Will Americans Finally See Mr. Obama’s Major Mis-Steps?

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By Doug Stevens

I have had over a week to try and digest what has happened in the campaign. I continue to be amazed by the large gap between MSM spin and what I believe is the campaign reality. Governor Romney sneezes in public and it becomes a major gaffe. The MSM is so determined to use gaffes as Governor Romney negatives, that they are even reporting on gaffes that were satire and didn’t really happen.

Ironically, President Obama is making real gaffes that are being totally overlooked. He has made what I consider to be three major gaffes this last week, and of course the MSM has barely commented. His first and most heartless gaffe was his ‘bump in the road’ gaffe last Sunday during his 60 Minutes Interview:

His second gaffe was during television show The View, which in and of itself was a gap of leadership by not scheduling a single meeting with a visiting international leader. His gaffe was to refer to himself as ‘eye candy.’ Again we see the Narcissist-in-Chief at work. And finally the most significant gaffe was his refusal to admit to the real events of September 11 when Al Qaeda attacked and killed Ambassador Stevens. It wasn’t good enough to just let Susan Rice, Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton repeat the narrative to the press for a week.

He used the venue of the UN General Assembly to perpetuate what some are referring to as a cover up. In his UN speech, he chided “those who slander the prophet of Islam.” He used this international stage to perpetuate the notion that the outrage at America is because of an amateur video that has not been seen by most that are enraged. How can such gaffes and spin not enrage a large segment of the electorate? I cannot understand this. The administration is even now, belatedly admitting that the attack on our Benghazi consulate was by Al Qaeda affiliates (I would give the link here but it was too disturbing and enraging to share). I saw a picture of the dead and abused body of Ambassador Stevens with his killers which has haunted me for days. And yet our President told the General Assembly that any actions by our government could not have prevented the Benghazi attack. I for one do not believe that statement. It is as though we retreated and left those four men on the front line to their doom, by a systematic policy of appeasement and an unwillingness to plan for the security.

As a nation, we often pat ourselves on the back for the minimal amount of terrorism we have experienced at home since 9/11. This is because of the vigilance and determination of our local and national law enforcement agencies. How is it that we missed this one? It was 9/11 in Libya, a new and lawless country and the Benghazi consulate was unprotected. America, we need to wake up and see what this administration is doing on the foreign stage, especially the Middle East. As Romney supporters, we need to do better at reaching those likeminded Americans that fear the foreign policy direction of the current administration and help them understand and embrace the candidacy of Governor Romney.

On the other hand and on a more uplifting front, we see some wonderful moments by Governor and Ann Romney. If you haven’t viewed the MRC article of Ann Romney’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you will be moved by her energy, candor and humor. My first reaction was, let’s have Ann Romney debate President Obama when Governor Romney is through with him! She would definitely out-compassion and out-personality the President!

Governor Romney’s speech at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference on the world economy, work and prosperity abroad was a great performance and home run. It is a lengthy video, but you will see the stark difference in Governor Romney’s outlook for societal prosperity versus that of President Obama. It was a superior performance by Governor Romney and received a standing ovation. As we move day-by-day closer to November 6, those who recognize Governor Romney’s clear superiority of leadership need to double their efforts to help him win.

Obama’s Latest Misstatement: Gaffe or Another Window to the Soul?


On my way home from work tonight I heard the following exchange between Hannity and Ann Coulter, with Ms. Coulter arguing in part what I state below: judicial activism is not a court finding a law unconstitutional, but finding new rights or failing to enforce existing constitutional rights. Often she’s a bit extreme to be taken completely at face value, but I think she’s right to point out the judicial activism that concerns the right is not what apparently concerns the left:


If you thought the open mic comment to new Russian President Medvedev was pretty bad, President Obama has created some competition for himself in the gaffe department. Or was it another window to his soul?

You may have heard that Monday President Obama appeared to warn the Supreme Court regarding its pending decision on Obamacare. His comments were as follows:

I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress. And I’d just remind conservative commentators that for years what we’ve heard is, the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint — that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. Well, this is a good example. And I’m pretty confident that this Court will recognize that and not take that step.

Yahoo called the remark a “challenge” to the Court. Others weren’t so kind. Among other problems with the President’s statement, you may recall that whether Obamacare was passed by a “strong majority” can be called into question. It was a purely party-line vote. But I digress.

I’m willing to assume President Obama, as a constitutional scholar, understands the concept of judicial review, and that courts overturning unconstitutional laws is not “unprecedented.” As a liberal, he may even be among the first to re-affirm that Marbury v. Madison is still good law. But the tone and chosen wording of the President’s comments caused the White House to have to defend itself from some of those “unkind” remarks yesterday. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (the guy distributing the Obama Kool-Aid) tried to make the case the President was “clearly” referring only to commerce clause cases, and with respect to those only those of the past 80 years. Neither qualification, of course, was actually included in the President’s initial comments. When pushed as to whether the president was clarifying his remarks, Carney said “Only because a handful of people didn’t understand what he was referring to.”

Here’s a link to the video should you care to watch. Today he added that the President had been speaking in “short-hand.” I hope that flexibility is accorded both sides in campaign season. We’ll see.

The president’s statement caused Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post to write:

Obama’s assault on “an unelected group of people” stopped me cold. Because, as the former constitutional law professor certainly understands, it is the essence of our governmental system to vest in the court the ultimate power to decide the meaning of the constitution. Even if, as the president said, it means overturning “a duly constituted and passed law.”

And she makes clear she’s on his side otherwise. Click here to continue reading