Mitt Romney: We Can’t Afford Four More Years Of High Gas Prices

“I don’t think you can afford another doubling of gasoline prices under Barack Obama. I mean, since he’s been president, the price of gasoline has doubled, and that’s happened in part because the President has not taken advantage of our energy. When I become president, we’re going to double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters for drilling, make sure that we can get more oil and gas and use our coal and our nuclear, renewables. We’re going to have an energy abundance in America and keep our prices more moderate.” – Mitt Romney

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Romney Names Montana Finance Leadership Team

A full moon shines over wintry Big Sky Resort, Montana.

Governor Mitt Romney has announced the formation of an impressive Finance Leadership Team in magnificent Big Sky country – Montana:

I am proud to announce my Montana State Finance leadership team,” said Mitt Romney. “With their help, we will be able to defeat President Obama next November and get our country and economy on the right track again. Montana can be a leader in our economic recovery if we are able to utilize the state’s energy resources and encourage small business growth.”

Mitt Romney’s State Finance Chair Mark Baker said, “It is an honor to join Governor Romney’s team in Montana. We look forward to working with him and his campaign to raise the resources needed to defeat President Obama. We are also looking forward to working with him to help Montana play a vital role in our country’s economic recovery. The oil, gas, coal, timber and mining resources we develop in Montana are critical to our economy. Montana also has a growing high tech industry that will be important to future growth. Governor Romney’s plans to use our energy resources at home and provide an economy for small businesses to thrive will be important for Montana and the country’s economic growth.”

(emphasis added)

Mitt Romney’s Montana State Finance Chairs:

State Finance Chair Mark Baker (Helena): Mark Baker is a partner in Anderson, Baker & Swanson, PLLC. He previously co-chaired Governor Romney’s 2008 Montana State Finance Leadership team, served on the Montana Finance Committee for Bush/Cheney 04, and was Montana State Co-Chairman for Lawyers for Bush/Cheney 2000. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Helena and have four children.

State Finance Chair Mark Lewis (Bozeman): Mark Lewis is the President of Jet Set Sports. Previously, Mark worked for NBC and General Electric as head of their Olympic sponsorship programs. Lewis also led one of the most successful fundraising and marketing programs in Olympic history. These efforts resulted in over $1.5 billion of revenue generation and culminated in the successful conclusion of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mark is married to the former Dawn Allinger, a 1996 Olympian in the sport of Team Handball, and they live in Bozeman, Montana.

Members of Mitt Romney’s Montana Finance Team:

State Senator Ed Buttrey (Great Falls): Senator Ed Buttrey is currently serving as a Montana State Senator representing Senate District 13. He is also a 4thgeneration Montana businessman and currently resides in Great Falls, Montana.

State Representative Liz Bangerter (Helena): Representative Liz Bangerter is a state legislator and represents House District 80 in Helena. She has three teenage daughters and is a stay-at-home mom.

State Representative Scott Reichner (Bigfork): Representative Scott Reichner is a state legislator and represents District 9. He is the chair of the Education Committee, and a champion of workers compensation reform of 2011. He is a small business owner and father of ten children. He currently resides in Bigfork, Montana.

Former State Senator Sherm Anderson & Bonnie Anderson (Deer Lodge): Sherm & Bonnie Anderson own and operate a sawmill, logging company, and construction company and they are the largest private employer in the four county area. They currently reside in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Stephen Zabawa (Billings): Stephen Zabawa owns a car dealership, and is a real estate developer, real estate investor, and software developer. He currently resides in Billings, Montana and is the father of seven children.

Thank you, Montana Finance Leadership Team!

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Romney Headed Back to Iowa, Interviewed in Denver, Houston (VIDEOS)

Autumn in rural Iowa...
Mitt Romney will return to the Hawkeye State to campaign on Monday, November 7, 2011.

Mitt Romney is heading back to the Hawkeye State next week…

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney returns to state Monday

Associated Press
November 2, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is returning to Iowa Monday to campaign in territory he captured during his bid for the GOP nomination four years ago.

Aides say the former Massachusetts governor plans to campaign in Dubuque and Scott counties, along a swath of eastern Iowa he carried in his second-place finish in the 2008 caucuses.

Romney has kept a low profile in Iowa this year, but has recently added staff and spoken of winning the leadoff nominating contest set for Jan. 3.

He campaigned in western Iowa in October.

Romney was last in Iowa on October 20th, where he held a business roundtable in Treynor.

Yesterday, The Gov was in the Mile High City. Here’s video of his interview with 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark; Romney discussed his campaign ideas:

UPDATE – Here’s another interview of Romney on Houston KTRK TV (H/t Bosman):

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