Who Wants to Spend a Day on the Road with Mitt or Paul?

Midnight tonight is the deadline to be entered into a drawing to win a day on the road with Mitt or Paul. All you have to do is click here and donate at least $3 to the campaign. Easy peasy.

And YES, it could happen to you. Read the story below about JoAnne, one of our readers (also an MRC Chatbox regular) who happened to be a lucky winner in one of these contests back in August and had an amazing experience:

On an especially warm sunny day in Goodyear, Arizona my phone rang and a nice young voice told me she was calling from the Romney for President Campaign. We had been making regular contributions to the Romney campaign so I immediately thought that they were going to thank us for our donations and then ask for more. I was taken by surprise when I was told “congratulations you have just won the VP contest.” Just before Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt’s VP choice I had entered a contest to win a day to campaign with him. You just needed to donate $3 and your name would be entered in the drawing. I decided $3 was kind of skimpy so I raised mine to a $5 contribution thinking I would never win this thing anyway. My Bunco friends can attest that I rarely ever win at games of chance. I was told that they would be in contact on the dates and the destination and that I would be e-mailed documents to sign and to fax them back as soon as I could do so.
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Last Day Fundraising Push for Mitt!

Midnight (Eastern Time) is the deadline for 3rd quarter fundraising. Help us make a last minute push to keep Mitt on top of the financial race! Any donations made today will automatically enter you into a contest to “Spend a Day with Mitt”!

Our goal here at MRC is to get our fundraising total to $7500 by midnight. Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday we raised $970 (average donation of $36). To get to our goal today we need $1500! We will update our total throughout the day on the nifty fundraising thermometer on the sidebar —>

A Day on the Road with Mitt

Rumors are that Mitt will could raise between 11 and 13 million this quarter, and that Perry could be anywhere from 8-20 million. Mitt is the candidate we need for 2012 – let’s do our best to make sure he comes out on top!



Update: You can still get your limited edition “Magical Misery Tour” t-shirt with any donation over $30! Use this link to get the t-shirt: http://mi.tt/MiseryTour