GOP Convention: Gov Chris Christie’s “Pep talk” to California Delegation

The never-boring NJ Governor, Chris Christie, is prepping to be the headliner speaker at tonight’s GOP convention. But yesterday morning, he got a little “warm up” in by speaking to the CA delegation. Hugh Hewitt served as MC for the event, and Meg Whitman (former candidate for Gov, huge Mitt supporter, and accomplished CEO–eBay & Hewlett Packard) introduced the Governor.

I love how Gov. Christie, in the video immediately below, puts the responsibility of Mitt getting elected squarely on each of our individual shoulders. It really is up to us folks! Let’s get it done and get Mitt in the White House!

TeamMRC’s own Paul Johnson was there as well, eating up Christie’s message. Paul is an alternate delegate for the CA delegation and is pictured below.

And this “Pin Guy” was pretty cool too!

As a bonus, in the following two short videos, Gov. Christie shares an experience where he relishes a Marine guard booting Barbara Streistand out of his reserved seat at White House function. (Sorry on the video quality).

In a Chris vs. Babs fight, I’d stick with Chris! Good luck and prayers for him and Ann Romney tonight as they each make the biggest speeches of their lives.

A Personal Perspective and 10 Key Takeaways – Romney Victory Leadership Retreat

Having attended the Romney Victory Leadership Retreat, I wanted to offer a brief insight and some personal takeaways from the Park City event this weekend. In a subsequent post I will address the issue of Substance and Depth: The Candidates.

A Lifetime of Experience and Preparation for America's Defining Moment

Appreciating an expected crowd of 300, then 400, then 500+, and ultimately nearly 800 attendees, the recent retreat at Park City, Utah was a moving and inspiring experience. While returning to the hotel after Friday’s dinner at the Olympic Park, we were conversing with a couple from Florida, who at the last minute (Thursday night) decided that they would come to Utah, and they did. That seemed to sum up the attitude of so many present in Park City – this was an event not to be missed; everyone was energized.

James Baker offered one of the most cogent, articulate and impassioned arguments of any I have heard and read as to why the nation needs Mitt Romney! James Baker has spent his life in service to our nation and, having served four US Presidents in key positions, provided a compelling and detailed introduction of why Mitt Romney is the most qualified of any in our lifetime to lead our nation at this critical juncture of domestic and global uncertainty. Of any who would know, it would be James Baker.

Ann and Mitt Romney then followed with a ‘tenderly’ humorous introduction of their sons (by Ann), and a passionate and galvanizing speech about the greatness of the task before us (by Mitt). Governor Romney went on to talk about his faith in, and the depth and capacity of, the American people; to rise above trial, tribulation and a dearth of leadership in our most critical moments, and fulfill our responsibility to pick up and carry the torch of freedom; a torch carried so capably by our ‘greatest generation’. He said it wasn’t our torch, but it was our privilege to carry it and hold it high. He inspiringly spoke of our greatest generation who valiantly fought for and preserved our freedom, and the freedom of so many in the world. Acknowledging the sacrifices born by this generation of our fathers and grandfathers, and the diminishing numbers who remain, Mitt movingly touched the hearts of all present to stand tall; to stand firm; and pick up that which so was so valiantly fought for by our fathers; and upon whose shoulders we stand. I have heard many speeches in my 60 years, but this one will stand apart, for it resonated in my heart as few have; and I was not alone in these feelings.

Saturday we were privileged to further hear from Senator John McCain, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Reince Preibus, Jeb Bush and Governor Romney, among many others.

Senator McCain stated with clarity that America is no longer leading from behind – we are not leading at all. He talked of the Arab Spring and that it is only the beginning, with more to come. He further emphasized that at a time when Obama has undermined trust with our allies through critical security leaks, outing British and Israeli cooperation; when our relationship with Israel has been undermined and is at its worst in history; when we have placed greater risks to American lives and the lives of our Allies; we don’t need a President who politicizes our national security and allied relationships through security leaks and self promotion; we need a LEADER who understands America’s exceptionalism in the world; we need a LEADER who can restore trust and what has been lost; we need a LEADER who puts country and others above self; we need a LEADER with sound judgment, trust, capacity, and integrity; we need a LEADER who is principled; we need Mitt Romney.

Secretary Rice was absolutely inspiring. She spoke of the three great shocks that have occurred in the last decade; (1) 9/11 challenged our physical security, (2) the financial meltdown in 2008 challenged our economic security, and (3) the pinnacle Arab Spring, perhaps the most dramatic, illustrated the risk to and opportunity for freedom. Even so, the need for and absence of American leadership in the latter has exacerbated tumult, chaos and created a more dangerous threat to our American and global societies. The world looks for and needs American leadership. In the absence of American leadership, the void will be filled elsewhere, and no one can or will fill such a void with the fundamental principles of freedom. She stressed, with depth of understanding and experience, that the narrative of America is empowerment, not entitlement. Without equivocation, Secretary Rice was clear in her entreaty – we need someone who understands and can lead – that person is Mitt Romney!

Reince Preibus talked of his rearing as a young man at the feet of his grandfather, a resident of Greece; and how much his grandfather loved America! Chairman Preibus was equally inspiring in clearly delineating our task ahead, for we are engaged in a battle for freedom as with our founding fathers and the greatest generation before us. This is our moment to fill the shoes of those who have gone before.

Much more was discussed by panelists on innovation and the media, as well as a strategy breakdown from the tremendous campaign team of Governor Romney.

Jeb Bush was absolute in his advocacy for the message of and person in Mitt Romney, while reaffirming what all present believe – Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified and prepared at this critical juncture in our nation’s history to lead America forward in freedom and prosperity. He stated that where we have been in the past three and a half years has set us on a course of intended decline, a decline that MUST, CAN, and WILL be reversed; that Mitt Romney has been prepared for this moment; and that we, as a nation, need him!

Of course, as has been written, we were also able to enjoy private and group interactions with leading surrogates for the Romney campaign.

10 Key Personal Takeaways
1 – We are living in a more tumultuous, chaotic and dangerous world because of failed American leadership.
2 – Through a conscious and deliberate effort by a self-aggrandizing President and his team who place personal interest and position above the needs and security of our Nation, the lives of many Americans and Allies are at risk.
3 – Mitt Romney is distinctly and uniquely qualified as few have been, to lead our nation through its current crises.
4 – Gathered were some of our nation’s most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and bankers who collectively have the capacity and ability to move our economy, if government would empower and not constrain or burden them. We gathered together because we support and see in Mitt Romney, an incomparable leader for the 21st century; one who can turn around an ailing nation and economy; a leader who can make a difference in the lives of every American; a leader we can TRUST, whose judgments are sound and whose principles are aligned with America’s; a leader who gets it; a leader who will LEAD.
5 – Mitt Romney not only can, but will win in November – because of who Mitt Romney is, his message of a Strong America, the team he assembled to manage his campaign, the coalescence of Republicans, Independents and the coalitions of so many whose concern for America has elevated beyond measure; and the depth, commitment and energy of so many like unto those attending in Park City this weekend.
6 – A comparable gathering by Barack Obama would look completely different – instead of influential business (large and small), banking and entrepreneurial leaders, and coalescing constituencies, Barack Obama would draw Hollywood celebrities and community activists. Unlike those supporting Mitt Romney, i.e., successful entrepreneurs and coalescing assemblages across all spectrums, who are deeply connected to our economy and jobs, and making a difference, those supporting Barack Obama comparatively have little impact on the granular depth of our economic recovery and jobs. Hollywood will not lead our recovery.
7 – There is an undeniable energy and intensity on the part of all in attendance to effect a change and assure that Barack Obama has a job in the private sector come November 6, 2012. To a one, everyone in attendance is stepping up their game, which is huge because of what has been accomplished thus far.
8 – Not to underestimate the capacity of Barack Obama.
9 – Mitt Romney will not be outraised by Barack Obama, nor will his message of a Strong America be silenced by the MSM or Barack Obama.
10 – Barack Obama continues to run a fractured, fear-based, and divisive campaign, seeking to elevate himself at the expense and attempted destruction of others.

As private as this retreat was, it was by greater measure a furtherance of Mitt Romney’s campaign for America to a cause greater than self.

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Character, It Matters

We have a defining choice in November, and it is imperative that we become informed before committing to our decision; informed as to the character of those seeking the highest office in the land, for ‘character matters.’ The absence of principled character often results in negative consequences, the impact of which can seriously compromise that which matters most to our Nation and lead us down a path of decline. It doesn’t mean that everything will always go right or be easy, but in the difficult moments that come, and they have and will continue to come, character is what enables us to come through the trials with integrity, tutorial perspective and become better for the experience, individually or as a Nation. It is with principled character that we progress through trials with an ultimate positive result.

When pondering the question about who? We have to ask certain fundmental questions; for example: what are the defining and guiding principles that determine a person’s character? How and in what way is character manifest? Can I trust them to do what is right, or what I think is right. Character establishes the basis of trust; and we need to ‘trust’ our President. We need to trust him or her, to do what is right; to lead our Nation with integrity; to lead with principle and with character above reproach; we need him or her to lead with values that are consistent with our American ideals and values. We needn’t necessarily agree with them on all points, but we should agree with them on what matters to us; what we feel is important!

As we consider the two candidates for President of the United States, we should be wont to know their character; to know them as best as we are able before choosing who will secure our vote in November. Mark DeMoss, principal with the DeMoss Group, offered the following statement in his introduction of Mitt Romney when Governor Romney spoke to the 2012 graduating class of Liberty University. He said, “I was struck by the difference between knowing about someone and knowing them. You see you can know about someone simply by reading about him or her, but you can only know someone by spending time with them.” I agree with this statement completely, but it is difficult for every American to spend time with either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. For most of us we are only able to glean insights through what we read about them, or what others might say who we have come to know and trust through personal experience, or by measuring our trust in them by and through observation over time. Another way we can come to know the candidates is by the company they keep, or observing their actions over time. Notice, I said actions, not just in the words they speak. The adage is true that states, “I can’t hear what you are saying because your actions speak more loudly.”

Why the company they keep? As individuals, or as a group, we tend to feel most comfortable associating with those most like us in key measurements; people with whom we share common values, ideals, and perspectives. We typically find discomfort being among those least like us in these key measurements. In fact, we most typically choose friends with whom we share similar core values. This point has been clearly illustrated in the current factions or divisions in our society. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

It is important that we spend time studying, reading and understanding the nature and character of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In this regard, I am trying to remain objective, but knowing Mitt and Ann Romney personally, and having spent time with them in public and private moments, I acknowledge my bias.

Even so, there is plenty of material available to read to come to a better perspective of these two men. Of course we need to take into account Click here to continue reading

An Independent Who Knows and Loves Mitt — and Not for the Mistletoe

Autumn McAlpin

“America’s Calling” was an event organized in June of 2007 in Boston for volunteers to make outbound calls to their contacts to raise funds for Governor Romney’s 2008 campaign. Meg Whitman (CEO, eBay) chartered a 737 for all volunteers from California wishing to travel to/from Boston to participate. My wife Cindy, our son Mitchell, and I took the day to make it happen.

With us was Autumn McAlpin, a friend and talented writer and author. Of course, one of the passengers up and back was Meg Whitman; the return flight included Ann Romney. At the time, I was writing for CommittedToRomney blog and decided to see if I might get an interview from Meg and Ann. Then I thought, Autumn had a lot more experience writing than I, and as a woman would likely connect with them better than I.

They both graciously accepted to give an interview to Autumn (I made the two photographs below on those flights). See Autumn’s bio at the end and the link to her weekly column — The Orange County Register has a tradition that slants libertarian (as a paperboy, I delivered The Register at age 12 in Anaheim).

Autumn accepted my invitation to provide this editorial to you; her thoughts on Governor Mitt Romney.

By Autumn McAlpin:

I recently came across an article by a fellow journalist who first met Mitt along the campaign of ’08. She recalled that while seated under a mistletoe at a coffee shop at Christmastime, Mitt extended a handshake rather than a peck. She claimed this platonic gesture from a happily married man disillusioned her, even costing him her vote.


The concept of politicians shaking hands and kissing babies is as cliche as the striped red tie. Such sentiments form the fodder for the “Presidents are merely puppets” ideology. But in our country’s current state of emergency, is another puppet what we want?

In 2008, the polls showed we did. It was edgy, even cool to pick a candidate who was the youthful minority, the underdog. But now, after four lackluster years of watching a puppet shake hands and kiss babies (all the while with a shell-shocked look on his face), this country is now ready to elevate our expectations of our commander in chief.

I first met GMR in 2008 as part of his grassroots campaign, but had actually known his son Josh since college. This personal connection drew me to the Romney camp, but my involvement in the campaign and eventual ballot choice was not predicated by it.

Autumn & Meg

As an independent voter, party lines are more of a blur to me, and I will always vote for who I feel is the best candidate. Just as in 2008, I have no doubt GMR is the best choice.

We’ve all done the research: GMR floats on a legacy of fixing things–from corporations to the Olympics, he’s the man who’s brought in in the eleventh hour to do remarkable things in dire circumstances. Well, the circumstances are dire, and the hour is here.

In Boston 2007, I had the privilege to sit down with Ann Romney as we discussed her family, health, and husband. By every account a gracious, intelligent force for good herself, she convinced me that GMR did not seek this position for his own hubris. We all know he has already humbly proven himself capable in his business world. Rather, he felt called to fulfill a position for which his life circumstances had trained and qualified him.

Ann & Autumn

Other conversations with friends and family who know the real Mitt reveal the same — business mogul (and former eBay C.E.O.) Meg Whitman told me the story of how GMR had shut down operations at Bain Capital once when an employee’s teenage daughter went missing, encouraging the large work family to support the search efforts. Friends have told me of times when he’s generously donated money to those in need, treated masses of teenagers to dinner, rolled up his sleeves in community clean-up efforts. He is by all accounts a man who is deeply allegiant to his wife, children, grandchildren, and country.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, GMR does not scheme for these glimpses to be splayed across the airwaves for those seeking their mistletoe kiss. Rather at the podium, he focuses on the real day-to-day issues facing the POTUS post — our economy, our military, education, and healthcare. He backs up his beliefs, and dominates the debates. I know he’s qualified and prepared to roll up his sleeves and get to work doing what he does best — fixing. And the thought of our country getting fixed thrills me.

2008 was not a complete political loss for us as it gave the media a chance to flush out their antics– the “flip floppery,” the religious persecution, the hair jokes. And now the groundwork is laid, the candidate well known, and really, there’s just not anything to dig.

When seeking an edge, we’ve got Lenny Kravitz. When seeking a presidential candidate, we need a fixer, a doer, a believer who will reinstate our allegiance to our Constitution and restore national pride — someone who is not running for his own personal gain, but who is willing to lend his talents and willingness to serve in the most difficult leadership role in the world.

If you are looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe, Mitt may not be your guy. But if you are ready to FIX this mess we’re in, ready to support a candidate who will easily be the most productive, effective, and respected President since Reagan, it’s time to commit to Mitt.

Autumn McAlpin is an author and screenwriter who also pens the weekly “Cracking Up” column for the Orange County Register ( Autumn lives in southern California with her husband, Michael, and four children.

“If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women.” — Abigail Adams

California: Romney Raises Cash, Talks Jobs & Economy

Mitt Romney has been in The Golden State for the last couple of days…

On Friday (9/16/11), weight-loss maven Jenny Craig held a breakfast reception at her Carlsbad, CA home for Governor Romney:

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is hosting a slim fundraiser on Friday — a breakfast reception at the home of Jenny Craig, “featuring Jenny’s special oatmeal pancakes.” Sounds healthy! But Waffle House CEO Joe Rogers and the founders of Panda Express are Romney backers too, so he’s probably going to binge later.

Saturday morning, another fundraising breakfast was held for The Gov at the home of James and Kristine Maxwell in Fresno, CA. Afterwards, a meet-and-greet was held for him by Richard and Karen Spencer at Harris Construction in Fresno. He also paid a visit to Bakersfield, CA.

Mitt Romney makes fundraising stop in Fresno – Shannon Handy

Mitt Romney arrived to a Northwest Fresno home early Saturday morning accompanied by Meg Whitman. Last year, she lost to Democrat, Jerry Brown in the California governor’s race.

After making their way inside Romney greeted more than 300 people who each paid 500 dollars to eat breakfast and hear him speak.

Richard Evans said, “It was a great message. Encouragement. He’s excited about the country. He loves America and that’s what we need in a president.”

Guests tell Action News Romney talked about the importance of free enterprise and putting people back to work.

The former Massachusetts governor spent years working in the private sector and often touts his role in creating thousands of jobs.

Jill Bechard said, “I thought his message was right on target. I’m a business woman, I run a credit union and we just need folks back there in Washington to understand that they’ve got to free up the business community and that’s what he was talking about.”

Continue reading here.

As stated in the video, Rick Perry was in Fresno last week for a fundraiser. Here’s how it went:

By the accounts of a few who attended, Texas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry was impressive at his Downtown Club fundraiser last week. The problem was hardly anybody attended — and that, obviously, isn’t good when the event is a fundraiser.

Two who attended put the number at less than 40, and that counts some who came for free and others who were part of the event.

(emphasis added to articles)

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney’s Message ‘Believe in America’ Resonating in California

Mitt Romney holds up personalized surf board presented to him by CA Congresssman Dave Rohrabachr (R) during campaign stop in Orange CO, CA. Jan 31, 2008

Mitt Romney inspired donors to believe in America yesterday in sunny California. They responded with cash for The Gov to carry on:

Lunch in Sacramento:

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a swing through downtown Sacramento on Tuesday for a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser luncheon at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.

“It’s good to be back in California,” the former Massachusetts governor said as he greeted supporters in the hotel lobby.

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, who is serving as adviser and finance chairwoman for Romney’s campaign, mingled in the hotel lobby with lawmakers and supporters before the event.
[…]State legislators were on hand to hobnob at the reception and lunch, including Senate GOP leader Bob Dutton, Sens. Bob Huff, Sam Blakeslee, Tony Strickland and Mark Wyland and Assembly members Paul Cook and Jim Silva.

Romney largely ignored questions from a reporter – an aide said he would not make comments to the press because it was a “private event” – but he responded briefly when asked about former U.S. Ambassador to China and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman’s announcement that he would enter the GOP primary fray.

“The more the merrier,” Romney said.

(emphasis added)

Dinner in Bay Area:

On a warm Tuesday evening, Romney visited a Portola Valley barbeque and fundraiser.

A campaign volunteer called it a “low key event,” but an event flier made it clear that admission was far from low: donors were expected to give between $1,000 and $10,000.

The barbeque was at the home of Sun Microsystems founder Scott McNealy. During the event, McNealy tweeted 200 supporters were there for food and whiffle ball.
Supporters such as Coleman Andrews of Danville said Romney has what it takes to defeat President Obama.

“We were business partners for many years; co-founders of Bing [Bain] Capital together and I’ve had a chance to watch him in business, the Olympics, governor of Massachusetts and have a high regard for his leadership,” said Andrews.

When Romney ran for president in 2008, he raised more money in California than any other state with $8 million.

(emphasis added)

Jayde Wyatt

Romney Headed West: Raising Cash in California

Sunset on California coast

California, here he comes!

Returning from the *presidential debate and campaigning in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney will be working his way through Colorado, Utah, and California to campaign and raise cash. He will be in The Golden State next week:

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is taking a fundraising swing through California next week, hosting events in at least five cities, according to a campaign memo obtained by The Times.
Romney will raise money at stops in Sacramento, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire between June 21 and 23.

The memo also includes a partial list of the candidate’s state finance committee chairs, including prominent Republicans such as failed gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman (who used to work for Romney), former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy, prominent homebuilder William Lyon, former MGM Studios Chairman Harry E. Sloan, and Tony Pritzker (whose sister Penny was the 2008 national finance chairperson of President Obama’s campaign).

Californians were generous with Romney in his unsuccessful 2008 bid, contributing more than $8 million to his primary battle with Sen. John McCain, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

It’s unclear how much the three-day swing will net Romney, but an invitation to a June 21 barbecue at McNealy’s Portola Valley home calls for a suggested contribution of $1,000 to $10,000 per person.
The California trip is sandwiched between similar events in Colorado and Utah.

(emphasis added)

Californians are dealing with 11.9% unemployment, a flat housing market, high gasoline/food prices, and a state budget deficit exceeding $15 billion. Too bad they let Meg Whitman slip out of their fingers. Ah well, their loss is our gain. Glad to see she’s helping Mitt in Cali…

*Presidential debate… Margaret Carlson (Bloomberg) has penned my favorite summary:

At this week’s debate in New Hampshire, Romney was a mighty oak planted at center stage, with little saplings arrayed around him.

► Jayde Wyatt

Mitt Romney’s National Call Day May 16th — Want To Help?

The Romney for President Exploratory Committee will be holding a National Call Day in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 16th, 2011.

Mitt and Ann - Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images North America

The event is drawing Romney family and friends in support of the Governor’s efforts. Also in attendance will be many high profile supporters, such as: former Olympians Dan Janssen and Derek Parra, former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, Senator Jim Talent of Missouri, and Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets.

The event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Calls will commence at approximately 5:30am PST or 8:30am EST. Free lodging for out of State volunteers will be provided. If you are planning on attending please bring with you: cell phone, cell phone charger, iPad and/or laptop.

If you’re interested in helping out contact Matt Briggs for more details.


Or the networks below:

UPDATE by Jayde:

Romney corrals hundreds of fundraisers to dial-for-dollars from Las Vegas

In the wee hours next Monday in Las Vegas, when many Sin City visitors are still sound asleep or just going to bed, an army of top fundraisers for Mitt Romney will start dialing for dollars with an eye toward raising millions for his presidential exploratory committee.

Hundreds of fundraisers have signed up for the money harvest in Vegas. The fundraising marathon, which will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is shooting to corral between $2 million and $3 million, according to Romney fundraisers.
So far, Romney has assembled the biggest network of GOP bundlers of the numerous potential GOP candidates. Romney fundraisers said his committee is trying to raise between $15 million and $30 million this quarter, an ambitious goal since donors can only give a maximum of $2,500 each for the primaries. For the entire primary season, Romney fundraisers are looking to raise a minimum of $50 million.

When Romney announces his formal campaign, as he’s expected to do by the end of the second quarter, donors will be able to give a total of $5,000, half for the primaries and half for the general.
Romney, who launched his exploratory committee last month and has been meeting periodically with big bundlers in several cities, is hoping to get top fundraisers to rope in between $25,000 and $50,000 each by the end of the second quarter. Since April, Romney has traveled to several traditional fundraising havens such as New York, Washington and Los Angeles to meet with small groups of bundlers and rev them up.

In 2007, Gov. Romney’s campaign raised a record-breaking $6.5 million in a single day! Can we help break Mitt’s record this time around? We want to do our part to help make this a huge event for Mitt. PLEASE click here to make your pledge and we’ll contact you on that hopefully record-making day so you can be a part of history!

Let’s ALL help to make this a fantastic day for Governor Romney!

California Now A Toss Up State; Meg Whitman Gaining Momentum

Meg Whitman FTW!

It was only last week that the Rasmussen poll had Jerry Brown ahead against Meg Whitman by 48% to 42%.  This put California leaning towards Democrat in the election.  However, Rasmussen released a poll today showing that the race is tightening and Meg is eating away at Jerry Brown’s lead.   Brown leads by 49% with Meg Whitman moving up with 45%.  The results are within the 4% margin of error which means that California is now a toss up state.  It also means that Meg can, and will, win this election.

Despite the good news, it does not mean we can let up on our hard efforts in helping her campaign.  There’s only four days left.  That means we have to work even harder make sure she gets the votes she needs to become the next Governor of California.   The important goal is to increase voter turnout in her favor.

I am repeating my request for you to dedicate an hour or more of your time every for the next three days to make calls for Meg Whitman. You can do it from the comfort of your own home regardless if you live in or out of California. You can also you can e-mail the people you know who live in California and encourage them to vote for Meg Whitman.  If possible, please make a contribution to her campaign.  And for those of you who are in California, please go to a Meg Whitman office near you and volunteer.

Finally, keep up the good work in helping your conservative candidate in your area!!

~Jared A.

We Won’t Tolerate It In California Or Washington, Help Meg Whitman

In California, Republican Meg Whitman is now in a competitive race against Democrat Jerry Brown. Polls show that Brown has a slight lead against Whitman.  This is unacceptable.

When former Governor Brown left California’s gubernatorial office in 1983, the unemployment rate was 11%. There were about 1.3 million Californians out of work. Currently, California is 19 billion dollars in debt. The unemployment rate is 22%. Do Californians really want a Governor who repeatedly increased spending and taxes under his administration?

My fellow conservatives and Tea Partiers; California is our modern day Alamo. The familiar maxim, as “California goes, so does the nation” is true. If California elects Jerry Brown, he will continue the bad financial habits the state has been engaging in for years. And, other states will follow Jerry Brown’s bad example. Why? If financially irresponsible Brown is elected, the voters of one of American’s largest states will simply be sending a message to politicians that they don’t need to take our anger over excessive tax and out-of-control spending seriously. And, the rest of the nation will be called on to bail out California.

That is simply unacceptable.

For those of you who are concerned about America’s current financial crisis and want to put an end to reckless government taxation and spending, the best way to do that is to help Meg Whitman in the last days of the election. If we allow Jerry Brown to beat Meg Whitman, it doesn’t matter what other victories win on November 2nd. Why? California is simply a reflection of how federal government operates by imposing high taxes and reckless spending. As a result, California could drag American down financially if it continues on the path of financial irresponsibility. The consequences won’t be limited to California.  It will certainly ripple across the country. As you can see, this election has consequences that will impact each one of us and determine the success or failure of America.

Given how important this California election is for the state and our nation, we must protect California, and by extension, America at all costs. Therefore, I am asking you to dedicate an hour or more of your time every day this week to make calls for Meg Whitman. You can do it from the comfort of your own home regardless if you live in or out of California. If you are in California, please go to a Meg Whitman office near you and volunteer. I also encourage you to please make a contribution to the Meg Whitman campaign.

It’s important to ask everyone you know who is concerned about the future of America to dedicate some time helping Meg Whitman win on November 2nd. Just as early American patriots enlisted their friends and neighbors in the fight for freedom, I humbly ask that you invite your friends to make a stand for California and America by dedicating your time to help Meg Whitman win.

If you wish to send a message to the leaders of both parties that America’s debt and out-of-control spending will not be tolerated any longer, then the only acceptable way to send that message is to declare that it won’t be tolerated in California, either.

~Jared A.

Meg Whitman links:

UPDATE by Jayde – Please! No more clueless politicians. Here’s Jerry Brown – in his own words – clueless: