Obamacare & Romney’s July 4th: “Agree with Supreme Court DISSENT, but it’s a TAX”

After participating today in the annual Fourth of July parade in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Governor Mitt Romnney offered his assessment of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare: “It’s a tax.

Romney spoke with CBS News’ chief political correspondent Jan Crawford:

The Supreme Court has spoken, and while I agreed with the dissent, that’s taken over by the fact that the majority of the court said it’s a tax, and therefore it is a tax. They have spoken. There’s no way around that. “I said that I agreed with the dissent, and the dissent made it very clear that they felt it was unconstitutional, but the dissent lost – it’s in the minority.” – Mitt Romney

Romney’s senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom earlier this week claimed Romney viewed the Obamacare matter as a penalty, or fine.

The L.A. Times offered more on Romney’s parade appearance:

The presumptive Republican nominee, accompanied by what he called “a bevy of Romneys,” marched near the end of the parade, which filled Wolfeboro’s Main Street for more than two hours and showcased a mind-bending vision of small-town Americana.

There was the American Legion and the Rotary, the Daughters of the American Revolution and virtually every local elected official. There also was a Toro lawnmower brigade, a truck from Big Moose RV

Sales, a rolling wood-fired pizza oven and enough military and farm vehicles to move and feed an army. There also was a parade favorite, the Wolfeboro Offshore Ad-Lib Precision Lawn Chair Drill Team — basically, a bunch of senior citizens who march in formation throwing lawn chairs around with abandon, except when they are taking a break by sitting in them.

Shaking hands and greeting the crowd along the route, Romney was flanked by family members and supporters. When the parade finished, he spoke to a large gathering, where a smallish group of Obama supporters were present to chant support for their guy.

NECN’s Lauren Collins posted the following parade report (Look at the long stream of Romney supporters who marched in the parade with him!):

Ms. Collins finished her report wondering if The Gov’s remarks would have a highly charged political tone… Here’s her answer:

Romney went so far as to celebrate the presence of President Obama’s supporters in the parade and quickly silenced his own backers who booed at their mention.

“You know what?” Romney told them, as he spoke from the back of a pickup truck overlooking a blue-green vista of the lake and distant mountains. “They were courteous and respectful and said, ‘Good luck to you,’ and ‘Happy Fourth of July.'”

Continuing, he said. “This is a time for us to come together as a people. We have differing views on political issues, but with regards to our conviction that this nation is unique and exceptional, we must come together and show respect for what it is that makes us such a great nation.”

To read Romney’s July 4th statement, see Team Romney’s new video, and view photos click here.

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Romney in New Hampshire: Packed Town Halls, Tough Questions, Endorsed by Fmr NH Senate Pres Tom Eaton

When Mitt Romney finally called it a day yesterday in New Hampshire, he must have felt a satisfied exhaustion. He’d had the kind of day which is likely to be more the norm as his presidential campaign heats up.

The Gov worked non-stop – hosting packed town hall meetings in Keene and Lebanon and a business roundtable in in Claremont. He enjoyed taking the tough questions and handling hecklers. And, in the midst of it all, he received an impressive endorsement from former NH State Senate President, Tom Eaton (R-Keene):

Tom Eaton has been a staunch supporter of the traditional New Hampshire principles of lower taxes, limited government and less spending,” said Mitt Romney. “I am honored to have Tom’s support and am proud to have him join my campaign to create jobs and turn around our struggling economy.”

“With 25 years of experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney knows how our economy works and how to promote pro-growth policies that will produce jobs,” said Eaton. “Mitt is the strongest candidate to take on President Obama and he has the skills needed to rein in spending, control our exploding deficits and bring fiscal sanity back to Washington. I am proud to support his campaign and look forward to helping him spread his pro-jobs message across the Granite State.”

12:00 PM – Town Hall meeting at Keene Recreation Center

At a town hall here on Wednesday, Mitt Romney reiterated a controversial statement he made earlier this month at the Iowa State Fair — “Corporations are people, my friend,” he said at the time — voluntarily alluding to his corporations-as-people comments in a response to a question about what he would do to fix the economy.

“I made the point the other day,” Mr. Romney said. “Corporations, they’re made up of people. They’re just groups of people who come together for work.”

He explained: “And when you say tax corporations, the steel and the vinyl and the concrete, those things don’t pay taxes. Only people do. So high taxes on corporations is high taxes on people, and people are going to go places where taxes aren’t too high.”

Romney addresses a crowded room at Keene Recreational center (opening remarks):

Romney is local, he’s battle-tested and to many, he looks like a president. “People here know Romney,” said Tom Rath, a veteran state Republican strategist and Romney adviser.

They sure do.

I liked how he balanced the liberal Massachusetts Senate and House and got things done,” said Isaac Matson, a Baldwinville, Mass., college student.

For additional VIDEOS of Romney’s remarks on the economy, reducing U.S. debt, taxes, national defense, and much more, click here.

3:00 PM – Hosts business roundtable event at The Common Man, Claremont

CLAREMONT, N.H. — Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, feeling the heat as Texas Gov. Rick Perry creeps up on him in the polls, worked to bolster his socially conservative credentials while highlighting his job creation chops while touring the must-win Granite State yesterday.
He took pains to contrast his private-sector experience against Perry’s 27 years in elected office — even though he didn’t name the pistol-packing Lone Star pol.

“There will also be some differences, and in my case I won’t just have been somebody who watched jobs be created, I actually created jobs. I’ve had that experience,” Romney said, echoing his comments earlier in the day at a Keene, N.H., Town Hall.

I spent my life in the private sector. I’m a business guy; I’m a conservative businessman; I’m not a lifelong politician,” Romney said. “I spent four years in government. I joke that I didn’t inhale.”

Continue reading here.

5:30 PM – Hosts a town hall meeting at Lebanon Senior Center

Asked about global warming at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Romney said he believed the world is getting hotter and humans contribute in some way to the change — but could not judge to what extent.

“Do I think the world’s getting hotter? Yeah, I don’t know that but I think that it is,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s mostly caused by humans.”

What I’m not willing to do is spend trillions of dollars on something I don’t know the answer to.”
A Romney aide said the candidate has not altered his position on climate change

He criticized a bill backed by President Barack Obama that would have capped carbon emissions and allowed polluters to buy and sell rights to emit carbon.

“I do not believe in cap and trade and I do not believe in putting a carbon cap” on polluting industries, Romney said.

Read more here.

A portion of Romney’s town hall in Lebanon, NH (amateur video/shaky):

UPDATE from Romney’s blog: Mitt focuses on jobs in New Hampshire (good pics!)

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Romney Was Right: Liberals Scapegoat ‘Corporation’

corporation noun, from corpus, Latin for body, or a body of people

1. a legal entity that exists independently of the person or persons who have been granted the charter creating it and that is invested with many of the rights given to individuals: a corporation may enter into contracts, buy and sell property, etc.

2. any of the political and economic bodies forming a corporative state, each being composed of the employers and employees in a certain industry, profession, etc.

Liberals saw their chance a few days ago to trumpet their class warfare/spread-the-wealth rhetoric when Mitt Romney told hecklers at the Iowa State Fair that corporations are people. Those of us who understand capitalism knew what The Gov meant. Right leaning politicos praised Romney for his bold statement; many are saying…

Romney Was Right: Corporations Really Are People

[…]He [Romney] was responding to audience members who suggested that an increase in taxes on “people” could be avoided by instead taxing “corporations.”

“We have to make sure that the promises we make in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are promises we can keep, and there are various ways of doing that,” Romney said. “One is we can raise taxes on people.”

“Corporations!” a member of the audience interrupted, echoed by several others.
That was when Romney made his now famous remark: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

“No, they’re not!” the audience members responded.
“Of course they are,” said Romney. “Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people.”

The point Romney was trying to make is an important one: Corporations are not alien entities from which money can be magically retrieved. They are human creations, and taking money from corporations has consequences that affect those human beings. Taxes on corporations are taxes on people.
Most people have come to recognize that workers and business owners are essentially in business together. Taxes and other burdens on business do not just affect the entity, nor even just the entity and its owners; directly or indirectly, those taxes affect employees too. Union membership has plunged as this idea has taken hold.

The idea of corporations as somehow independent of human interests, however, continues to be an important part of the Democratic Party’s rhetoric. This allows Democrats to use “corporations” as both scapegoats and money trees, while ignoring the consequences for the individuals behind those corporations. In his simple statement, Romney challenged the lie inherent in that rhetoric.

Romney may take flak from Democrats over his comment, but he is only saying what nearly everyone already knows. And while Exxon or Apple won’t be going to the polls, those companies’ shareholders, managers and employees will be. I suspect that they, too, will remember Romney’s remark. They won’t be so quick to call his defense of their interests a gaffe.

(emphasis added) Read the entire article here.

Mitt on the road: A week in New Hampshire (“Businesses are people.” @1:09)

Stand with Mitt!

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Iowa State Fair: Behind the Scenes with Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Here’s a quick look at Romney and his behind-the-booths stroll through the busy state fair in Iowa…


Each year, the Iowa State Fair draws thousands of visitors to its many attractions. Mitt walked the fairgrounds Thursday, greeting voters and delivering a fiery speech from the soapbox.

Yes, that speech was so fiery I thought those straw bales were going to erupt in flames. Awesome! See that fiery speech right here!

Gov Romney chats with excited young fair-goers at the Iowa State Fair. August 12, 2011

Governor Romney and Senator Chuck Grassley change the grill top at 'Pork Chop on a Stick' at the Iowa State Fair. Aug 12, 2011

Mitt eats the fruits of his labors - the infamous 'Pork Chop on a Stick'. (Iowa State Fair, August 12, 2011)

More photos may be found here. Looks like an all-around great time!

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Video: Romney on the Stump at Iowa State Fair – 22 Minutes of Pure Awesome

I think I have a new favorite video of Romney – one I think everyone should see.


Yesterday at the Iowa State Fair Romney took to the soapbox and delivered a remarkable 10 minute stump speech followed by a 12 minutes Q&A. His stump was exceptionally fluid and intelligent – and his answers to questions passionate and…. well… heated. And even though the Q&A was ambushed by organized liberal effort to heckle Romney, he comes out on top with the audience and is visibly cool and collected at the end of the exchange.

[BTW – The next best video (co-best?) of Romney was his book tour visit to Emory University in April 2010. You can watch it here.]

~Nate G.

A little extra reading to explain why the liberals making a big deal about Gov. Romney’s statement on corporations, Why Romney’s right that ‘companies are people’. Watch what Sarah Palin had to say about Mitt’s moment below the fold Click here to continue reading

Video Two-fer: Surprise Interview on Fox, and Romney Handles Hecklers at Iowa State Fair.

First, we have a video from yesterday where Romney walks up behind Carl Cameron while he’s on air for an impromptu one minute interview. Carl’s surprise is enjoyable to watch, as is Mitt’s calm and pleasant demeanor. He seems to realize that he’s stepping in unannounced, so he doesn’t try to take over the microphone and push campaign slogans. He acknowledges that there will be many candidates at the debate tonight, that there will be many people there who want to hear from all of the candidates… and then he politely excuses himself.

I’d put this video in the “instant classic” category:

Second, we have a portion of Romney at the Iowa State Fair on the soapbox dealing with some hecklers very near the stage. You’ll notice the video has the Think Progress logo on it, and the Dems seem to love it, but for my part I think Romney handled them rather well, and number of tweeters live on location seemed to thing so as well.

The man that confronts Romney on social security has a very legitimate concern, but his outrage is awfully misguided. He’s obviously been drinking deeply from the liberal talking points fountain that tells him that GOP are going to slash SS and Medicare payments to seniors – such is just not the case. But that doesn’t stop dems from using it as a fear tactic. Romney makes the point that we need to address the promises that we are making to young people now in regards to Social Security, that something needs to change before they come to retirement age. IF not, there will be no money for anyone. It’s that simple.

UPDATE by Jayde- The heckling group has been identified as a liberal think tank calling themselves ‘Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’. C-Span has additional video here. This is a defining moment for Romney.

UPDATE 2 by Nate – Gail Gitcho posted to twitter this great photo of Mitt Romney vs. the Lib Heckler (click on pic to enlarge):

It's being called the 'Mitt Hit' game-changer for Governor Romney. He forcefully addressed hecklers today while speaking at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA. August 11, 2011

Mike Huckabee went out of his way to praise Mitt Romney for this event which was great to see. Also, check out a little extra reading to explain why the liberals making a big deal about Gov. Romney’s statement on corporations, Why Romney’s right that ‘companies are people’.

~Nate G.