Ann Romney: “The people hurt the most by this economy have been women” (VIDEO)

Ann Romney , wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, speaks at her first solo campaign rally ‘Women for Mitt’ in Findlay, OH on Sept 5, 2012.

Yesterday, FOX News’ Neil Cavuto was lucky enough to have Ann Romney on his show ‘Your World. If you’re like me, any time I get to see Ann the sun shines a little brighter.

Cavuto asked Ann about the election, women’s vote, Governor Romney coming under attack for commenting on unrest in the Middle East, upcoming debates, her knock-out convention speech, and more:

“This is going to be an economic election… The people that have been hurt the most by this economy have been women. They have higher unemployment rates than men. There are more women going into poverty – since the last 40 years.” – Ann Romney

Ann reassured listeners that Governor Romney “gets it”. He will focus on restoring jobs and better paying jobs for women and Americans, and he’ll tackle America’s deficit woes so the unthinkable won’t happen – forcing America’s children and grandchildren to pay for our current outrageous, wasteful excesses.

If you missed Ann’s wonderful, engaging speech on September 5th at the ‘Women for Mitt’ rally in Findlay, Ohio have a listen here. – Sept 5, 2012:

FINDLAY — Ann Romney fired back Wednesday at critics who have accused husband Mitt Romney of being out of touch with average Americans, saying her own bout with multiple sclerosis taught the family what it means to suffer and lose hope.

When people say that we’ve led a charmed life and we don’t relate to people that are having trouble, I want to remind you that I’ve been in a very dark place, and I know what it is like to have no hope,” Mrs. Romney said at a rally for women supporting her husband, the Republican presidential candidate, at the University of Findlay in Ohio. “So believe me when I tell you these words: We are there for you because we know what it feels like.”

She described her struggle with the disease, which coincided with her family’s move to Utah so her husband could oversee preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics there. She said she lost the use of her right side and had problems getting out of bed, but said that despite initial second thoughts the move turned out well.

“Sometimes when you take a risk like that and you just go and do what you know is the right thing to do, sometimes God looks over you,” she said.

Mrs. Romney has been in remission for years.

I’m telling you, the woman has a gift. Ann speaks with such friendly ease one doesn’t want her to stop.

Ann, keep up the great work and keep telling it like it is!

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VIDEO: If You're a Hard-Working Mom, Obama's Team Has a Mother's Day Message for You

Team Obama Sends Message to Mothers

Ann Romney raised 5 boys. She successfully battled breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. But what does White House insider Hilary Rosen say about Ann Romney?

“Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

And Bill Maher, who gave $1 million supporting Obama, attacks:

“Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house.”

Happy Mother’s Day from Barack Obama’s Team!

~UPDATE from Ross
Ann Romney has written an op-ed for Mother’s Day titled: Three seasons of motherhood.

Ann Romney Explains Her and Mitt’s Love of Michigan

While Mitt was on the east side of Michigan today, Ann went to two events on the west side of Michigan. First, Ann made a morning stop at Lux Cafe in Battle Creek, and then she spoke to the Ottawa County GOP.

A week ago, Mitt asked Ann to take some time off because of her multiple-sclerosis, but Ann said she couldn’t wait to get home to Michigan to see family and friends. She’s been here in Michigan even more than Mitt has so far, and she is loved by everyone she meets.

Being in Michigan gives me the opportunity to find out about events before the campaign publishes them to their website, so stay tuned to our calendar for the upcoming events for both Mitt and Ann throughout this entire primary season.

Also, check out Ann’s new profile at Pinterest.

Romney-Endorsed Carly Fiorina Out of Hospital, Campaigning to Save California and U.S. Taxpayers

“Five more days. We’ve got to work hard.” -Carly Fiorina

Good news!

Carly Fiorina, who was hospitalized the last two days due to an infection related to breast cancer reconstruction, has jumped back on the campaign trail and is on the go. She is running against Ma’am – er, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and, according to the latest from Rasmussen, is just three percentage points behind Boxer.

There-isn’t-a-tax-hike-I-don’t-love Boxer has been on Capitol Hill for 28 California crippling years and is renown for her far-out, far-left ideology. Her voting has bankrupted the U.S. Treasury, the California treasury, and added trillions to the national debt. As a resident in her chronically poorly managed, brink-of-bankrupt, blue blue state of California, which struggles with 18% unemployment (yes, 18%), the thought of removing liberal career politician Barbara Boxer makes me giddy-glad.


California Republican Senate nominee Carly Fiorina is back on the campaign trail and feeling “fantastic” after her two-day hospitalization, according to local reports.

Campaigning at a business park outside Sacramento, Fiorina thanked a small group of supporters for their concern.

“It’s fairly common, unfortunately, for women who have been through the kind of breast cancer and reconstructive surgery that I went through to sometimes get infections, and they need to be treated aggressively and quickly, and this one was,” she said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2009, Fiorina, 56, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was successfully treated, thanks to a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. She remains cancer free, she said.

Click here to see Fiorina on Good Morning America today:

Here’s Romney-endorsed candidate Carly for California:

“Call me senator!” Director David Zucker writes and produces the hilarious, but sad, tale of Boxer’s disrespect of our Military. Ad not authorized by Fiorina – but worth watching!

While I don’t agree with Carly on every political point, she is what California needs now and stands a good chance of being elected. The choice between Fiorina and Boxer couldn’t be clearer:
● Jobs? Or, continued unemployment and bailing businesses?
● Lower taxes? Higher taxes?
● Restructure state pensions? State insolvency?
● California turns a corner and takes care of itself? America bails out California?

Republicans who are willing to do battle on the front lines in liberally entrenched blue states are extraordinarily courageous and deserve our full support. The odds are against them. The dynamics they face are fundamentally different from conservative candidates running in red states. They take unrelenting heat from their liberal opponents and often, unrelenting heat from those on the right who believe they aren’t conservative enough.

The fact that Carly Fiorina is within striking distance of one of the most progressive, cushy-sofa, career senators gives one hope that we, the people, even we, the conservative people in a blue state, with support – not condemnation – from other conservatives across the country, do have the power to save our state and our Republic.

As with many close races across the USA, it’s going to come down to voter turn-out. For California – and across America, let’s get it done! 

Go Carly!

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Ann Romney Discusses Breast Cancer Diagnosis on ‘Fox and Friends’

When I think of Ann Romney the first word that comes to mind is “classy”. She is a very impressive lady and reacts well to the curve-balls that life sometimes throws at her. A little over a year ago Mrs. Romney underwent a lumpectomy and radiation treatment following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Fortunately the cancer was detected early and the treatment went very well.

Ann Romney will appear in two interview segments (Tues. and Weds.) on Fox and Friends. UPDATE: Mitt Romney will accompany Ann in the interview. The Boston Herald reports:

In her first public interview since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Ann Romney tells “Fox & Friends” mammograms discovered her early stage breast cancer and she was “really lucky.”

“I had surgery right about this time, right before Christmas last year and then I started my radiation in the end of January,” she said. “If I were a 40-year-old woman, 40 to 50, I’d want to be getting my mammograms. They catch cancers, and cancer is very curable if you catch it early.”

Ann Romney said she kept quiet about her diagnosis and treatment because she wasn’t in the public eye anymore. Mitt Romney made a failed bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008. “We were not in the public eye anymore and there was no reason for me to be out again being in the public eye, when you’re going through a crisis, you really just kind of want to have your family around and your husband,” she said.

When asked about criticism of her husband, Ann Romney said there were times when she wanted to “come out of my seat and clock somebody” but “you learn to just take a deep breath.”

As for her husband making another bid for the White House, Romney said the couple will make that decision together. “We’re not ready to make that decision yet. It’s a lot of sacrifice, it’s tough, it’s a tough road and we have at least a year before we have to make that decision,” she said.


I had a chance to meet Ann Romney very briefly at a campaign event in Boston. I had but a brief moment to get a photo taken with her. Given more time I would have certainly thanked her for the strength, support and sacrifice that was required of her as the spouse of a presidential candidate. All too often the noble and capable woman behind the scenes gets far too little credit.

Ann Romney for First Lady 2012! Thanks Ann, keep it up!

~Nate G.

UPDATE – Here are two of the clips from Tuesday (1-5) morning: