Announcing the Mitt Romney Central Forums Launch!

Ever since… we very first set up this blog I have wanted to provide a platform where more active Romney enthusiasts could meet to organize, discuss and train for active campaigning. After some delays and postponement the time has now come to officially launch the forums here at MRC. We hope that you will jump in, register, learn the new platform and become a part of the community that we hope will have significant impact in online campaigning, and hopefully on-the-ground campaigning as well.

How is a forum different than a blog? My sister asked me this question when I set up a new forum a couple years ago, and it’s a very good question. The biggest difference is that the content supplied in forum doesn’t come from a handful of blogger but from the members of the community. Registered users can post their own links, stories, ideas, suggestions.. whatever, while hours can comment and respond. A forum is a great place to instruct, and receive instructions, from like-minded people. Future plans for the forum include optional training on how to promote Romney on Facebook, Twitter, and through starting your own blog.


Getting started:

  1. Read read the forum rules
  2. Register as member
  3. Click ‘Options menu’ on the top left of the forum to edit your profile and upload a profile image (called an avatar)
  4. Go to the ‘Introduce Yourself’ sub-forum, click the ‘NEW TOPC*” button and tell us about yourself.
  5. Browse the forums to familiarize yourself with it…
  6. Post at will! (Don’t forget to click the link ‘View active topics’ to view the most recent posts

Join us in the forums and help us develop a grassroots force that will help promote Romney for President in 2012!!

~Nate G. (aka Gunderdog in the forums)

mitt romney forum

MRC Fans and Followers – Thank You!


Since the launch of MRC just weeks ago, we’ve seen an amazing jump in the number of MRC readers, fans (facebook), and followers (twitter). We’ve been able to share in your conservative enthusiasm and even your antipathy towards liberalism. Together we’ve talked about ways we can unite for freedom, show our support, and promote our cause to get Gov. Romney into the White House in 2012! Here’s just a peek at what some of you are saying around the interweb:

It’s becoming very clear – Obama’s days, with his radical agenda, are numbererd! I’m purchasing “Turn Around” to read while flying to Seattle & back – will also purchase “No Apology” when that comes out. This is one PRESIDENTIAL man!!! -Louise B.

Romney is showing leadership! We need him. Romney 2012. He already has my vote. -Carla A.

If Romney doesn’t run we are doomed. -Neil J.

I really wish all the supporters of this “ObamaNation” would take a good look at Mitt, his views and his record. We would be in a heck of a better spot with Mitt in the oval office today. -Larry C.

I’m a Christian and I love Mitt Romney and so do my daughters; he’s got our vote! Newberry, SC Style! -Ella N.

I hope to help the campaign again in early 2011. Let’s get back to the United States that worked for the people. -Jack T.

He’d win best looking president!! -Josaphine G.

Can there be any doubt that Mitt Romney should be the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate and the 45 President of the United States? -Paul P.

…Feel free to express your desires for the future of our country, just as these fine folks have, in the comment section below. (Or you can voice it in our chat or forum sections)

Once again, thanks to all of you for your support! – Team MRC

Announcing ‘The Mitt Forums’

I’ve been mulling the idea for a while, but after having an organized chat at, orchestrated by John Cronin, I’ve decided to start-up a forum to help promote Mitt Romney for 2012 and provide a meeting place to help organize supporters and get better acquainted with each other, and to have a healthy political discussions.

The Mitt Forums

The link is Please stop by and register and join the discussion. Er, well the discussions not there yet, because it’s brand new, so help us start it. Invite you friends and other fellow Romney supporters as well.

Thank you and hope to see you there,

~Nate Gunderson