Jesse Watters: Humor from Harvard

What can I say? I am partial to Jesse Watters!

My favorite part of these Harvard Square “interviews” are of the two researchers that have no idea what Solyndra and Fast & Furious are. And I love the guy that looks like he is about to attack!

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Romney vs. Axelrod: A Tale of Two Pressers

I’m excited to mention that Rush read one of our MRC tweets on the air today. I’m not posting it here on the top because it’s part of this story. To see the tweet he read and hear the audio be sure to continue reading the story below. Thanks, Nate.


Very interesting news today has many heretofore Romney-doubting GOPers taking courage in the swift, hard-hitting capabilities of the Romney campaign. Two “surprise” press conferences were held today, by Romney and Axelrod, but only one ended up being an actual surprise. Both were dominated by the Romney camp. These events happened early enough today that they were actually discussed on Rush and Hannity today, and will certainly make your evening news.

Part One: The Axelrod press conference

  • A surprise visit by Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod to Boston was publicly announced just last night. Purpose of his “presser”: Dis Romney’s record as Governor.
  • Oddly, the short notice is somehow enough time for CNN to arrange to have a live feed available. Team Romney springs into action to round up a large group of protesters armed with big signs, and chants.
  • Romney supporters are waiting on the steps of the capital building as Obama’s advance Team arrives to set up. (Pics below)
  • Throughout the presser attention is obviously stolen by protesters as they run through a series of chants including: Solyndra, Five more months, We want Mitt, Where are the jobs, Broken record, and more. Axelrod actually responds to protestors at one point with the phrase “You can’t handle the truth.”
  • Big win for Team Romney as news reports focus on the protestors rather than Axelrod’s anti-Romney message.

Part Two: Romney holds surprise press conference in front of Solyndra

  • On the other side of the country Team Romney has the entire press corp on a bus with Mitt on board as well. The press are told only that they are going to a secret location and they will be there in one hour.
  • Less than an hour after Axelrod’s presser ends CNN (and others) break news that Romney will hold press conference at Solyndra.
  • Mitt highlights the failure of Solyndra as a symbol of Obama’s administration and calls it a huge conflict of interest by Obama.
  • Conservatives in the blogosphere and on twitter cheer Team Romney for being two steps ahead of the competition

This is one of those days that is great for following news events on twitter. I will enclose only a small number of the great tweets, pictures and videos coming from today’s events. More below the fold.
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Mitt & Ann Romney interview with Diane Sawyer and Mitt on Kudlow Report

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Larry Kudlow April 18, 2012:

In my latest interview with former Governor Mitt Romney, he emphatically defends his own business success against Obama’s class warfare/Buffett Rule/Romney Rule attacks. Don’t look for Mitt to back off from his free enterprise vision.

See Mitt’s Breitbart interview below the fold. Click here to continue reading

Romney Hosts Breakfast For Local Boston Supporters

Good friends + good food + good conversation = good fun and plenty of speculation…

Just 10 days after having dinner with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (and a couple dozen other top Christie advisors and party leaders) Governor Romney treated a group of his former Massachusetts cabinet members and top Bostonian campaign supporters to breakfast at the Boston Harbor Hotel last Friday (2/4/11).

Romney huddles in Boston with supporters

In one more indication Mitt Romney is tuning up his political apparatus for a 2012 presidential run, the former governor hosted a breakfast meeting today at the Boston Harbor Hotel for dozens of his top local supporters and fund-raisers from his past campaigns for governor and president.

During the session, Romney gave his assessment of what the field for the Republican nomination is likely to be, according to people who were there. While Romney indicated he has not made a final decision, he gave every indication he intends to make a formal announcement this spring, probably in late April or early May, one attendee said.

Among those said to be in attendance were former Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker; Romney’s former lieutenant governor, Kerry Healey; Romney Cabinet members Ranch Kimball and Tim Murphy; state GOP chairwoman Jennifer Nassour; and fundraisers including Spencer Zwick, Robert Platt and Christopher Collins.

Connecting the dots?

► Jayde Wyatt

Video: Romney Headlines GOP Fundraiser in Massachussetts

I don’t know how this event completely missed my radar.

Some of you may know that Romney sold his house in Massachusetts, though he remains a MA resident, currently staying at his son Tagg’s house. One interesting tidbit I learned from the video is that Romney currently has an offer on a condo, yes – a condo, in Belmont.

Also mentioned in the video is Scott Brown, who is the leading GOP contender to fill the U.S. Senate seat recently held by Kenndey before he passed away. To learn more about Scott Brown visit his Senate campaign website by clicking here.

~Nate G.

The MittCast: Behind the Scenes in Boston

PART 1: Event preparations and a special message from Mitt.
Behind the scenes in Boston. $6.5 million is nothing to scoff at! Get the inside baseball scoop on the event from last week:

PART 2: Fundraising begins. I break a sweat.



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You can’t believe it!

***update***Welcome Eyeon08’ers. Obvioously these pics were taken before the event started.

I’ve been to numerous corporate events, flashy screens, big lights, lots of noise… but I’ve never encountered anything like this for a political fundraiser!

Dozens upon dozens of computers lined up ready to crank up the phone calls and make a huge impact on the world!

OK… that was a bit hyperbole… but I love it!