Fmr NH Gov & Senator Judd Gregg: “Romney – Highly Skilled LEADER”

Former NH Governor and Senator Judd Gregg has written an op-ed today outlining why he's proud to support Mitt Romney for President. November 4, 2011.

Did you notice who helped introduce Mitt Romney yesterday at his town hall meeting in New Hampshire? The one where he delivered a fantastic fiscal policy speech?

The two doing the introductory honors were NH State Senator Russell Prescott (who endorsed Mitt yesterday) and former NH Governor and Senator Judd Gregg (endorsed Mitt on October 10th). Today, Judd Gregg has penned a strong, must-read op-ed voicing his reasons for supporting Romney (posted on Romney’s website, published by Union Leader).

“I Am Proud To Support Mitt Romney For President”
By Judd Gregg
November 4, 2011

The United States is facing a looming disaster, or really two looming disasters. One is called runaway spending. The other is called runaway debt. Together they portend real hardship for our country, and we urgently need to get both under control.

I was proud to recently endorse Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy. The former governor of Massachusetts has what it takes to deal with the twin crises in which we are gripped.

Romney has had a distinguished career in public service. But the more important fact is that he’s spent almost all of his life in the private sector. He’s helped to start new companies and turn around failing ones. There’s absolutely no magic in what Romney has done. Rather, there is deep understanding of the marketplace, excellent execution and genuine leadership of people.

That’s a rare confluence of qualities in a public figure. The country is fortunate that Romney is in the race. As sometimes happens in history, the economic crisis has brought to the fore exactly the kind of leader that we need.

Romney knows the importance of cutting costs and making organizations highly efficient. But the truth is that a lot of people know how to talk the talk. What Romney also knows is how to go about putting his understanding into practice. He can actually walk the walk. The evidence is in the mega-job-creating enterprises like Staples and Sports Authority and Domino’s Pizza that Romney’s company played a significant hand in growing.

But it is also in his extraordinary track record as governor.

When Romney assumed office, the Massachusetts economy was just emerging from a recession. The state government, long under the control of a Democratic legislature, was spending more than it was taking in. We can all draw some lessons from what Romney did to reverse the fiscal recklessness. He cut taxes on 19 different occasions. And he cut state spending. By the end of his term, the state had a $2 billion rainy day fund, and Massachusetts employers had resumed hiring.

This was not a Massachusetts miracle, for there are no miracles in economics. Rather, it was the work of a highly skilled leader. Particularly notable is that he was able to reach across the aisle and persuade Democrats to go along with measures that they had long resisted.

Romney is the leader we need to break our national pattern of out-of-control spending and borrowing. …

(emphasis added ) Read the entire article here.

By the way, another speaker reinforcing his support for Romney yesterday at Mitt’s townhall in Exeter was former NH Gov John Sununu.

Here’s a look at some of yesterday’s double-decker crowd:

Mitt Romney was greeted by a full house when he delivered a fiscal policy speech in Exeter, NH. Nov 3, 2011

► Jayde Wyatt

HHSS: Daschle Out, Romney In?

Interesting, but it’s not going to happen. Besides, I don’t think that Obama would want his 2012 replacement in his own Cabinet. That would be a little awkward during cabinet meetings in 2011.

From Karen Tumulty at the Swampland:

Now that the former Senate Majority Leader has withdrawn his nomination to become Health and Human Services Secretary, speculation in Washington turns to who might take the job.

What we know of Barack Obama in situations such as these is that he is willing to make an unconventional choice. Who would have predicted him naming New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg to be Commerce Secretary, when his pick of Bill Richardson fell through? So I’ve got an out-of-the-box suggestion that he might consider. My suggested nominee is a proven problem-solver on the health care issue, who has shown that he is willing to invest whatever political capital it takes to get the job done. Someone who has shown that, on this issue, he can work pragmatically across party lines. Someone who has partnered with Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the chairman of the Senate health committee, on a plan. In fact, he’s the only person in America who has ever put together and passed a universal health care program.

That man: Mitt Romney.

Check the article if you want to see all of the liberal comments being left. It is after all.

~Nate G.

P.S. I little nugget I heard on twitter: “Think Geithner is glad he made it through before the tax cheat door shut behind him?”

ADDENDUM: In response Marc Ambinder also discusses Mitt for Health Czar

Judd Gregg Endorsement is HUGE News

Please note these two items:

  • No GOP candidate has ever lost New Hampshire and Iowa and gone on to win the primary nomination.
  • No GOP candidate has ever won both of these states in a primary election.

With Romney’s lead in Iowa dropping jaws across the political spectrum (one recent poll has him up on Rudy by 23% pts) does the Gregg endorsement seal the deal in New Hampshire?

First, Gregg is very respected in the New Hampshire GOP with an 82% approval rate among Republicans.

Second, the Gregg family has deep roots in New Hampshire. His father Hugh Gregg served as Governor in the 50s. Judd was elected to Congress in 1980 and served 4 terms before winning the race for governor in 1988 and then winning his current Senate seat in 1993. He has been re-elected twice now, most recently in 2004

Second, Gregg had previously indicated that he would not be endorsing anyone until the primary. Today, he said: “never thought I’d endorse a governor of Massachusetts for anything, but, I never though the Red Sox would win the World Series twice in my lifetime, either.”

In short, these type of endorsements are seriously prized in the political world. And if the endorsement happens to be in New Hampshire…

One quick question: Gregg indicated that he has “tremendous respect for John McCain and although I don’t know Rudy Giuliani, I respect what he’s done.”

Did Rudy not even approach Gregg? Or meet with him?