Mitt Romney Selects Paul Ryan as his Choice for Vice President

Governor Mitt Romney and his Vice Presidential running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan

If your home is anything like ours, discussions of late have centered on the Olympic Games and whom Governor Romney would choose as his VP running mate and the timing of the announcement. Well, speculation is over; almost. This piece is published prior to the official event of the announcement.

Congressman Paul Ryan is an outstanding choice for many different reasons. Those of us that have researched and written to promote Governor Romney for years know him to be a strong, proven conservative leader. Is there any doubt now about his conservative vision for this ticket? No! We know Governor Romney as a man of great courage; Congressman Paul Ryan too is known for bold, assertive leadership. (See YouTube below for a glimpse of how Rep. Ryan is likely to handle any debate with Mr. Biden)

For the next two weeks leading into the Republican National Convention, we will be bombarded with details of Paul Ryan’s politics, leadership, background, families, etc. What do we know of this great American?

Character / Reputation

Ryan is a fighter who will never back away from a good scrap involving truth and he will fiercely defend against any of the many Obama elitist soothsayers and hacks like Burton. He is a passionate conservative – brilliant, articulate, energetic, and hard working. Many conservatives believe Ryan typifies the future of the Republican Party.

Families / Interests

One television news report from last night stated Ryan has 67 cousins living in and around Janesville, WI (his birthplace and current hometown). He is 42 years old, born January 29, 1970 to Paul, Sr. (lawyer) and Elizabeth Ryan. He is the youngest of four children; siblings include his sister Janet and brothers Tobin and Stan. Ryan’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all died of heart attacks between the ages of 55 and 59 (his father died when Paul, Jr. was 16). He is of Irish and German ancestry.

The Paul & Janna Ryan Family

Paul Ryan married Janna Little, a tax attorney, almost 12 years ago. They have three children, Liza, Charlie, and Sam. They are Roman Catholic.

Ryan is a fan of the Green Bay Packers, a fitness enthusiast, and a hunter who enjoys hunting with bow and arrows. If he is like my Cheesehead friend, Steve Miller, Ryan considers Wisconsin “God’s Country.”

Education / Political Career

Paul Ryan attended Joseph A. Craig High School and earned a BA at Miami University of Oxford, Ohio in economics and political science (he originally wanted to be an economist). He was first elected as a United States Congressman in 1998 at age 28 and is currently serving in the House in his seventh term. He is chairman of the Committee on the Budget and a member of the Committee on Ways & Means and the Subcommittee on Health.

Representative Ryan is an active and committed mentor to up and coming Republican leaders; he has been instrumental in guiding several individuals in their successful campaigns to elected office at the federal level. He is one of three founders of the Young Guns Program. Prior to his election to the House, he served as a speechwriter to several elected and appointed federal officials.

Social Media

Paul Ryan’s Twitter handle is @RepPaulRyan and he follows only one Twitter handle: @NationalDebt (at the time this post was published, his last tweet was August 5th). Check out the Paul Ryan YouTube Channel.

On April 29, 2012, The New York Times reported,

WASHINGTON — Representative Paul D. Ryan strolls the halls of Capitol Hill with the anarchist band Rage Against the Machine pounding through his earbuds.

At 6:30 every morning, he leads an adoring cast of young, conservative members of Congress through exercise sessions in front of a televised trainer barking out orders. For fun, Mr. Ryan noodles catfish, catching them barehanded with a fist down their throats.

He may be, as a friend described him, “a hunting-obsessed gym rat,” but Mr. Ryan, 42, of Wisconsin, has become perhaps the most influential policy maker in the Republican Party, its de facto head of economic policy, intent on a fundamental transformation of the federal government.


That is not bad for a man who was once just another minion on Capitol Hill, working for a research group, then for a member of Congress, and moonlighting as a waiter at the Hill hangout Tortilla Coast and as a personal trainer at a gym. Co-workers at the conservative policy group Empower America admonished him for hanging his workout clothes out to dry at work rather than laundering them.

“It’s amazing to all of us because Paul was just an ordinary guy,” said A. Mark Neuman, an old friend.

Rep. Ryan and Governor Romney

Late yesterday, Stephen Hayes and Bill Kristol wrote in The Weekly Standard,

Romney and Ryan bonded as they barnstormed Wisconsin in the days leading up to the state’s decisive April 3 primary. Over the course of their travels together, Ryan went from a small role as the guy who introduced Romney at their first event,to someone who shared the stage with him, taking some of the questions and bantering easily with Romney. The expanded role, Ryan told TWS in May, was Romney’s idea. “He knows how I talk and what I say. And I’m pretty clear about that stuff. I think he’s comfortable with that.”

Thursday, August 9th, the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal published its main opinion column titled, “Why Not Paul Ryan?” – A strong endorsement of Representative Ryan:

Beneath it all you can hear the murmurs of the ultimate Washington insult—that Mr. Ryan is too dangerous because he thinks politics is about things that matter. That dude really believes in something, and we certainly can’t have that.


The case for Mr. Ryan is that he best exemplifies the nature and stakes of this election. More than any other politician, the House Budget Chairman has defined those stakes well as a generational choice about the role of government and whether America will once again become a growth economy or sink into interest-group dominated decline.


Personalities aside, the larger strategic point is that Mr. Romney’s best chance for victory is to make this a big election over big issues. Mr. Obama and the Democrats want to make this a small election over small things—Mitt’s taxes, his wealth, Bain Capital. As the last two months have shown, Mr. Romney will lose that kind of election.

To win, Mr. Romney and the Republicans have to rise above those smaller issues and cast the choice as one about the overall direction and future of the country. Americans tell pollsters they are anxious and unhappy precisely because they instinctively know the country is troubled in ways it hasn’t been since the 1970s. They know the economy is growing too slowly to raise middle-class incomes, while the government is growing too fast to be affordable.

Above all, Americans are hungry for leadership. They want leaders willing to take on the hard issues, preferably without the rancor and polarization that have defined Mr. Obama’s Presidency. But they will reward leaders who succeed despite the rancor, as Wisconsin voters showed by their huge turnout in support of Governor Scott Walker this year.

Whatever doubts Americans may have about Mr. Romney’s empathy or background, more of them will turn out for him if they see a leader with a vision and plan worthy of the current difficult moment. This is the kind of candidate and message that voters need to see in the Republican convention this month and into the fall, and it is the message that Mr. Romney’s choice of a running mate should reinforce.

Watch how Rep. Paul Ryan completely dismantles ObamaCare in front of national leaders including President Obama and Vice President Biden; he leaves them virtually speechless:

THANKS to Jayde Wyatt for contributions to this post.

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Slaughter in Syria: Romney “Work with partners, arm Syrian opposition groups”

Massacre in Haoula, Syria, May 25, 2012: Men were killed on the streets while women and children were shot and stabbed in their homes. (Photo AFP/Getty Images)

While Americans are busy with Memorial Day activities, shock and horror at the news of massacre in Haoula, Syria is resounding on news reports today.

On mid-day Friday, May 26, 2012, Syrian soldiers and pro-government forces burst upon the rebel-controlled village and began slaughtering residents. Video and photos show rows of dead and mutilated small children among the victims. 116 were killed and 100 were wounded.

The UN Security Council today held an emergency meeting in New York to discuss the attack.

Calling the Syrian regime’s latest slaughter “horrific”, Governor Mitt Romney released the following statement:

“The Assad regime’s massacre of civilians in Haoula—many of them young children—is horrific. After nearly a year and a half of slaughter, it is far past time for the United States to begin to lead and put an end to the Assad regime. President Obama can no longer ignore calls from congressional leaders in both parties to take more assertive steps. The Annan ‘peace’ plan—which President Obama still supports—has merely granted the Assad regime more time to execute its military onslaught. The United States should work with partners to organize and arm Syrian opposition groups so they can defend themselves. The bloodshed in Haoula makes clear that our goal must be a new Syrian government, one that contributes to peace and stability in the Middle East and that truly represents the brave Syrian people.”

(emphasis added)

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~ Addendum from Ross:

Looks like Mitt was right about Iran when he stood up for freedom while President Obama stood silent, and Gov. Romney has again voiced his support for freedom while our President allows tyranny to go unchecked now in Syria.

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Bob Dole Skewers Gingrich in Open Letter – Credits Newt for Republican Losses in '96

Those closest to Newt reject him.

This open letter from Bob Dole comes as many conservatives feel this is their last chance to speak their mind on creature of Washington that is Newt Gingrich.

Read it, comment on it, and share it far and wide in hopes that it will prompt a decision among the undecided:

I have not been critical of Newt Gingrich but it is now time to take a stand before it is too late. If Gingrich is the nominee it will have an adverse impact on Republican candidates running for county, state, and federal offices. Hardly anyone who served with Newt in Congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself. He was a one-man-band who rarely took advice. It was his way or the highway.

Gingrich served as Speaker from 1995 to 1999 and had trouble within his own party. Already in 1997 a number of House members wanted to throw him out as Speaker. But he hung on until after the 1998 elections when the writing was on the wall. His mounting ethics problems caused him to resign in early 1999. I know whereof I speak as I helped establish a line of credit of $150,000 to help Newt pay off the fine for his ethics violations. In the end, he paid the fine with money from other sources.

Gingrich had a new idea every minute and most of them were off the wall. He loved picking a fight with Bill Clinton because he knew this would get the attention of the press. This and a myriad of other specifics helped to topple Gingrich in 1998.

In my run for the presidency in 1996 the Democrats greeted me with a number of negative TV ads and in every one of them Newt was in the ad. He was very unpopular and I am not only certain that this did not help me, but that it also cost House seats that year. Newt would show up at the campaign headquarters with an empty ice-bucket in his hand—that was a symbol of some sort for him—and I never did know what he was doing or why he was doing it.

In my opinion if we want to avoid an Obama landslide in November, Republicans should nominate Governor Romney as our standard bearer. He has the requisite experience in the public and private sectors. He would be a president we could have confidence in.

N. Carolina Reps Coble, Foxx, McHenry Support Mitt Romney

Mountain bikers enjoy untouched woods while riding in the Beech Mountain Adventure Trail Park in western North Carolina. Today, three Representatives from the Tar Heel State, Howard Coble, Virginia Foxx, and Patrick McHenry, have announced their support for Mitt Romney.

While Obama packs his bags to head to North Carolina to shore up his waning support (NC, a traditionally red state, went for Obama in 2008), three Representatives from the great Tar Heel state have announced their support for Mitt Romney:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced the support of North Carolina Congressman Howard Coble, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx and Congressman Patrick McHenry.

It is an honor to have the support of these North Carolina public servants,” said Mitt Romney. “North Carolina will be a critical state in the contest to defeat President Obama. In the three years since President Obama’s election, North Carolina has faced more hardship than many other states. I will work with these leaders from the state to help revitalize the economy and make North Carolina a leader in our economic recovery.”

Mitt Romney has been a successful leader his entire life,” said Congressman Coble. “Whether it was business, the Winter Olympics, or as governor, Mitt Romney has proven that he can turn around troubled enterprises. Right now, North Carolina and the country need a leader to engineer an economic turnaround.”

Announcing her support, Congresswoman Foxx said, “North Carolina has suffered under President Obama’s policies. Burdensome regulations have slowed the industries that turned North Carolina into a job-creating machine. Mitt Romney has put forth a plan to get North Carolina and the country on a path to prosperity once again. As a conservative businessman, Mitt Romney has the economic know-how to change our economy fundamentally. I am proud to support him.”

“After three years, President Obama has failed to deliver on his promise to fix our economy,” said Congressman McHenry. “It is clear that his overtaxing, overregulating and overspending are not the prescription for our failing economy. Mitt Romney has an economic plan that puts conservative principles in place to restart the economy and put North Carolinians back to work. Mitt Romney is also Republicans’ best chance to defeat President Obama so that we can repeal Obamacare. I look forward to working with him in his campaign to bring back jobs to North Carolina and make our state a leader in job growth once again.”

(emphasis added)

Background On North Carolina Representatives Endorsing Mitt Romney:

Congressman Howard Coble Is The Longest Serving Republican Congressman In North Carolina History. In the House, Coble serves on the Judiciary Committee. Prior to serving in the U.S. House, Coble served in the North Carolina House of Representatives and was the North Carolina Secretary of Revenue under Governor James Holshouser.

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx Has Served North Carolina’s 5th District Since 2004. Foxx is the Chairwoman of the House Subcommittee on Higher Education. She also serves on the House Committee on Rules.

Congressman Patrick McHenry Was Elected In 2004. McHenry serves as the Deputy Republican Whip and is a member of the Financial Services Committee and Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Prior to his election to Congress, McHenry served in the North Carolina House Of Representatives.

Thank you, North Carolina!

From The Weekly Standard:

Next door, meanwhile, South Carolina senator Jim DeMint may be looking to endorse Romney, reports David Drucker of Roll Call:

Mitt Romney is the favorite to receive Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) much-sought-after endorsement in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to knowledgeable GOP sources.

DeMint, who endorsed the former Massachusetts governor in 2008, made clear in an interview late last week that he has made no decisions on whom he will support in the 2012 primary. But Republican operatives familiar with the DeMint-Romney relationship and privy to the conservative Senator’s private assessment of the GOP field believe Romney is the most likely candidate to receive the backing of the tea party favorite.

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Capitol Hill Lame Ducks Scheduled to Vote on Back-Door Amnesty Known as DREAM Act

Days of the congressional lame duck session are dwindling (more so because Harry Reid has vowed to recess Congress by December 17th – a full week before Christmas). While news is focused on Obama and the revolt being waged by his lefty-left base over his ‘caving’ to Republicans on his tax cut proposals, another jam-it-through piece of legislation is underway known as…

S.3827 – the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act).

Could President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi be hoping the distraction will provide camouflage for them to lob into law a bill that would allow aliens citizenship through military service or two years of attending college? The ‘nudging ploy’ to give blanket amnesty to millions of illegal residents is scheduled for vote tomorrow. And, DREAM Act proponents are organized to hold protests, vigils, and man phone banks:

Obama’s DREAM Act and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Community Organizer Big Push
Groups Make Late Push to Salvage Bill Aiding Illegal Immigrant Students
National DREAM Act Vigil and Procession

Yesterday, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee who has taken a lead position on S.3827, spoke on the Senate floor today to voice is opposition to the mass amnesty proposal. He pointed out that DREAM Act’s amnesty does not require a high school diploma or a college degree, and eligibility would be open to a number of illegal aliens with criminal records, and much, much more. He also elucidated the points included in his recent white paper:

DREAM Act Mass Amnesty Would Be ‘A Disaster’ – Monday, December 6, 2010

The public will not allow us to repeat the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty. They will not fall for the ruse that we can have amnesty first and security later. They understand that if we do not secure the border first, we may never secure it at all.

Despite this—and despite historic losses in the recent election—Democrat leaders are now pushing a reckless proposal for mass amnesty known as the DREAM Act.

At a time when our nation is struggling with high unemployment and runaway government spending, this bill would authorize millions of illegal workers and impose an even greater burden on taxpayers.

Making matters worse, those eligible for the DREAM Act amnesty include illegal aliens with criminal records.

And all of this is being rushed through a lame-duck Congress with no committee review. Democrat Leaders have even introduced four versions of the same bill in just over two months, three in the last 13 days. It’s been a shell game that abuses the legislative process.

Is it any wonder that the public has lost faith in this institution?

Americans want us to enforce our laws. But we are considering a bill that would reward and encourage their violation.

Americans want Congress to end the lawlessness. But this bill would have us surrender to it.

Consider a few of the DREAM Act’s most troubling provisions:

• The DREAM Act is not limited to children. Illegal aliens as old as 30 or 35 are eligible on the date of enactment. And they remain eligible to apply at any future age, as the registration window does not close.
• You not need a high school diploma, a college degree or military service in order to receive DREAM Act Amnesty. Illegal aliens can receive indefinite legal status as long as they have a GED. And they can receive permanent legal status and a guaranteed path to citizenship as long as they complete just two years of college or trade school.
• One version of the DREAM Act offers illegal aliens in-state tuition for which many American citizens are not eligible. All four versions provide illegal aliens with federal educations benefits such as work-study programs, federal student loans and access to public colleges that are already short on space and resources.
• The CBO says the bill would add $5 billion to the deficit. But the number is likely to be dramatically higher. The CBO has clearly failed to account for a number of major costs factors with the DREAM Act, including unemployment, public education costs, chain migration, and fraud. Nor does the CBO take it account what history has proven: passing amnesty will incentivize even more illegality and lawlessness at the border. In addition the CBO assumes a large portion of these will obtain jobs, but there is no surplus of job opportunities. The score doesn’t count those who can’t get jobs because of this competition.
• Conservative estimates say that between 1.3 and 2.1 million illegal aliens will be immediately eligible for DREAM Act Amnesty. But that number will grow significantly as the bill has no cap or sunset. Moreover, those who obtain legal status can then do the same for their relatives – even if those relatives brought them here illegally in the first place. As a result, the number of green cards granted could easily triple.
• Many with criminal records will also be eligible for the DREAM Act’s amnesty. They simply must have less than three misdemeanor convictions. Those potentially eligible would include drunk drivers, gang members, and even those who have committed certain sexual offenses. The most recent version of the bill also gives the Secretary of Homeland Security broad authority to waive ineligibility for even the most severe criminal offenders and those who pose a threat to our national security.
• Those who commit document fraud or who lie to immigration authorities are eligible for the amnesty as well. This is particularly troubling as it contains a potential loophole for high-risk individuals to be placed on a pathway to citizenship. One of the warning signs missed prior to 9/11 were the fraudulent visa applications submitted by the 9/11 hijackers. But this bill would likely make it more difficult to combat immigration fraud from dangerous regions in the Middle East.
• The DREAM Act even contains a safe harbor provision that would prevent many applicants from being removed as long as their application is pending—even if they have a serious criminal record. This provision could dramatically hinder federal authorities and will undoubtedly unleash a torrent of costly litigation that will suck up untold hours of our law enforcement resources and abilities that ought to be focused on the border.

In short, this bill would be a disaster.

Yet Democrat leaders remain committed to their push for this amnesty. They are again defying the public will and sending the world a message that our nation is not serious about the integrity of our borders and our laws.

American citizenship is the envy of the world. But central to our nation’s greatness is our respect for the rule of law. By eroding that respect through reckless and irresponsible amnesty we would do a disservice not only to the 300 million Americans who call this nation home, but to all those future citizens who are applying and waiting in line to enter our country lawfully.”

Read the full account of Senator Sessions’ remarks here.

Governor Romney opposes amnesty.

Illegals from Mexico make their way across AZ desert.

Meanwhile, amid protests and vigils in favor of the legislation, Latino leaders who OPPOSE the DREAM Act met today in Washington D.C. to show their dissatisfaction with the push to pass the bill:


According to Carmen Morales, Latino activist and a leader of the coalition, “Latino leaders are gathered today in solidarity. We are here to send a strong message to Congress that as Latinos, we stand staunchly opposed to any measure that puts Americans at a disadvantage and rewards illegal behavior.”

According to congressional statements and the Migration Policy Institute, if passed, the bill could potentially grant amnesty to as many as 2.1 million illegal immigrants. With unemployment officially at 9.8% this is a huge mistake. “I think progressives and conservatives alike can agree on the need to support working and middle-class citizens during a depressed economy,” said Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. “This bill would provide in-state tuition rates and residency benefits to illegal immigrant students when many Americans are hurting the most. What makes sense is for America’s jobs and tuition benefits to be reserved for people who are legally entitled to compete for them.”

Key provisions of the DREAM Act would:
• Waive numerical limitations on green cards, and prohibit any numerical limitation on the number of persons eligible for citizenship under the bill’s provisions.
• Allow certain aliens to qualify for in-state tuition rates, even while this benefit is denied to U.S. citizens and legally present aliens residing in other states.

(my emphasis)

If passed, the DREAM Act could also turn into a nightmare for our armed forces.

As Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) urge action, click here to see video of Laura Ingraham taking Newt Gingrich to task for his hypocritical support of DREAM.

Some legislators hoped the DREAM vote would be brought up first in the House to create momentum for passage in the Senate. The DREAM Act wasn’t expected to receive the 60 votes needed to advance in the Senate because Republicans vowed to block any legislation brought before the chamber until the Bush tax cuts were dealt with. Now that Obama has moved toward resolving the tax situation, will the DREAM vote occur tomorrow as scheduled and will Republicans hold their ground? The open warfare Obama is receiving from his base on his tax compromise may delay the vote. Either way, ORP (Obama, Reid Pelosi) will employ their usual MO and try to ram-rush this through. Do contact your congressional leaders via phone, fax, and email to urge them to vote against the DREAM Act.

To contact government representatives click here.

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3 Weeks Until Election Day 2010 – What are You Doing to Bring America Back?

One of my favorite videos on YouTube has the tag-line: “Bring America Back – Mitt Romney for President in 2012”. The video is included below in case you haven’t seen it yet or you just want something to put a little extra pep in your step.

Here at Mitt Romney Central, we’ve spent much of our energy covering many of the ways that Mitt Romney is working his keister off to elect conservative candidates around the county. People need look no further than the extensive list of candidates his Free & Strong America PAC is supporting for the upcoming elections. Mitt follows up most of his endorsements with monetary donations, physical appearances to raise the profile of these candidates and often raise even more money, and even share donor lists sometimes (I think).

Mitt is doing everything to Bring America Back like we want him to. However, the problems our country is facing require that as many of us as possible do what we can in our spheres of influence to help. All of us here at MRC want Mitt Romney to be our next President, but a President can only do so much. We need to elect as many conservative candidates to offices ranging from local city councils all the way up to Congress as we can.

This brings me to the big question that I hope many of you will answer in the comments of this post. With only three weeks left until the biggest election day until 2012, what are you personally doing to make a difference?

As you can see by looking at the Team here at MRC, we are spread out around the country and we are all focusing on some races closest to us where we can make a difference. I’d love to hear which races you are focusing on and what you’re doing to help those candidates win.

UPDATE: Just a day after we publish this piece, Politico has released a piece highlighting many specific ways that Mitt is helping conservatives around the country. Check it out for yourself here.

Romney Backs California Congresswoman Bono Mack

From Elyse Miller at

It’s a big race with big support.

“It’s an honor he is here, he’s a great leader,” says Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack.

Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is supporting congresswoman Mary Bono Mack’s 2010 re-election.

“This is an important race,” says Romney. “The democrats are targeting this race and we are targeting this race.”

At a news conference in Indian Wells the two arrived with spouses in tow. They spoke about their friendship and similar ideas and goals.

“On major issues we see eye to eye,” says Romney. “We want to keep the homeland safe. We want to gather intelligence to protect our people. We want to create jobs in the private sector.”

With the shift in power toward the democratic side some wonder if this race will follow suit, but Bono Mack and Romney are confident republicans will prevail.

“This is a bad year for democrats,” says Bono Mack. “People are so disenfranchised with congress’ liberal agenda.”

Romney and Bono Mack took time to share their own disapproval of the current administration.

“He’s putting us on a path to decline,” says Romney.

“He’s failing on the war on terror, failing the economy and doing health care negotiations behind closed doors,” says Bono Mack. ” American people are tired of it.”

Romney says Bono Mack has the tools to turn things around.

“People are so angry with the direction he is taking the country and people are now getting behind races like this one,” says Romney.

Like all races, fundraising is key and it’s something Romney will help Bono-Mack do. They both say despite the tough economy people will pay if it leads to change.

“Conservatives are getting great support,” says Romney.

Romney and Mack (photo courtesy of


Cash for Clunkers – Can We Trade-In Congress?

Cash for Clunkers: “One of Washington’s all-time dumb ideas,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Worst. Program. Ever. (almost)

Worst. Program. Ever. (almost)

Right they are, but let’s backtrack a little. The “Cash for Clunkers” program has been lauded as a huge success by many groups, including, of course, the U.S. Department of Transportation. Near the end of August the DOT gave an official press release that gave a very rosy outlook on the results of the program. Some highlights:

“This is one of the best economic news stories we’ve seen and I’m proud we were able to give consumers a helping hand,” Secretary LaHood said.

According to a preliminary analysis by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the CARS program will:

  • Boost economic growth in the third quarter of 2009 by 0.3-0.4 percentage points at an annual rate thanks to increased auto sales in July and August.
  • Will sustain the increase in GDP in the fourth quarter because of increased auto production to replace depleted inventories.
  • Will create or save 42,000 jobs in the second half of 2009. Those jobs are expected to remain well after the program’s close.

Ford and General Motors recently announced production increases for both the third and fourth quarters as a result of the demand generated by the program.

I wonder if the economic advisers to the White House realize how short-lived these production increases will be. The reports are already not looking good.
Again from the WSJ:

Remember “cash for clunkers,” the program that subsidized Americans to the tune of nearly $3 billion to buy a new car and destroy an old one? Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared in August that, “This is the one stimulus program that seems to be working better than just about any other program.”

If that’s true, heaven help the other programs. Last week U.S. automakers reported that new car sales for September, the first month since the clunker program expired, sank by 25% from a year earlier. Sales at GM and Chrysler fell by 45% and 42%, respectively. Ford was down about 5%. Some 700,000 cars were sold in the summer under the program as buyers received up to $4,500 to buy a new car they would probably have purchased anyway, so all the program seems to have done is steal those sales from the future. Exactly as critics predicted.

In the article they further point out the programs fails on both of it’s purposes, namely to stimulate the economy and help improve the environment. With car sales already falling it’s a given that this was a very short-lived stimulus. Additionally, in terms of the environment, the return on investment is so little that any private company with such an ROI would utterly fail, (fortunately for Congress, they are too big too fail). End result, America assumes an additional $1.4 billion of debt.

Let’s review.

  • Winners: the folks who got a screaming deal on a new car
  • Unchanged: the economy (no long term effect), and the environment (negligible effect)
  • Losers: the American taxpayer

Once again, wealth has been redistributed by means of our taxes, the long-term effect will most likely be adverse, all to promote a liberal agenda, done under the cover of a program to stimulate the economy. The economic advisers to the White House need to be fired. Their shortsightedness and lack of understanding how an economy really works is truly astounding. Of course, they are appointed by President, so it looks like “We the People” will have to see that he is fired first. Mitt Romney 2012 anyone?

The best lines from the WSJ:

The basic fallacy of cash for clunkers is that you can somehow create wealth by destroying existing assets that are still productive, in this case cars that still work.

You can’t raise living standards by breaking windows so some people can get jobs repairing them.

In the category of all-time dumb ideas, cash for clunkers rivals the New Deal brainstorm to slaughter pigs to raise pork prices. The people who really belong in the junk yard are the wizards in Washington who peddled this economic malarkey.

Addendum: Jenn (of NYforMitt) reminds me of a recent article by Jennifer Rubin at

Sen. Lamar Alexander was pushing the idea (originally floated by Mitt Romney) that we should be giving car-company stock back to the taxpayers. The idea: let’s get the government out of the car business, put a halt to huge transfers of wealth to enfeebled companies, and give the taxpayers some hope of a return on their “investment.” Now might be a good time to revisit that scheme.

~Nate G.

A Man for Our Times: Mitt Romney

They’rrrrre… back!

With summer break over, Town-Hall-touchy Congress once again grazing on Capitol Hill, Hampton-haberdashed Obama antsy to teleprompt another Health Care spiel tonight, and the mainstream media pretending they don’t know who Van Jones is, it’s a pleasure to be part of the Mitt Romney Central kick-off! Congrats to Nate and all involved in making this site possible.

With promised twists, policy turns, and private-industry take-overs by our current administration (and all that ominously portends to come) just knowing that Mitt Romney is – somewhere – toiling for the conservative cause – gives me confidence in the future.

If ever there were a man who loves America, our Constitution, and our freedoms, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who understands our free-market system, how opportunity is created, how prosperity is sustained, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who embodies innovation, dedication, persistence, and results, it’s Mitt. If ever there were a man who values family, generosity, service, and hard work, it’s Mitt.

If ever there were a man for these times, it’s Mitt Romney.

To that end, I am dedicated to promoting Mitt Romney for President 2012.

(To view Mitt’s schedule for September, click here.)

Romney Endorses Jim Tedisco for Congress

It was interesting to me to see that Governor Romney endorsed Jim Tedisco for Congress just a day after I had posted a short blog entry about him. We must be thinking on the same wavelength. :)

Jim Tedisco Romney

From the Free and Strong America PAC blog:

Content ImageLast night Governor Romney was in New York to endorse Republican Jim Tedisco for Congress in the special election to fill the seat left vacant by Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand’s appointment to the U.S. Senate. Romney dropped into a New York City fundraiser for Tedisco along with former Gov. George Pataki and National GOP Chairman Michael Steele. Tedisco, the state Assembly minority leader, has led the fight for budget reforms and accountability, and will be a strong voice for fiscal conservatism in Washington. Romney presented Tedisco with a $3,000 check from the Free and Strong America PAC and promised to provide additional support to the maximum extent allowed by law.

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~Nate G.