Mitt Romney Central Says Thank You as Combat Mission in Iraq Ends

U.S. soldiers run to Kuwait border as combat mission ends in Iraq, Aug 18, 2010

After seven long years and five months, today marks the formal end of U.S. combat troops in Iraq. For us, it is not a day to delve into Iraqi war history, the politics involved, the debate on Iraqi preparedness to govern their nation, or U.S. involvement as Iraq moves forward.

To our courageous U.S. military and all coalition forces who were part of Iraq’s liberation, Mitt Romney Central wishes to say…

Thank you!

★ To the 50,000 troops who remain in an advisory capacity, thank you!

★ To those who will deploy in the future to replace said troops, thank you!

★ To the wounded, thank you!

★ To the disabled, thank you!

★ To the brave families and loved ones who support you, thank you!

★ To the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom, thank you! We honor your memory.

When Johnny [and Jane] Come[s] Marching Home (Lyrics to this song were written when gay meant happy.)

Goodbye Iraq! August 14, 2010

Last US Combat Brigade Leaves Iraq

Your courage, perseverance, sacrifice, and patriotism are forever emblazoned on our hearts.


► Jayde Wyatt