Newspaper Endorsements Pour In for Romney/Ryan: NH, MA, WV, TX, MI, VA, NY, D.C.

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Like a waterfall, newspaper editorial board endorsements for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to pour in…

Foster’s Daily Democrat (NH)
October 24, 2012

It’s Now Time To Decide

If you had already made up your mind going into Monday night’s presidential debate, nothing said probably changed your mind. But for those who were undecided, there certainly was some food for thought.

But what was lacking on the part of the president was a vision for the future and credibility based on the past. The current commander in chief repeatedly accused Romney of reaching back into history for failed policies of the past both home and abroad. The president summoned images of President Herbert Hoover and others which history has deemed failures. In doing so, Obama tried to gloss over his own history of failed promises — on unemployment, on balancing the budget, cutting the deficit and — as we believe — earning the respect of our overseas allies.

Admittedly, Obama’s failures center mostly around domestic policy — Romney’s strength. But as Romney pointed out Monday night, in order to be strong and respected on the international stage, the United States must be strong economically.

As readers know, there is no doubt on the part of the editorial board here at Foster’s Daily Democrat new leadership is needed from the White House. We believe all three debates — but especially the first — support that notion. We believe that, on balance, the debates have shown Mitt Romney to be the more capable and with a vision for the future — a vision President Obama has failed to offer.

On Nov. 6, we urge voters to give Mitt Romney a chance to offer the nation real hope and change.

Boston Herald
Editorial Staff
October 23, 2012

Romney’s The One

Four years ago the voters put their faith in a man who offered vague promises of hope and change at a time when any change looked like a good idea and hope was in short supply.

What this nation got in Barack Obama was a president who used an economic crisis to further his redistributionist agenda — and, not surprisingly, failed miserably at restoring American prosperity. Oh, he brought change all right — to a government-knows-best philosophy that has given us four years of high unemployment, higher gas prices, a $16 trillion deficit, and a job-killing regulatory environment.
Enough! This isn’t the kind of change anyone can believe in.

The other simple fact is that in Mitt Romney voters have not merely a safe and steady alternative but a proven leader and an extraordinarily skilled expert in the art of the economic turnaround.

He did that all over again for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

What Romney knows at the core of his being is that sometimes government must step aside and sometimes it must lead.

Last night the nation saw a man who in the area of foreign policy is prepared to lead, who knows that for the United States to remain safe it must reclaim its place on the world stage.

During the last four years the world has become a more dangerous place. We can’t afford four more years of a leadership vacuum.

Not when in Mitt Romney voters have the choice of a strong, smart hand on the helm, a decent, caring man, who lives his faith, who loves his country and would serve it well. For all of those reasons, the Boston Herald is pleased to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

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Obama’s Jobs Record: ‘Sure HOPE USA Doesn’t Notice & CHANGES the Subject’

Here’s the latest from creative cartoonist Sal Velluto

► Jayde Wyatt

A Cave on the Side of the Mountain

Phil_UT has given us permission to post his piece here as a guest post.

Growing up in Colorado, I was richly blessed with parents that had a great love for this country, nature, and the freedom we so often take for granted. Each summer we would pack up in our car with a small tent trailer behind and head off to explore this great land that we live in. Through National Parks and Forests, my parents taught me to love and appreciate all that America has to offer. At each stop, mom would explain the history of the area and would constantly drag us through obscure museums and shops. At the time we protested, but to this day I have to thank my parents for giving me such an appreciation for the beauty, the majesty, and the history of this great nation.

It is no wonder that as my wife and I began our family that I would want to continue this summer tradition. So, with little kids in tow, we would head off several weeks each summer revisiting all the old trips that I took with my parents. On one such trip after we had just left Mesa Verde, I wanted to take my family on the Durango to Silverton train. So, up we went over the million-dollar highway to Silverton. When we got to the National Forest campground, it was full so we decided to camp in an open area next to a stream. As we pulled in and started unloading, we noticed about halfway up the mountain across the road there was a cave. It actually looked so close that we could easily get to it. As we unpacked, my children’s imagination started to expand about what great treasures must surely lie inside that cave. As often happens, their banter about treasures and mysteries inside the cave became infectious and soon my wife and I were joining into the speculation. As we finished setting up camp, it was decided that since that cave was “so” close, we would hike up and discover the great treasures that surely awaited us. With four small children in line, we headed up the mountain.

One hour later, what had appeared to be a short easy hike was turning into a considerable effort. However, the dreams of mystery and treasure in the cave continued to drive us forward and upward. Another hour passed and it seemed that we were barely making any progress. I made the decision to leave the tree line and head across a rock slide flow to see how close we were. As I stepped across the loose rocks, my apprehension began to build as it was very unsteady, but yet I continued forward. Fifty yards onto the rock flow; I turned around and in horror noticed that two of my children had followed me out onto this unstable ground. My wife and the other children had continued up the safer tree line and where almost out of earshot as I called out to them. Click here to continue reading