Gov. Romney is Hit With the First Democrat Attack Ad of 2012

Democrats are running ads to hurt Gov. Romney in South Carolina this weekend. Revolution 2012 at RightSpeak makes some interesting observations on the attacks.

The Democrats are attacking Mitt for supporting Supreme Court Justices like Thomas and Scalia as well as saying he is on the same page as Paul Ryan. Other than that, they try to use a play on words to say Mitt Romney changes his mind a lot but literally gives 0 examples to support their attack. President Obama is probably angry that an ad this pathetic was used against his fiercest competitor. I could be giving President Obama too much credit though, maybe he thinks it will be effective. If the Democrats spend a billion dollars on attack ads like this, Gov. Romney is going to be whistling all the way to the White House. Check out the response from the Romney camp:

‘President Obama and his team are desperate to change the subject to anything other than jobs and the millions of Americans out of work,’ Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Romney’s presidential exploratory committee, said in a statement. ‘With 9.6% unemployment in South Carolina, voters are looking for a jobs plan not a smear campaign.’

According to Politico, the following e-mail has been sent to some supporters of Gov. Romney.

Just this morning, the New York Times posted a story, “Group Unleashes Early Ad Against Romney,” about President Obama’s reelection campaign machine starting attack ads in South Carolina against Governor Romney. All the while, South Carolina is hurting. Like many states suffering from the failed policies of the Obama administration, the Palmetto State has seen 3,800 more jobs in April disappear than in the previous month; and they are currently experiencing 9.8% unemployment.

After campaigning so famously on “hope” and “change,” the President and his team have now resorted to governing on fear and misdirection. Already, former Obama aides and union leaders have been commissioned to lead outside political attack groups — which aren’t limited in the amount of high-dollar donations they can receive — and President Obama himself plans to raise an additional $1 billion.

As part of their effort this weekend, they’ll be welcoming Governor Romney’s visit to South Carolina with a misleading, negative attack ad — their first ad of the campaign. There is no doubting it — the vast amount of money that President Obama has raised over the last few years is being put towards silencing his opposition. Don’t be silenced — donate today.

Make no mistake. Governor Romney plans to confront these attacks head-on. He will not allow these tactics to slow him down. Governor Romney’s message of restoring a prosperous economy and bringing jobs back to the American people is too crucial to be suppressed by political maneuvering.

I hope you’ll join me and stand with Mitt today. Help him show these outside political attack groups that they’re out of tune with America’s core beliefs, and do so by donating today. Your contribution and support is crucial to continue to push back against these negative attacks.

Thank you for your support.

Gail Gitcho

Communications Director

P.S. These attacks will continue. Share this with your friends and family and help Governor Romney expose President Obama’s real agenda. Please ask them to donate $5, $10 or $25 today.

To all the Republicans who think Gov. Romney can’t beat President Obama, it’s fairly obvious that President Obama disagrees. Let’s make the creators of those ads regret their decision to air them and all make a small donation to Gov. Romney’s campaign today!

TODAY is the Best Day to Donate to Mitt’s Campaign! Don’t Miss the Live Townhall Today at 3:00 EST

We have been collecting pledges for over a month now and finally TODAY is the DAY to donate to Mitt’s campaign!

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Up to 1,000 supporters of Gov. Romney are at the Las Vegas Convention Center at an event called National Call Day. The campaign has developed software (ComMitt) aimed at aiding volunteers in raising the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Gov. Romney has amassed an impressive list on contributors over the last many years and he would like as many of them as possible to donate today.

Gov. Romney hosted a live Townhall event followed by a Question & Answer session. We watched it live and you may watch it here again once the video is posted.


LOL – #cindycrawford is training us on how to use the online system at #mittromney call day.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

UPDATE 2 by Jayde:

Speed skater Dan Jansen at Romney call day, says Mitt “turned the Olympics around and he’ll turn the country around.”less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

Update 3: Gov. Romney just added his 900,000th “like” on Facebook!

Click on photo to enlarge.

UPDATE 4 by Jayde – Scene where it’s all happening right now at National Call Day in the Las Vegas convention center:

On conference call with supporters earlier today, Gov. Romney said that he can win on the economy.

UPDATE 5 by Jayde: There may be Romney supporters who think The Gov’s big donors will take care of him or that he has plenty of his own money, or that your donation today wouldn’t matter. If so, remember this. Any donation, no matter the size, is GREATLY appreciated by Governor Romney. It shows him that you believe in him – enough to give your hard-earned money to him. A donation will solidify your own interest in the well-being of his campaign. You will find yourself more engaged and willing to help Gov Romney get America back on track. And, that’s a good thing.

I encourage everyone to donate at least $10 for Mitt today (more, if possible)!That’s an amount that can be easily compensated in one’s budget by eating a sack lunch this week or using a few grocery store coupons. Like my Mama used to say “Many hands make light work!” If we ALL donate, we can send a strong message for Mitt. This is the day to show Mitt how much you care about our nation. No matter how small the donation, please donate to Governor Romney today. America needs him!

Gov. Mitt Romney’s First Letter to Us Since Forming an Exploratory Committee

As a donor to Gov. Mitt Romney in the past, I received this letter in the mail and altered it to apply to all of us. It’s obviously very important that Gov. Romney raises a lot of money to catch up as quickly as possible to the enormous and potentially unprecedented campaign President Obama is assembling.

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the 2012 Presidential Election.

I have officially taken the first step to run for President of the United States by filing a Presidential Campaign Exploratory Committee.

Obviously, running for President is a huge undertaking and it’s not a decision I take lightly.

In this campaign, I need the strong early support of friends like you.

As part of this exploratory process, I am gauging support and need to know if you’re behind me. What we do in these early weeks will lay the groundwork for a successful campaign.

Will you do me the honor of pledging your early support to our Exploratory Committee by contributing $20.12, $50, $100, or some other amount?

I believe in America — in free enterprise, capitalism, limited government, and federalism. I believe in the American dream. I believe that the principles that made America the leader of the world today are the very principles that will keep America the leader of the world tomorrow. And I wholeheartedly believe that America needs unapologetic conservative leadership.

Our country is facing an economic crises and an increasingly uncertain world. Our President has failed us. It’s become painfully clear that he does not believe in America and that lack of faith in our American values and way of life has made us weaker and less free.

I do not apologize for America because I “Believe in America”!

Once I officially announce my decision to run, we will need to hit the ground running. The best way to do that is to have a head start on fundraising.

Establishing the Exploratory Committee is the first step in the process of becoming a candidate. I am excited to embark on this journey and need you by my side every step of the way.

Mitt Romney

Show Mitt the Money!

Mitt Romney has announced his Exploratory Committee! Though we don’t know the details we are certain that a big kick-off fundraiser will occur some time in May. In 2007, Gov. Romney’s campaign raised a record-breaking $6.5 million in a single day! Can we help break Mitt’s record this time around? We want to do our part to help make this a huge event for Mitt. PLEASE click here to make your pledge and we’ll contact you on that hopefully record-making day so you can be a part of history!