Mitt Romney: Remembering National POW-MIA Recognition Day

Until they are home

The Pow-MIA flag features a white circle bearing a soldier’s silhouette, a watch tower with a guard on patrol, and a strand of barbed wire. White letters ‘POW’ and ‘MIA’, with a white five-pointed star in between, are placed above the circle. A black and white wreath displays the motto “You Are Not Forgotten”.

The POW-MIA flag is flown on the third Friday in September as well as Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day.

Far too many forget today is the United States’ National POW/MIA Recognition Day. Observed across the nation on the third Friday of September each year, Americans take this time to remember our prisoners of war (POW) and recognize those who are still missing in action (MIA).

Mitt Romney today paid his respects to America’s prisoners of war and missing in action. Following is his statement on National POW/MIA Recognition Day:

“As we mark National POW/MIA Recognition Day, I am mindful that when America goes to war, we run the risk of losing our servicemen and women to enemy capture. I’m proud to call John McCain, who endured captivity in Vietnam, a friend. He exemplifies those Americans who deserve all honor and respect for enduring hardship and for making sacrifices that we cannot readily imagine. My heart goes out to the families of those who remain missing, often for decades. They deserve to be remembered. And the best way to show our remembrance is by never ceasing in our quest to find them.”

Read about Senator McCain’s horrific ordeal as a Vietnam POW here and here.

More than 83,000 Americans are still missing from past conflicts. National POW/MIA observances will be held across the country today on military installations, ships at sea, state capitols, and veterans’ facilities.

Mitt Romney Central joins Governor Romney in remembering and honoring these heroes and their families.

In the days after the Republican National Convention, we’ve heard liberal politicians and Obama’s media doing their best to portray Mitt Romney as somehow unpatriotic or anti-military because he didn’t specifically mention the military in his convention speech. What they sneakily fail to mention is that Governor Romney took the time out of his convention preparations – the day before he was to deliver his acceptance speech for the GOP nomination – to fly to Indianapolis, Indiana to meet and speak to over 10,000 Legionnaires about the challenges facing veterans. He spoke at their 94th American Legion National Convention.

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RNC Chairman Priebus Names First Wave of GOP Convention Headliners

20 days to go…

The first wave of Republican National Convention headliners was released today by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus. The keynote speaker, as well as additional speakers, will be announced at a later date.

All the action gets underway in Tampa, Florida on August 27-30:

Drum roll please… The speakers are:

★ South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
, first female governor of South Carolina, youngest sitting governor in United States

★ Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, 44th governor of Arkansas, 2008 presidential candidate, NY Times best-selling author, radio and television show host

★ Ohio Governor John Kasich, former House Budget Committee chairman

★ New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, first female Hispanic governor in U.S. and first female governor of New Mexico

★ Arizona Senator John McCain, party’s 2008 nominee, now serving fifth term in U.S. Senate

★ Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, America’s 66th secretary of state and first African-American female to hold the position

★ Florida Governor Rick Scott, from convention host state

“We are proud and excited to announce these outstanding leaders will address the nation during our convention in Tampa,” said Chairman Priebus. “They are some of our party’s brightest stars, who have governed and led effectively and admirably in their respective roles. Ours will be a world class convention, worthy of the next president of the United States, and these speakers-and those that will be announced later-will help make it a truly memorable and momentous event.”

Republican National Convention Chief Executive Officer William Harris noted that “these individuals exemplify the Republican Party’s commitment to economic growth and long-term job creation, and reflect our proud tradition of protecting America’s interests around the world.”

Details on named speakers:

Former Governor Mike Huckabee

“I’m honored to be invited by Governor Romney to address my fellow Republicans at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, but especially grateful for the opportunity to explain to my fellow Americans why this election provides the most stark contrast of political platforms in American history. Four years ago, we were promised an economic recovery and the creation of millions of jobs, but have now seen the longest period of record unemployment since the Great Depression. We were promised that the sacred institution of marriage would be protected, but now we have the first president in history to support changing the nature and definition of marriage. We were promised that faith would guide these decisions, but instead we have seen a full frontal assault on the conscience and convictions of religious liberty by insisting that this new government run health care system include forcing churches, colleges, hospitals, and businesses to bow their knee to the Baal of the federal government. I will do all I can to help Mitt Romney become our president,” said Mike Huckabee.

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Romney, Jindal, Peter Johnson Jr, Mccain, Trump, Sununu, Cuccinelli: OBAMA BLOWING SMOKE

“The Obama campaign is blowing smoke here…
The weight of evidence suggests that Romney did, in fact, end active management of Bain in 1999.”
– Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, FACT CHECKER

Well, we’re off to a roaring Monday!

Governor Romney appeared on FOX & Friends (via remote) and is campaigning today with LA Governor Bobby Jindal. After The Gov’s appearance on FOX, Donald Trump phoned in for his usual Monday commentary and spoke for The Gov. Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s show; Senator John McCain did a phone interview for Romney. And, to top it off, a top Romney aide announced today that a running mate for The Gov could be named by the end of the week.

Gloves off, O-LIARbama!

Before we get to Romney on FOX & Friends, let’s listen to legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr.’s exchange with Steve Doocy this morning (same program). Johnson spent the weekend researching the claim that “Romney outsourced jobs”:

Is there any proof Romney actually outsourced jobs? NO.

Here’s an excerpt of Romney on FOX & Friends discussing Obama’s crony payoffs vs middle class layoffs (excerpt):

Steve Doocy: “I read in the Washington Post this morning that you want to draw attention to Obama’s political payoffs versus the middle class layoffs where you say, if you are a donor to the Obama camp you are going to do just fine. However, if you are in the middle class Governor, your camp say, yo got to worry about your job.”

Romney: “There is no question but that when billions upon billions of dollars are given by the Obama Administration to the businesses of campaign contributors, that is a real problem particularly at a time when the middle class is really suffering in this country. I don’t know whether you watched over the weekend, the report that was in The New York Times about families really struggling particularly those that are single parents that are just having a hard time making ends meet. This is a tough time for the people of America. But if you are a campaign contributor to Barack Obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. I think it’s wrong. I think it stinks to high heaven and I think the administration has to explain how it is they would consider giving money to campaign contributors’ businesses.

Romney Press shop also today released President Obama Has Engaged In Political Payoffs By Rewarding Wealthy Donors And Administration Insiders With Taxpayer Dollars. Read the FACTS here.

Trump phoned in to say ‘open book’ Obama should release his college applications and records (FOX & Friends):

Senator John McCain was interviewed on today on Michigan’s Morning Show (WJIM) in Lansing, MI. He was there to discuss Obama’s broken promises (excerpt):

McCain: “This is a President that said if he couldn’t get it done in four years—i.e., restore the economy—then he didn’t deserve a second term. This is a President that’s now saying he should have ‘told a better story’ in his first two years as President? What he really shouldn’t have done is foist off Obamacare on the American people in the sleaziest process that I have ever seen in the United States Senate. You know the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase. He said he wouldn’t have any lobbyists in the White House? He didn’t. He had them in the Blair House. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever observed and the American people obviously deserved a lot better than what we got today.”

Reacting to Obama’s refusal to apologize for lies being said about Romney, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu was on Megyn Kelly’s America Live:

Sununu: “We could be talking about the 24 million unemployed and underemployed. They’re the ones that have problems. When I go to the supermarket and I talk to folks and they want to talk to me about Governor Romney – what they talk to me about the most is the fact that this is the guy that can solve the problem that their son or their daughter – who just graduated from college – can’t find a job on. They want to talk about the fact that they need a president who can solve problems.

If President Obama thinks he’s gonna escape the reality of him giving contracts to bundlers, contracts to cronies, contracts to people who are represented by former White House staffers – the money that they gave to Solyndra. You didn’t like talk about Solyndra, but it’s a FACT. The Solyndra money was given because there were bundlers involved in the investment – to the Finish car company. THESE ARE ALL REALITIES.”

New ad from Team Romney…

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A Personal Perspective and 10 Key Takeaways – Romney Victory Leadership Retreat

Having attended the Romney Victory Leadership Retreat, I wanted to offer a brief insight and some personal takeaways from the Park City event this weekend. In a subsequent post I will address the issue of Substance and Depth: The Candidates.

A Lifetime of Experience and Preparation for America's Defining Moment

Appreciating an expected crowd of 300, then 400, then 500+, and ultimately nearly 800 attendees, the recent retreat at Park City, Utah was a moving and inspiring experience. While returning to the hotel after Friday’s dinner at the Olympic Park, we were conversing with a couple from Florida, who at the last minute (Thursday night) decided that they would come to Utah, and they did. That seemed to sum up the attitude of so many present in Park City – this was an event not to be missed; everyone was energized.

James Baker offered one of the most cogent, articulate and impassioned arguments of any I have heard and read as to why the nation needs Mitt Romney! James Baker has spent his life in service to our nation and, having served four US Presidents in key positions, provided a compelling and detailed introduction of why Mitt Romney is the most qualified of any in our lifetime to lead our nation at this critical juncture of domestic and global uncertainty. Of any who would know, it would be James Baker.

Ann and Mitt Romney then followed with a ‘tenderly’ humorous introduction of their sons (by Ann), and a passionate and galvanizing speech about the greatness of the task before us (by Mitt). Governor Romney went on to talk about his faith in, and the depth and capacity of, the American people; to rise above trial, tribulation and a dearth of leadership in our most critical moments, and fulfill our responsibility to pick up and carry the torch of freedom; a torch carried so capably by our ‘greatest generation’. He said it wasn’t our torch, but it was our privilege to carry it and hold it high. He inspiringly spoke of our greatest generation who valiantly fought for and preserved our freedom, and the freedom of so many in the world. Acknowledging the sacrifices born by this generation of our fathers and grandfathers, and the diminishing numbers who remain, Mitt movingly touched the hearts of all present to stand tall; to stand firm; and pick up that which so was so valiantly fought for by our fathers; and upon whose shoulders we stand. I have heard many speeches in my 60 years, but this one will stand apart, for it resonated in my heart as few have; and I was not alone in these feelings.

Saturday we were privileged to further hear from Senator John McCain, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Reince Preibus, Jeb Bush and Governor Romney, among many others.

Senator McCain stated with clarity that America is no longer leading from behind – we are not leading at all. He talked of the Arab Spring and that it is only the beginning, with more to come. He further emphasized that at a time when Obama has undermined trust with our allies through critical security leaks, outing British and Israeli cooperation; when our relationship with Israel has been undermined and is at its worst in history; when we have placed greater risks to American lives and the lives of our Allies; we don’t need a President who politicizes our national security and allied relationships through security leaks and self promotion; we need a LEADER who understands America’s exceptionalism in the world; we need a LEADER who can restore trust and what has been lost; we need a LEADER who puts country and others above self; we need a LEADER with sound judgment, trust, capacity, and integrity; we need a LEADER who is principled; we need Mitt Romney.

Secretary Rice was absolutely inspiring. She spoke of the three great shocks that have occurred in the last decade; (1) 9/11 challenged our physical security, (2) the financial meltdown in 2008 challenged our economic security, and (3) the pinnacle Arab Spring, perhaps the most dramatic, illustrated the risk to and opportunity for freedom. Even so, the need for and absence of American leadership in the latter has exacerbated tumult, chaos and created a more dangerous threat to our American and global societies. The world looks for and needs American leadership. In the absence of American leadership, the void will be filled elsewhere, and no one can or will fill such a void with the fundamental principles of freedom. She stressed, with depth of understanding and experience, that the narrative of America is empowerment, not entitlement. Without equivocation, Secretary Rice was clear in her entreaty – we need someone who understands and can lead – that person is Mitt Romney!

Reince Preibus talked of his rearing as a young man at the feet of his grandfather, a resident of Greece; and how much his grandfather loved America! Chairman Preibus was equally inspiring in clearly delineating our task ahead, for we are engaged in a battle for freedom as with our founding fathers and the greatest generation before us. This is our moment to fill the shoes of those who have gone before.

Much more was discussed by panelists on innovation and the media, as well as a strategy breakdown from the tremendous campaign team of Governor Romney.

Jeb Bush was absolute in his advocacy for the message of and person in Mitt Romney, while reaffirming what all present believe – Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified and prepared at this critical juncture in our nation’s history to lead America forward in freedom and prosperity. He stated that where we have been in the past three and a half years has set us on a course of intended decline, a decline that MUST, CAN, and WILL be reversed; that Mitt Romney has been prepared for this moment; and that we, as a nation, need him!

Of course, as has been written, we were also able to enjoy private and group interactions with leading surrogates for the Romney campaign.

10 Key Personal Takeaways
1 – We are living in a more tumultuous, chaotic and dangerous world because of failed American leadership.
2 – Through a conscious and deliberate effort by a self-aggrandizing President and his team who place personal interest and position above the needs and security of our Nation, the lives of many Americans and Allies are at risk.
3 – Mitt Romney is distinctly and uniquely qualified as few have been, to lead our nation through its current crises.
4 – Gathered were some of our nation’s most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and bankers who collectively have the capacity and ability to move our economy, if government would empower and not constrain or burden them. We gathered together because we support and see in Mitt Romney, an incomparable leader for the 21st century; one who can turn around an ailing nation and economy; a leader who can make a difference in the lives of every American; a leader we can TRUST, whose judgments are sound and whose principles are aligned with America’s; a leader who gets it; a leader who will LEAD.
5 – Mitt Romney not only can, but will win in November – because of who Mitt Romney is, his message of a Strong America, the team he assembled to manage his campaign, the coalescence of Republicans, Independents and the coalitions of so many whose concern for America has elevated beyond measure; and the depth, commitment and energy of so many like unto those attending in Park City this weekend.
6 – A comparable gathering by Barack Obama would look completely different – instead of influential business (large and small), banking and entrepreneurial leaders, and coalescing constituencies, Barack Obama would draw Hollywood celebrities and community activists. Unlike those supporting Mitt Romney, i.e., successful entrepreneurs and coalescing assemblages across all spectrums, who are deeply connected to our economy and jobs, and making a difference, those supporting Barack Obama comparatively have little impact on the granular depth of our economic recovery and jobs. Hollywood will not lead our recovery.
7 – There is an undeniable energy and intensity on the part of all in attendance to effect a change and assure that Barack Obama has a job in the private sector come November 6, 2012. To a one, everyone in attendance is stepping up their game, which is huge because of what has been accomplished thus far.
8 – Not to underestimate the capacity of Barack Obama.
9 – Mitt Romney will not be outraised by Barack Obama, nor will his message of a Strong America be silenced by the MSM or Barack Obama.
10 – Barack Obama continues to run a fractured, fear-based, and divisive campaign, seeking to elevate himself at the expense and attempted destruction of others.

As private as this retreat was, it was by greater measure a furtherance of Mitt Romney’s campaign for America to a cause greater than self.

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Mitt Romney’s Memorial Day Tribute: “Every Veteran is the Greatest”

Memorial Day

Lest we forget…

Three American soldiers lie dead in the sun and sands of Buna Beach in New Guinea. Taken in February 1943 by George Strock, this sobering photo wasn't published until September of that year. It was the first time an image of dead American troops appeared in LIFE magazine during World War II without bodies being draped, in coffins, or otherwise covered. President Roosevelt feared the American public was growing complacent about the war and its horrific toll...

How easily we forget the unspeakable sacrifices the brave paid to create our beloved nation. How soon we dismiss from our minds those whose patriot blood saturated soil across the earth and continues to do so – to safeguard freedom.

Governor Mitt Romney today released the following Memorial Day video message:

Thank You
“Every veteran is the greatest of his or her generation. Today, and every day, we thank you for your sacrifices”. ~ Mitt Romney

Note: Senator John McCain joined Governor Romney this morning to host a Memorial Day Tribute at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center in San Diego, California. A statement from Romney:

“I am honored to be celebrating Memorial Day this year with John McCain. I don’t have to tell John’s story; the world already knows it. But it is what today’s holiday is all about: sacrifice, valor, honor, courage, and love of country. A lot of young Americans are risking their lives in distant battlefields today. Memorial Day is a day to give thanks to them, and to remember all of America’s soldiers who have laid down their lives to defend our country. As we enjoy our barbecues with friends and families and loved ones, let’s keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers.” ~ Mitt Romney

UPDATE – Photo at today’s event taken by The Gov’s body man, DG Jackson shows the crowd:

Romney addresses the Memorial Day crowd in San Diego, CA. Senator John McCain also spoke. May 28, 2012 (Photo DG Jackson)

Today more than 100,000 people will attend activities at U. S. Dept of Veterans Affairs national cemeteries with color guards, readings, bands, and choir performances. Events will honor about one million men and women who perished in the military during wartime, including about 655,000 battle deaths. Make time to honor them today by participating in a remembrance activity (directory may be found here.) Visit a local cemetery and note the information on veterans’ headstones. Go to a parade. Thank the vets you see and their families. Display an American flag. Join fellow Americans for the ‘National Moment of Silence’ at 3:00 PM local time.

Here’s another Memorial Day 2012 Tribute to help us remember why we celebrate today:

Before the day ends, offer a prayer of gratitude for the maimed, the disabled, the prisoners of war, the missing in action, our fallen, and… those still fighting for us.

From Mitt Romney Central

Weekend in Memoriam

On Monday, Governor Mitt Romney will hold a Memorial Day Tribute with Senator John McCain at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center in San Diego, California.

Veterans Museum & Memorial Center
2115 Park Boulevard
San Diego, California

Doors Open: 8:30 AM PDT – Program Begins: 10:00 AM PDT

This event is open to the public and tickets are free. For reserved, priority seating, the public may pick up tickets at the Veterans Museum & Memorial Center Building during the following times:
Saturday, May 26th: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT
Sunday, May 27th: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT

If unable to pick up tickets during the above times, the public is still welcome to attend by sending an RSVP email to or by calling (858) 480-1077.

For information on Memorial Day observances in Washington, D.C. click here.

THANK YOU to @Jim_Peoples_ (The Hammer) for the following image by way of update:

A few years back, I took my three teenage children to a speech by a United State Marine Corps colonel in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The day was Memorial Day, a Monday holiday. That was instead of our usual trip to the beach. They protested at first, but later understood better why the day is set aside for us nationally.

Years ago, my wife, son, and I visited the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. Below are some of the many inscriptions we found there:







Memorial Weekend

“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.” ~ George Washington

Mitt Romney: A Bigger Man Than I

I found this video today of Mitt Romney speaking at the NRA convention in Louisville, Kentucky back in May of 2008. He spoke in behalf of John McCain, a few months after bowing out of the 2008 GOP Presidential primary race in support of McCain.

I can remember at the time how disappointed I was and that how I was not a fan of McCain who I felt ran a dirty campaign. I can still remember how hard it was for me to vote for him in the general election.

This post isn’t about that, this is about the character of Mitt Romney who could have just as easily walked away after the primaries and left McCain to fend for himself. I know I would have. Romney didn’t.

He knew what was in store for America as he points out in the following video of that speech he made at the NRA. He was doing everything in his power to keep Obama from winning the Presidency. I still share the vision of America he spoke of here:

Mitt Romney (Patriots Fan) Traveled to Israel with NY Jets Owner?!

You heard it here, folks. Just before the Jets beat the Patriots out of the NFL playoffs, their owner was Mitt Romney’s travel buddy. POLITICO reports:

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, the Johnson & Johnson heir and a prominent support of Mitt Romney, traveled to Israel with Romney last week after his team beat the Colts in Indianapolis, a person familiar with the trip said.

Johnson joined Romney in meetings Wednesday and Thursday with Israeli officials, then flew back to the States in time to see the Jets beat the Patriots Sunday.

Patriots Fan, Mitt Romney. Cred:

NY Jets Owner, Woody Johnson.

It’s worth noting that Johnson is a former McCain guy who put together a fundraiser that brought in $7 million on a single night for a McCain’s camp, which at that time was in dire need of a financial boost.

Another interesting side-note: Woody Johnson was on a conference call with other deep-pocketed Romney supporters back in November. On the call, Johnson made a point that many, many former McCain and Giuliani supporters in the Tri-state area were ready and willing to jump behind a Romney bid — they just needed the go-ahead from Mitt and they’d be ready to open the Rolodex and make some calls. To which Mitt graciously replied something along these lines: “Wow. That’s great… I appreciate that.”

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GOP Insiders Poll: Mitt Romney DOUBLES the Nearest Contender!

More great results for the Governor today, coming from a newly released GOP Insiders Poll at Nation Journal:

James A. Barnes, Insiders Poll Director at NR, sums it all up in the video below:

Coupled with the amazing results of this Insiders poll, BOSMAN posted a new poll that has Mitt Romney dominating New Hampshire. I was wondering, will a solid win in New Hampshire’s early primary be enough to push Mitt to a prominent, permanent position at the top? It did for McCain. I remember in the days leading into the ’08 NH primary, there was talk of McCain’s campaign being completely deflated — not even enough steam (funding) to make it until Super Tuesday. But the guy eeked out a win in NH, gained huge recognition for the victory, and the money and support came flowing in.

I don’t see Mitt’s numbers going down anytime soon. Only time will tell how things play out for Mitt (assuming he’s up for the challenge). Until then, anyone know the cost of a plane ticket from SLC to Manchester? Oh, and will 50 Mitt Romney yard signs make it through airport security? …Here’s hoping.

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