Of Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils and Grand-kids

What multi-millionaire that you know of frequents a small restaurant that serves food on paper plates and with plastic utensils?

While reading a somewhat interesting article called “Mitt Romney takes to life in new California home” I found this intriguing little nugget in the closing paragraphs that speaks volumes:

While the streets of La Jolla are filled with emblems of capitalism, from exotic car dealerships to pricey retailers and high-end restaurants, Romney has decidedly lowbrow tastes.

He said one of his favorite meals is the turkey burger at the Burger Lounge. Another favorite place is the Marketplace Grille, where he orders the chicken bowl — chicken served with tabbouleh, a choice of white or herbed rice, and lavash bread. It is served on paper plates with plastic utensils.

“He comes in with his grandchildren,” said Mehran Izadi, the restaurant’s co-owner. “He’s very down to earth. You don’t expect that from a politician.

No, you don’t expect that of politicians, nor of millionaires. Oh that we could have such frugality in Washington these days. Also, I particularly like the mention of him taking his grand-kids out to eat.

Just recently I posted a video of a long “discussion” with Mitt at Emory University’s business school. There were many interesting topics in the discussion, but one that perhaps stuck out to me the most was the topic at the end about which of Mitt’s accomplishments made him the most proud. His answer was his relationship with his wife and kids. He even counseled the business students that they never let business or career get in the way of what brought true joy – family life. To build on his point he stated that getting up in the morning and doing meaningful work is an important part of a healthy family relationship, but that the work his wife did in the home was much more important to their happiness than what he did. That video can be viewed by clicking here. The segment about family begins at the 40:15 mark.


mitt romney la jolla home

AP photo: La Jolla Romney residence

Some time after losing the ’08 GOP nomination Governor Romney sold his homes in Massachusetts and Utah and bought a beachfront property in La Jolla California (near San Diego). Romney has spent a lot of time in La Jolla while writing his new book No Apology. The Romney family stills claims residency in Massachusetts and are said to be purchasing a condo in Belmont that they’ll close on in June.

Spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said the Romneys are buying their own home in Belmont, but a March closing was pushed back to June because of “contractor delays.” That has put forced the Romneys to watch the number of days they spend in California, ensuring they do not raise questions about their primary residency for tax, voting or other legal purposes.

A few months ago I chatted with Josh Romney when his dad spoke at a local event in my home town. I asked Josh how his parents were enjoying La Jolla. He said that they loved it, particularly Ann Romney, but that his dad wanted to make sure they didn’t spend more than six months there during the year or they’d have to pay taxes in California. Who wants to pay taxes in both CA and MA?

Exit trivia: This AP story was written by a particular reporter who had a little dust-up with Romney regarding lobbyists during an interview in a grocery stores. Can anyone name the reporter without googling it? (That doesn’t mean use yahoo or bing.) Anyone have a link to the video?

~Nate Gunderson

Source: AP story “Mitt Romney takes to life in new California home

Just for fun here is the google streetview of the Market Grille in La Jolla.

No Apology Tour: Reports from the Road

There are two reports from Mitt Romney’s book tour I’d like to share with you.

#1 – Anthony Dalke of RightOSphere does a point by point recap (he took many notes) of Romney’s “discussion” at the McCormick Freedom Project in Chicago. Of interest from Anthony’s post is his warming up to Romney:

In the interest of full disclosure, let me state up front that I am someone who initially had a highly unfavorable opinion of the Governor but has warmed up to him over time, to the point where I would now put him among my “top tier” of desired 2012 candidates.

..and Anthony’s summation:

Mitt clearly came prepared for business, speaking substantively and extemporaneously. He did a good job of remaining firm, yet respectful of the moderator, refuting her assertions that he deemed inaccurate. At times, he appeared slightly flummoxed with interruptions and incessant probing by the moderator. Still, he noticeably impressed the audience, receiving hearty rounds of applause. The event was light on humor but heavy on serious discussion.

Read his whole report at RightOSphere.com

News Article and video from Mitt’s Chicago stophere.

#2 – Longtime Romney fan Crystal F. writes of her experience at the La Jolla California book-signing and includes a photo gallery. Her event was much different than the one Anthony attended, and so is her recap, but it is every bit as enjoyable.

Crystal F and Romney
You like that mash-up Crystal?

  • Crystal and her daughter arrived 2 hours early, 1000 said to have attended.
  • She showed Romney her ‘Mitt 12’ keychain and said “I’m ready when you are.” He laughed and said, “That’s a riot.”
  • Her daughter got her book Turnaround signed by Romney who seemed pleased to see it.

Read the whole report and see the photo gallery at Crystal’s blog post at CommittedToRomney.net

~Nate Gunderson