Tomorrow: All 5 Romney Boys to Appear on Conan

The first time that all 5 sons sit down for a joint interview will be on tomorrow’s Conan — on TBS. USA Today has the details:

Romney's sons to appear on Conan

The five sons — Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and Craig — have all been active in the presidential campaign, but the Conan show claims this will be their “first-ever interview on a late night program.”

The five Romney boys will appear on the show Wednesday night.

This should be a funny/interesting interview, so check your local listings and tune in!

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A Very Happy Father's Day to Mitt & All Our Readers!

Mitt and his 5 sons

First-off: we wanted to wish all you dads out there a ‘Happy Father’s Day’. Whether you’re just starting Fatherhood or you’re watching your own sons become fathers, we wish you all the best in your journey and thank you for doing your part to care for and build the American family.

Second: we want to take this chance to apologize to our readers for recent problems with loading the website. It appears we’ve been targeted by hackers. We’re working on getting everything back to normal and we’ll be taking more preventative action so that it won’t happen again. Until then, haters gunna hate.

Last and least: enjoy these two father’s day videos. The first from Mitt’s sons to Mitt. The second is just a funny one that came out a few years ago but deserves to be revisited:

DNC Adviser Hilary Rosen Insults Ann Romney, Ann’s Rapid-Fire Response – UPDATES

This incident has caused a media and Twittersphere firestorm! Click on link at the bottom of this article for updates.

Hilary Rosen

They don’t waste any time, do they?

A few months ago, a rancid Democrat plan to “kill Romney” reared its repulsive head. Now, after Governor Romney’s first full day of getting into general campaigning, we’re getting a stinky whiff of their plans for Ann Romney.

On Wednesday evening, Democrat operative/CNN political contributor Hilary Rosen spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She mockingly snarked about Ann Romney:

“Guess what? His wife [Ann Romney] has never actually worked a day in her life.”

Did you catch Rosen’s accusation that Mitt Romney is “old-fashioned when it comes to women. He just doesn’t see us as equals.” Did you also notice Paul Begala’s nod of approval and big grin when his cohort delivered the talking points? Really, I’m laughing so hard as I type this. What a sorry, ridiculous duo – spouting off ridiculous rhetoric to hide Obama’s sorry economy and ridiculous federal debt. See Vic’s article.

Setting her work record straight, Ann Romney, mother of FIVE boys, grandmother to 16 grandchildren, church, charity, and community volunteer, former Massachusetts First Lady, breast-cancer survivor, and valiant handler of Multiple Sclerosis, fired off her first campaign tweet:

Good natured Ann is garnering high praise for her down-to-earth ability to connect with voters. Because he was losing ground with female voters, Obama operatives have been taking notes. Regarding Ann, think about it: Obama is leading a class war on successful Americans, combine that with a leftist faction that dislikes political Republican women, throw into the mix some Democrats’ disdain for working-at-home mothers and they see fresh meat to attack – on three fronts. Ann is a triple-threat.

Byron York, Chief Political Corespondent (Washington Examiner) and FOX News Contributor jumped on it:

After insult, Romney hits back with lightning speed

. . . Within seconds, Rosen’s statement that Ann Romney has “never worked a day in her life” began to burn up Twitter. Mrs. Romney, after all, had raised five children, as well as dealt with MS and cancer. That was work, no matter how much money her husband made.

The Romney campaign jumped on Rosen’s remarks with a speed that no Republican campaign has shown in the past. First, campaign staffers sent out tweets hitting Rosen. “Obama adviser Hilary Rosen goes on CNN to debut their new ‘kill Ann’ strategy, and in the process insults hard-working moms,” said top Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom. The campaign then sent out word that Rosen, who has worked for the Democratic National Committee and other Democratic organizations, is now part of the same firm, SKDKnickerbocker, as Anita Dunn, a prominent member of the Obama circle. And then came word that Rosen had visited the White House at least 35 times, according to publicly-available White House visitors logs. And then that Rosen attended last month’s state dinner at the White House.

Sensing an opportunity, the Romney campaign rolled out the big guns and had Ann Romney, who had never sent out a message on Twitter before, send out her first: “I made a choice to stay home and raise five boys. Believe me, it was hard work.” Mrs. Romney quickly had thousands of followers.

Obama machine scrambles:

The story really took off when Obama campaign officials scrambled to distance themselves from Rosen. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina tweeted: “I could not disagree with Hilary Rosen any more strongly. Her comments were wrong and family should be off limits. She should apologize.” Top Obama aide David Axelrod added, “Also disappointed in Hilary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive.”

Rosen back-tracked but she didn’t back down. Of course not; she’s a messenger – with a dumb message.

York was impressed:

. . . Presented with an opening, Romney’s staff jumped on the controversy with impressive speed, forcing top Obama officials to respond before most people even knew there was a story. The fracas suggests that Team Romney is determined to aggressively — really aggressively — pursue any chance to press an advantage against Obama. If the president’s re-election team thought they were facing a slow-moving, not-up-to-the-task Republican rival, they learned differently Wednesday night.

See tweets here. Follow @AnnDRomney here. By the way, a new hashtag burning up twitter is #waronmoms.

Ann Responds on America’s Morning with FOX News’ Martha MacCallum – April 12, 2012:

Great interview!

VOTE in related polls posted here.

UPDATE – Since joining Twitter last night, around 10:19 AM PT Ann Romney reached 20,000 followers.

Excellent article from Townhall’s Carol Platt Liebau (hat tip to Hugh Hewitt):

Yes, yes, we know that the President is working hard to consolidate support among female voters — but Obama adviser Hilary Rosen’s remarks about Ann Romney “never work[ing] a day in her life” are cynical, shameful, appalling, divisive and above all . . . ignorant. They constitute the newest iteration of the long-running, ugly and gratuitous left-wing attack on women who have made the very important choice to stay home in order to raise their children themselves.

[article continues below fold]

Rosen has kicked off a political firestorm; click on link below for updates!

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Will Romney Put His New MITT ’12 Bumper Sticker On His Car?

I doubt it. But now he knows they’re out there.


My brothers (Luke and Aaron) and I had some excitement yesterday. While we were all at work, Luke came into my office to tell me he got a text from a friend. His friend said that Mitt Romney was at an event for a local business just 4 miles away. Not knowing what it was exactly we hopped in the car and went over, grabbing some of our MITT ’12 stickers, just in case.

Apparently Romney was asked to be a speaker at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for APX Alarms which was opening a HUGE new headquarters in Provo, UT. The COO of APX, Alex Dunn, was Romney’s Chief of Staff while he was governor of Massachusetts.

We arrived at the event a little late (still not knowing what it was) and entered through side door in the very back. When we cracked the door we were surprised to see a room full of at least a thousand people with only crowded standing room available in the back. We were also surprised to find that we were standing right next to Spencer Zwick. Our good governor Gary Herbert was speaking at the time, and a few minutes later Romney was introduced to a very raucous reception, partly because of Luke and Aaron.

After we introduced ourselves to Spencer I showed him one of our bumper stickers and his face lit up with a wide smile. He asked if he could have it, and asked for one to give to Mitt when I showed him we had five of them. I don’t know why I was surprised but Spencer was exceptionally friendly, and he was looking very slim from the last time I’d seen him. I asked him whether or not it was true that Romney had written his USA Today op-ed on his blackberry, to which Spencer confirmed.

After the event ended and the crowd began to clear we worked our way toward the front and ran into Josh Romney too. He was also extremely friendly and I was a little surprised that he seemed to remember us. He also liked the bumper sticker a lot and said that we should try to give one to his dad and that it might be the last motivation that his dad needs to run in 2012. In our chat with him he said that his parents have recently spent most of their time at their home in La Jolla, CA, and that they really liked it there. We also talked a little bit about his dad flying later that day to be on the Larry King Live show.

I did get a chance to give a sticker to Governor Romney himself, but only as he was being hurried out of the building after talking some fans and then doing his TV interviews. I stood along the wall right by the door to the exit so I was able to very briefly stop him to shake his hand and give him the sticker. As I gave it to him I mentioned that it was extra motivation for him. He let out a hearty laugh and asked where I got it. I told him I made it and he laughed again as he was walking out.

This brief exchange was actually caught on KSL news where the news anchor actually mentioned the bumper sticker, just as you see it flash in Romney’s hand. I was not aware of this video until a short while ago when Jenn emailed it to me. You can see Aaron, Luke (just barely) and I as Romney is leaving. It’s at about 1:50 in the video.
Click here for a link to the video from KSL. Update: see the first YouTube video below.

Aaron and Luke would be mad at me if I didn’t mention the awesome food they had afterwords.

Here is our bumper sticker that we hope to be selling in our store very soon: (click to enlarge)
mitt romney 2012 bumper sticker

I just want to add that Romney’s speech of course was excellent. He spoke for about 10ish minutes and included some interesting personal stories that I actually had not heard before. He emphasized that it was businesses like APX that would restore jobs to our economy and that the stimulus package was doing nothing to actually create jobs but rather hurting our economy further. He also pointed out the strength of entrepreneurship in how APX was able to raise $330 million dollars from investors (in this economy?) to greatly expand their business and provide THOUSANDS of new jobs.

Video of Mitt’s visit to APX, Provo, Utah December 3, 2009

Mitt Romney Q & A at APX Alarms, Provo, Utah December 3, 2009
Mitt shares his thoughts on the economy.

~Nate G.

Matt Romney Attends McCain Fundraiser in San Diego

Matt Romney

From the WSJ:

August 26, 2008, 11:19 pm
Romney — Matt, That Is — Causes Stir at McCain Fund-Raiser

Elizabeth Holmes reports from San Diego on the presidential race.

With John McCain’s vice presidential selection coming in a matter of days, every appearance matters.

Which is why Matt Romney, the second of Mitt Romney’s five sons and the only one who lives in Southern California, caused such a stir when he attended a fund-raiser for the Republican candidate Tuesday. Mitt Romney, who is in Denver working for the Republicans during the Democratic convention, is rumored to be among the finalists to be McCain’s running mate.

“Matt Romney is here,” McCain said to the audience at the luxurious Grande Del Mar Hotel. “Matt, where are you? I’d like to just say a word about the Romney family. Nobody worked harder, nobody worked harder than the five Romney sons. In fact, I don’t know if it was you, Matt, that drove all around every county in Iowa? Now that’s above an beyond the call of duty.”

In fact, it was Josh Romney, the third of the five sons, who drove the RV to all 99 counties of Iowa. Josh Romney, who lives in Utah and works in real estate, was among the most active of the sons on the campaign trail for his father. Matt volunteered for his father while maintaining his full-time job in California.

“Cindy and I have gotten to know Ann very well, as well as Mitt, and I am grateful,” McCain added, and he repeated his standard line about Mitt Romney: “By the way, he does better on television for me than he did for himself.”

Also noted in the article was that Jon Voight was in attendance, and it mentions that he is Angelina Jolie’s father. I didn’t know that. I guess you learn something new (however worthless) every day.

~Nate Gunderson