War on Women? Guest Post: Barbara Hiller Johnson

Barbara Johnson and her husband Mark Chapin Johnson are dear friends in California. Barbara is quite the satirist, but her Barbs are quite reflective, insightful and strike a chord that resonates with many Americans. She has a unique perspective on the ‘War on Women’! Enjoy.

Barb’s Barb

Warning! All who are offended easily please be warned the contents of this material are written by a satirist.

What ‘War On Women’?

Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic so I started perusing old black and white family pictures from years gone by. I came across a photo of my mother in her late teens lined up with a group of her girlfriends all wearing miniskirts, shorts or pants in the style of the old Annette Funicello movies at a camp ground. You might say, ‘so what?’ Well, this picture was taken in the late 1950’s in Iran. This is the same country where today a woman at the very least would be arrested for such indecent clothing. You see, I hear every day from our President, while hopping from university to university, preaching about this ‘War on Women’, and I keep looking to see where this war is being waged. I could certainly understand if the opposition candidate was a Rick Santorum type, but it’s Mitt Romney! You know, the moderate from Massachusetts! I guess if you say it often enough it becomes fact and there are plenty of young and impressionable women who believe this guy when he says if he’s not re-elected they would forfeit 50 years of progress. Hmmm! I bet there are a few women in Iran who would jump at the opportunity of by passing Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy and go back to those easy days and I have no doubt there are plenty of women in Egypt that are now considering the option of what it might be like if Barry Obama had stopped supporting the Islamists in their country. It is so very difficult to listen to 20 year old college girls trying to scare someone like me about the perils of a Romney Presidency. The poor girls are so brain washed that most of their cells have turned dormant and refuse to process thought on their own. Somehow, their college professors, the media and all the so called women’s groups reached into this immature casing of hormones and emotion and filled it up with the ultimate Halloween boogie man.

I must say I am not the most tolerant person I know, especially when it comes to low forms of IQ in human form. So, you can just imagine how hard it must be to smile and try to put some sense into a mind of a young girl who has not yet had the opportunity to lift a finger to support herself. She has been fed, clothed and educated throughout the years without a moment of doubt that all will be provided for her. She has a cell phone with internet connection, an assortment of computers, all the cute and cuddly accessories of a college life, most likely in pink, and of course the tiniest little skirts assuring the attention of the opposite sex. She speaks passionately about the terrible possibilities of how we might all end up barefoot and pregnant with men in charge of every aspect of our lives. I listen and listen while she spews the Chicago mob machine’s talking points on how to get women’s votes. I’ve heard it all before. I heard it when a 30 year old female law student testified in front of Congress about how she needed her Catholic University to pay for her contraception. I heard it when all the overpaid starlets of Hollywood spoke at the Democratic National Convention. How does one even approach such an empty vessel? My grandfather used to say the worse curse on the planet is be stuck with dumb person, and here I am. Funny, no one paid for my birth control and somehow I managed, and funny how thirty years ago no one I knew complained about paying for services such as a college education and most of us worked, sometimes, at more than two jobs! It’s funny how we all took pride in our achievements and never expected handouts. In my day it was shameful to be on any form of welfare and that included your parents. Our motto was ‘Hear Me Roar!’ and sadly yours is ‘Give Me More!’

I’m not sure what you think you’re achieving for women these days. If it’s equal pay you should look at the White House for paying its women staff 18% less according to government data. If you’re looking for sexual equality, well, you win, I guess. My only conclusion from your level of whining and expectation is that you truly believe that you are not now, or ever will be; competent enough to take care of yourself and that you would need either your parents or the government to provide for your every whim. My generation fought for the freedom to be responsible for ourselves, to achieve as far as we could or wanted to achieve, to be in charge our destiny. I’m saddened to see your generation is about expectations to have others do for you. Who is enslaved with shackles now, you or me? It is interesting that when it came to voting for a woman to reach the White House more women voted for the good looking younger man. Even Oprah, the queen of women’s issues put aside her life’s work to choose color over gender.

So little girl, I feel sorry for you. Not because there might be a chance any real progress in opportunity for women will be thwarted in the future, but for the lack of pride and individual accomplishment I see in you today. We have had a right leaning Supreme Court for decades and there has been no reversal in any legal choices for women. If you survived the farthest to the right President, such as Bush, I have no doubt you can survive Mitt Romney who has only proven in deeds to be a fair and considerate human being. Frankly, I am horribly offended by your lack of respect for the true achievement my generation and ones before mine allowing you to be an independent individual with the right to choose your own destiny. To see all that hard work and sacrifice be squandered by the agenda of one incompetent political figure and his ability to brainwash you is very sad indeed. My dear, you are selling your soul to be at the mercy of a man after all!

MUST SEE: Romney Surrogate [John Sununu] Laughs as MSNBC Host “Struggles” to Defend Obama’s Bogus Ads

Sununu vs. The World

And this is why I love that the Romney camp deploys Governor Sununu (and this, and this, and this) to set the story straight.

Sununu, in all his awesomeness, has single-handedly smacked-down each of the MSNBC anchors for distorting the truth.

Here he is taking Andrea Mitchell to task for flacking for the Obama campaign:

Which makes this my favorite tweet from today:

UPDATE: My bad. I didn’t see that Jayde was already putting something together on this Sununu interview. Give it a looksy.

On Your Mark, Get Ready, Set…Go!

Mitt Romney man with a plan

Mitt Romney: the man with the character, skills, experience, endurance, and the team required to be our nominee.

Having organized, managed and executed a dynamically successful Primary Campaign strategy, Governor Romney is well poised for the General Election Cycle.

The Romney Campaign has overcome and endured a nearly insurmountable campaign season. Although not flawless, and in spite of continual MLM protestations, the Romney Campaign has been one of the best run Republican Primary Campaigns in modern history. To paraphrase Stuart Stevens, Senior Advisor to the Campaign, any credit to the eventual success of the campaign goes to the candidate, Governor Romney – they don’t get any better than Mitt Romney…and this from a well respected and seasoned veteran of political campaigns. Further, to each who stands, or has stood, with Mitt Romney, they are to a one unified in their admiration, attribution and respect, that he like none other is the real deal with all of the needed character traits, skillsets and experience to lead our nation at one of its most defining moments.

Consider the points;

1 – In a Primary campaign, Governor Romney has been continuously and singularly challenged by the Obama Media Machine (OMM – Main Stream Media), the Democratic National Committee, the Obama Campaign, and an abundance of candidates and/or promoted possible candidates (Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul), each of whom have at one point or another led national polls for the Republican nomination. Amidst it all, Mitt Romney has withstood the onslaught, and stands today as a respected and principled leader without equivocation.

2 – Governor Romney and his core team have built and managed a national campaign organization like none other. This is a campaign that can not only compete, but compete with depth in every contest across the nation and territories of the United States. Such is what is needed to endure what is likely to be the most aggressive and expensive general campaign in modern history.

3 – Governor Romney has built one of the broadest based and well-resourced fundraising campaigns in Republican Party history. With contributions in excess of $80 million thus far (limited by a $2,500 maximum), the Romney Campaign has no equal in the Party. Governor Romney has attracted a large base of donors less than $200 per person while also appealing to a large base of maximum donors. This proven ability to raise needed campaign funds for the Primary cycle has positioned the campaign for the demands of fundraising parity with the most prolific of fundraisers, Barack Obama.

4 – The Candidate – as stated by Stuart Stevens, there isn’t any better than Mitt Romney. A man whose life is a reflection of integrity, character, principled leadership and capacity, thus enabling his ability and offered availability to lead, even inspire our Nation in our defining moment! We are suffering from a void of experienced and principled leadership – Mitt Romney fills the void as few can.

Thank you Mitt and Ann Romney!

And so, it begins – the comparative of Romney and Obama. Hugh Hewitt clearly defines the contest here. That said, to make an effective comparative we need to know more of Barack Obama. A dear friend and highly regarded Hollywood Producer, Jerry Molen is introduced by Breitbart in a recent post. Jerry is producing a film titled “2016” based upon the book by Dinesh D’Souza, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, to further inform the American electorate (see below). The film is slated for release in the midst of the Presidential campaign, the summer of 2012. Future posts will be more deliberative in their comparatives of Barack Obama and his failed policies.

Pledge to VOTE for Mitt on Super Tuesday

MittRomney.com has set up a way for voters in all 10 of the Super Tuesday states to pledge that they will vote for Mitt on Tuesday. Send these links to voters in their respective states.

Oklahoma: http://mittromney.com/forms/oklahoma-pledge-vote

Tennessee: http://mittromney.com/forms/tennessee-pledge-vote

Virginia: http://mittromney.com/forms/virginia-pledge-vote

Vermont: http://mittromney.com/forms/vermont-pledge-vote

Alaska: http://mittromney.com/forms/alaska-pledge-vote-mitt

Idaho: http://mittromney.com/forms/idaho-pledge-caucus-mitt

Massachusetts: http://mittromney.com/forms/massachusetts-pledge-vote

North Dakota: http://mittromney.com/forms/north-dakota-pledge-caucus-mitt

Georgia: http://mittromney.com/forms/georgia-pledge-vote

Ohio: http://mittromney.com/forms/ohio-pledge-vote

Did Mitt just get another endorsement? Click here to continue reading

What Happened in Michigan? Here’s a Little Help for the Media

Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, the UAW, President Obama’s Super PAC, Gingrich’s Super PAC, Santorum’s Super PAC, Michael Moore, Fox News, Red State, and the dirty tactics of Santorum’s own campaign couldn’t beat Mitt in Michigan where polls show the fact that Mitt was born here didn’t factor very largely in the decision of voters.

I don’t know if I can remember a candidate surviving and continuing to win when faced with such adversity. Michigan’s results are truly amazing. Despite an onslaught of outrageous attacks from both sides and the media giving voters virtually no where to turn to for the truth, that fact that Mitt still won must strike fear in the heart of the Obama campaign. Even with Catholics across Michigan getting inundated with robocalls calling Mitt a baby-killer, Mitt won the majority of Catholic votes. Mitt ended up winning among republicans by over 10%, he and drastically increased his vote totals from 2008 despite 3 years of sustained attacks by the local and national press claiming that Mitt wanted Michigan and Detroit to fail and lose all of our auto sector jobs. President Obama fears that Mitt could carry Michigan in the general which would make his path to re-election basically impossible. President Obama’s campaign and Super PAC had laid the groundwork to defeat Mitt Romney in Michigan for years, and they failed.

Mitt Romney emerges from this primary as the only acceptable candidate. Newt Gingrich and his Super PAC have disqualified themselves with their blatant dishonest on Bain Capital and with the robocalls they ran against Mitt about the 2nd Ammendment. Rick Santorum has disqualified himself by running robocalls aimed at democrats admitting he is a weaker general election candidate. That is not an appeal to democrats that will result in extra votes in November. It is an admission that Sen. Santorum has no business in the race if even he admits he doesn’t stand much of a chance against President Obama in November. He can argue that he was playing off media stereotypes, but he could’ve let the UAW, Michael Moore, the democrat lawyers, and several other democratic leaders in Michigan make that argument. I cannot recall any instance of an actual Presidential campaign doing what Sen. Santorum’s actual campaign did. Republican voters across the country will not forget and will not forgive Sen. Santorum in time for him to regain momentum. Ron Paul, the only other candidate with an organized and professional campaign, is satisfied with the opportunity to spread his ideals, and has also indicated that Mitt Romney would make a fine and acceptable President.

This race should be over! Mitt continues to build a huge delegate lead while Sen. Santorum’s campaign spent every last penny in Michigan. However, the dishonest media continues to propagate the narrative of Mitt being “wounded”, a “weak-frontrunner”, “stumbling”, or “unable to excite the base”. The media has worked tirelessly to elongate this process in order to increase ratings and/or to stop Mitt Romney from getting the nomination. Their claims don’t hold any water. It must be clear to any honest clear-thinking individual that Mitt is the only candidate that can beat President Obama. Rick Santorum and the actions of the democrats all admit it. It’s time we all rally to Romney.

All Videos Added: Romney on O’Reilly, Charlie Rose, Letterman and Morning Joe

SET THOSE DVR’s!! Romney to be on four tv/news shows tonight and tomorrow morning!


Tonight and tomorrow morning, Romney to appear on O'Reilly, Charlie Rose, Letterman and Morning Joe

Where to watch:

The O’Reilly Factor: Mitt enters the No Spin Zone on FOX News channel, 8 PM and 11PM ET

Charlie Rose: One hour round table will be on PBS at 11PM ET. Check your local listings.

The Late Show with David Letterman: Mitt reads the Top Ten on CBS at 11:35 PM ET

Morning Joe: On MSNBC, 6-9AM ET.

(h/t Glen Johnson – Boston Globe)

UPDATE: Here is the Full Interview with O’Reilly:

Here’s the Letterman Top 10:

To see the Romney/Charlie Rose interview click here (start video by clicking on photo of Mitt).

Final update: Videos of Chris Christie and then Mitt Romney on Morning Joe below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Mitt Romney’s Supposed Health Care Straddle: Is He Trying to Have it Both Ways?

Debunking erroneous allegations from the media is becoming a full time job (one that doesn’t pay very well). I wish the press didn’t depend on fabricating nonsense in order to make a living — sure would allow me to trust them more.

Two Men, two very different health care plans

The latest accusation comes from The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby, and it is just as phony as it’s predecessors. Here’s Jacoby pretending he doesn’t know where Romney stands on the individual mandate, saying that Romney is ‘straddling the health care issue’:

Is it Romney’s position that coercive insurance directives are fine when they are imposed by states, and a “power grab’’ only when imposed by Congress? Does he oppose ObamaCare, with its maze of controls and penalties, as a matter of federalism — or as a matter of liberty?

I suggest Mr. Jacoby flip through the pages of Romney’s most recent book, where Romney discusses in-depth his stance on health care. Romney’s position on this issue has not wavered. There has been no “double speak”. He has not been “trying to have it both ways”.

Here are the hard facts on Romney’s health care stance:

  • State’s Rights: Romney believes that states have the right to structure their own plan according to the demands of that state, a belief guided by the principles of the constitution. He believes that the complexities of health care are so vastly different among each demographic in each state that there is no possible to way effectively manage a national, one-size-fits-all plan. He has stressed many times that the states were designed as laboratories of democracy, and as such they should learn from neighboring states and adopt whatever policy they deem appropriate for their state.

  • The Mandate: Romney believes that if the alternative to a mandate is higher taxes on responsible citizens to cover the cost of free loaders, then a mandate may be a favorable option (again, its up to the state to decide). That said, Romney advocated an opt-out provision for people who wanted to forgo insurance and pay their own way; that provision, among others, was vetoed by the 85+ % democratic legislature. He has stressed that, at the time, Massachusetts felt that a mandate was the answer to their health care woes (and the notion was received very favorbly by his constituents), but that the same concept would never function nationally.

    Back to Jacoby’s piece where he makes the rehashed argument that Romney is to blame for ObamaCare by citing MIT economist Jonathan Gruber:

    “If any one person in the world deserves credit for where we are now [with passage of the new federal law], it’s Mitt Romney. He designed the structure of the federal bill.’’

    Oh really? Why, then, did Romney never get a phone call from Obama? As the supposed creator of ObamaCare, why was he never summoned to a health care summit? Why was he never given a white lab coat and told to pose in front of cameras at the white house? You would think that, as the expert on the matter, Romney would have been consulted at least over a text message or Skype. But no.

    Where is Romney's Lab Coat?

    Here’s why the white house didn’t bother contacting Romney: they knew that the basis and overall intent of their plan was so immensely different from Romney’s that, essentially, they would have been talking to Henry Ford about how to erect a flying saucer. Their plan, rooted in big government principles, was to force private providers out of the market and rely on a sole government provider. Their plan was not paid for. Their plan raises taxes and cuts Medicare. Their plan was not viewed favorably by the people it would have effect on (all Americans). Their plan was not introduced after previously balancing the budget. Their plan had was jammed through the house, unread. Indeed, their plan was an “‘Unconscionable Abuse of Power”.

    I suppose I’m not entirely sure what Romney would have told Obama if he had gone to him for advice, but Romney did have this to say the day ObamaCare passed:

    America has just witnessed an unconscionable abuse of power. President Obama has betrayed his oath to the nation — rather than bringing us together, ushering in a new kind of politics, and rising above raw partisanship, he has succumbed to the lowest denominator of incumbent power: justifying the means by extolling the ends. He promised better; we deserved better.

    He calls his accomplishment “historic” — in this he is correct, although not for the reason he intends. Rather, it is an historic usurpation of the legislative process — he unleashed the nuclear option, enlisted not a single Republican vote in either chamber, bribed reluctant members of his own party, paid-off his union backers, scapegoated insurers, and justified his act with patently fraudulent accounting. What Barack Obama has ushered into the American political landscape is not good for our country; in the words of an ancient maxim, “what starts twisted, ends twisted.”

    His health-care bill is unhealthy for America. It raises taxes, slashes the more private side of Medicare, installs price controls, and puts a new federal bureaucracy in charge of health care. It will create a new entitlement even as the ones we already have are bankrupt. For these reasons and more, the act should be repealed. That campaign begins today

    Look folks, it’s easy to see where Mitt Romney stands on the issue. It doesn’t frustrate me that people are concerned with Mitt Romney’s past regarding health care, they have that right; what frustrates me is when certain people use their high profile press position to regurgitate false allegations, all the while knowing exactly where Mitt stands.

    I, for one, cannot wait till the campaigning begins. Romney, having sharpened his debate skills, will be given plenty of air time to reinforce his health care stance for those who choose to remain ignorant. Granted, people like Jeff Jacoby will always find a way to contort Romney’s words — after all, if they can’t succeed in creating buzz they will be yanked from their post and replaced by somebody who can.

  • Fox News 12 For ’12 Series: Fair and Balanced?

    In FOX News’ attempt to cover all who THEY feel are potential 2012 candidates for President, they decided to produce a segment on Mitt Romney, who opted out of the interview and IMHO clearly did not want to be included in the series. Perhaps FOX felt that 11 For ’12 didn’t roll off the lips quite as well as the original? So they decided to go ahead with the segment anyway.

    Rather than highlight Romney’s achievements in a positive light, FOX chose to play up what they felt were his negatives, including comparing the Massachusetts Health Care Bill to Obamacare.

    Now, I’m not naive. I fully expected a mention of the MA Health Care Bill. Instead, the majority of the piece seemed to center around this issue with only a few quick blurbs about his successful business background at Bain, Bain Capital, and the saving of the Olympics.

    After viewing the video I was left with a sense that Romneycare is all Mitt Romney accomplished and the rest according to FOX, is insignificant. However, I know better and I know that’s not the case. In light of the Romney segment, I believe he made the correct choice by not ACTIVELY partaking in the piece. I don’t believe FOX would have done it any differently.

    With FOX having 4 horses (Palin, Huckabee, Gingrich, and Santorum) in the race for 2012, it would be to their advantage to try to take the top horse out early. I’m not saying that this is what their plan was, I’m just opening it up as a possibility. It seems that with ALL the tv exposure that Palin, Huckabee, and Gingrich are getting on FOX, they can’t seem to pass Romney in the polls and in the race to 2012.

    What I’m going to ask readers of this post to do, is to view both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin’s profiles. See if you feel that they covered Palin’s negatives with the same enthusiasm and intensity as they did Romney’s.

    Mitt Romney:

    Sarah Palin:

    Well, were they fair and balanced?

    Mitt Romney Talks with Larry King Tonight About the Right Way to Do Health-Care


    Tune into Larry King Live tonight at 9:00PM-ET to catch an interview with Mitt Romney. Topic: “Mitt Romney wants landmark health care legislation repealed, calling it “an unconscionable abuse of power”. He tells Larry why.”

    Anyone who is watching it live tonight feel free to CHAT with us.

    REPEAL THE BILL! You tell ’em Mitt!

    ~Nate G.

    UPDATE ~ by Ross: I loved the interview and thought it went very well. Please comment if you saw the interview to tell us what you thought and we’ll get the video posted here as soon as we can…

    Until the video comes up, the Transcript will have to suffice.

    Finally, MRC presents the video for your viewing pleasure:

    And This is How You Build a Narrative

    Romney Picks His Spots

    There’s nothing like having run for president before to give a candidate a sense of the rhythms of a campaign.

    So it’s been very interesting to watch Mitt Romney pick and choose the spots on which he tries to inject himself from the debate. He’s been notably absent from the recent small-bore scandals over Van Jones and ACORN, for instance, where rivals like Tim Pawlenty angled for a piece of the action.

    But he’s all over the missile issue today, calling the move “alarming and dangerous.”

    The metapoint, a colleague points out: Romney’s sticking to the adult stuff, leaving the downmarket attacks to rivals.

    This is textbook early campaigning. The most important part of campaigning for a frontrunner in these early days isn’t just getting your name in the paper. Managing your image so that a positive press impression is laid. In this case, Romney’s reluctance to jump in on the scandal-of-the-moment is giving his coverage the air of a presidential figure when he speaks up about something not as sexy, but much more serious. By being patient and precise Romney not only manages to garner good press and avoid gaffes or overreaches that will needlessly come back to haunt him later.

    In the 9/12 chat from last Saturday we talked about this a bit. There was some agitation for Mitt to jump into the fray with Glenn Beck and start firing salvos at Obama. The thing is, that’s not his role. Romney is not here to become the guy who attacks Obama relentlessly driving down his poll numbers. We have people for those purposes, and they’re doing a fantastic job. No, Gov. Romney’s role is to be president in 41 months. In order to be that person, he needs to think beyond the next angle of attack for now. There will be time for close-quarters fighting with Obama in 2012, oh Lord will there be time. But today, waiting for his turn to come up. Romney’s fulfilling his role perfectly

    I’ll save the indignity coming from the “advisor to a rival” for another day. But I will say that his message only reinforces, to me, that Romney is the adult in the room.