Who Wants to Spend a Day on the Road with Mitt or Paul?

Midnight tonight is the deadline to be entered into a drawing to win a day on the road with Mitt or Paul. All you have to do is click here and donate at least $3 to the campaign. Easy peasy.

And YES, it could happen to you. Read the story below about JoAnne, one of our readers (also an MRC Chatbox regular) who happened to be a lucky winner in one of these contests back in August and had an amazing experience:

On an especially warm sunny day in Goodyear, Arizona my phone rang and a nice young voice told me she was calling from the Romney for President Campaign. We had been making regular contributions to the Romney campaign so I immediately thought that they were going to thank us for our donations and then ask for more. I was taken by surprise when I was told “congratulations you have just won the VP contest.” Just before Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt’s VP choice I had entered a contest to win a day to campaign with him. You just needed to donate $3 and your name would be entered in the drawing. I decided $3 was kind of skimpy so I raised mine to a $5 contribution thinking I would never win this thing anyway. My Bunco friends can attest that I rarely ever win at games of chance. I was told that they would be in contact on the dates and the destination and that I would be e-mailed documents to sign and to fax them back as soon as I could do so.
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ROMNEY FANS: What Would You Do for a Day With Mitt? [Contest]

Remember those old Klondike Bar commercials? The ones that showed all sorts of people doing ridiculous things in exchange for a frozen ice cream treat? The ones that ended with the catchy riff, “What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?”

Sticking with that theme, we want to ask a similar question to Mitt’s biggest fans out there: What would you do for a day with Mitt?

  • Would you give your mother-in-law a foot massage for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you put your dirty dishes away for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you watch an entire Rachel Maddow program for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you risk going hunting with Dick Cheney for a day with Mitt?
  • Would you clean Obama’s golf clubs for a day with Mitt?

  • *In the comments below, tell us what you’d do! Best answer gets a free t-shirt from our store. Nate G. will announce the winner tonight.

    Fortunately, we won’t have to embarrass ourselves for a chance to hang out with Mitt for a day. His campaign has made it easier than that. In exchange for a donation of any size at this link (even $5 would put your name in the hat), the campaign is offering to cover travel/hotel arrangements for the lucky winner. I’ve already sent my donation in and I encourage all staunch Mitt fans to get in on the contest as well!

    Let’s do what we can to spread this message around and support Mitt with small donations. Please tweet a link to the contest page and share with your Facebook friends: http://mi.tt/daywithmitt With Perry now in the race, its going to be really important that we help Mitt stay on top of the fundraising contest. Thanks everyone!

    -Luke G.

    MRC Presents: Haiku Contest for Scott Brown

    For the last week Mitt Romney Central has unofficially become Scott Brown Central. There is just one week left until the special election on January 19th. We fans have donated to Brown’s campaign. We’ve helped promote him by making calls from home. We’ve become fans of his Facebook page. We’ve had polls on his debate performance. We’ve promoted him in almost every way we know how. That leaves us only one thing left to do… the only thing left we know how to do… the one thing that is going to push Brown over the top…


    Do you haiku?


    • Write a haiku to promote Scott Brown for Senate.
    • Post it in the comments here on the blog, or on our Facebook page.
    • Entries posted before 9PM EST on Thursday will be entered into the contest
    • MRC staffers will select what we feel are the top 7 (or so) entries.
    • Selected entries will be highlighted in a poll and YOU (the readers) will vote for the best one
    • Prizes will be awarded (free merchandise from the MRC store)

    There are many rules that define what a haiku is. We will use the simplest rules: 3-lines, syllable structure: 5-7-5. Be creative!

    Grand Prize: $30 gift certificate to the MRC store
    2nd Prize: $15 gift certificate to the MRC store
    3rd Prize: $10 gift certificate to the MRC store
    All entries that make it to the voting round will receive a free MITT ’12 Chrome Sticker.

    Staff Entries: (no, staffers are not eligible for the contest)

    Say no to Coakley,
    could not spell Massachusetts.
    Doesn’t have an ‘E’.

    (I’ll add the other staff entries here when they submit them.)

    Free Mitt ’12 prizes,
    for writing the best haiku.
    Everyone does it!

    ~Nate Gunderson

    What will we witness?
    Massachusetts Miracle
    or more of the same?
    ~Ross Abraham (Rebel Ross)

    Here are some of the one’s that were posted at our Facebook Page

    Change coming to hub
    Time to show Scott Brown some love
    Common sense cures all.
    -Christopher Benvie

    Scott Brown for Senate
    Let’s send him to Washington
    To stop Health Care Bill
    -Bill Willenbrock

    Brown over Coakley
    Republicans over Dems
    Helps America
    -Bill Willenbrock

    Off to dismantle
    The Kennedy Legacy
    Scott Brown For The Win
    -Graham Bradley

    Brown will take Coakley
    Dems majority is gone
    The winner is US
    -Sally Hamilton Rewinkel

    Tea Partiers Marched
    Liberals Blew Us Off
    Who’s Laughing Now?

    Brown must win in ’10
    To block the Dem “reforming”
    Let it die with Ted
    -Josh Pinho

    It’s Romney for President.
    Scott’s in his seat.
    Sorry Dems we won’t be beat.
    -Dana Rapp Cluck

    Say no to Coakley!
    Redistribution of wealth?
    Not if you vote Brown!
    -Jeff Cole

    Scott Brown is the man!
    Coakley is not fit to lead;
    Change she will impede!
    -Jeff Cole

    Despair no more
    Mitt Romney and Scott Brown
    Turn our frowns Upside down!

    Scott Brown has great hair;
    We will all take back this state!
    To the dems’ despair!
    -Jeff Cole

    America needs
    this new strength and attitude.
    Red White Blue and Brown.
    -Catherine Vicedomine

    Great Scott! Help! Coakley!
    A shrill, boilerplate lib voice
    Painful, like Zappa

    forty gets no say
    get one more for people’s way
    United for Brown

    Scott Brown Rocks!
    for the people,
    take the seat from the democrats

    Scott Brown is against
    irresposnible spending;
    can’t afford to lose.
    -Jeff Cole

    The loss by one man
    Begins an ill-fated path
    If Scott wins, all win
    -John Norris

    Scott Brown is the best
    Chance to save Massachusetts
    Vote sunshine or snow!
    -Nancy Gouveia

    Elect Mr Brown
    Congress has gone way too far
    cannot be Scott free
    -Eric Norris

    Fate and Victory
    Lay before the people now
    We must vote Scott Brown
    -John Norris

    Live, Love, Laugh a Lot,
    Make Mitts Day
    Get out and vote for Scott!
    -Sue Sanders

    Martha absent now
    Is Clinton coming to town
    Panic strikes the Dems
    -Paul C. Liolios III

    I’m looking for hope
    all under the reign of change
    Let freedom ring now
    -Cheryl Davis

    Kristi L. Devine from BrownBrigade says:
    I’ll continue yours:

    Say no to Coakley,
    could not spell Massachusetts.
    Doesn’t have an ‘E’.

    Say no to health care,
    Massachusetts does not want,
    How daft can she be?

    C R Barker from BrownBrigade:
    Free Massachusetts
    From Kennedy tyranny
    Liberty rises

    Does Obama Deserve a B+ for 2009?

    Click Here to Submit Your Grade!

    Obama Gave Himself a B+… How Would You Grade His First Year?

    Be sure to head on over to a new webpage put together by the Free and Strong America PAC where you’re invited to leave you’re grade plus commentary on how you think Obama has faired after his first year in office.

    There’s a special contest for those who opt to leave a comment – here are the details:

    Entry process:
    1. Use the form in the comments section on this page to submit an entry about the grade you think President Obama’s efforts deserve for 2009 and the reason why you believe this grade is accurate.
    2. Required fields for entry into the End of the Year Presidential Report Card Grade are First Name, Last Name, Valid Email Address, Zip Code and complete comment.
    3. There is no limit on the length of your comment, but we recommend keeping it to 150 or less words.
    4. Your comment will be posted to the “Voice Your Opinion” section on this page with a name, date and time stamp.
    5. Comments must be received by February 1, 2010 in order to be considered.

    The winning entrant:
    1. May, at the PAC’s discretion, receive the opportunity to submit an extended blog entry on the Free and Strong America PAC website during February of 2010. The winner’s entry may also, at the PAC’s discretion, be promoted on all of the Free and Strong America PAC social networking platforms and may be featured in an email to the Free and Strong America PAC email list.
    2. Will receive a signed copy of Mitt Romney’s new hardcover book – No Apology: The Case for American Greatness – which will be released on March 2, 2010.

    Extended Rules
    The Free and Strong America PAC will choose the winning entry, at its sole discretion, based upon factors including the creativity and originality of the submission. Comment submissions must be the original work of the entrant. Comments must contain no profanity and will be reviewed by a member of the PAC staff prior to being posted within the “Voice Your Opinion” section. Contest runs from January 5 – February 1, 2010. No entries will be accepted after February 1. No person currently employed or related to an employee of the PAC may enter. The winning entry will be announced on FreeStrongAmerica.com on February 5th, 2010. A member of the PAC staff will contact the winner on February 5th before the announcement is made. By submitting your comment, you verify that the entry is your original work, and you give the PAC permission to use your entry in any way.

    Sign Up Here!

    Good Luck to all those who enter the contest!

    *This juicy sneek peak was leaked to all members of the Free and Strong PAC’s ‘GOMITT’ Mobile Program. To become a member of this program please click here.