Tomorrow: All 5 Romney Boys to Appear on Conan

The first time that all 5 sons sit down for a joint interview will be on tomorrow’s Conan — on TBS. USA Today has the details:

Romney's sons to appear on Conan

The five sons — Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig — have all been active in the presidential campaign, but the Conan show claims this will be their “first-ever interview on a late night program.”

The five Romney boys will appear on the show Wednesday night.

This should be a funny/interesting interview, so check your local listings and tune in!

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A Very Happy Father's Day to Mitt & All Our Readers!

Mitt and his 5 sons

First-off: we wanted to wish all you dads out there a ‘Happy Father’s Day’. Whether you’re just starting Fatherhood or you’re watching your own sons become fathers, we wish you all the best in your journey and thank you for doing your part to care for and build the American family.

Second: we want to take this chance to apologize to our readers for recent problems with loading the website. It appears we’ve been targeted by hackers. We’re working on getting everything back to normal and we’ll be taking more preventative action so that it won’t happen again. Until then, haters gunna hate.

Last and least: enjoy these two father’s day videos. The first from Mitt’s sons to Mitt. The second is just a funny one that came out a few years ago but deserves to be revisited:

Mitt Romney Wins All 18 Delegates From Guam and the Northern Marianas

Matt Romney and his wife Representing Mitt

Matt Romney and his wife, Laurie, representing Mitt

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on winning all 9 delegates in Guam:

I am grateful to have won all nine delegates in Guam, and I am pleased that my son Matt was able to visit the island on my behalf and be there for the caucuses. The people of Guam have always stood bravely for America and the values we hold dear. Today we stand together in our efforts to secure the future that this nation deserves. I am honored to have won the Guam caucuses, an important milestone in my quest to restore America to the principles and practices that made us great.

Photo provided by Reuters

UPDATE: Romney wins all 9 delegates in Northern Marianas caucus.

Mitt Romney made the following statement on winning all 9 delegates in the Northern Mariana Islands:

“The Northern Mariana Islands may be far away from the mainland, but one of the great things about our democracy is that every voice has a chance to be heard in selecting a presidential candidate. Now the voters of the Northern Mariana Islands—nearly 8,000 miles from Washington, D.C.—have spoken. And what they’ve said today is that they want to bring change to their beautiful islands by bringing change to our nation’s capital. My son Matt told me about his visit to Saipan and the warm reception he received, and I am honored and delighted to have the support of all nine of the CNMI’s delegates.”

Check out our updated Primary Results and Delegate Count. It’ll be interesting to see how many delegates Santorum and Gingrich officially end up getting out of Wyoming tomorrow.

UPDATE by Jayde – How Mitt “Guamney” Is Putting Santorum Away

Romney’s wins, big and obscure, are giving him a dramatic lead in the currency that counts: Delegates. On to Samoa!

Mitt Romney’s victories today in Guam and the Northern Marianas Islands were greeted with amusement yesterday afternoon by the political class, as the time difference from the Pacific Ocean allowed Saturday’s news to break Friday.

But Romney’s sweeps in the obscure caucuses are part of the reason that the Republican professional class has begun to write off the nomination. With the exception of a strong showing in the non-binding Minnesota caucuses, the victories of Romney’s main rival, Rick Santorum, have been symbolic; Romney’s victories and second-place finishes have brought him the currency of the nomination fight, delegates.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Matt Romney, son of Mitt Romney, is greeted by Victor Cruz, Republican Party of Guam Vice Chairman, after he and his wife Laurie arrived at the A.B. Won Pat Intl Airport, Guam. March 8, 2012 (Photo Rick Cruz/Pacific Daily)

Matt Romney Attends McCain Fundraiser in San Diego

Matt Romney

From the WSJ:

August 26, 2008, 11:19 pm
Romney — Matt, That Is — Causes Stir at McCain Fund-Raiser

Elizabeth Holmes reports from San Diego on the presidential race.

With John McCain’s vice presidential selection coming in a matter of days, every appearance matters.

Which is why Matt Romney, the second of Mitt Romney’s five sons and the only one who lives in Southern California, caused such a stir when he attended a fund-raiser for the Republican candidate Tuesday. Mitt Romney, who is in Denver working for the Republicans during the Democratic convention, is rumored to be among the finalists to be McCain’s running mate.

“Matt Romney is here,” McCain said to the audience at the luxurious Grande Del Mar Hotel. “Matt, where are you? I’d like to just say a word about the Romney family. Nobody worked harder, nobody worked harder than the five Romney sons. In fact, I don’t know if it was you, Matt, that drove all around every county in Iowa? Now that’s above an beyond the call of duty.”

In fact, it was Josh Romney, the third of the five sons, who drove the RV to all 99 counties of Iowa. Josh Romney, who lives in Utah and works in real estate, was among the most active of the sons on the campaign trail for his father. Matt volunteered for his father while maintaining his full-time job in California.

“Cindy and I have gotten to know Ann very well, as well as Mitt, and I am grateful,” McCain added, and he repeated his standard line about Mitt Romney: “By the way, he does better on television for me than he did for himself.”

Also noted in the article was that Jon Voight was in attendance, and it mentions that he is Angelina Jolie’s father. I didn’t know that. I guess you learn something new (however worthless) every day.

~Nate Gunderson

Romney Sons Blogging Away

Mitt Romney's son Matt RomneyIf you didn’t catch it last week, the 5 sons of Governor Romney have their own blog in play:

Today, Matt R. (the second oldest) has a great post about his recent experience campaigning in New Hampshire:

This past Sunday I made a trip with my dad to Sunapee, New Hampshire to attend the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Despite the Nor’easter storms, which are not unusual in New England but are this late in the year, there was a great turn out to listen to him speak. The conditions actually got really bad and the snow began to accumulate rather quickly. With well over an hour of driving still remaining, I was surprised my dad did not want to cancel.

We saw spinouts along the way, so we were not surprised to see tracks ahead of us at one point that veered into oncoming traffic. We slowed down and then noticed that there was a giant tree branch blocking the lane. We saw a couple of guys in a pickup just ahead of us get out and push the limb out of the road. Later that evening, my dad mentioned this in his speech. He correctly pointed out that this was typical of people in New Hampshire – they aren’t always looking for the government or someone else to solve their problems, but chipping in and taking responsibility for their community.

It was a treat for me to get to meet two phenomenal US senators, John Sununu and Judd Gregg. It was also fun to go back to Sunapee where my mom and dad had taken me and my brothers so many times when we were learning to ski in our early years.