Amid Autumn’s Heated Campaign, Do Romney/Ryan Families Find Time to Chill?

With the Romney’s attending church today in Belmont, MA and the Governor spending time preparing for Tuesday’s presidential debate, I thought it might be relaxing for Romney/Ryan supporters to look back on the week. Let’s see if the Romney and Ryan families are finding time amid the heated campaign to enjoy October, a bit of Mother Nature’s beauty, and just chill…

Kick off your shoes and take your time.

Here’s an autumn Romney/Ryan photo essay

With cold rain falling in sheets, Governor Mitt Romney rallied stalwart supporters at a campaign event in Newport News, Virginia. Oct 8, 2012 (photographer unknown)

The chill in the air didn’t stop the crowd from coming to see GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaign amid the hay bales in Van Meter, Iowa. Oct 9, 2012 (Photo – Evan Vucci/AP)

GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan and wife Janna size up pumpkins for just the right jack-o-lantern at the Apple Holler Pumpkin Patch in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Oct 7, 2012 (Photo – Mary Altaffer/AP)

October 11, 2012 – Ann Romney writes, “Bought Craig some vanilla fudge at Kilwins in Sarasota today. Can you believe he doesn’t like chocolate?!” (photographer unknown)

Janna Ryan (left) watches as her husband, Paul Ryan helps his daughter, Liza, dip a caramel apple. Ryan’s other children, Charlie and Sam, eagerly await their turn. (Photo – Mary Altaffer/AP)

Paul Ryan indulges in a fall rite of passage – the tailgate party! He’s pictured loading his plate at the Bowling green University vs Miami University of Ohio football game in Ohio. Oct 13, 2012 (Photo – Mary Altaffer/AP)

Paul Ryan makes a toss in a game with son Charlie before a football game at Doyt Perry Stadium in Bowling Green, Ohio. Oct 13, 2012 (Photo – Sentinel-Tribune, Enoch Wu/AP)

Ann Romney, bundled up to stay warm, took a detour on the way from Hudsonville, Michigan to the Detroit suburb of Franklin to visit the Peanut Shop in downtown Lansing. She bought some trick-or-treat goodies including cashews and cinnamon almonds she said were Mitt’s favorite. She also picked up some ‘sour jelly pumpkins’ for the grandchildren. Yum! The Detroit News quoted her saying “I love it here.” Oct 12, 2012 (Photo – AP)

At The Peanut Shop in Lansing, Michigan, Ann Romney takes time to greet sisters Jenna, left, whom she wished a happy 4th birthday, and Audrey Carrier. Oct 12, 2012 (Photo Dale G. Young/The Detroit News)

Did you happen to see Ann co-host on Good Morning America last week?

Standing in front of a backdrop of straw bales, pumpkins, and a tractor, Ann Romney speaks with supporters at the Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She spent the day campaigning through the state. (Photo – Charles V. Tines/The Detroit News)

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Paperback Release of ‘No Apology’ by Mitt Romney: New Intro Critical of Obama, Romney on Media Blitz

The paperback version of Mitt Romney's book 'No Apology' will be released today.

It was on March 2, 2010 that Mitt Romney laid out his detailed vision for America in his comprehensive book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness. Today, nearly a year later, No Apology is being released in paperback and Romney is making the rounds on TV.

Along with a new subtitle ‘Believe in America’ which continues the optimistic, patriotic theme from his hardback edition (and which the Gov is sure to explain), and after nearly a year’s time has passed under the Obama administration since the original release of No Apology, the paperback version includes a new introduction that is catching fresh attention:

Mitt Romney critical of Obama in new introduction to ‘No Apology’

WASHINGTON — Former governor Mitt Romney, in a new introduction to his book, strongly criticizes President Obama, writing that “my worst fears about the president have come true” and that his policies “are smothering the American dream.”

“Rather than focusing his energy and political capital on solving the economic crisis, he exploited it to promote his extreme liberal agenda,” Romney writes in the new paperback version of “No Apology,” according to excerpts provided to the Boston Globe.

“We need a U-turn from the policies of the past few years,” he adds.

Romney is expected to expound on such a line of attack in a round of radio and television interviews Tuesday and Wednesday. Ostensibly, the interviews are part of a media tour for the paperback version of his book, but with just over a year before GOP primary voters go to the polls, interviewers are likely to ask Romney about his presidential ambitions.

(my emphasis)

A reminder of the Tea Party principles which undergirded his past presidential run (remember ‘Washington is Broken’?) is evidenced in the new intro, as well as Romney’s criticism of progressives’ push for bigger government:

“They simply do not believe in America as it was shaped by the Founders,” he writes. “They do not believe that the principles and values that made America a great nation still apply.”

“Like the monarch the revolutionaries rejected, they have no limit on the amount they would tax the people and their enterprises,” he adds. “Rather than admire the heritage of peaceful assembly and petition, they ridicule and demean assemblies of ordinary citizens who protest their grand health care plans, takeovers, and bailouts.”

Romney also strongly criticizes the president’s health care law. […]

“They have enacted 2,000 pages of health care legislation, and while the politicians did not take the time to read it before they voted, small businesses will have no choice but to read and comply with every one of its new mandates and provisions,” Romney writes.

Read more here.

Anyone who cares about the future of our nation would do America a great service by taking the time to digest No Apology by Mitt Romney. At around $10 per paperback copy, it’s a real path-to-greatness bargain.

Stay tuned here at MRC; we’ll post videos of Romney’s appearances on Good Morning America, The View, Piers Morgan Tonight, and Letterman as soon as they are available. Never one to rest, Romney will be a guest tomorrow (Wed Feb 2nd) on several conservative radio programs: Don Imus, Laura Ingraham, and Hugh Hewitt.

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Update #1 – Good Morning America: Rebel Ross

Also, GMA’s website is providing it’s readers with a great excerpt from No Apology.

Update 2 by Jayde – Read why Politico’s Ben Smith referenced Romney’s GMA appearance this morning:

“I’m not going to apologize for the rights of states to craft plans on a bipartisan basis to help their people,” Romney said on Good Morning America this morning, and it’s no longer a bad answer.

UPDATE 3 by Jayde – Mitt’s tweet after appearing on The View:

With Joy Behar after The View”

Click here to watch the entire episode of the View from earlier today.

UPDATE 4 by Ross:
VIDEO from Piers Morgan Tonight: Mitt Romney’s Wife Wants Him to Run

Romney rehearses reading cue cards backstage at Tonight with David Letterman 2/1/11.

Lastly, National Review Online has posted the complete, new introduction, to No Apology.

Romney on Good Morning America: “We’ve Lost a Year.”

In case you missed it: Mitt Romney made an early appearance this AM on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America‘. In the video below, Mitt Romney gives his response to George Stephanopoulos regarding last night’s ‘State of the Union’ speech, delivered by President Obama:

Be sure to catch more of Mitt Romney this afternoon on ‘Your World‘ with Neil Cavuto. More info here.