Pleading on Air Force One Perpetuates Perceptions of Panic

Early yesterday I heard on the radio that Mr. Obama was begging people to donate to his campaign in a rambling conference call initiated by him on Air Force One. The person reporting on it said those attending the call said he sounded “weary” and “desperate.”

Ten days ago, I posted “Why Mitt Romney will Beat Barack Obama in the Cash Race” in which it had been reported that Mr. Obama — by the end of April — had already held more fundraisers, as an incumbent president, than all five of his predecessors combined!

Every incumbent president has an enormous advantage over any challenger for all the obvious reasons; it is why no incumbent president has ever raised less campaign cash than his challenger. Never. And remember, presidential fundraising is a form of voting.

Yesterday, The Telegraph published an article titled, “US election: Barack Obama begs donors for more as Mitt Romney rakes it in” that started off:

In a phone call from Air Force One, the President reportedly told a group of top donors “I can’t do this by myself” and urged them to open their cheque books to “meet or exceed what you did in 2008”.

Noting that most had “maxed out to my campaign last time,” Mr Obama told them: “I really need you to do the same this time,” according to a leaked transcript.

Despite holding a narrow lead over his rival, the president informed the supporters that his ability to campaign and broadcast advertisements in key battleground states such as Florida and Ohio directly depended on their generosity.

Details of the call emerged days after Mr Obama warned supporters that he would be “the first president in modern history to be outspent” by his opponent unless donors upped their contributions.

Following is the most interesting quote I heard on the radio this morning. Why is it that when we hear or read almost anything in which Obama is being quoted, he refers to himself? From patting himself on the back for ordering the raid on Bin Laden to his poor circumstances as noted here? Is this one a case of whining again or basic narcissism?

“In 2008 everything was new and exciting about our campaign,” Mr Obama said, according to a recording of the call obtained by The Daily Beast, a news website. “And now I’m the incumbent president. I’ve got grey hair. People have seen disappointment because folks had a vision of change happening immediately. And it turns out change is hard.”

Change is hard for the person that has never been a leader or change agent. Mr. Obama is just now discovering, after 44 months, that change is difficult? This quote just above is nothing short of pathetic. Whining — Pathetic — Self-centered. Oh, the poor man; he has grey hair.

Sheldon Adelson, a casino tycoon who last month gave Restore Our Future $10 million (£6.4 million), has pledged to spend “whatever it takes” to kill Mr Obama’s “socialist agenda”, friends have said.

As I heard about Mr. Obama’s begging for money on Air Force One, I started doing some basic calculations to try and guess how much each $1,000 of money raised cost the taxpayers in AF1 fuel, salaries and benefits of Air Force and Secret Service personnel, etc. I wish there was some way we could vote Mr. Obama out of office much sooner than November 6th. I can only dream.

In the meantime, we must all work as hard as we can to bring about a huge result that first week of November! Every person’s effort in grassroots work will have a cumulative impact that will be enormous. Never forget that. Every little bit helps. Just do it. Never quit — never.

Contrast Mr. Obama’s pathetic quote above with the fact that Mitt Romney has been a change agent and a strong leader for well over 35 years. Do you think Mitt Romney has ever complained about change being difficult? Need I say more?

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Desperation is Revealed in Barack Obama’s Leadership Vacuum (+Prediction)

On April 13th, I posted a piece in which I stated that President Obama is desperate. That was not just my opinion at the time. I continue to believe that Mr. Obama and team are in fact desperate. Of course, without a senior campaign official admitting it (never happen), we cannot know with certainty that desperation drives the president and his campaign.

There is no other reason however to explain why Mr. Obama and his surrogates so often lie and distort the truth. It is so much easier to just be truthful. Anticipating that you might judge my rhetoric about his lying as a harsh way to describe a sitting president or that it is unbecoming, please refer to these three hyperlinks for source material: Here, here, and here. So, yes, I stand by my assertion that President Obama resorts to lying often to promote his self interest (to retain power). He continues to lie because it works for the “TV voter” to whom he speaks — after all, to them he’s a likable guy. (“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”)

Mr. Obama is not known for firing the incompetent who work for him, so my predictions here may seem improbable. A little over a month ago, I predicted Mr. Obama would fire Axelrod before November 6th. I stand by that prediction and add to it my guess that he will also fire or demote Debbie Wasserman Schultz before November 6th. Why? Because, almost every wet noodle Obama has thrown against the wall is not sticking. Obviously he has no strategy. He certainly has no vision for America and he has yet to articulate why we should give him a second term.

Barack Obama is desperate. Barack Obama will increasingly become more desperate as November 6th approaches. Those of us who contribute to this site must read and research extensively. As I have done so, I keep coming across clues that seem to be driving the Obama desperation. Here are but a few (please follow the links for attribution):

Tactical Leaking for Political Reasons: This first one is infuriating. Nothing angers Americans more than a POTUS that intentionally leaks classified information related to our military operations and national defense. Space does not allow me to elaborate, but suffice to say we at MRC could write volumes on this topic alone. The Obama administration’s intentional leaking of classified military operations has compromised military sources, methods, and worst of all, the lives of patriots in service of this nation! He has broken a sacred trust. A former Navy SEAL, Leif Babin wrote an outstanding piece in the WSJ on this topic. Also, this week it was revealed that the Pakistani physician who led the U.S. to Osama bin Laden, Dr. Shakil Afridi was compromised when the Obama administration gave up his name to Pakistan; he was an invaluable intelligence source that could have been helpful for years to come — now he is imprisoned for what will effectively be the rest of his life. In all of these leaks, we have no idea how many lives may have been lost as a result of Obama’s self interest.

Fundraising Woes: We’ve all heard the “billion dollar campaign” that Obama will wage. Well, they are struggling to meet their goals. Remember, an important form of voting is how people choose to vote with their money. Democrats have restated the goal to $750 million. This week Karl Rove said Obama will be lucky to hit $700 million and most experts predict the Republicans will exceed their goals.

Wisconsin Governor Recall Election: This “clue” is huge. Democrats have all but ceded the recall to the Republicans. The unions are hopping mad and feel abandoned as the DNC has refused to send funds for the race. Of all elections held before November 6th, this could be the most influential as a predictor of what lies ahead in November as well as the future of public unions. Obama is obviously holding onto every nickel for the general election. I think the Wisconsin recall election is huge for many important reasons.

Rhetoric to Divide Americans: Democrats have used this strategy from the beginning of time, but Obama has taken it to a new atmosphere. Obama and Biden have no compunction to lie about how a President Romney would hurt the poor, take away women’s rights, subjugate civil rights, and otherwise impinge on the lives of every American — except the rich of course. Their speeches just this week included lines never spoken by Governor Romney or any person from his campaign. Obama’s and Biden’s language is increasingly harsh and inarticulate in this regard.

Many Broken Commitments: Obama has made dozens of very specific promises in recorded speeches that are widely available for replay — he knows the Romney campaign has these at the ready for when voters will be paying attention. Remember these commitments . . . a) Obama said he would never allow lobbyists to work in the White House [BZZZ] Recent White House logs have shown millions of lobbyist visits since 2009 (never mind that AG Holder and other senior administration officials were former lobbyists!); b) Obama committed to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term [BZZZ] He not only failed to keep his commitment, his deficits have exceeded all prior presidents’ combined; c) Obama promised a 6% unemployment rate [BZZZ] No first term president in modern history has been reelected with the unemployment rate above 7.4%; d) Obama several times promised “transparency” in the White House by committing to place negotiations, facts, and details online and C-Span [BZZZ] Never happened, even once. (I could list several dozen more)

Deep Mining for Dirt: Liberal surrogates of Obama’s (yes, including the mainstream media) had to go back almost 50 years in their attempt to smear Gov. Romney’s reputation. Then, when publishing the piece, The Washington Post places it on the front page, at nearly book length! The story was hyped for days by all of Obama’s surrogates until they were effectively laughed to scorn when forced to consider Mitt Romney’s life in totality and a reputation above reproach. Of course, the mainstream media ignores all the background of Mr. Obama’s character building youth, only 30 years ago.

Several Weeks of Bad News: Economic news emerging is lackluster and now there is news of a highly probable worldwide recession next year.

National Polling: Mr. Obama, as incumbent, should be well ahead of his challenger in the polls at this point in the general election cycle when considering the fact that Gov. Romney just finished a tough, bruising primary battle. The entire nation knows President Obama. Relatively few voters know much about Gov. Romney and yet the are neck and neck in the national polls. That is not a good sign for the incumbent. For some perspective: At this point of the race in 1980, Carter the incumbent was double digits ahead of Reagan the challenger.

Obama the Frugal President: This week, Mr. Obama and his surrogates announced that under his administration, federal spending has been the lowest of any president in the last 60 years. Many pundits have literally laughed at a) the obvious manipulation of the numbers, and b) the fact he was able to say it with a straight face. Charles Krauthammer referred to Obama’s assertion as, “the biggest whopper of the year.” Our Ryan Hawkins (CPA) helped expose Obama’s sleight of hand with the numbers in this excellent post. Compare Obama’s policies with those of Francois Hollande’s of France in this Forbes piece and see if you don’t agree that Mr. Obama’s agenda is not socialist.

Attacks on Capitalistic Enterprise: Obama, Biden, and many surrogates have been intensely criticizing Bain Capital while ignoring its 80% success rate and the fact that Bain extended the lives of failing companies (and jobs) for many years before some went bankrupt (~5%). Obama said this week he is doubling down on this tactic (what about Obama’s record with “investments”?). Democrats however continue to criticize Mr. Obama. Consider this quote from Heidi Heitkamp, a former North Dakota attorney general seeking to replace the retiring Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), who told the AP:

[…] that Obama has “failed in the one test America had for him, which was to unite the country.” and she added, “I think he needed to be more hands-on… I don’t think he’s done enough to think broadly and come up with solutions that would engage both sides in a reasonable dialogue.”

In this 25 second video clip, Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, said this:

This one minute video below documents the other Democrats and liberals voicing their opposition to Obama’s attacks on the free enterprise system:

Governor Romney had this to say below about Obama’s latest attacks on the economic system that made America great and brought literally millions of people out of poverty in this country:

In this 29 second clip, Axelrod wanders off the reservation and actually seems to be promoting Governor Romney’s vision for America! Watch Axelrod’s eyes and hand. As he is trying to drive home his point that Obama’s economic policies are the best pathway, it seems that he is trying to convince himself as much as he is trying to convince the viewer. He no more believes what he is saying than the rest of us do!

As you keep up on presidential politics reading newspapers, new media, cable television, etc., keep an eye out for these clues telegraphing Obama’s desperate political posture. Sometimes it is just visceral. Sometimes you will pick it up in the body language or changes in the person’s voice inflection and nervous tells. I am seeing a lot of these in Axelrod lately. Have you noticed lately that President Obama is smiling a lot more than usual? Why would that be do you think? I believe it is a desire to cover his feelings of insecurity and the knowledge he has that he really does not understand how to lead as an executive.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ~ Adolf Hitler

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