Romney Announces: TX Congressman Smith Endorsement, MD Campaign Chaired by Gov Ehrlich & RNC’s Pope

We’ll begin the day here at MRC with welcome news from The Lone Star State and The Old Line state…

Mitt Romney Announces Support of Texas Congressman Lamar Smith

I am proud to have Congressman Smith’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “On issues that I have focused on such as border security and job creation, Lamar has been at the forefront in the Congress. I look forward to working closely with Lamar both during my campaign and in the effort to fix our struggling economy.”

Congressman Lamar Smith said, “Like many Americans, I believe the United States urgently needs to replace Barack Obama as president with a proven leader who will create jobs, reduce the nation’s debt and embrace traditional values. The Republican Party is fortunate to have many candidates who are well-qualified to do just that. Last May– three months before Governor Rick Perry announced his candidacy – I committed to supporting Mitt Romney. I support Mitt Romney because I believe that he has the specific skill set needed to turn around the economy: he has a conservative track record as a successful businessman and as a governor who created jobs, cut taxes, and kept spending low.”

Background on Congressman Lamar Smith:

Congressman Lamar Smith represents the 21st district in Texas. In the U.S. House, Smith serves as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Prior to his election to Congress, Smith was a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He also was a practicing lawyer and rancher.

From The Hill:

Smith’s endorsement is another likely signal that Romney is gathering momentum on immigration and border security issues. Romney seemed to gain traction in his criticism of rival Perry’s stance on both, with Perry sliding in the polls under a heavy barrage of Romney’s criticism on his support as governor of extending in-state tuition rates to undocumented students who graduated from a Texas high school.

Romney Announces Gov Bob Ehrlich as Chairman and RNC Committeeman Louis Pope as Co-Chair of Maryland Campaign

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney announce[s] former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich as Chairman of his Maryland campaign and RNC National Committeeman Louis Pope as Co-Chair.

I am proud to have the support of Bob Ehrlich,” said Mitt Romney. “As Governor of Maryland, he oversaw a drop in unemployment, balanced the budget, and said ‘no’ to tax increases. He understands that President Obama’s over-spending has failed to get voters in Maryland and across the country back to work. I am glad to have Bob’s help in my efforts to put our economy on the path to recovery.”

After studying all the candidates, it is clear that Republicans’ best chance for beating President Obama next November is Mitt Romney,” said former Governor Bob Ehrlich. “Mitt Romney is the only candidate with the necessary experience to turn around our failing economy. He has laid out a comprehensive economic plan that will restart the economy beginning day one. Republicans can’t afford to let President Obama have four more years to spend trillions of dollars, burden small businesses, and fail to create jobs.”

“Maryland voters are tired of the failures and excuses from this administration,” said National Committeeman Louis Pope. “They want a president who will make job creation his number one priority. Mitt Romney has worked in the private sector for 25 years and knows how jobs are created. He is the only candidate who will be able to fix the fiscal and economic mess that the next president will inherit.”

Background on Maryland Co-Chairs:

Bob Ehrlich served as Governor of Maryland from 2003 to 2007. Previously, he represented Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003. He also practiced law and served in the House of Delegates.

Louis Pope serves as Republican National Committeeman for Maryland. In 2006, Pope was selected by President George W. Bush to serve on the Small Business Administration’s National Advisory Council. He is the President and Owner of Century 21 Trademark Realty, Inc, based in Montgomery and Prince Georges County.

(emphasis added)

Members Of Mitt Romney’s Maryland Steering Committee:
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chris Cavey
• Former Maryland Republican Party First Vice Chair Chuck Gast
• Former Maryland Republican Party Chairman Audrey Scott
• Howard County Republican Party Chairman Loretta Shields
• Former Howard County Republican Party Chairman Brian Harlin

Pope endorsed Governor Romney back on September 8th.

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MMM Exclusive – Rep. Lamar Smith: Why I Support Romney

This morning I got in contact with Congressman Lamar Smith’s office and asked why he is supporting Mitt Romney for President. Here is his response.

Mitt Romney is a good man and he has the values, the experience, and the ability to be a great president. Character always counts. Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann, have raised five boys. That alone may qualify him to be President! He knows what family values are all about.

Mitt Romney has earned a reputation for unquestioned integrity. He has always conducted himself with honor and decency.

And he has established a record of success in every area – public, private and non-profit. He has a history of solving problems and coming up with solutions when no one else can.

As Governor of Massachusetts, he reversed the state’s financial decline and balanced the budget every year of his administration. He turned deficits into surpluses and created 57,000 new jobs. Think what a record like that could mean for our country.

Governor Romney championed education reform. He supported merit pay and more math and science courses in high school, and made public colleges more accessible. He recognizes that better educational opportunities enable the next generation to prosper. Imagine what a record like that could mean for America’s students.

Along with education, a top priority of the American people is health care. Governor Romney persuaded a Democratic legislature to enact a law that provides health insurance to every
resident of the state. He accomplished this through the private sector, without a government takeover and without raising taxes. Think what it would mean to each American family to have a workable solution to the looming health care crisis.

Mitt Romney also has an impressive record in the private sector. He founded an investment company that helped launch hundreds of successful businesses. In other words, Mitt Romney
knows how to manage a large business and create jobs, something he has been doing all his life. Those talents will benefit our country too.

In the non-profit arena, Mitt Romney left a successful business career and became President and CEO of the 2002 Olympics when it was in disarray. In his three years at the helm, he erased a deficit, organized thousands of volunteers, and implemented unprecedented security measures after the 9/11 attack. The 2002 Olympics was considered the best ever held in

As a candidate for President, Mitt Romney is the nominee our Party needs in 2008. He can unite the conservative coalition and help the Republican Party across this country from California to Maine. Frankly, if a conservative Republican can be elected in liberal Massachusetts, he can be elected anywhere!

We can make a difference in this election. We can help determine the direction of our country. We can pick the person who should win because of his values, character and experience —
and who will win because of his electability.

Mitt Romney is a good man; he will be a great President. Let’s give him our enthusiastic support.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) has represented the 21st District of Texas since 1987. He is the Ranking Republican Member of the House Judiciary Committee.