Immigration – The Right Solution vs Broken Barack’s Imperious Edict & Political Ploy!

Recently noted in a great article by Clark Judge, Managing Director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; Chairman, Pacific Research Institute, at
”Let us never forget,” wrote Joseph Story, one of our history’s most revered Supreme Court justices, “that our constitutions of government are solemn instruments… not to be frittered away to please the demagogues of the day…. They are of no man’s private interpretation. They are ordained by the will of the people; and can be changed only by the sovereign command of the people.”

It is a dangerous trait we see here: a taste for arbitrary power in a president of the United States.

The matter of immigration in the United States is the domain of Congress, our Legislative Branch of the US Government. Constitutionally, we have empowered Congress with certain rights, duties and responsibilities; immigration laws, as with other lawmaking, policy making and related actions fall thereunder. Similarly, we have entrusted and empowered the US Supreme Court to assure that our legislative acts, laws and treaties, as well as the actions of the Executive Branch are compliant with the US Constitution. To quote Clark Judge again, “It is a dangerous trait we see here: a taste for arbitrary power in a president of the United States.”

What does Barack Obama think?

“Its a remarkable document…but I think it is an imperfect document…and reflects some deep flaws…” “It has a blindspot”

By his imperious actions, not just this past week with immigration, but in previous periods and on innumerable counts, Barack Obama has sought to obviate the Constitutional process and system instituted by our Founding Fathers. It is disconcerting beyond measure when the President of the United States acts without regard to the founding principles of our Nation; and this a Constitutional Law professor from Chicago??? What duplicity!

Charles Krauthamer offers further commentary here:

Fortunately, Mitt Romney has the reasoned capacity to understand and further respects the Constitutionally grounded foundations of our Nation. He also has the presence of mind not to fall prey to Broken Barack’s political ploys and taunts, wherein he sought to lure Governor Romney away from what matters (the economy) and into a discussion on immigration. Obama intentionally co-opted positions that were similar to pending actions of Congress – it isn’t the position he took but the manner and basis for his taking. And yet, the MSM blasted Mitt for a tepid response. Mitt Romney knows who bears responsibility for immigration and is committed to work within the system; he is committed to LEAD, something Barack Obama has failed to do. In fact, Broken Barack’s edicts are simply a ‘fool’s errand’ and derivative of failed leadership.

Notice Mitt Romney’s response below to Bob Schieffer:

ROMNEY: This is something Congress has been working on, and I thought we were about to see some proposals brought forward by Senator Marco Rubio* and by Democrat senators, but the president jumped in and said I’m going to take this action . . . He was president for the last three and a half years and did nothing on immigration. Two years he had a Democrat House and Senate, did nothing of a permanent or long-term basis. What I would do, is I’d make sure that by coming into office, I would work with Congress to put in place a long-term solution for the children of those that have come here illegally. . . .

SCHIEFFER: But would you repeal this? . . .

ROMNEY: My anticipation is I’d come into office and say we need to get this done, on a long-term basis, not this kind of stop-gap measure. What the president did, he should have worked on this years ago, if he felt seriously about this he should have taken action when he had a Democrat House and Senate, but he didn’t. He saves these sort of things until four and a half months before the general election.

*See Senator Marco Rubio’s commentary on the matter in National Review Online, here.

Obama is treading on very dangerous turf, and to what end? His political fortunes weigh in the balance and he is above all things, POLITICAL. Even Pat Caddell, a Democratic strategist of renown status stated on Hannity the other night that, “Obama would do anything to get re-elected.” Frightening and dangerous.

The irony of it all is in the response of Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico. This, a country that imprisons illegal aliens coming across their borders.

Fortunately for America we have a man of character and integrity seeking to displace Obama. Mitt Romney understands the checks and balances of the Constitution. In spite of the contrary press, he stands resolute in what is right. I know that Mitt Romney has a defined agenda for the immigration challenges we face as a Nation. They are not myopically centered in ‘illegal’ immigration – but on IMMIGRATION. It demands a comprehensive long term solution, and he is meant to work within the Nation’s Constitutional framework to lead on this issue. Under President Romney we will see the needed changes in this regard. We will see an enforcement of our laws, we will see a secure border, and we will fix what is broken in our legal immigration processes, and consequentially see a waning of illegal immigrants. I look forward to the day when we retain the mindshare of our legal immigrants that are educated in our higher learning institutions; I look forward to the day when we see those with talent, resource and creative will coming more easily into our country to stimulate growth and economy; I look forward to the day when we attract the brightest and best in the world and they find a home in our Nation, and contribute to the fabric of our societies; I look forward to the empowerment of our economy and our people, and restore the rule of law that seems to have been abandoned by President Obama; I look forward to the day that we call my friend, PRESIDENT ROMNEY!

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In the style of “The Onion:” Obama’s Controversial Immigration Policy – Obama Builds a “Virtual Fence” – A New Campaign Slogan

Seeking to capitalize on the high unemployment rates that have plagued Obama throughout his presidency, and in an attempt to spin the low job opportunities into something positive, President Obama is now touting the low jobs numbers as a successful and innovative way of solving America’s immigration problems.

Obama’s supporters are citing a recent study which shows that due to reduced job opportunities in the US for such an long period of time, immigration from Mexico has slowed to near zero. For the first time since the Great Depression, immigrants from Mexico have found it more appealing to go back to Mexico to find a job than to stay in the US.

In a press conference this morning, President Obama said:

“Look, are we going to be a country that sees the glass half empty, or the glass half full? Yes, I know a lot of people are out of a job, but lets look at the other side of the coin. America’s illegal immigration problem has been solved!”


Political analysts are unsure how well this strategy will play out in the upcoming election but it is clear that Democratic strategists believe they are playing with a winning hand.

“Republicans are always talking about how to solve America’s immigration problems,” said David Axelrod, “but only President Obama can say he has done something about it. We are not going to run from the our record on job creation, in fact, we are proud that it has helped solve our immigration problems.”

President Obama has resisted building a physical fence between the U.S. and Mexico saying that there are other ways to solve our immigration problems. It appears that in just three short years of his presidency, Obama has found his method and built the most effective “virtual” fence yet seen to solve America’s immigration problems. 

The Obama campaign has been having a difficult time coming up with a slogan for his 2012 presidential run. 

Here are a few possible slogans that the Obama campaign is considering

“No Jobs=No Immigration Problem!” Obama 2012

“Solving American’s Illegal Immigration Problem One Job Loss At a Time” Obama 2012

“President Obama – The only president you can trust to put a fence between the US and Mexico”

****In case you’re not sure, most of the above story is a joke. While it is in fact very true that immigrants are suffering from unemployment in the US and are returning to their home countries in massive numbers to find jobs, Obama has not decided to use the bad economy as a campaign slogan for solving America’s immigration problems. 

However, we believe that Obama should be held accountable for the results of his policies.  It must be said that Obama’s policies in the last three years have led to the worst opportunities for immigrants in modern American history. Americans should be alarmed that immigrants are leaving America because there are better job opportunities for them elsewhere. This is not the America we know and take pride in.

● In fact, most Americans come from relatives who were immigrants themselves. We are a nation of immigrants. Many can remember the stories their parents told them about how their family came to America seeking a better life. These stories have been a point of pride and accomplishment told by immigrants since America’s founding. It is a sad day for America when Obama’s economy has damaged the ability for the new generation of immigrants to create their own story of coming to America and living the American Dream. 

Unbiased economists agree that if you look at history, three years is normally plenty of time to recover from a recession. Obama has been president for the last three years and still the US economy has not even come close to a full recovery. America should be creating jobs at more than twice the rate it is creating them now. Obama has had his chance. It’s time for a change.

Here is Florida’s Senator Marco Rubio, himself a Hispanic, talking about Hispanics and the economy:

Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pres of AZ’s Sheriff Association) Chooses Romney Over Perry

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County) also known as one of America's Top 10 Toughest Immigration Sheriffs, has endorsed Mitt Romney. Oct 13, 2011 (Photo/Jared Platt - Platt Photography)

The endorsement of Mitt Romney by Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County, Arizona) not only speaks to Romney’s tough stance on illegal immigration and securing our borders, it highlights the difference between Romney and Rick Perry on this issue.

Sheriff Babeu has also been named as a Co-Chair of Romney’s Arizona campaign:

It is an honor to have the support of Sheriff Babeu,” said Mitt Romney. “His efforts working to protect our border are critical to lowering crime, reducing illegal immigration, and stopping both drug and human trafficking. Sheriff Babeu has been a leader in the call for the federal government to secure the border. As President, I will work with leaders like Sheriff Babeu to protect our Southern border, provide the required assistance from the federal government, and put an end to the magnets that cause illegal immigration.”

Announcing his support, Sheriff Babeu said, “Securing our border is an important part of our national security – Mitt Romney understands this. He also understands that magnets like in-state tuition for illegal immigrants don’t stop illegal immigration, they only make it worse. Of all the candidates, Mitt Romney has shown that he is the most committed to securing the border and I look forward to working with him to do this.”

Background On Sheriff Babeu:

Sheriff Paul Babeu Is The Sheriff Of Pinal County In Arizona. Babeu heads a department of 700 and has worked to cut the budget, reorganize leadership, and reduce the response time from his department. Babeu has been a national leader on the need to secure our border and stop illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking. This year, Sheriff Babeu was named Sheriff of the Year by the National Sheriffs’ Association. Sheriff Babeu serves as President of the Arizona Sheriffs’ Association and recently retired from the Army National Guard. As an Army Major, Babeu commanded nearly 700 soldiers in the Yuma Sector and helped reduced illegal entries by 96%.

(emphasis added )

Babeu was also named one of the America’s Top 10 Toughest Immigration Sheriffs, by FOX News.

The Arizona sheriff recently joined with other elected AZ sheriffs calling for a special counsel to investigate the Fast and Furious program; they called for Attorney General Eric Holder to step down or be fired.

Oct 7, 2011 – Arizona Sheriffs Call for Independent Investigation of ‘Fast and Furious’ Gunwalking Scandal

Ten Arizona sheriffs — five Democrat, five Republican — gathered at the Arizona State Capitol on Friday to call for an independent investigation into the “Fast and Furious” gunwalking scandal.

The sheriffs held a news conference in front of the Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, decrying the “bloodshed” caused by the U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms bureau’s poorly conceived operation.

The sheriffs insisted that a special counsel be immediately appointed “to fairly investigate Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice,” according to a written statement from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

Read more at PhoenixNewTimes.

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Rick Perry’s Problem With The Truth

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. - Andrea Saul, spokesperson for 'Romney for President'

It is becoming increasingly clear that Rick Perry has problems with the truth. Each of Rick Perry’s attacks has been proven false. Instead of dreaming up phony attacks on Mitt Romney, Governor Perry should explain why he encourages illegal immigration, why he wants to dismantle Social Security, and why he accepted billions of dollars of stimulus to cover up his massive budget deficit.” – Andrea Saul, Romney for President spokesperson

For the third time in three days, Governor Perry’s campaign today released an intentionally false and misleading claim about Mitt Romney:

Perry version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery.”(, Press Release, 9/28/11)

Actual version of Romney Quote: “The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery, but not as much as it could have had it included genuine tax- and job- generating incentives. President Obama and his economic team said their stimulus would hold unemployment below 8 percent. But unemployment soared well above that level. Not only has the 2009 package already been far less than successful, it will impose a heavy burden on the economy in the intermediate and long term.” (Mitt Romney, No Apology, 2010, pp. 144-145)

Governor Perry conveniently fails to mention that he used billions in federal stimulus money to cover up his budget deficits in Texas:

“Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010…” “[Perry] likes to trumpet that his state balanced its budget in 2009, while keeping billions in its rainy day fund. But he couldn’t have done that without a lot of help from … guess where? Washington. Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Under Perry, Texas used more than $6 Billion in stimulus money to balance its 2010-11 budget. “Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Washington Post: Texas “Has Raked In Nearly $25 Billion In Federal Stimulus Money.” “In the wake of the Great Recession, the state has raked in nearly $25 billion in federal stimulus money … Befitting its population, Texas has received the third-highest amount of stimulus money in the nation, behind California and New York.” (Michael Fletcher, “Perry Criticizes Government While Texas Job Growth Benefits From It,” The Washington Post, 8/20/11)

Even as Perry requested the Recovery Act Money, He Railed Against It. On the very same day he asked for the funds, he set up a petition titles ‘No Government Bailouts.’” (Tami Luhby, “Texas’s Love/Hate Relationship With Washington’s Money,” CNN Money, 1/23/11)

Governor Perry’s previous two attempts to attack Mitt Romney this week ran into a problem – the TRUTH:

On Education Policy: Perry’s campaign “Seems intent on playing games with ‘snippets’ of quotes… This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” “[T]he Rick Perry campaign seems intent on playing games with snippets of quotes by his main rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. … Here comes another one, this time on Romney’s supposed support for President Obama’s ‘Race to the Top’ education initiative. … Note that the Perry campaign left off the key last sentence: ‘But for me, get that back to the state level.’In other words, Romney supports some of the overall goals of ‘Race to the Top,’ but not the fact that Obama wants to make it a federal program. That’s a critical difference, or else the Perry campaign would not have left those words on the cutting room floor. This is yet another example of misleading campaign advertising.” (Glenn Kessler, “Rick Perry’s Phony Ad On Mitt Romney (Part 2),” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• “Romney’s full statement … makes clear he was praising the goals but criticizing the way the administration is pursuing them at the federal level. … The last sentence makes clear that while Romney supports some of the ideas behind Race to the Top, he thinks those educational policies ought to be handled at the state, rather than federal, level – which mirrors the traditional conservative view.” (, 9/23/11)

• The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “[Perry] doubled down with an ad so obviously dishonest on Romney’s position on Race to the Top that there weren’t enough Pinnochios to go around.” (The Washington Post’s “Right Turn,” 9/27/11)

On Governor Romney’s book:

Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country.” “The Rick Perry campaign on Monday released an advertisement … Specifically, Perry claims that Romney deleted a sentence suggesting that the health-care plan he passed in Massachusetts was a model for the rest of the nation. … Perry is simply making up the claim that Romney advocated his health-care plan as a model for the rest of the country – and that he deleted words praising it. Perry’s claim is directly contradicted on the very page from which he draws his gotcha quote. … This ad is the kind of gamesmanship that gives politics a bad name.” (Glenn Kessler, “Perry’s Phony Attack Ad On Changes To Romney’s Book,” The Washington Post, 9/27/11)

• “Perry falsely claimed Romney had once written that ‘Romneycare’ is ‘exactly what the American people needed.’ Romney never wrote that. On the contrary, he said after he signed the bill that ‘certain aspects’ of the state’s law might work ‘better in some states than others.’”(, 9/23/11)

• PolitiFact: “Perry’s right that Romney’s comments about health care were edited between editions. … But Perry exaggerates by making it sound as though Romney had advocated his state’s plan as national health care policy – a potentially damaging position in a Republican primary. That’s not what Romney wrote.” (, 9/23/11)

(emphasis added )

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Perry Doubles Down on Illegal Immigration Stance, Romney Responds

August 6, 2011 - Texas Governor Rick Perry gives a thumbs up as he takes the stage at 'The Response', a televised Texas prayer meeting held in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

At Thursday’s presidential debate in Tampa, FL, Governor Perry doubled down on his support for discounted tuition rates for illegal immigrants:

Perry, on an in-state tuition break for illegal immigrants: “I still support it greatly.”

PERRY: “If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they’ve been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart. … This was a state issue. Texans voted on it. And I still support it greatly.” (Governor Rick Perry, GOP Presidential Candidates Debate, Orlando, FL, 9/22/11)

At the University of Texas, illegal immigrants are given a tuition discount approaching $100,000 over a normal four-year period:

Tuition costs at the University of Texas at Austin are more than three times higher for out-of-state students than for in-state students.. For the 2011-12 academic year, in-state tuition and fees for undergraduates at the University of Texas at Austin are reported to be $9,794. For out-of-state students, tuition and fees are reported to be $32,506. The annual difference is an estimated $22,712 and the difference over four years is an estimated $90,848. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/22/11)

The Washington Post: More Than 32,000 People Have Taken Advantage Of The “Texas DREAM Act “The Texas DREAM Act has given tuition breaks to more than 32,000 students attending state colleges. The law also sparked a national movement to pass a federal version, which has been championed by President Obama and became a bitterly contested issue that failed in Congress last year.” (“Perry’s Immigrant-Education Stand Draws Fire,” The Washington Post, 9/23/11)

What would Governor Perry’s tuition discount look like in Michigan?

University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor: Nearly $100,000 Per Student Over Four Years. For the 2011-2012 academic year, undergraduate tuition and fees at the University of Michigan are reported to be $12,590 for in-state students and $37,265 for out-of-state students. The annual difference is an estimated $24,675 and the difference over four years is an estimated $98,700. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/24/11)

Michigan State University: More Than $75,000 Per Student Over Four Years. For the 2011-2012 academic year, undergraduate tuition and fees are reported to be $12,203 for in-state students and $31,148 for out-of-state students. The annual difference is an estimated $18,945 and the difference over four years is an estimated $75,780. (U.S. News & World Report, National Universities, 9/24/11)

■ The day after the presidential debates, Romney spoke at CPAC and had this to say about Perry’s comment that those who disagree with providing in-state tuition to illegals have “no heart”:

Governor Perry said that if you don’t agree with his position on giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, then you don’t have a heart. I think if you’re opposed to illegal immigration, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a heart. It means you have a heart and a brain. Legal immigration is good for America. Illegal immigration is something I will stop if I’m president.” –Governor Mitt Romney

During the debate Romney told the audience that the discount “makes no sense,” and on Friday said it was a plan that “cannot be sustained.”

From Politico – another review on Perry’s debate display this week:

Web verdict on Perry: Brutal

The conservative commentariat spoke with near-unanimity Friday on Rick Perry’s debate performance: The Texas governor didn’t just lose, he bombed.

There was no election-ending gaffe or singularly disqualifying remark. But his second consecutive weak outing set off alarms on the right, where too many cringeworthy moments raised questions about Perry’s durability, his seriousness and ability to compete on a stage with President Barack Obama. Worse, after a near-flawless August rollout fueled his rise in the polls and quieted critics who fretted about the quality of the GOP field, Perry’s nationally televised face-plant revived dormant talk — and hopes — about the possibility of new candidates entering the race.

With almost no one willing to defend a performance marked by meandering or inaccurate answers, botched canned lines and the damaging adoption of the left’s critique of conservatives on immigration, it’s hard to imagine how things could have gone much worse for Perry Thursday night.

(emphasis added) Read more here.

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Tampa, FL: Romney Speaks to Enthusiastic Audience at GOP Natl Hispanic Assembly

Mitt Romney addresses the Republican National Hispanic Assembly National Convention in Tampa, Florida. September 2, 2011 (photo by Peter Masa/

They were excited to see Mitt Romney in Tampa, Florida today!

Governor Romney was in town to greet supporters and speak at the Republican National Hispanics Assembly convention:

Romney, in Tampa, blasts president over jobs

TAMPA – The road to the White House leads through Tampa today. Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are among the top Republicans in town.

Both GOP hopefuls were here to address the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida, which was meeting today at the airport Hyatt.

Many members said they were especially excited to hear from Romney[…]

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, spent about 20 minutes covering topics from education to foreign policy. But the economy was his main topic.

He blasted the president over his job creation record, on the heels of figures that show no net job creation in last two months.

I’m going to be presenting a detailed plan about how to get America back to work and how to grow our economy. It’s going to be bold; it’s not just going to be a little stimulus,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “It’s a complete restructuring. It will be sweeping and specific.”

Romney echoes Rubio in speech to GOP National Hispanic Assembly in Florida

Romney’s remarks were strikingly similar to the message of Rubio, whom Romney has said is on his shortlist for vice president should he win the nomination. Rubio often uses his background as a child of immigrants to discuss American exceptionalism, opportunity and freedom.

Romney’s speech mostly focused on a broad message of the “common ground” found by a “nation of immigrants” and hit on the Tea Party themes of cutting government spending and respecting the 10th Amendment, which protects the right of states.
“As a nation of immigrants, we’ve found common ground not in our heritage but in our hearts,” Romney said. “When generations looked up and saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time, or a piece of sandy beach that was freedom, or stepped off a plane traveling from tyranny to hope … they knew without a doubt … that they were coming to a place where anything was possible — that in America, their children, and their grandchildren, would have a better life. That confidence in a better tomorrow defines us as Americans.”
Romney also praised Rubio in the speech when discussing legal immigration. “I am a great proponent of legal immigration. Many of you are living proof of the unique strength of America that is constantly renewed by new Americans. The promise of America has brought some of the world’s best and brightest to our shores,” said Romney. “It brought to America the parents of Marco Rubio, who is one of America’s great leaders today.”
While he did not make it a focus of the speech, Romney also discussed illegal immigration, a sensitive issue in front of a Hispanic Republican audience. He called for a high-tech fence along the border with Mexico, an improved employment verification system for businesses and penalties for violations, and touted a veto from when he was governor of a bill that would have provided in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants.

Romney is the only top-tier presidential candidate to address the group.

(emphasis added)

RNC Chairman Reince Preibus and former FL Governor Jeb Bush were also slated to speak.

Romney, in Tampa, blasts president over jobs:

Behind the scenes…

UPDATE: Another video…

Romney, in Tampa, blasts president over jobs:

A delegate at the convention believes Romney could be the one to get America back on track. “I think it’s the first time we have a major political figure coming over and address us directly. We feel honored; we feel emboldened by his presence.”

The full transcript of Romney’s speech may be found here and here.

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Mitt Romney ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren: Talks Gas Prices (VIDEO)

This tweet from Governor Romney earlier today was welcome news:

Looking forward to discussing my op-ed on S&P credit warning w/ @gretawire tonight on @foxnews at 10 pm EDT than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Among the topics discussed, Romney spoke ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren about Obama’s failures – his Stimulus Bill that stiffed taxpayers and only created a few government jobs, Obama’s refusal to allow America to be energy self-sufficient, i.e. the President’s decisions that are making Americans gasp and groan at the gas pump, our indebtedness to China, illegal immigration, and the presidential race for 2012 (Donald Trump).


Romney: Obama White House Downplaying ‘Giant Wake-up Call’, talks gas prices

You have to have an energy policy that says America is going to develop our own energy resources, as well as developing those renewable sources that – frankly – are important to us, but simply CAN’T POWER OUR CARS.” -Mitt Romney

OPEN THREAD on GretaWire; to share your opinion of her guests tonight, click here.

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Romney on the Radio: ‘Imus in the Morning’, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt

Mitt Romney stopped by the Imus in the Morning radio show today and to promote the paperback release of ‘No Apology‘. Some of the topics discussed with the I-Man included the current unrest in Egypt and Romney’s insurance program in Massachusetts:

Part 2

H/t Bosman @ Right Speak

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Romney was also a guest on the Laura Ingraham radio program. He spoke on health care, the rise of the People’s Republic of China, free trade, immigration, and more. To listen to the interview, click here.

Governor Romney will also be a featured on the Hugh Hewitt radio program today. We’ll post more here as information becomes available.

UPDATE – The full transcript of the Romney/Hewitt interview may be read here.

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Three Days… And Obama’s Official Immigration Speech

June 29, 2010 – Two days before President Obama would plug in his teleprompter to deliver his first major speech on immigration, a bloody gun battle was going down in Juarez, Mexico. At the same time, just across the river in El Paso, Texas, City Manager Joyce Wilson was in a meeting with five other City Hall employees. As they discussed business, a bullet barreled through her office wall, passed between book shelves, and shattered a picture frame. When Wilson and co-workers realized a bullet had been fired into her office, they dove for the floor and crawled out. Another bullet struck Assistant City Manager Pat Adauto’s office on the ninth floor. Five other bullets would pierce the building. 

Wilson and colleagues were lucky… this time. No one was injured. However, just 800 to1000 yards away in Juarez, after 40 rounds had exploded, one Mexican Federale officer and an innocent bystander were killed. Another officer was wounded. 

Here is video of Adauto’s ninth floor office showing bullet hole, views from office across the U.S. border to ‘S Mart’ (business equivalent to WalMart) in Juarez, Mexico where shootings took place:


Outraged at this latest bout of violence, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott fired off a letter to the White House, beseeching Obama for more troops on their border: 

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President, 

Deadly violence from drug cartels and transnational gangs in Mexico is knocking on the United States’ door with ever increasing frequency. 

Yesterday, gunfire from the cartels pierced that threshold and struck City Hall in El Paso. Fortunately no one was injured or killed. But that good fortune was not the result of effective border control – it was mere luck that the bullets struck buildings rather than bodies. 

Luck and good fortune are not effective border enforcement policies. The shocking reality of cross border gunfire proves the cold reality: American lives are at risk. As the attached news article notes: “More than 1,300 people have been murdered in Juárez this year as a war continues relentlessly between the Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels.” Americans must be protected as this deadly war bulges at our border. 

Law enforcement officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety and your own U.S. Customs and Border Protection will reveal the hard truth. Our state is under constant assault from illegal activity threatening a porous border. 

The time for talk has passed. The time for action is now. The need is urgent. Each day that passes increases the likelihood that an American life will be lost because of the federal government’s failure to secure the border. 

This threat demands immediate and effective action by your Administration to secure our border. As the Attorney General of Texas, I urge you to make border security your top priority so that no more innocent lives are lost to border violence. 

June 30, 2010 – CNN’s Jack Cafferty spoke to TV viewers to lower expectations regarding hopes for any stellar illegal immigration solutions coming from the presidential pulpit:

More comments here

July 1, 2010: Speaking in campaign mode at American University in Washington, D.C., Obama delivered a speech crafted to razzle-dazzle a key component of his base supporters – the Hispanic caucus. It was long on rhetoric and short on specifics. While calling for bi-partisan cooperation to work on comprehensive immigration reform, Obama rebuffed Republicans. I listened closely to hear if Obama would, once again, blatantly misrepresent Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 and he did: 

Washington Times 

“These laws also have the potential of violating the rights of innocent American citizens and legal residents, making them subject to possible stops or questioning because of what they look like or how they sound,” he said. 

Obama’s continual portrayal of SB 1070 as racial profiling is intentionally misleading and manipulative. Arizona’s immigration law mirrors federal law except it’s worded even more meticulously to specifically avoid racial profiling. (Governor Brewer has made the SB 1070 Peace Officer Training video/handouts available on line.) To see a portion Obama’s immigration speech click here. 


[…]Advocates on both sides of the issue doubt a bill can pass this year. Republican leaders dispute Mr. Obama’s claim the borders are secure, and say no immigration bill can pass until they are. 

“The president can make progress on this issue, but it will take more than a speech,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican. “If he would take amnesty off the table and make a real commitment to border and interior security, he will find strong bipartisan support.” 

Mr. Obama and Democratic leaders, though, argue legalizing illegal immigrants has to be done at the same time, both for workability and because they fear if the borders are secured first, it might sap momentum from the push for legalization. 

“Our borders are just too vast for us to be able to solve the problem only with fences and border patrols,” Mr. Obama said. “It won’t work.” 

Immigration rights activists were generally happy with the speech, saying it touched on the issues they wanted to hear. 

“We have been waiting for the president to lean forward and push with us on the immigration issue the same way he did as a presidential candidate. We hope this is the start of a sustained push,” said Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat.[…] 

See all of Obama’s speech here

July 1, 2010 (afternoon): Federal Judge Allows Mexico to Have a Voice in Court Case Against U.S. Immigration Law 

Mexico gets its say in one of the lawsuits challenging Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.
Mexico says it wants to defend its citizens’ rights and that the law would lead to racial profiling and hinder trade and tourism. It also says the law would hinder work against drug trafficking and related violence.
Until recently, Mexican law made illegal immigration a criminal offense — anyone arrested for the violation could be fined, imprisoned for up to two years and deported. Mexican lawmakers changed that in 2008 to make illegal immigration a civil violation like it is in the United States, but their law still reads an awful lot like Arizona’s. 

Arizona’s policy, which President Felipe Calderon derided during a recent U.S. trip as “discriminatory,” states police can’t randomly stop people and demand papers, and the law prohibits racial profiling. 

Mexican law, however, requires law enforcement officials “to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country before attending to any issues.” 

Amnesty International recently issued a report claiming illegal immigrants in Mexico — typically from Central America — face abuse, rape and kidnappings, and that Mexican police do little to stop it. When illegal immigration was a criminal offense in Mexico, officials were known to seek bribes from suspects to keep them out of jail. 

July 1, 2010 (evening): FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren interviewed Gov Brewer and State Republican Russell Pearce (R-AZ) to hear their views on Obama’s immigration speech. Click here to watch Gov Brewer Sounds Off Part 1 and 2. Pearce’s Ill Conceived and Unenforced or Following Federal Law interview is on the same link. (You don’t want to miss these interviews!)

July 1, 2010 10:07 PM MDT: Twelve miles from Nogales, Arizona, in a dark and deserted drug transport corridor near Hermosillo, Mexico, large-scale mayhem and murder wait… 

HERMOSILLO, MEXICO — A massive gun battle between rival drug and migrant-trafficking gangs near the U.S. border left 21 people dead on Thursday, prosecutors said. 

The clash occurred in a sparsely populated area about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the Arizona border — a prime corridor for immigrant and drug smuggling. 

Sonora’s Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that nine people were captured by police at the scene of the shooting, six of whom had been wounded in the confrontation. Authorities at the scene found seven rifles. 

Officials did not say why the gunfight had broken out, but powerful and well-armed Mexican gangs often fight for control of smuggling routes into the United States. 

Mr. Obama, your highest priority as Commander-in-Chief is to protect American citizens. Stop playing politics with America’s sovereignty. Maybe a ‘James Carville’ will get your attention:

“We’re dyin’ down here!”

Secure our borders.

AZ Gov Jan Brewer Not Pleased with White House Border Security Meeting

For anyone holding their breath that five members of Team Obama would actually propose something for lasting Arizona border order when they met with Governor Jan Brewer in Phoenix yesterday, you may exhale now.


Governor Brewer’s word for the sound escaping one’s lips would be ‘disappointment’. Mine feels more like disgust.

After an hour and a half of sitting through White House Security Adviser John Brennan’s power point presentation – with no hard copies to follow or keep for reference, Governor Brewer was clearly frustrated with Obama’s underwhelming response to secure Arizona’s border:

Regarding the impending Obama Administration lawsuit…

“Well, you know I’m very disappointed. I think it’s wrong, but we will meet with them and we will push back. And, we will fight as hard as we can and I believe Arizona will win the lawsuit.”

Here’s how Obama and Napolitano are ‘bringing the hammer down’ on illegal immigration:

► Up to 524 National Guard personnel will be sent to AZ (not the promised 1200).
► National Guard personnel will be implemented in small numbers and fluctuate incrementally.
► National Guard personnel will conduct surveillance and support – not ‘boots on the ground’ apprehension duty.
► National Guard personnel at the peak number of 524 will be available for a limited time.
► 22 miles of existing border fence will be repaired.
► The $500 million originally pledged to Gov Brewer has been changed to $445 million. $310 million will be given to Mexico. Arizona will receive a whopping $135 million.

Phoenix 3TV report:

“No really substantial information was provided that would make us happy or pleased with the discussions today.” -Gov Brewer

In case you missed it, the White House has appointed another Czar:

White House Picks Critic of Local Immigration Enforcement for Key Role at ICE

Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix, has been hired as the Director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of State and Local Coordination.

The Obama administration has tapped an outspoken critic of immigration enforcement on the local level to oversee and promote partnerships between federal and local officials on the issue.

Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix, has been hired as the director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of State and Local Coordination. Starting July 6, Hurtt will supervise outreach and communication between ICE, local law enforcement agencies, tribal leaders and representatives from non-governmental organizations.
as a police chief, Hurtt was a supporter of “sanctuary city” policies, by which illegal immigrants who don’t commit crimes can live without fear of exposure or detainment because police don’t check for immigration papers.

He also, during his tenure as Houston police chief, criticized ICE’s key program that draws on local law enforcement’s support.

(emphasis mine)

Obama’s agenda is obvious. He may well have met his match in Governor Brewer.

Donate to keep Arizona safe!

UPDATE: Obama will speak Thursday (7/1/10) on ‘immigration reform’ (code for amnesty):

President Barack Obama will deliver an address on comprehensive immigration reform on Thursday in Washington.

Obama will speak at American University in northwest Washington following a week in which he’s met with key constituencies in the immigration debate.

Obama will speak at noon on Thursday “on the need to fix our broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform,” according to a White House announcement.

The president met this week with immigration activists and members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to discuss the prospects for reform this year, too.