VIDEO – Donald Trump: “my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney.”

Trump & Romney

Trump & Romney

Is Trump’s narcissistic chest beating so very, very off-putting to anyone else?

I don’t normally pay attention to the guy (his presidential chances should be taken about as seriously as Oprah Winfrey’s), but after hearing about his recent remarks on how Mitt Romney “didn’t create companies”, I couldn’t help but take a gander at the interview video:

The above video doesn’t catch all of the Romney talk, though; fast-forward to the 4:45 mark in this video to catch the entire diologue. I don’t mind re-posting the entire interview here. If you watch it all, you’ll see that the more he speaks, the more the guy does harm to his cause:

Fact Check:

In 1984, Romney founded and led Bain Capital, now one of the nation’s most successful venture capital and investment firms.

Some lesser known facts about Mitt’s net worth: Romney left his company to go back and restructure Bain & Company, taking only a symbolic $1 salary for the entire year; he didn’t take a salary as Governor and he donated his Olympic’s salary to charity. Not to mention all the proceeds from Romney’s ‘New York Times Best Seller’ went to charity, as well. Success means nothing unless you learn to give back. Romney has essentially gone without pay for the past decade (longer than the average duration of the Donald’s marriages). Trump’s 2009 salary? …$50 million.

True leadership is humility.

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Conan Video: Romney Running On His Looks

With Romney forming an exploratory committee, I guess that makes him official target for late night comedy once again. From Conan’s show last night, this one is pretty funny:

UPDATE: Romney responds to Conan on Twitter:

.@TeamCoco Loved the video. Sounds to me like @ConanOBrien has hair envy #Mitt2012less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

and Conan was quick to answer:

Hey, @mittromney busted me for having hair envy. Imagine how jealous I’ll be if Trump runs.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Mitt Romney Lays Out Some of His Plans for 2010 and Beyond

You can watch the interview for yourself in the video below, but here is the summary: Mitt Romney talks about President Obama, health care, Governor Palin, his upcoming book tour for No Apology, another possible run for the presidency in 2012, and his hair.

Then, Mitt and Ann play the Newlywed game

Yesterday’s interview focusing on Ann Romney and her fights against MS and breast cancer can now be watched at Ann Romney Discusses Breast Cancer Diagnosis on Fox and Friends

Here are some updates on Mitt’s upcoming book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’ and the upcoming book tour:

Taking a Page from Sarah Palin, Romney Readies Book Blitz

Romney Book Even Expects 10,000 Attendees

As more events pop up, we will be posting the details at the Mitt Romney Central Calender

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