Romney on Democratic Convention: “So far, a celebration of failure” (VIDEO)

After learning of some of the distortions and lies slamming out of the first day of the Democratic National Convention, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney today interrupted his debate prep to speak with FOX News’ chief political correspondent Carl Cameron.

Cameron characterized Romney as “chomping at the bit” to speak. The interview place took before Democrats this afternoon stunningly flip-flopped on removing ‘God’ and Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel in their platform. (‘God’ and ‘Jerusalem’ were restored; the vote took three times. Even then, the majority call was questionable.)

Cameron asked Mitt Romney specifically about the president’s recent comments giving himself an incomplete grade for his first term. Romney responded, “Incomplete usually means that you’ve got to go back and take the course again. I don’t think the American people want to see this president get another four years. The last four years have not been good for the middle class in America. There’s no question but that his policies have led to more people falling out of the middle class into poverty.”

Romney continued, “Those who think that they’re better off than they were four years ago, they may decide to vote for him, but the great majority of Americans, who recognize we’re not better off than we were four years ago, recognize his policies are not what is needed to get the middle class growing with more take-home pay and more jobs.”

Here’s Governor Romney (location was in an auto supply building in New Lebanon, New Hampshire):

Not one speaker at the Democrat convention has said Americans are better off today than they were four years ago. Another statistic they’re ignoring is when Obama took office, the number of Americans on food stamps was 32 million. Today, 47 MILLION Americans rely on food stamps. And, not a peep from them today about Obama’s latest staggering whoop-ti-doo accomplishment… America has passed the $16 trillion debt mark.

From the Democratic Natl Convention in Charlotte, NC…
By Glenn Foden – Sept 3, 2012

Obama isn’t an “incomplete” president, he’s disastrous (completely).

After listening last night to the angry, distorted rhetoric coming out of Charlotte, NC, it’s great to see Romney speak out today.

It’s also imperative we share this interview far and wide.

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Romney Sets Record Straight on Bain: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC (VIDEOS)

July 13, 2012 – Governor Mitt Romney lays out the FACTS on his Bain Capital record…

Setting the record straight on the Obama campaign’s lies about his record at Bain Capital, Governor Mitt Romney blazed through a series of taped interviews yesterday. They aired last night on five major news outlets.

ABC – Jon Karl / Romney interview July 13, 2012:
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CBS – Jan Crawford / Romney interview July 13, 2012 (Interview was edited; first video is only 51-seconds. Will update if full interview is located.):

Crawford asks Romney to comment on the U.S. Olympic uniform controversy:

CNN – Jim Acosta / Romney interview July 13, 2012:

Part 2:

FOX – Carl Cameron / Romney interview July 13,2012:

NBC – Peter Alexander / Romney interview July 13, 2012:


That covers it! Well done, Gov!

Obama, give it up.

Oh, by the way, if anyone thinks our Storyteller-in-Chief will be issuing an apology… nope.

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Mitt Did Several Fox News Interviews Today

Fox & Friends

Campaign Carl Joins Mitt on the New Mittmobile in New Hampshire

Chris Christie and his wife were on Fox today as well

Watch part 2 of the Christie interview and then videos of Mitt joking with reporters below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Mitt Romney and Ann Romney Both Do Separate Fox News Interviews

It looks like Mitt wasn’t kidding when he said we’ll see him on Fox a lot from now on until the primary is over. Mitt sat down with Carl Cameron and Ann sat down with Fox and Friends.

Also, the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, endorsed Mitt Romney today!

Video Two-fer: Surprise Interview on Fox, and Romney Handles Hecklers at Iowa State Fair.

First, we have a video from yesterday where Romney walks up behind Carl Cameron while he’s on air for an impromptu one minute interview. Carl’s surprise is enjoyable to watch, as is Mitt’s calm and pleasant demeanor. He seems to realize that he’s stepping in unannounced, so he doesn’t try to take over the microphone and push campaign slogans. He acknowledges that there will be many candidates at the debate tonight, that there will be many people there who want to hear from all of the candidates… and then he politely excuses himself.

I’d put this video in the “instant classic” category:

Second, we have a portion of Romney at the Iowa State Fair on the soapbox dealing with some hecklers very near the stage. You’ll notice the video has the Think Progress logo on it, and the Dems seem to love it, but for my part I think Romney handled them rather well, and number of tweeters live on location seemed to thing so as well.

The man that confronts Romney on social security has a very legitimate concern, but his outrage is awfully misguided. He’s obviously been drinking deeply from the liberal talking points fountain that tells him that GOP are going to slash SS and Medicare payments to seniors – such is just not the case. But that doesn’t stop dems from using it as a fear tactic. Romney makes the point that we need to address the promises that we are making to young people now in regards to Social Security, that something needs to change before they come to retirement age. IF not, there will be no money for anyone. It’s that simple.

UPDATE by Jayde- The heckling group has been identified as a liberal think tank calling themselves ‘Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’. C-Span has additional video here. This is a defining moment for Romney.

UPDATE 2 by Nate – Gail Gitcho posted to twitter this great photo of Mitt Romney vs. the Lib Heckler (click on pic to enlarge):

It's being called the 'Mitt Hit' game-changer for Governor Romney. He forcefully addressed hecklers today while speaking at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA. August 11, 2011

Mike Huckabee went out of his way to praise Mitt Romney for this event which was great to see. Also, check out a little extra reading to explain why the liberals making a big deal about Gov. Romney’s statement on corporations, Why Romney’s right that ‘companies are people’.

~Nate G.