Romney Headed Back to Iowa, Interviewed in Denver, Houston (VIDEOS)

Autumn in rural Iowa...
Mitt Romney will return to the Hawkeye State to campaign on Monday, November 7, 2011.

Mitt Romney is heading back to the Hawkeye State next week…

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney returns to state Monday

Associated Press
November 2, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is returning to Iowa Monday to campaign in territory he captured during his bid for the GOP nomination four years ago.

Aides say the former Massachusetts governor plans to campaign in Dubuque and Scott counties, along a swath of eastern Iowa he carried in his second-place finish in the 2008 caucuses.

Romney has kept a low profile in Iowa this year, but has recently added staff and spoken of winning the leadoff nominating contest set for Jan. 3.

He campaigned in western Iowa in October.

Romney was last in Iowa on October 20th, where he held a business roundtable in Treynor.

Yesterday, The Gov was in the Mile High City. Here’s video of his interview with 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark; Romney discussed his campaign ideas:

UPDATE – Here’s another interview of Romney on Houston KTRK TV (H/t Bosman):

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Mitt Romney Attends Lively Fundraiser for Texas Gov Rick Perry

Tx Gov Rick Perry and Former Gov Mitt Romney Houston fundraiser 5/19/10

Former Governor Mitt Romney joined Texas Governor Rick Perry for a rousing fundraiser in Houston, Texas yesterday, Wednesday, May 19th. Even though Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani over Romney in the 2008 presidential race, the two shared warm words for each other and joined in decrying the liberal policies of the Obama administration.

Governor Perry is seeking to retain his gubernatorial seat this fall by fending off Democrat challenger Houston mayor Bill White. According to recent TPM polling, Perry is at 51% and White is at 38%. Just a month ago, Rasmussen showed Perry only leading by four points, 48-44.

From Texas Politics:

Perry and Romney, both trim and handsome, could have been mistaken for brothers as they stood together on the ballroom rostrum. It’s easy to imagine their handsome, well-coiffed heads on campaign posters for 2012. The challenge would be, of course, deciding whether the GOP ticket would be Romney/Perry or Perry/Romney.

Marie Youngblood, who’s on the board of Texas Tea Party Republican Women, would probably opt for the former. She said she came to the rally because she likes Romney.

Love Romney’s whistle at .58!

UPDATE: Mitt Romney donates $32,500 to Texas GOP candidates
Romney kicking in some money and goodwill to the gubernatorial and congressional races…

Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC gave a $10,000 contribution to Rick Perry and the two appeared together in Houston at a fundraiser for the governor. The glowing support from Romney came despite the governor’s endorsing and stumping for Romney rival Rudy Giuliani during the presidential primaries. When Giuliani tanked, Perry went with eventual nominee John McCain.

Others who received $2,500 (the maximum allowed in this cycle of congressional races) from Romney’s political committee are U.S. Reps. John Carter, Mike Conaway, Kay Granger, Sam Johnson, Pete Olson, Pete Sessions, Lamar Smith and contenders Quico Conseco and Bill Flores.

Romney Outraises Obama in NYC, Heads to Texas to Support Governor Rick Perry at FREE Event

Romney Continues Golden Streak

From Hotline On Call
Ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) held a fundraiser in Manhattan last week and outperformed Pres. Obama’s own cash grab a day later on behalf of the DCCC, another sign of trouble brewing for Dems this cycle in all corners of the country.

Romney headlined an event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on May 12 that raised $1.5M for his Free and Strong America PAC.

By contrast, Obama’s appearance at the St. Regis Hotel on May 13 raked in a lesser $1.3 million for the DCCC.

For Romney, the event was the biggest of the year, according to his aides. And in many ways it was another implicit indication that his is the nascent GOP WH campaign to beat.
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Tack on another victory for Mitt Romney! This wasn’t exactly a head-to-head matchup, but Romney’s ability to bring in the big bucks has to be recognized, as it further establishes him as the ‘Take-down-Obama’ guy.

Remember when Romney got all sorts of attention and political props after raising $6.5 Million in one day, just after he announced his run for the Presidency in 2007? …I’m awfully curious to see if that number doubles or triples after he announces his Presidential run (finger crossed), and subsequently holds his first big call-a-thon.

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Join Mitt Romney at FREE Event for Texas Governor Rick Perry

You are invited to join Governor Perry & First Lady Anita Perry in Houston with their special guest: Governor Mitt Romney!

Cost: Free (RSVP required)
Date: Wednesday, May 19th
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: J.W. Marriott, Grand Ballroom
5150 Westheimer Houston, TX 77056

This is a private event and RSVP is required to attend.

Please contact our Houston Field Director to RSVP!
Elyse Derian- Houston Field Director 858-722-8653
Or email:

Mitt Romney

Rick Perry

Update: Houston Not a Finalist for GOP 2012 Convention

Houston, TX

Update: Whoops from the Lone Star State have been squelched. Why? Reports published yesterday (2/3/10) that Houston, TX was a finalist for the 2012 Republican Convention are not true. The city of Houston didn’t even apply to host the convention.  

City officials said Houston underwent a change of administration and missed the deadline to apply for the convention, but it isn’t clear if they intended to apply or want to now. Rumors abound. Will Houston officials request an extension from the RNC and submit a bid? Is there a 4th city still to be announced as a finalist for the GOP 2012 convention? Are Salt Lake City, Tampa Bay, and Phoenix the complete shortlist?

Holly Hughes RNC Site Selection Committee Chair

Clarification from Holly Hughes (RNC Convention Site Selection Committee Chair) or RNC chairman Michael Steele would be welcome right now. 

Houston Not a Finalist for GOP 2012 Convention (updated today -video report incl):

HOUSTON — Houston is not a finalist for the 2012 Republican National Convention, at least not yet.

Rumors started flying Wednesday after published reports stated Houston was one of four finalists.

Late in the evening, the head of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau said the rumors aren’t true.

“I really wish all of our convention bids we could get to the finals without ever having submitted a piece of paper,” said Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau President and CEO Greg Ortale.

Ortale confirmed the city of Houston has yet to sign up for a shot. In fact, the city missed the deadline to apply. Ortega says that’s because of the transition into a new administration.

However, if the RNC gives Houston an extension, the city could throw its name into the hat. The city would bid not only for the GOP Convention, but also the Democratic National Convention.

“You have to go for both and the reason for that is it has to take a full commitment of the community, particularly on the fundraising, and you cannot do that without republicans and democrats in the city working together,” said Ortega.

The 2008 GOP convention was held in St. Paul, MN. Ortale says the community had to raise $80 million, and it got about $150 million back. Still, according to Ortale, there could be a significant cost to the city.

“If you’ve got infrastructure issues, like streets, if you have some security costs that are not going to be recoverable, and it is probably millions of dollars, “he said.

Is it a long shot for Houston? Some say it is, but it’s a chance the city could be willing to take.

“It’s a major undertaking and if we do go forward with it, you’ll be chasing down rumors every week,” said Ortale.

UPDATE Houston Chronicle:


Bloggers around the country pounced on the story. Elected officials, Republican and Democrat, got excited; folks from the mayor’s office and old-timers who remember the extensive planning — not to mention the extensive amount of money — that went into the ’92 convention were something less than excited.

They’ll be happy to hear there’s nothing to worry about. A Republican official who didn’t want to be named confirmed a few minutes ago that when the RNC releases its list in a couple of weeks Houston will NOT be on it.

(emphasis mine) Who are these Republican officials reportedly releasing information? The RNC HAS released a list – with three cities listed. It was announced that four city finalists would be named. ???

 National reported this yesterday:

The RNC has narrowed its search for a ’12 convention location to 4 cities, several party sources tell Hotline OnCall.

In a vote at the Winter meetings in Honolulu late last week, the party narrowed its search to Salt Lake City, Tampa, Phoenix and Houston.

The RNC’s site selection committee, headed by MI committeewoman Holly Hughes, will visit each of the 4 cities later this year to go over logistics, examine hotel and conference capacity and the facility for the convention itself. An RNC spokesperson declined to comment for this story.

Dems have begun accepting bids for their own convention, but they have yet to take even preliminary steps in picking through those cities. DNC chair Tim Kaine has not even set up a site selection committee yet.

All 4 cities GOPers will consider bring upsides. Tampa and Phoenix sit in swing states, while TX has an exploding Hispanic population — a demographic GOPers are keen to attract after they appear to be slipping toward Dems.

And Salt Lake City would be the first inner-mountain West city for a GOP convention. Pres. Obama won NV, CO and NM in ’08, 3 states the GOP must win to reclaim the WH.


Michael Steele RNC Chairman

So far it’s Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay. Who knows what’s next?