt that I ever could.

2008 Endorsements: Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani: Week ending 3/23/07

This is a fun endeavor! I love to watch the ebb and flow of picking team players (or rather players picking a team).

Both Romney and McCain are making nailing down some great endorsements. The ground game is really taking shape. Since our last update two weeks ago here are some highlighted endorsements:

Congressional Endorsements:

  • McCain picks up congressional endorsements from Richard Burr (Rep – NC), Todd Platts (Rep – PA)
  • Rudy picks up nods from Frank LoBiondo (Rep-NJ), Devin Nunes (Rep-CA), Jerry Lewis (Rep-CA) and Senator Vitter (LA)

State Specific Highlights

  • McCain picks up a solid Florida team with a gambit of State Reps. He and Romney run about 10 elected officials each. Rudy has none in his camp. But Romney has a powerful finance team edge – most recently enhanced by getting H. Wayne Huizenga
  • Romney named his Iowa team with about 7 elected officials. McCain has yet to register any force in Iowa except for a paid of activists.
  • South Carolnia is a real battle. Even beyond the dueling Senators Romney and McCain are grabbing up endorsements. McCain recently unveiled a very solid finance team
  • Romney followed suit with a large finance crowd from Oregon and California
  • Despite his opponents trimming away nods in Michigan, Romney still owns the state elected officials: Romney: 47; McCain: 19; Rudy: 2
  • Phil Graham came out for McCain as did former NC Governor Jim Martin. Romney picked up current RI Governor Don Carcieri while Rudy picked up former MD Gov. Bob Ehrlich

Of course… the story still remains! Where is Rudy’s ground game?

Bottom line is this: These three are going to have the cash at the end of Q1 but McCain and Romney have the strategy and legwork in place to make a showing. Rudy is just plain absent or silent?!

Regardless… here are your charts:

The following chart includes federal, state or local current or former elected officials
2008 endorsements, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani on endorsements

The following chart includes state specific leaders, including former or current local officials, party officials, and state activists.
2008 endorsements, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani on endorsements

The following chart includes members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate
2008 endorsements, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani on endorsements

The following chart includes all previous categories including finance-specific endorsements, other activists, and RNC members.
2008 endorsements, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani on endorsements

HOTLINE: Romney to Air First Ad in Iowa!!

The Hotline Reports the following tonight:
The Hotline has learned that Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney will air his first
campaign advertisement in Iowa. Beginning tomorrow, the 30-second spot will air
on network television affiliates in Des Moines, and possibly on stations in
other markets. The buy will last through 2/25.

This move, if confirmed, will do several things:

  • It will continue the media buzz following last week’s roll-out of his campaign
  • It will increase his name ID in Iowa where it is lower than in NH
  • It will bring new life to an already alive fundraising arm of his campaign
  • It may make Rudy and McCain have to think about making similiar moves though they don’t have the name ID working against them at this juncture

All and all a very exciting move by Team Romney