Who Wants to Spend a Day on the Road with Mitt or Paul?

Midnight tonight is the deadline to be entered into a drawing to win a day on the road with Mitt or Paul. All you have to do is click here and donate at least $3 to the campaign. Easy peasy.

And YES, it could happen to you. Read the story below about JoAnne, one of our readers (also an MRC Chatbox regular) who happened to be a lucky winner in one of these contests back in August and had an amazing experience:

On an especially warm sunny day in Goodyear, Arizona my phone rang and a nice young voice told me she was calling from the Romney for President Campaign. We had been making regular contributions to the Romney campaign so I immediately thought that they were going to thank us for our donations and then ask for more. I was taken by surprise when I was told “congratulations you have just won the VP contest.” Just before Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt’s VP choice I had entered a contest to win a day to campaign with him. You just needed to donate $3 and your name would be entered in the drawing. I decided $3 was kind of skimpy so I raised mine to a $5 contribution thinking I would never win this thing anyway. My Bunco friends can attest that I rarely ever win at games of chance. I was told that they would be in contact on the dates and the destination and that I would be e-mailed documents to sign and to fax them back as soon as I could do so.
Click here to read the rest of JoAnne’s exciting trip to Boston

Last Day Fundraising Push for Mitt!

Midnight (Eastern Time) is the deadline for 3rd quarter fundraising. Help us make a last minute push to keep Mitt on top of the financial race! Any donations made today will automatically enter you into a contest to “Spend a Day with Mitt”!

Our goal here at MRC is to get our fundraising total to $7500 by midnight. Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday we raised $970 (average donation of $36). To get to our goal today we need $1500! We will update our total throughout the day on the nifty fundraising thermometer on the sidebar —>

A Day on the Road with Mitt

Rumors are that Mitt will could raise between 11 and 13 million this quarter, and that Perry could be anywhere from 8-20 million. Mitt is the candidate we need for 2012 – let’s do our best to make sure he comes out on top!



Update: You can still get your limited edition “Magical Misery Tour” t-shirt with any donation over $30! Use this link to get the t-shirt: http://mi.tt/MiseryTour